New Films Announced to the Program with Accompanying Conversations 

Tribeca Innovation Week’s Future of Film Line Up revealed

The 2014 Tribeca Film Festival (TFF), presented by AT&T, has announced its lineup for the 2014 Tribeca Talks® and Tribeca Innovation Week’s Future of Film Series. The Festival will feature conversations with some of the most prolific and creative directors, producers, writers, actors and industry professionals in film including Academy Award® winners Kevin Spacey, Ron Howard, Michael Douglas, Aaron Sorkin, Thelma Schoonmaker, and Skip Lievsay; Academy Award®-nominated director Lee Daniels and writer Terence Winter; Emmy®-Award-winners Bryan Cranston, Alec Baldwin, and David Simon; as well as Congressman Barney Frank, and legendary boxers Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield. The Tribeca Talks panels and events will run during the 13th edition of TFF, taking place April 16 – April 27 at locations around New York City.


TFF also unveiled four new documentaries world premiering at the Festival —NOW – In the Wings on a World StageThe Rise and Rise of Bitcoin, Compared to What: The Improbable Journey of Barney Frankand Champsas well as Food ChainsSupermensch, and the tenth anniversary screening of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless MindThey will each screen as part of the Tribeca Talks: After the Movie Series giving audiences the opportunity to watch a film followed by a related conversation.

This year’s series also consists of the “Tribeca Talks: Directors Series,” where an acclaimed director participates in an intimate one-on-one conversation; “Tribeca Talks: Industry” conversations focusing on the technical production of film; and “Tribeca Talks: Pen to Paper, hosted by Barnes & Noble” which explores topics related to screenwriting.

Taking place during Tribeca Innovation Week is a four-day Future of Film series programmed around the theme The Story’s Edge. Future of Film discussions offer engaging, cross-disciplinary conversations about the collision of storytelling with dominant and emerging trends in our culture, with figures from the arenas of art, politics, science and technology, and filmmaking.

“With these talks we want to expand the conversation about filmmaking and storytelling. Whether it’s a deeper look at the artistic process or timely social issues, hearing from the leading voices in film, media and beyond, can facilitate new perceptions and further our understanding of the current state of making and enjoying entertainment,” said Genna Terranova, Director of Programming.

“Tribeca Talks: Directors Series,” will include intimate conversations with:

  • Academy Award®-winning director Ron Howard discusses his career as a filmmaker, writer and producer, which already spans over fifty years.
  • Academy Award®-nominated director Lee Daniels divulges on his seminal career which includes such critical hits as Precious and Lee Daniels’ The Butler.

 “Tribeca Talks: After the Movie” will include:

  • The world premiere of NOW – In the Wings on a World Stage, follows the versatile and acclaimed Bridge Project Theatre, the first trans-atlantic company of actors and artistic director of the Old Vic Theatre, Kevin Spacey as he reunites with American Beauty director Sam Mendes for a behind the scenes look at the creation of their breathtaking production of Shakespeare’s Richard III; followed by a conversation with Kevin Spacey, director Jeremy Whelehan and members of the Richard III company about the vocation of acting, the future of theater and this spectacular theatrical journey.
  • The world premiere of The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin, an examination of the creation of Bitcoin and its impact on the future of international currency; followed by a conversation with director Nicholas Mross, film subject Dan Mross, and Charles Shrem who will give their perspective on the most up to the minute details about the mysterious and ever-changing world of Bitcoin.
  • The world premiere of Champs, an exploration of how some of the most legendary fighters used boxing as a way to pull themselves out of poverty; followed by a conservation with boxing greats Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield, boxing promoter and Lou DiBella about life, rivalry and conflict both inside and out of the ring.
  • The world premiere of Compared to What: The Improbable Journey of Barney Frank, a candid examination of openly gay Congressman Barney Frank’s 40 years in elected office and how his own homosexuality impacted his campaigns for social justice; followed by a conversation with subject Barney Frank and actor Alec Baldwin about the politics of Washington, Barney’s life and career and what he plans to do in his retirement.
  • The world premiere of Silenced, the stories of two whistleblowers and their supporters who survived the government’s efforts suppress their claims; followed by a conversation with director James Spione and film subjects Jesselyn Radack and Thomas Drake and Pulitzer Prize-winner Barton Gellman who will discuss the role, importance and ethics of whistleblowing in America.
  • The North American premiere of Food Chains, a hard hitting look at the state of labor within the agriculture sector in the US and the immoral practices that affect the lives of countless thousands of farm workers; followed by a discussion with executive producerEva Longoria, the film’s director, Sanjay RawalEric Schlosser and Kerry Kennedy on what you can do to be a part of the food justice revolution.
  • The U.S. premiere of Supermensch, Mike Myers directorial debut that explores the dynamic and astounding career of consummate Hollywood insider Shep Gordon; followed by a conversation with film subject Shep GordonMichael Douglas for some inside Hollywood baseball stories.
  • For the annual Sloan retrospective salute, a tenth anniversary screening of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, directed by Michel Gondry and written by Charlie Kaufman; followed by a discussion on the making-of and contemporary relevance of the film including advances in our ability to manipulate the pathways of memory since the film debuted.

