2017 Hoilday Gift Guide: Nespresso Reveals Colorful, Candy-Inspired Limited Edition Collection For The Festive Season

Artists Craig & Karl add a pop of color to the latest Nespresso Limited Editions

Coffee lovers are set to be full of joy this holiday season as Nespresso reveals its Limited Edition Festive Collection, in collaboration with renowned artists Craig & Karl. To bring to life the color and fun of the season, this exclusive collection has been inspired by traditional candies that evoke nostalgic childhood memories.Nespresso_logo

Nespresso coffees are packaged in aluminum, a material that preserves the quality and freshness of the coffee, and can be recycled over and over again. Nespresso is committed to making recycling as easy as possible and offers consumers several ways to recycle. Nespresso offers pre-paid UPS recycling bags for consumers in 48 states to mail back used capsules or drop them off at more than 88,000 drop-off locations. Consumers can also recycle used capsules at over 500 collection points at Nespresso Boutiques across the country and at select retail partners.

To create the ultimate gift collection, Nespresso has teamed up with design duo Craig & Karl. Craig Redman and Karl Maier are transatlantic-based university friends turned creative collaborators who have a love for simple shapes paired with wildly colorful patterns and a wry sense of humor. The duo has injected their signature colors and patterns into both the Nespresso Limited Edition Variations coffees and espressos and into a selection of unique accessories that make the perfect gifts for design and coffee aficionados.

Craig and Karl explained: “We were inspired by the Nespresso Variations flavors and the notion they were all based on old-style confectionery. We were also mindful that the design had to feel modern and relevant to now, so in our initial development we honed in on candy cane style stripes, which were prevalent in the past. In it, we saw a classic motif that can evoke nostalgia for the customer, but one that equally feels current owing to its bold and graphic form. We also loved that the stripes once applied to dome-shaped capsules gave them the appearance of candy themselves.


The holidays are a time for unique experiences, and the range of Nespresso Limited Edition Variations Confetto coffees and espressos do not disappoint in that regard. Their candy-flavored aromas are combined with the highest quality Pure Arabica to invoke feelings of surprise and wonder. There are three OriginaLine and three Vertuo™ Variations to try, each with a Craig & Karl designed capsule. The OriginalLine Variations consist of Pure Arabica from Southern and Central America, while the Vertuo™ Variations consist of a smooth Arabica from Ethiopia in addition to the Arabica blend from Southern and Central America.


Nespresso Variations Confetto Snowball

  • OriginalLine Variations Confetto Snowball – a delicious espresso pairing sweet coconut notes with a touch of vanilla. Intensity: 6
  • OriginalLine Variations Confetto Orangette – the bittersweet flavor of an orange peel and a hint of chocolate are vibrant in this flavored espresso. Intensity: 6
  • OriginalLine Variations Confetto Licorice – a tasty combination of spices and licorice candy notes are prominent in this espresso. Intensity: 6
  • Vertuo™ Variations Confetto Banana – a sweet banana flavor, reminiscent of banana candy, is present in this coffee. With milk, the roasted coffee notes fade, further enhancing the sweet indulgence. Intensity: 5


    Nespresso Variations Confetto Peppermint Cane

  • Vertuo™ Variations Confetto Peppermint Cane – the peppermint flavor comes to life with a distinctive candy-sweet note characteristic of a peppermint candy cane within this coffee. With a touch of milk, the lingering notes of peppermint soften to reveal a well-balanced finish. Intensity: 5
  • Vertuo™ Variations Confetto Cherry – the cherry flavor opens up, harmonizing with almond notes for a cherry candy inspired treat within this coffee. With the addition of milk, the coffee flavor is reminiscent of a sweet dessert. Intensity: 5


The latest Limited Edition Les Collections range from Nespresso is full of one-of-a-kind gifts that feature unique designs by Craig & Karl. The range offers something for all coffee-lovers, a taste for smooth and creamy milk based coffee recipes, or simply a passion for bold graphic design. The range includes:


Nespresso Touch Espresso Cups

  • Touch Espresso Cups designed by Craig & Karl: Set of two espresso cups made from a mix of black porcelain and soft-touch silicone, featuring colorful Craig & Karl stripes inspired by licorice candies. $20.00
  • Touch Lungo Cups designed by Craig & Karl: Set of two lungo cups made from a mix of black porcelain and soft-touch silicone, featuring colorful Craig & Karl stripes inspired by licorice candies. $25.00


    Nespresso Vertuo Travel Mug

  • Touch Travel Mug: A sleek and stylish travel mug in a matte black finish. With a generous capacity of 12 oz., the Touch Travel Mug will keep your Nespresso coffee perfectly hot (or cold) when you are on the go. $25.00
  • Vertuo™ Travel Mug designed by Craig & Karl: A contemporary travel mug (13.5 fl. oz.), perfect for the daily commuter, finished in matte black with Craig & Karl candy stripes on a soft-touch silicone band. $25.00
  • Touch Nomad Dispenser: The Touch Nomad Dispenser is perfect for the travel lover in your life. It holds 15 Nespresso capsules and is easy to carry around when on the go. $25.00

The exclusive 2017 Nespresso Festive Collection is available at Nespresso Boutiques, Nespresso Boutique-in-Shop locations, through the Nespresso Club (OriginalLine: 1-800-562-1465 and Vertuo™: 1-877-964-6299), and on www.Nespresso.com. Sleeves of OriginalLine Variations, which include ten single-serve espresso capsules, are priced at $8.00 with an assortment pack of all three OriginalLine varieties, priced at $24.00. Sleeves of Vertuo™ Variations, which include ten single-serve coffee capsules, are priced at $12.50 with an assortment pack of all three Vertuo™ varieties, priced at $37.50.