The holidays have long been a time for traditional gift giving – but what about shoppers searching for something weird and unusual to

Kama Pootra - The Captain

Kama Pootra – The Captain

give to those on their list? Where can you find the best gut-busting gag gifts? The ones that have tears streaming down your face?, of course. From the moment this press release landed on my desk, I haven’t stopped laughing. Seriously, folks, after you have purchased the iPad, the Nook, and IPhone, stop by ( and pick up some of these gifts. After all, you will need something to release some of the tension at the family dinner table, especially if you are a member of a particularly dysfunctional family group., internet retailer of funny holiday gifts and silly stocking stuffers, surveyed over 2,000 members of their online customer base in order to answer that exact question. The result is the web-based company’s 6th annual ranking of the TOP 10 STUPID HOLIDAY GIFTS OF 2012. This year’s list features an assortment of gifts under $20, each more wild and absurd than the next.

Our accountants are scratching their heads this year,” says JIM KALMENSON, PRESIDENT OF STUPID.COM. “The more ridiculous the gag gift, the greater the sales volume.”

Here is the list of the Top 10 Stupid Holiday Gifts of 2012, listed in order of popular vote:


A neck pillow in the shape of jolly old St. Nick’s buns, Santa’s Farting Butt Travel Pillow is sure to crack up any weary traveler or sleep-deprived toilet-humor enthusiast as it farts loudly and explains, “Smells like Christmas!”

Santa's Farting Butt Travel Pillow

Santa’s Farting Butt Travel Pillow


TATTOOS FOR BABIES is a gift for any loving parents who really want to get their baby a killer tattoo, only to be turned away because it’s “illegal.” Babies love to feel the wind in their hair(s) and feel the purr of the cycle as they ride. Well since they can’t technically ride motorcycles they can at least wear these delectable (temporary, of course) TATTOOS FOR BABIES. If your baby is pretty rebellious, it’s a travesty to deny them the ink they deserve! Now there’s a solution with these safe, easy to apply and remove baby body art. Babies need to express themselves and crying only gets one so far. Think about taking your newly Tatted Baby to the grocery store and how much he or she’ll garner everyone’s attention. All Babies are not built the same, yours just happens to be cooler than the rest.

Tattoes for Babies

Tattoes for Babies

Knit Ugly Holiday Sweater - Toilet Claus

Toilet Claus “ugly” Knit holiday Sweater


The time to whip out your Holiday best is here again! Bring new meaning to playing “Dirty Santa” at your Holiday party by wearing your Toilet Claus “Ugly” Holiday Sweater, which subtly features Santa Claus cheerfully sitting on a toilet spreading his holiday cheer When introduced their POOPING MOOSE HOLIDAY SWEATERS last year, they were so popular they had to up the ante for 2012. They’ve introduced THE LIMITED EDITION KNIT UGLY HOLIDAY SWEATERS FOR 2012-13! These

Instant Mullet with Headband

Instant Mullet with Headband

Sweaters are completely knitted, just as if Grandma made each and every, tacky, stitch for you! They’re super comfortable and cheesy, the perfect combination for any and every Holiday celebration. The classic Moose squatting Sweater is a subtle reminder of how nature rejoices during the season. Remember, these are exclusive and limited edition, Knit Sweaters. They’re sure to make one heck of a Holiday gift that’ll get Chestnuts roasting and bells jingling everywhere.


Enjoy the elegance and sophistication of the MULLET-ON-THE-GO anytime with an instant mullet and a totally rad headband. This classy Mullet will make you instantly cooler, instantly wiser, and immediately unemployable! Just kidding! We love Mullets and are proud to rock these every dang day. You simply pull out your special Mullet with attached Headband and place on your boring haircut to reveal something legendary. You now have the haircut of a God. Whip it and smack it as

Emergency Underwear

Emergency Underwear

you may until your day is done. Then pull off the Headband and store your Mullet on the Go anywhere until tomorrow. As I said, classy.


Give the gift of security this holiday season. It might be the strangest gift to give a person a pair of Emergency Underpants, but these cleverly concealed undies are perfect when disaster strikes. Have you ever needed a quick fix to a sticky situation? Well, if it involved Underpants here’s your solution. The incredibly useful EMERGENCY UNDERPANTS lets you “do what you need to do”. The colorful and travel-sized tin container is perfect for a quick change anywhere. The Underpants are unisex and fit most people comfortably, and are made of a very strong yet thin material that can be bundled up into a tiny package. Simply find a quick place to toss the nasty Undies and put on the EMERGENCY UNDERWEAR and voila! You’ll be stank-free for hours. You may even want to get several of these, we’ve heard about your little problem…


Break out the moonshine! These REDNECK WINE GLASSES, with the top of a mason jar and the bottom of a wine glass stem, are

Redneck Wine Glasses

Redneck Wine Glasses

sure to class-up that next fish fry or jamboree. Get your fancy drink on with the REDNECK WINE GLASS. A Mason jar body held high by a thick glass stem holds a healthy amount of your favorite party juice. So roll out your Pabst cans, moonshine barrels, whiskey jugs and pop those suckers open! Drink anything from your new Wine Glass and everyone in town will recognize you’re quite the Gentleman of the Manor! These Glasses, much like your “jacuzzi-truck” are top of the line and sure-fire ways of making folks jealous. Get a whole bunch of these Glasses and you’ll have the finest glassware for all your social events: weddings, birthday parties, hog roundups, cattle marches, and so many more. You can even keep your leftovers fresh since each comes with a Mason jar lid. They are refrigerator safe but must be hand-washed. We don’t want you to break your Wine Glass stems and have to pull out the duct tape again!


