Home & Tech/Design: Introducing Hestan NanoBond Cookware

Innovative Culinary Brand, Hestan, Launches First True Innovation In Stainless Steel Cookware In Over 100 Years

Beginning Immediately, NanoBond Will Be Available For Purchase Exclusively At Williams-Sonoma Stores And Online At www.williams-sonoma.com.

Hestan has launched Nanobond Cookware, a line of bonded stainless steel cookware uniquely engineered to last a lifetime, investing over $60 million in developing innovative technologies and kitchen products to elevate the culinary experience. Widely known for its high-end commercial kitchen equipment and premium residential outdoor grills, the company is applying their cutting-edge technology and innovative thinking to their first consumer cookware line, which promises to raise the bar among cookware brands and push the industry towards the future.


Innovative Culinary Brand, Hestan, Launches First True Innovation in Stainless Steel Cookware in Over 100 Years. Introducing Hestan NanoBond.

Since its introduction to the kitchen over 100 years ago, there’s been no significant innovation to stainless steel cookware – often known for tarnishing when exposed to high heat and easily scratching. For culinary professionals and enthusiasts alike, NanoBond brings the most advanced technology to the kitchen, delivering a full line of cookware that introduces modern science to timeless culinary craftsmanship with molecular titanium. NanoBond offers incredible resilience, lasting beauty, and the cleanability to maintain its brilliance for generations.

NanoBond leverages a patented titanium based nanotechnology that creates thousands of superdense nanolayers of titanium alloys bonded to stainless steel. This enables the cookware surface to be four times harder than typical stainless steel. The result is a chemical free, extremely durable cookware that’s resistant to staining, scratching, salt pitting and provides superior performance. Thanks to a pure aluminum core, it is also 35 percent more conductive than other aluminum-clad cookware.

Hestan innovations span the culinary category including Hestan Vineyards – well-respected small-batch wines developed in Napa Valley, Hestan Smart Cooking – a guided cooking system that will forever change the cooking experience, and the award-winning Hestan Commercial and Hestan Outdoor.

As visionary culinary professionals, we examined the industry and worked with the most revered chefs, engineers, and scientists to uncover what was missing in culinary cookware,” said Stanley Cheng, Founder/Proprietor of Hestan. “By blending innovative technology with the culinary expertise we were able to create a cookware line, unlike anything the industry has ever seen.”ws_logo_black_cmyk_highres

The full Nanobond Cookware line ranges from $149.95 – $520.00 and includes the following pieces:

1.5qt covered saucepan

2qt covered saucepan

3qt covered saucepan

4qt covered saucepan

5qt covered saute

8qt covered stockpot

14″ covered wok

8.5″ open skillet

11″ open skillet

12.5″ open skillet

3qt covered soup pot

3.5qt covered sauteuse

5qt covered essential pan

The Nanobond 10 Piece Set is also available for $1,499.95 with an MSRP value of $1,900.00 and includes the following pieces:

1.5qt covered saucepan

3qt covered saucepan

8qt covered stockpot

3.5qt covered saute

8.5″ open skillet

11″ open skillet

Hestan is truly a leader in innovation, redefining what’s possible in the culinary space for professional chefs and home cooks alike,” said Janet Hayes, President of Williams-Sonoma. “As the exclusive launch partner of NanoBond, we witnessed Stanley and the Hestan team perfect every detail of this revolutionary cookware line, exceeding all expectations in terms of performance and durability. After much anticipation, we are thrilled to bring it to market and share it with our customers.”

I’ve seen firsthand how much time and thought has been invested into developing the NanoBond line, starting with its very first prototype in 2014,” said Chef Corey Lee. “The Hestan team’s commitment and drive are clearly reflected in their cookware.”

To learn more about NanoBond and the Hestan sub-brands visit http://www.Hestan.com. To view the entire NanoBond Cookware collection, visit: www.williams-sonoma.com/hestan.