“Future of Film: The Story’s Edge” taking place as part of Tribeca Innovation Week will feature:

  • A conversation with writer and producer Aaron Sorkin and former Chief Presidential Speech Writer Jon Favreau about what it means to be moral in 2014 and what is valued as heroic in on screen, in fiction and in life.
  • Your Brain on Story features futurist Jason Silva on why and how people are hardwired for stories and cinema, followed by “Psychos We Love,” an exploration into what it is that audiences love about on screen psychos, and how they compare to real life psychopaths with actor Bryan Cranston, show runner/writer Terence Winter and neuroscientist James Fallon; moderated by Nightline co-anchor Cynthia McFadden.
  • All The News That’s Fit to Shoot, Print…or Tweet, explores the crossover between documentary filmmaking, news media and social action with Upworthy Co-Founder Eli Pariser, CEO and Co-Founder of Vice Shane Smith, and Executive Director of WitnessYvette Alberdingk Thijm; moderated by filmmaker and journalist Perri Peltz.
  • Stories by Numbers, a discussion about the ways that big data mining can influence future innovation in film, art and journalism with screenwriter and show runner Beau Willimon, writer David Simon, and a special guest from ESPN/FiveThirtyEight.com; moderated by the host of NPR’s The Takeaway John Hockenberry.

“Tribeca Talks: Industry” are free events and will feature:

  • Dolby Institute: The Art of Sound Design & Music, a conversation with film industry professionals about the evolution of sound in film and how sound can be used to enhance storytelling. Panelists include Academy Award®-winning sound mixer Skip Lievsay(Gravity) and Susan Jacobs (Silver Linings Playbook).
  • The Cutting Room: An Insight to the Edit Suite, a discussion about new editing techniques and firsthand accounts about what it really takes to make the final cut. Academy Award®-winning editor and longtime Martin Scorsese collaborator Thelma Schoonmaker will discuss her incredible career.
  • Shooting the Film: An Exploration of Cinematography, a conversation about the art of cinematography including how to capture beautiful and iconic imagery on screen.
  • Panelists include cinematographers Nick Bentgen (Ballet 422,) Frank G. DeMarco (All is Lost,) and Ellen Kuras (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.)

“Tribeca Talks: Pen to Paper hosted by Barnes & Noble” are free events and will include:

  • The Repercussions of Truth, a discussion exploring the degrees of truth-telling and authenticity in storytelling and editing.  Panelists include directors John Dower, Tyler Meason, Justin Weinstein, Sam Cullman and Jennifer Grausman.  Moderated by Variety’sGordon Cox.
  • Adaptation & Creation a conversation with filmmakers who reflect on how to stay true to an original or adapted text.  Panelists include director/writer Stephen Belber, director/writerAmy Berg, director Megan Griffiths (Lucky Them), director/writer Aaron Katez (Land Ho!), and director Adam Rapp (Loitering with Intent).  Moderated by Screen International’s Mark Adams.
  • Calling the Shots, a personal examination of how film scripts can enhance, thwart or reflect social cultural change. Panelists include director/writer Ira Sachs, director Orlando von Einseidel and director Marshall Curry.

Special Tribeca/ESPN Sports Film Festival Conversations

  • Shooting and scoring, a conversation about the particular art in creating authentic sports stories with Friday Night Lights director Peter Berg.
  • In celebration of the upcoming World Cup, 30 for 30: Soccer Stories will screen two films,The Opposition and Maradona ’86; followed by a conversation with filmmakers Ezra EdelmanDaniel Battsek and ESPN about the films and the upcoming competition.

The full schedule for the 2014 Tribeca Talks series follows:

“Tribeca Talks: Directors Series”

Lee Daniels
Acclaimed filmmaker Lee Daniels divulges on his seminal career which includes such critical hits as Precious and Lee Daniels’ The Butler.
DATE: Friday, April 18
TIME: 3:00 PM

Ron Howard with Brian Williams
Academy Award®-winning filmmaker Ron Howard discusses his career as a filmmaker, writer and producer, which already spans over fifty years.
DATE: Saturday, April 26
TIME: 3:00 PM

“Tribeca Talks: After the Movie”

Directed and written by Bert Marcus. (USA) – World Premiere. From inner-city housing projects to the biggest stages in boxing, this insightful and provocative documentary charts the lives of some of America’s heaviest hitters, including Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield, and Bernard Hopkins, as they seek to break out of poverty via one of the few outlets available. Director Bert Marcus skillfully weaves their personal histories and gripping footage from their biggest bouts to explore the meaning of the American dream in a society increasingly fragmented between rich and poor.
After the Movie: Stay for a conversation with former boxers Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield, boxing promoter Lou DiBella about life, rivalry and conflict both inside and out of the ring.
DATE: Saturday, April 19
TIME: 3:00 PM

Courtesy of Morninglight Films Inc.