Possibly the simplest gift on the list, the WTF BUTTON is a big red button that lets loose a sweet release of “WTF!” when slammed. There comes a time when things just need a whopping, loud, WTF! This Button offers just that. Simply press the large, red, Button and receive 1 of 10 rage-conducive “WTF!” phrases. Of course the actual F* word in each phrase is cleverly censored so there’s no actual cursing. However, the point is loud and clear. When a meeting goes bad, slap down and hear a rap-beat style “WTF”, a wild western “WTF”, a piano ballad “WTF”, a clown style “WTF”, a B-movie style “WTF” and several others. This Button may express your WTF moment best without you losing your cool. However, you may actually lose your cool when you’re laughing uncontrollably at the horrified looks on people’s faces!

WTF Button

WTF Button


Who says Santa can’t party? This SANTA DRINKING CAP with two cans of beer strapped to the side promises a merry time. Just remember, be safe and avoid drinking and sleighing. Ooh Santa’s been a real partyer this year. He’s just living it up with the Elves and Mrs. Claus watching football and eating Buffalo wings. After all, tis’ the season to let loose at your crib or in an icy tundra wonderland somewhere. Live like St. Nick and grab gifts for all your kids and people everywhere plus a few beers. Step into your dashing sleigh and mush the reindeer to lift you from the roof. The winter breeze feels ever so tingly as you slide to depart. And down into the neighbors hedges you go flopping because you’ve magically forgotten you don’t have flying reindeer.

Santa Drinking Hat

Santa Drinking Hat


This 115-page KAMA POOTRA book is perfect bathroom reading material. The ART OF POOPING is a universe of possibility very rarely explored. There are ways of Pooping that can extend your life, keep you healthy and strengthen your core. Let your inner spirituality flow from your body as you let everything else flow into the john. This book features illustrations and descriptions of each and every move. You’re all set just modeling your moves on the pictures. Just revel in the ways your bathroom experiences transform into mind-altering sessions of therapeutic nature. With positions like the “One Cheek Lean” and “The Captain”, you’ll reach toilet-time nirvana in no time. This Handbook makes a great gift for anyone with IBS or lackluster Pooping ability. Don’t be afraid of your special powers, embrace the Toilet and release! Let’s make Poo-tiful music together.

Kama Pootra

Kama Pootra


These loud, plush SCREAMING SNOWBALLS balls are definitely a handful. These character Snowballs just wanna get tossed into walls and other hard surfaces. Although they love to be thrown, they’re not your average Snowballs. These little buggers scream, laugh, and whoosh through the air. They come in eight different styles, ranging from Snowman to Yellow Snow, and make indoor snowball fights a reality. They’ve got pretty distinct personalities that make for great friends! It’s a also a pretty big plus that they won’t give you frostbite for holding them more than 5 minutes. Aim at your target, then shoot away. As soon as they hit the victim, he or she will be pounded with whooshing and maniacal giggles. So there won’t be a mess, frostbite or continual molding of snow. You get all the good aspects of Snowballing but don’t have to wait for Winter!

Screaming Snowballs

Screaming Snowballs

Just for even more laughs, I have added the following gifts:


Does everyone laugh at your putt? Well, now you can give it right back with this clever, GIGGLING GOLF BALL. Just set this little

Giggling Golf Ball

Giggling Golf Ball

guy down as you would a normal ball and watch him crack up the moment your fellow Golfers start their swing! This ball comes equipped with a microchip that reacts with laughter at the slightest movement. Batteries are included for instant hilarity!” He finds laughter in even the most serious of swings so get ready to send all competition to the Hall of Shame. Now that Tiger broke the conformity of the sport, it’s about time someone throws a little humor in the mix.


For those of us who love wearing our traditional Scottish Kilts everywhere comes a new tradition. When venturing to warmer beaches and pools you no longer have to watch your wool or re-pin your layers. This 100% cotton, Bath Towel will rock your world with Tartan fury. The pattern looks real enough to be a wool Kilt and everyone will bow in respect to your Celtic pride. The printed belt has authentic Celtic markings and features an extra-large printed buckle. The double tassels and miniature dagger prints also make for a super realistic Scotsman or Scotswoman. Make it known to all that you are ready to give them what they deserve and you won’t be stopped by a pair of skinny jeans!


The MITT ROMNEY PRANK GIFT PACK has all the Romn-ificent items you could possibly need. Surprise a Republican with this pack or send a Democrat one for a good laugh. Either way, you’re going to be starting a political party for sure. The exclusive “Support the Rich” Romney Cup is a light-up tumbler with several modes of fun, red, blue, and green lighting. Sip easier and with attitude using the 6-pack of “Romney Sucks” Straws. After getting a few drinks down the hatch, you can set your Romney’s Stack of Cash Candle out to burn and eat your “Romney Pooping Candy.” Then of course you can pop a “Romney Condom” in your pocket and head out for the club. He may have lost the presidency but Mitt Romney is still cracking us up!

Mitt Romney Prank Kit

Mitt Romney Prank Kit

Since 1998, has been spreading laughs around the world, one funny gift at a time. Today, with over 2,000 unique gag gifts and 200 crazy shopping categories, the company is the online industry expert in finding the most outrageous handpicked stupidity on planet earth, and bringing it to the masses. All these gifts and more can be purchased at and select gift shops nationwide.

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