While it’s true that our lives—as a group of inter-connected people—has more similarities than differences, it’s also true that our individual lives, on a whole, is intrinsically filled with moments that are ours and ours alone, moments that are special to us as individuals. A new and exciting way to commemorate those moments is with JOURNEYMARKERS’ ( personalized mile markers, a gift (to yourself and/or a family member or friend) that visually tell the story of your life’s journey.

JourneyMarkers, hanging style. (PRNewsFoto/JourneyMarkers LLC)

As company founder, Jay Keeler explained: “JourneyMarkers started on a whim in Nov. 2006. I had seen them every time we went diving in Key West and wanted one of my own that would point our memories to places we loved and missed. I figured out how far we were from Greece, Miami and Sweden and then took some old wood, a few buoys and rope out to my workshop. Since then we have refined our JourneyMarkerss into a stylish yet funky form of art, having sold over 5,000 to the delight of our customers.”

You have seen versions of these signs in seaside shanty towns, island themed restaurants and pubs or maybe the TV show M.A.S.H.

tabletop Model

What makes these signs so unique is that they are personal to the person who owns it: Where you got married, your first house, Where you went for their honeymoon, where you were born, that Mexican town where you had your best vacation, your sister’s farm in Ohio, your alma mater, favorite bar or restaurant, favorite fishing or diving hole, your ultimate favorite place in all the world, favorite sports team or stadium, where you propose to your wife, your family’s summer home when you were growing up, a place you hope to visit in the future. This gift is not only attractive and fun, but the personal stories attached are real. For travelers and non-travelers alike, this is a one of a kind gift that have connections in many different directions.

Hand painted in bold colors with the weathered look of the islands, JOURNEYMARKERS™ make any backyard, living room or porch more inviting. A conversation piece, JOURNEYMARKERS™ are certain to spark plenty of stories and lots of memories. They were made for the outdoors, but they look good indoors, too.

The company’s original (and signature) product is the ISLAND STYLE JOURNEYMARKERS™, which include your own PERSONALIZED MILE MARKERS strung on a poly-rope with yellow net buoys used as spacers. Each JourneyMarker is topped with a directional sign, anchored with a round fisherman’s float and hand-made and protected with three layers of weather resistant paint. In addition, all the Mile Markers are double sided allowing for 360º viewing. Mileage is calculated two ways: “As the crow flys” and driving distance. If the distance seems to be a drive away then we use a driving calculator such as MapQuest. If the distance seems to be flight away then we use an airline calculat0r.

The newest member of the Family iwww.JourneyMarkers.coms the DESKTOP MODEL. Standing at 10″, this JourneyMarker is perfect for the desk or bookstand. Made of 100% wood, the body is engraved and then cut out using a precision perfect laser. Each Desktop Model is then hand painted and assembled using no screws or glue.

Another “sibling” in the product line is the TABLE TOP MODEL. Perfect for your office, dining room, kitchen or bar, these table top sizes are approximately 16 inches in height and include 7 PERSONALIZED MILE MARKERS, a directional sign, post and base, which is of natural stone. You pick the font, choose from 10 different colors and they will put together a gift that will be treasured forever.

JOURNEYMARKERS start at $119 for a set-up of 5 mile markers. Additional mile markers are $20 each. To order your own JOURNEYMARKER or for more information, please visit


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