Courtesy of Morninglight Films Inc.

Courtesy of Morninglight Films Inc.

Courtesy of Morninglight Films Inc.

Silenced, directed by James Spione. (USA) – World Premiere. Only 11 Americans have ever been charged under the Espionage Act of 1917; eight of them since President Obama took office. Oscar-nominated documentarian James Spione returns to TFF with the incredible personal journeys of two members of that octet, Thomas Drake and John Kiriakou, along with accountability advocate, Jesselyn Radack, who helped bring their cases to light. With resonance in the post-Snowden era, Silenced catalogs the lengths to which the government has gone to keep its most damning secrets, in an impassioned and thought-provoking defense of whistleblowers everywhere.
After the movie: Stay for a conversation with director James Spione, Jesselyn Radack, Thomas Drake and Barton Gellman about the role, importance and ethics of whistleblowing in America in 2014.
DATE: Saturday, April 19
TIME: 5:00 PM

Richard III Company - Technical Rehearsal. Jeremy Whelehan.

Richard III Company – Technical Rehearsal. Jeremy Whelehan.

NOW – In the Wings on a World Stage
Directed by Jeremy Whelehan. (USA) – World Premiere. In 2012, the talented actors that make up one of the oldest companies in the world, the Old Vic Theater company, and the group’s multi-talented artistic director, Kevin Spacey stage Shakespeare’s epic tragedy Richard III on a whirlwind tour across the world. Whelehan goes behind the scenes with the inspiring Tony Award® winning cast, Spacey, and the play’s director Sam Mendes, to celebrate the craft of theater, the actors who bring it to brilliant life, and to deepen our understanding of theater through this ambitious international staging.
After the Movie: Stay for a conversation with Kevin Spacey,  director Jeremy Whelehan and members of the Richard III company about the vocation of acting and the future of theater and this spectacular theatrical journey.
DATE: Monday, April 21
TIME: 6:00 PM
LOCATION: BMCC Continue reading


World Premiere of Michael Rapaport’s When the Garden was Eden — Celebrating the Glory Days of the New York Knicks — to Serve as Opening Gala

Program includes Tribeca Talks® Panel with Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield and Tribeca Drive-In®Screening of Next Goal Wins

The Tribeca Film Festival (TFF), presented by AT&T, has announced the lineup for the eighth annual Tribeca/ESPN Sports Film Festival, sponsored by Mohegan Sun. The Sports Festival was founded to broaden the audience for independent film through stories about sports and competition and includes feature and short films, an outdoor screening, special conversations, and an ESPN Films 30 for 30 program on soccer. The Tribeca/ESPN Sports Film Festival is a partnership between Tribeca Enterprises, the parent company of the Tribeca Film Festival, and ESPN Inc.  The Festival, founded in 2006, is the premiere showcase for independent sports films. The 2014 Tribeca/ESPN Sports Film Festival will run during the 13th edition of TFF, taking place April 16 – April 27 at locations around New York City.


The world premiere of the 30 for 30 documentary When the Garden was Eden will serve as the gala premiere of the program on Thursday, April 17.  In the film, Rapaport focuses on the glory days of the Knicks championship teams of the early 70’s and their larger impact through a series of interviews with storied figures such as Walt “Clyde” Frazier, Earl Monroe, Willis Reed, Bill Bradley and Phil Jackson.

“The best sports stories have the mythology, complexity and stakes that extend beyond extraordinary athleticism, making for great films. These stories have fueled the huge success of the Tribeca/ESPN sports film festival by bringing sports fans and moviegoers together over the last eight years,” said Genna Terranova, Tribeca Film Festival Director of Programming. “Rappaport’s When the Garden was Eden is a perfect example of a winning start to this year’s inspiring slate.”

When The Garden Was Eden gives us an inside look at the captivating era when the New York Knicks were in their prime,” said ESPN Films Director of Development Libby Geist. “Premiering the film at the Tribeca/ESPN Sports Film Festival in the heart of New York City, with Michael Rapaport directing, couldn’t be more perfect.”

Says Rapaport, “As a native New Yorker and lifelong Knicks fan it was an honor to explore the Championship New York Knick teams. Those players have been a part of my vocabulary since I was a child…Walt Frazier, Earl Monroe and Willis Reed are ICONs of New York city and it’s been a privilege to be a part of re-telling the Knicks story.  I also have at times been in awe and tears with the 30 for 30 series and being a filmmaker who has gotten a chance to tell a story for such a great body of films is a great honor…I could not be more excited for our film to premiere right in the center of New York City at the Tribeca Film Festival.


