John Hardy Debuts First U.S. Flagship And Artisan In Residence Workshop

The Artisan Handcrafted Luxury Jewelry Brand Unveils an Experiential Retail Boutique in New York’s Soho

Luxury jewelry brand John Hardy announces the debut of its first U.S. flagship, situated in New York’s Soho neighborhood. Established in Bali in 1975, John Hardy is dedicated to the creation of ultimate beauty through artisan handcrafted jewelry. The master artisans honor original craft through the perfection of modern design, creating timeless one-of-a-kind pieces that are brilliantly alive. Each of John Hardy’s distinctive collections conveys evocative symbolism and honors the transmission of creative energy from the artist to the wearer. Since inception, the company has been deeply rooted in the essential values of community, artisanship and sustainability.

John Hardy

John Hardy Debuts First U.S. Flagship And Artisan In Residence Workshop. Courtesy of John Hardy (PRNewsFoto/John Hardy

The flagship, which opened November 25, offers a highly differentiated and authentic shopping experience designed to engage all five senses with the myth and magic of Balinese artisanship. The highlight of the flagship is an experiential concept space on the boutique’s second floor, which will serve as a creative sanctuary for artisans and offer consumers immersive experiences.


The Residence animates the creative spirit and storied craftsmanship of the John Hardy Jewelry Workshop in Ubud, Bali into a full sensory experience and will be dedicated to hosting artisan master classes, workshops, talks, and installations across dynamic disciplines. The space serves as a real workshop for John Hardy Artisans when in Residence from overseas. The first series will run December 10 – 23 and explore the brand’s signature 8-step jewelry-making process.JH Logo


The flagship weaves together scent, sound, light and art for a refined reimagining of the John Hardy Jewelry Workshop in Ubud, Bali. It is designed to herald transformative moments and inspire connection.


Designed around a central display, clients are invited to navigate the boutique like the island of Bali itself, walking around its natural edges and exploring tactile moments of inspiration. True to founder John Hardy’s creative vision as an artist and environmental sculptor, the boutique walls showcase powerful collections like a gallery, encouraging guests to interact with every dimension of inspiration. The dynamic contours and exquisite detail of handcrafted jewelry is exhibited with bold authenticity—each piece, a work of art in and of itself.

A lush scent designed to conjure the verdant grounds of the Ubud Workshop transports and transfixes, as store lighting and sound shift throughout the day to evoke the rising and setting of the Balinese sun. All the while, a custom playlist blends nomadic beats and natural soundscapes, invoking the essence of wanderlust.

Signature carved wood details punctuate the space with rich walnut and hammered gold inlays, summoning elements of earthy softness and water reflection. A large-scale art installation hand-carved from teakwood tree root—the sustainable byproduct of production—serves as a dynamic focal point, manifesting creativity and celebrating the uncompromising artistic ethos behind the brand.


In conceptualizing the space, architectural firm Design Republic sought to celebrate the brand’s heritage and roots in artisan craftsmanship forged by founder John Hardy in 1975. All millwork is custom designed and unique to the store. Natural and locally sourced materials reflect the brand’s commitment to community and artisanship while large jewelry display tables, made from locally sourced black walnut, recall the communal artisan’s table in the Ubud Workshop. Elements such as mirrors etched with the John Hardy chain motif and hammered brass accents, echo the objects of beauty on display.

The open yet immersive design sets the stage for a unique shoulder-to-shoulder selling experience, reminiscent of the warm hospitality in the Workshop. A client services team, robed in custom-designed natural fiber pieces by Balinese artisan brand Biasa, channel the elegance, effortlessness, and exploration of travel. Their style honors the timelessness of the John Hardy brand, serving as an inspiration—and an invitation—to be part of its tradition.


The John Hardy Flagship is situated in the heart of Soho’s luxury corridor at 118 Prince Street in a three-story landmark building from the early 1900s. The store will open Mondays through Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m., and Sundays from 12:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m. (212-343-9000)


  • One-of-a-Kind Pieces. From the John Hardy Cinta precious jewelry collection and exclusive items from John Hardy’s Chain, Legends, Bamboo and Dot Collections.
  • Exquisite Balinese-Inspired Hospitality. Guests are offered Balinese welcome tea, coffee, and water along with cold and hot towel service (pending the season), served in artisan crafted ceramic pieces designed by Bali-based Gaya.
  • Artisan Handcraftsmanship on Display. The story of John Hardy’s unique artisan handcrafted jewelry-making techniques is unveiled in a curated gallery on the second-floor Workshop, where the art of jewelry-making is depicted from sketches and inception to the craft of mold-making, and the special techniques that make the final product.
  • Sustainable Art. A breathtaking installation, celebrating the original founder’s passion for art, environmental sculpture and sustainability, is created from teakwood tree grown on the Indonesian island of Java – the roots for the installation are carved by a Balinese artisan named Made (pronounced Maa Deh) from Celuk, the silver smith community of Bali.
  • Transporting Scent. To evoke the sensorial experience of visiting the Ubud workshop, John Hardy collaborated with Brooklyn-based artisanal perfumer Joya on creating one-of-a-kind candles for the space. The result is an iconic and authentic scent, exotic yet familiar, a sophisticated floral that welcomes and invites.
  • The scent features an intoxicating bouquet of tuberose, jasmine petals, and frangipani along sweet incense and precious sandalwood in a freshwater accord.
  • Authentic Style. A client service team’s wardrobe of sophisticated yet effortless garments by Balinese brand Biasa serve as an elegant blank canvas to the jewelry, honoring the timelessness of John Hardy designs.
  • The wardrobe parallels each company’s philosophy: artisan handcrafted luxury
  • Designer Susanna Perini created an exclusive hand-dyed fabric for John Hardy made of moss crepe and linen, and consists of 16 pieces for women and 3 pieces for men
  • Light of Bali. Celebrating the magic of Bali’s light, the store lights will be dimmed to honor the sunrise 13 hours ahead in Bali, creating the transition from day to night.
  • The Ketra lighting system changes throughout the day to approximate the color of the sky, connecting back to the natural world
  • Surreal Soundscape. The boutique boasts a unique and otherworldly ambiance through a layered yet refined soundscape.
  • The sound will also shift with the lighting to evoke the rising and setting sun in Bali, with a custom soundscape blending global ambient sounds and references to nature and wanderlust

The brand’s foray into retail comes amid a full brand transformation under CEO Robert Hanson, as the brand looks towards becoming a true omni-channel business that reaches customers at multiple touchpoints. Under Hanson’s leadership, John Hardy has unveiled distinctive marketing campaigns, evolutions in product design and appointed new creative director Hollie Bonneville Barden. Additional plans include expansion of e-commerce and a limited number of retail boutiques in key cities globally. For more information, please visit