Smart & Blue Unveils 3 New Smart Shower Products plus First International Availability at CES 2017 in Las Vegas

In the run-up to CES 2017 in Las Vegas, French Eco-Tech company Smart & Blue today announced three new HYDRAO smart showerhead products, the much-awaited international availability of its products, plus new industry awards. Smart & Blue is an innovation leader in smart solutions for water conservation. Headquartered in Grenoble, France, the company was founded by founder Gabriel Dell Monica in 2015. The company now employs 10 people directly.sb_logo

The new HYDRAO Loop and First smart showerheads and HYDRAO Drop smart shower light bring innovation, color, enjoyment – and now French design chic – to the bathroom. They are designed to increase awareness of water usage and encourage reduced water and energy consumption. HYDRAO First will be the first product to become available internationally – starting tomorrow.


Smart & Blue Founder Gabriel Dell Monica

The designs of HYDRAO Loop and Drop have already won two new CES Innovation Awards: HYDRAO Loop in the Smart Home category and HYDRAO Drop in Tech for a Better World category.


HYDRAO Loop: a combination of advanced Smart & Blue technology innovation with French luxury design to bring smart-shower capabilities to stylish, modern bathrooms.


HYDRAO Loop smart shower set (Photo: Business Wire)


HYDRAO Loop Hand shower

HYDRAO Drop: adds smart-shower water saving capabilities to an existing shower. It is simple to install, and has a flexible arm that can be positioned to illuminate any shower surface or water jet.


HYDRAO Loop on a showerhead

HYDRAO First: a fun, educational and affordable smart hand shower. Launched in France at the end of 2016, HYDRAO First is available internationally from Jan. 4th 2017.


HYDRAO First is a LED-illuminated showerhead that brings color and enjoyment to families, while educating users on water usage.


DESIGN INNOVATION AND WATER EFFICIENCY: Both HYDRAO Loop and Drop benefit from a new miniaturized version of Smart & Blue’s patented smart shower technology, allowing users to benefit from a sleek, streamlined design, with no compromise to HYDRAO’s water conservation guidance. Also new is the ability to allow individual users to monitor their own personal usage and savings – on either one or multiple HYDRAO smart showers.

New smart water pressure innovations also let users enjoy an enhanced shower experience, even at low pressure levels.1 These enhancements include increased energy efficiency for the internal turbine, new water pressure regulation capabilities and an innovative aerated water flow feature. Together they ensure optimum water flow and lighting intensity, while decreasing overall water consumption.

For professional customers, the fully modular, interchangeable design of HYDRAO Loop and Drop allow for design customization. Smart & Blue smart shower technology can also be integrated into own designs.

BRIGHT LIGHTS & FRENCH TOUCH: Both HYDRAO Loop and Drop enjoy French luxury design. The sleek, sensual infinity loop form was inspired by a water drop. Made with brushed anodized aluminum and silicone, they are ultra-resistant and light, as well as elegant and smooth to touch. HYDRAO Loop’s flexible silicone chamber offers durability, anti-lime scale and bacteria repelling properties, plus heat resistance. The light chamber includes colored LEDs that illuminate 50 multi-directional water jets, for warm, diffused lighting. The HYDRAO Loop range comprises a wall-mountable smart rain shower and hand shower.


HYDRAO First is a LED-illuminated showerhead that brings color and enjoyment to families, while educating users on water usage. The colors change in line with the user’s water consumption: up to 10 liters (approx. 2½ gallons) = green; up to 20L (5¼ gal.) = blue; up to 30L (8 gal.) = purple; up to 40L (10½ gal.) = red; and beyond 40L (10½ gal.) the lights flash red. The colors can be personalized using the fun HYDRAO app on an Android or iOS smartphone or tablet. Designed to fit a standard shower, it is available with an optional shower hose and wall mount kit.new_hydrao_logo


All HYDRAO showers provide soft, bright light that changes color to indicate water usage in real time, and gently encourage reduced consumption. By reducing the average shower by 25% – from 80L (≈ 21 gal.) to 60L (≈ 16 gal.) – HYDRAO can make a real impact on our planet’s water conservation. And cuts the energy needed to heat that water. They are water powered by an innovative micro-hydro turbine – no battery required.


The HYDRAO smart shower app

When combined with the HYDRAO smart shower app, HYDRAO lets user monitor water usage over time, and review their impact of their efforts – in terms of water, energy and money savings.


Smart & Blue Founder Gabriel Dell Monica and the HYDRAO smart showerhead Team.


HYDRAO smart shower solutions will be available to US and European customers starting January 4th via the and websites. This international availability is the first step in Smart & Blue’s international expansion strategy. Expected pricing of HYDRAO First is from US $99. HYDRAO Loop and Drop are expected to be available in Q3 2017 for recommended retail prices of US $169 and US $99 respectively.

1 Water pressure of less than 1 bar or 14.5 psi (pounds per square inch).