Since its inception in 2006, The Tribeca/ESPN Sports Film Festival has become the premier showcase for independent films about sports and competition. The titles that will screen as part of the Tribeca/ESPN Sports Film Festival includes not only the film on the championship Knicks of the early 70’s but also documentaries that explore stories of a champion’s quest to regain a title that was unjustly stripped from him; the worst soccer team in the world’s drive to succeed; an underdog flag football team that riffs on classic sports movies with a cartoonish comedic sensibility; the creation of a revolutionary, independent professional baseball team; the premier American cyclist’s attempts to overcome his top competitor; how some of the all-time greatest fighters used boxing to pull themselves out of poverty; a soccer superstar at the peak of his powers on the world stage; and Chile’s controversial qualification for the 1974 World Cup.

All of this year’s Tribeca/ESPN Sports Film Festival films will screen at Tribeca Cinemas on Saturday, April 26. The films will also screen prior to April 26, throughout the Festival.

In addition to the film series, the Tribeca/ESPN Sports Film Festival will present Sports Day as part of the Tribeca Family Festival Street Fair on Saturday, April 26. Sports Day offers fans an opportunity to engage in a variety of free, sports-related games and activities. In addition, some of New York’s most popular athletes, mascots and sports personalities will make guest appearances throughout the day. Sports Day is free and open to the public and will take place on North Moore Street, between Greenwich and West Streets, in Manhattan.

The following films are featured in the 2014 Tribeca/ESPN Sports Film Festival.



  • When the Garden was Eden, directed by Michael Rapaport. (USA) – World Premiere. Actor Michael Rapaport delivers an unabashed love note to the Knicks with this fast-moving tribute to the team’s glory days. Featuring interviews with Walt “Clyde” Frazier, Earl Monroe, Willis Reed, Bill Bradley, Phil Jackson and others connected to the team’s championship years, When the Garden was Eden is a snapshot of a colorful and volatile era in New York history and a testament to the breathless energy that defines the city and its sporting heroes.
May 10, 1973: New York Knicks Jerry Lucas, Walt "Clyde" Frazier, Willis Reed, Phil Jackson, and Bill Bradley celebrate after defeating the Knicks in Game 5 to win the NBA Championship at the LA Forum in Los Angeles, California.

May 10, 1973: New York Knicks Jerry Lucas, Walt “Clyde” Frazier, Willis Reed, Phil Jackson, and Bill Bradley celebrate after defeating the Knicks in Game 5 to win the NBA Championship at the LA Forum in Los Angeles, California.

The following Tribeca/ESPN Sports Film Festival titles have been announced in their respective sections as part of the 2014 TFF film program:

Director: Andrew Disney.Photographer: Victor King

Director: Andrew Disney.Photographer: Victor King

  • Intramural, directed by Andrew Disney, written by Bradley Jackson. (USA) – World Premiere, Narrative. There comes a time in every fifth-year senior’s life where they must either accept the impending ‘real world’ of jobs, marriage, and payment plans or shirk that responsibility in favor of playing the most glorious intramural football game your school probably doesn’t really care to see. In this full throttle and hilarious send-up of inspirational sports movies, director Andrew Disney harnesses every cliché and overused trope to tell the greatest (and only) intramural sports movie of all time. Featuring an ensemble cast including Kate McKinnon, Jay Pharoah, Jake Lacy, Beck Bennett, and Nikki Reed.
  • Maravilla, directed and written by Juan Pablo Cadaveira. (Argentina) – International Premiere. A true underdog story, Maravilla follows Argentinian boxer Sergio ‘Maravilla’ Martinez, as he sets out to reclaim the title of Middleweight champion that was unfairly snatched from him in 2011 by Julio Chavez, Jr. Focusing on the rise of Martinez from penniless amateur to world champion and sporting celebrity, director Juan Pablo Cadaveira offers a fascinating glimpse into today’s boxing landscape, revealing the politics of the sporting profession that often places entertainment value over the sport itself. In English and Spanish with subtitles

Continue reading


Candescent Films announced today a multi-year initiative with the Tribeca Film Institute to support documentary film through the Candescent AwardCandescent Films produces and finances social issue films–as well as champion the passion projects of actors and filmmakers committed to raising awareness through film–and was founded in 2010 by creative producer Lilly Hartley. Upcoming releases of films the company supported include WHO IS DAYANI CRISTAL? starring Gael Garcia Bernal, FED UP, REMOTE AREA MEDICAL, HBO’s PRIVATE VIOLENCE, E-TEAM, and MARMATO, as well as 1971 and ART AND CRAFT, both of which will premiere at the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival. Candescent Films. Through compelling character-driven documentaries, Candescent Films aims to ignite conversation and create positive change.

