Clever Hen’s Artisan Foodmakers Handcraft Flavorsome, All-Natural Snacks and Foods Is All The Rage

More Americans are becoming aware that the pesticides, antibiotics, preservatives and other lab-created ingredients present in many modern day foods present a variety of health risks, but we still long for delicious edibles, particularly snacks. Clever Hen ( offers a solution, the great taste and all-natural ingredients in

Clever Hen logo.  (PRNewsFoto/Clever Hen)

Clever Hen logo. (PRNewsFoto/Clever Hen)

the handcrafted food and snacks that it selects and ships nationwide.

Clever Hen is a family-run business that believes few things are as pleasurable as sharing good food with family and friends. Their goal is to “put a smile on your face and delight your taste buds.” The company is constantly searching for exceptional products to offer and regularly seek out and evaluate delicious food from around the country for their tasting team to evaluate as potential products. Clever Hen has made it their mission to seek out and bring together in one market, the finest of artisanal foods and products.

The growth of the artisanal food movement is a counteraction to the large food manufacturers’ use of unhealthy and often unnatural ingredients,” said Wayne Lenkeit (aka Colonel Rooster), owner of Clever Hen. “True artisan food is always a better option than a commercially-made product.”

Lenkeit points to a 2012 CBS News story about Wayne Watson, a Colorado man who won a $7 million lawsuit claiming that he had developed respiratory problems from inhaling diacetyl, a chemical in microwave popcorn’s artificial butter ($7-million-in-popcorn-lung-lawsuit). “With so many lab-created additives in processed foods today it’s hard to know how safe we are,” he said.

Clever Hen offerings.  (PRNewsFoto/Clever Hen)

Clever Hen offerings. (PRNewsFoto/Clever Hen)

Therefore, Clever Hen’s mission is to seek out and bring together the finest American artisanal foods and products, emphasizing non-genetically modified, responsibly grown and crafted foods, sustainability, pure ingredients, and especially, good taste. Continue reading