This image released by the Tribeca Film Festival shows Nas in a scene from the documentary, "Time is Illmatic." The film, which follows the trajectory of Nas’ 1994 landmark debut album, "Illmatic," will open the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival on April 16. The festival will run through April 27. (AP Photo/Tribeca Film Festival)

This image released by the Tribeca Film Festival shows Nas in a scene from the documentary, “Time is Illmatic.” The film, which follows the trajectory of Nas’ 1994 landmark debut album, “Illmatic,” will open the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival on April 16. The festival will run through April 27. (AP Photo/Tribeca Film Festival)

Earlier films supported include QUEEN OF VERSAILLES, Javier Bardem’s SONS OF THE CLOUDS, GIDEON’S ARMY and AFTER TILLER both nominated for Spirit Awards, and LIKENESS starring Elle Fanning.

The Award’s inaugural recipient will be TIME IS ILLMATIC, which is opening this year’s Tribeca Film Festival®. The award is a grant given through the Tribeca Film Institute.

TIME IS ILLMATICfrom director/producer One9 and producer Erik Parker, delves deep into the making of Nas’ 1994 debut album, Illmatic, and the social conditions that influenced its creation. Twenty years after its release, Illmatic has become a hip-hop benchmark that encapsulates the socio-political outlook, enduring spirit, and collective angst of a generation of young black men searching for their voice in America.  TIME IS ILLMATIC examines the social conditions and environmental influences that contributed to Nas’ worldview.

TIME IS ILLMATIC is a lyrical film that inspires us to overcome social and economic challenges and celebrates cultural history.   I am honored to support the heartbeat of this film through the Candescent Award.  Candescent’s partnership with the Tribeca Film Institute is exciting to me as they provide vital resources to emerging artists and the documentary community,” said Lilly Hartley.

As with all of our grantees, Tribeca Film Institute is honored to have had the great opportunity to work with TIME IS ILLMATIC throughout the film’s creative process – from giving it a Tribeca All Access grant for production in 2013, through choosing it for a Tribeca All Access Alumni grant for editing in 2014, to now with this Candescent Award to help get it to the finish line,” said Ryan Harrington, Vice President, Artist Programs, Tribeca Film Institute. “We are proud to be partnering with Candescent to support more important documentaries in the future.”

I want to thank the Tribeca Film Festival for supporting the film with the incredible platform they’ve built over the years,” Nas in a statement. “It’s an honor to premiere this film in my hometown,” says Nas. “I also want to thank One9 and Erik Parker for their persistence and hard work. Those guys and I come from the same place and era, which gives the doc an authenticity that is Tribeca_Film_Festival_Aboutimportant to me. We wanted this film to represent the real, from the storyline all the way down to the directors and producers.

The Tribeca Film Institute champions storytellers to be catalysts for change in their communities and around the world.  Through grants and professional development programs for narrative, documentary and new media projects, TFI supports a diverse, exceptional group of filmmakers and media artists, providing them resources needed to fully realize their stories and connect with audiences.  The Institute’s educational programming leverages an extensive film community network to help underserved New York City students learn filmmaking and gain the media skills necessary to be productive citizens and creative individuals in the 21st century.  Featuring hands-on training and exposure to socially relevant films, the Institute administers programs to more than 30,000 students annually.

Erik Parker is a graduate of the Columbia School of Journalism.  He served as Music and Senior Editors for The Source Magazine, Director of Content for music news site, SOHH.com, and Music Editor forVIBE Magazine. He has also written for XXLRollingStoneThe Village VoiceLatinaGlamour andMTV.com. Aside from his work as a print journalist, Parker has produced and hosted MTV Jams’ “The Parker Report,” a groundbreaking talk show that gathered hip-hop’s leading voices to discuss issues surrounding music, culture and politics.

One9 is an award winning multimedia artist, director, producer and editor. His clients included Google, PBS, Viacom, Sony Music, and several non-profit organizations. As an artist One9 was selected by Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York to create an original series of artwork presented to their selected music talent in 2013-2014.


COMPARED TO WHAT: THE IMPROBABLE JOURNEY OF BARNEY FRANK will premiere as part of the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival

Alec Baldwin has signed on as executive producer for the highly anticipated and controversial documentary COMPARED TO WHAT: THE IMPROBABLE JOURNEY OF BARNEY FRANK making its world premiere on April 27, 2014 as part of the Tribeca Film Festival.  This is Mr. Baldwin’s latest film having recently produced ELAINE STRITCH: SHOOT ME.

Compared to What: The Improbable Journey of Barney Frank is a rare and intimate peek into the life of Barney Frank, the quick-witted, cantankerous, and first openly gay Congressman in the United States. On the verge of his retirement, Frank reflects on his 40 years in office and the role his own homosexuality played in his campaigns for social justice. A flawless example of when the personal meets the political, with incredible “bare all” access, this documentary reveals Frank as one of the most sharp-tongued, entertaining, and lionhearted politicians of our time.

The cast includes Barney Frank, Jim Ready, Hank Paulson, Mike Barnicle, Lance Black, Nancy Pelosi, Alan Simpson, Eliot Spitzer, Steve Elmendorf, Norm Ornstein, Spencer Bachus, Bethany McLean, Bill Press, Hastings Wyman, Charlie Halpern, Mike Oxley, Neil Barofsky, Maxine Waters, Jim Segel.

Baldwin says, “Barney Frank is a personal hero of mine. His legacy in Congress–and his historic importance as the first openly gay and married Congressman–is important for our country.”

In 2009, Baldwin also stated: “Many Americans today forget that the role of the legislative branch is to make laws. The laws that stop abuses of power. The laws that enable men to live free. The people we send to the Hill today, what passes for leadership in America now, are easier to identify as partisan assassins, like the ruffian on a hockey team. You are more clear about what they are against, as opposed to for. Barney Frank is, perhaps, one of the best examples of what a great legislator is today. Set aside your view of the policies themselves and keep your eye on who gets things done. On who sets out to do something ambitious and gets close.”

Directors and Producers Sheila Canavan and Michael Chandler add: “Mr. Baldwin is a pleasure to work with and we are very fortunate to have him on board as we launch the film.

COMPARED TO WHAT: THE IMPROBABLE JOURNEY OF BARNEY FRANK is directed and produced by Sheila Canavan and Michael Chandler.  In addition to Baldwin, other Executive Producers include Geralyn Dreyfous and Jamie Wolf and will premiere at the SVA Theater (333 W 23rd Street) on Sunday, April 27th at 2:30 pm.


The Tribeca Film Festival (TFF), presented by AT&T, announced that John Carney’s comedy, Begin Again (formerly Can A Song Save Your Life?), starring Keira Knightley, Mark Ruffalo, Hailee Steinfeld, and Adam Levine, will close the 13th edition on Saturday, April 26th at BMCC Tribeca PAC.


From writer-director John Carney (Once), Begin Again is a soul-stirring comedy about what happens when lost souls meet and make beautiful music together. Gretta (Keira Knightley) and her long-time boyfriend Dave (Adam Levine) are college sweethearts and songwriting partners who decamp for New York when he lands a deal with a major label. But the trappings of his new-found fame soon tempt Dave to stray, and a reeling, lovelorn Gretta is left on her own. Her world takes a turn for the better when Dan (Mark Ruffalo), a disgraced record-label exec, stumbles upon her performing on an East Village stage and is immediately captivated by her raw talent. From this chance encounter emerges an enchanting portrait of a mutually transformative collaboration, set to the soundtrack of a summer in New York City. The film will be released by The Weinstein Company in July.


MARK RUFFALO and KEIRA KNIGHTLEY star in BEGIN AGAIN, formerly known as CAN A SONG SAVE YOUR LIFE, starring Keira Knightley, Mark Ruffalo, Hailee Steinfeld, and Adam Levine, which will close the 13th edition on Saturday, April 26th at BMCC Tribeca PAC.

“We close our festival with Tribeca alum John Carney’s Begin Again. This beautiful music infused New York story encompasses the spirit of Tribeca where music, film and performance play such a key part of this year’s program,” said Jane Rosenthal, CEO and co-founder of the Tribeca Film Festival. “To be able to work with our neighbor and dear friend Harvey Weinstein and The Weinstein Company to bring this film to U.S. audiences for the first time is a bonus for our entire community.”

Begin Again is a true New York story about the magical opportunities that can be found under this great city’s bright lights. That said, I can’t think of a better place to have its U.S. premiere than the Tribeca Film Festival,” said John Carney.

The 13th annual Tribeca Film Festival will take place from April 16-27, 2014. Tickets for the Festival will be $17.00 for evening and weekend screenings, and $9.00 for all late night and weekday matinee screenings. Advance selection ticket packages and passes are now on sale for American Express Card Members, and go on sale Monday, March 10 for the general public. All advance selection packages and passes can be purchased online at http://www.tribecafilm.com/festival/tickets, or by telephone at (646) 502-5296 or toll free at (866) 941-FEST (3378).

Single ticket sales begin Tuesday, April 8 for American Express Card Members, Sunday, April 13 for downtown residents, and Monday, April 14 for the general public. Single tickets can be purchased online, by telephone, or at one of the Ticket Outlets, with locations at Tribeca Cinemas at 54 Varick Street, Bow Tie Cinemas Chelsea at 260 W. 23rd Street, and AMC Loews Village VII at 66 3rd Avenue. The 2014 Festival will continue offering ticket discounts for evening and weekend screenings for students, seniors and select downtown Manhattan residents. Discounted tickets are available at Ticket Outlet locations only. Additional information and further details on the Festival can be found at www.tribecafilm.com.


The 2014 Tribeca Film Festival (TFF), presented by AT&T, announced its lineup of 58 short films, 29 of which are world premieres. The selections were curated from 3,074 submissions. The 2014 program includes shorts from 16 countries, including Australia, Austria, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Iceland, India, Iraq, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Scotland, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.


The shorts will be presented in 9 thematic programs —5 narrative, 3 documentary, and 1 experimental. Last year’s popular genre-specific program returns this year as “Totally Twisted” with some added unusual comedies.

The Festival will screen the recent 2014 Academy Award®-winning Live Action Short,Helium. Edoardo Ponti, the 2013 winner of Tribeca’s Best Narrative Short film, The Nightshift Belongs to the Stars, returns to Tribeca to world premiere Human Voice,featuring a powerful performance by Sophia Loren and cinematography by Academy Award®-winner, Rodrigo Prieto. Ponti is among a number of returning filmmakers including Steve James, Bill Morrison, Anita Thacher, and Ondi Timonor. The lineup also features performances by Alfie Allen (Game of Thrones), Danny DeVito (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia), Sally Hawkins (Blue Jasmine), Jon Huertas (Castle), Seamus Dever (Castle), and voiceovers by Sigourney Weaver, Steve Buscemi, and Fred Armisen.

Recipients of the Tribeca Film Festival’s Best Narrative Short and Best Documentary Short Awards will qualify for consideration in the Short Films category of the Annual Academy Awards® provided the film complies with the Academy rules.

We had a lot of fun programming the strange brew of comedy and creepiness in our late-night program, and we’re always looking to try something new in bringing short films to our audience,” said Sharon Badal, Director of Short Film Programming and Initiatives, “This year our popular New York Shorts program is comprised entirely of world premiere documentary shorts, so it, too, has a different flavor than in years past.”

A list of the short film selections within the nine programs is as follows:

AFTER WORDS – documentary program
These short documentaries are at times political, occasionally provocative, and always personal, reflecting the past and illuminating the present. Once a year, Duke Phillips and his crew of Colorado ranchers rounds up 2,000 wild buffalo as part of a unique conservation effort to preserve this endangered animal and the rich landscape it inhabits inDuke and the Buffalo. In a small Scottish town in 1974, factory workers refuse to carry out repairs on warplane engines as an act of solidarity against the violent military coup in Chile in Nae Pasaran. When young filmmaker Alexandra embeds surveillance cameras in her kitchen to capture a decade long affliction of unconscious nighttime eating episodes, her image of self is turned inside-out in Nocturnity. In The Next Parta double-amputee Army Bomb Tech and his wife grapple with his injuries amidst unexpected events. In a small American town in the state of Georgia, a good citizen is an armed citizen In Guns We Trust. Four decades after one of the world’s most notorious crimes, a Manson Family member breaks her silence to reveal how a series of choices led to ultimate destruction in Life After Manson.

  • Duke and the Buffalo, directed and written by Alfredo Alcantara and Josh Chertoff. (USA) – World Premiere.
  • Nae Pasaran, directed by Felipe Bustos Sierra. (Scotland) – North American Premiere.
  • Nocturnity, directed and written by Alexandra Liveris. (USA) – World Premiere.
  • The Next Part, directed and written by Erin Sanger. (USA) – World Premiere.
  • In Guns We Trust, directed and written by Nicolas Lévesque. (Canada) – U.S. Premiere.
  • Life After Manson, directed and written by Olivia Klaus. (USA) – World Premiere. Continue reading


Documentary Competition Section to Open with World Premiere of DIOR AND I; Narrative Competition Section to Open with World Premiere of GABRIEL; Viewpoints to open with  World Premiere of SUMMER OF BLOOD at 13th Annual TFF, April 16-27

The Tribeca Film Festival (TFF), presented by AT&T, has announced its feature film selections in the Spotlight, Midnight, and Special Screenings sections, as well as the selections for the Storyscapes program. The 13th edition of the Festival will take place from April 16th to April 27th in New York City.

Tribeca 2013 "The City During the Festival" (Courtesy TFF)

Tribeca 2013 “The City During the Festival” (Courtesy TFF)

The Spotlight section features 31 films, consisting of 22 narratives and 9 documentaries. Twenty films in the selection will have their world premieres at the Festival. The Midnight section will open with the feature film, Preservation,and includes a lineup of seven genre-bending titles from fresh voices around the world that run the gamut from tongue-in-cheek comedy to chilling horror films. The Special Screenings include a work-in-progress documentary from Louie Psihoyos (The Cove), a film entitled 6, on a team of activists who risk their lives to shed light on species extinction.

Spotlight and Special screenings are an especially dynamic aspect of this year’s program, both in range of styles and stories,” said Genna Terranova, Director of Programming. “Many films feature real-life personalities who’ve accomplished extraordinary feats, while in other films we see personal relationships at pivotal moments of transition. We look forward to sharing these engaging stories with audiences.”

Whether they made us laugh, squirm, or plain scared the heck out of us, each of the seven films in this year’s Midnight section never failed to genuinely surprise us with wildly original and unexpected reimaginings of classic genre stories,” said Cara Cusumano, Programmer. “From ghost stories to creature features, and even an underdog sports comedy, we’re proud to present an eclectic and adventurous slate of films that we believe represent the year’s most interesting new voices in genre filmmaking.”

For the second year, and joining an expanded range of programs at the Festival that bridge filmmaking and technology, is Storyscapes. Created in collaboration with BOMBAY SAPPHIRE® Gin, this multi-platform transmedia program celebrates new trends in digital media and recognizes filmmakers and content creators who employ an interactive, web-based, or cross-platform approach to story creation.

The complete list of films selected for the Spotlight, Midnight, and Special Screenings sections along with the projects in the Storyscapes program are as follows:

Co-Sponsored by The Lincoln Motor Company 
With its focus on marquee directors, prominent actors, and star performers, Spotlight is Tribeca’s showcase for launching breakout films. This year’s program finds maturing millennials navigating the changing nature of their friendships in best-friends comedy Life Partners, and Big Chill-homage About Alex, while older characters also struggle with change—like the New York couple at the center of Ira Sachs’ touching Love is Strange, and a subdued Robin Williams as a late-in-life man finally embracing his authentic self in Boulevard. From the international side, provocateur Roman Polanski finally brings his Cannes hit Venus In Fur to the U.S., while Stellan Skarsgård anchors pitch-black comedy, In Order of Disappearance as an unlikely vigilante. The Spotlight documentaries probe topics from LEGO bricks to Chinese-American cuisine, and include profiles of icons ranging from legendary musicians like The Grateful Dead’s Bob Weir in The Other One: The Long, Strange Trip of Bob Weir and shock-rock badboy, Alice Cooper, in Super Duper Alice Cooper, to sharp-tongued Texas governor Ann Richards in All About Ann: Governor Richards of the Lone Star State and the (as-of-now) only American winner of the Tour de France, Greg LeMond, whose bitter rivalry with a teammate threatens to derail his career in Slaying the Badger. Rounding out the docs is a an expose of questionable undercover FBI tactics, The Newburgh Sting. With something for every taste, Spotlight is an exciting panorama of premieres sure to stimulate, inspire, and entertain.

  • 5 to 7, directed and written by Victor Levin. (USA) – World Premiere, Narrative. Young aspiring novelist Brian (Anton Yelchin) meets Arielle (Bérénice Marlohe), the sophisticated wife of a French Diplomat. They soon embark on a “cinq-a-sept” affair that challenges Brian’s traditional American ideas of love and relationships. A cosmopolitan comedy of manners told with surprising warmth and lightness, 5 to 7 marks writer and producer Levin’s (Mad Men) directorial debut, and welcomes actress Marlohe (Skyfall) as a glamorous, ebullient screen presence. With Glenn Close and Frank Langella.
  • About Alex, directed and written by Jesse Zwick. (USA) – World Premiere, Narrative. A circle of twenty-something friends reunite for a weekend away to console a suicidal member of their group. Yet, despite their best efforts to enjoy themselves, a tinderbox of old jealousies, unrequited love, and widening political differences leads to an explosion of drama that, coupled with the flammable combination of drugs, wine, and risotto, cannot be contained. A Big Chill for our current social media moment, About Alex is a lighthearted look at the struggles of a generation that has it all—and wants more.  Starring Aubrey Plaza, Max Greenfield, Max Minghella, Jason Ritter, Nate Parker, and Maggie Grace.
Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Chris Messina in Alex of Venice

Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Chris Messina in Alex of Venice

Chris Messina .Photograper: Joe Pugliese

Chris Messina .Photograper: Joe Pugliese

  • Alex of Venice, directed by Chris Messina, written by Jessica Goldberg and Katie Nehra & Justin Shilton. (USA) – World Premiere, Narrative. Workaholic environmental attorney Alex (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) has always relied on her husband George (Chris Messina) to take the reins at home. But when he unexpectedly asks for a break, his departure forces Alex to reevaluate her life as she juggles the care of her son and needs of an aspiring-actor father (Don Johnson), all amid the most important case of her life. Actor Chris Messina steps behind the camera for his directorial debut about a woman pushed to the edge who finds the strength to press on.
Governor Richards of the Lone Star State. There is no credit for this photo.

Governor Richards of the Lone Star State. There is no credit for this photo.

  • All About Ann: Governor Richards of the Lone Star State, directed by Keith Patterson and Phillip Schopper. (USA) – World Premiere, Documentary. An unmissable documentary for any political junkie, All About Ann celebrates the achievements of larger-than-life Ann Richards, who became the first elected female governor of Texas. Her cool demeanor, acid wit, and passion for social inclusivity made her one of the most powerful and progressive governors in U.S. history, a liberal democrat intent on building “the new Texas.” But, when the 1994 election begins, Richards is faced with her toughest challenge yet, as an increasingly conservative majority turn towards a new, pro-business candidate: George W. Bush.  An HBO Documentary Film. Continue reading