Start Your Holiday Gift Shopping Early At Couture and Cosmetics

The Best Gifts of the Season Starts with Paula Hian Designs and Laini Cosmetics

While Black Friday is just around the corner, why wait until then to start buying that special gift for yourself and your loved ones, the ones both you and they will love and cherish long after the last drop of celebratory champagne has been consumed on New Year’s Eve?unnamed

Couture and Cosmetics, a Holiday Pop-Up Shop Collaboration between Paula Hian Designs and Laini Cosmetics, will take place Thursday, November 17th at 6-9PM at the Paula Hian Designs Showroom located at 106 Gay Street, Manayunk, PA, 19127. There you will be able to indulge in your love for luxury knitwear, accessories and winter outerwear, while perusing and purchasing versatile and quality makeup products that will perfectly compliment your new clothes. If you are lucky—and you will be – you will also find some holiday treasures for your friends and family as well. Remember the rule: “One gift for them, Two for me

Laini Cosmetics is a labor of love collection curated by Style and Beauty Expert, Laini Bianculli. Her company’s objective is to restore light to your complexion and overall makeup look in every category of the brand’s ready to wear products. Chief Creative & Image Director of, Miss Bianculli understands the need for versatile quality cosmetics that complement your fashion choices and your 24/7 lifestyle; the products in the Laini Cosmetics product lines confidently take you in minutes from boardroom to boudoir.

Laini Cosmetics’ Curated Collections will be of special interest to prospective guests at Couture and Cosmetics (Red Carpet Lip Palette, $30.00; Ink Jet Eyeliner, $25.00; Brow Kit, $25.00; and Starlight Lashes, $12.00 – $95.00).

The RSVP Ready Laini Cosmetics Holiday Collection is highly complimentary to the pieces in the Paula Hian 2016 Fall/Winter Collection and especially when paired with the Paula Hian Patricia/Renee embroidered suit.

Miss Hian herself describes the collection, manufactured exclusively in France in knitted in viscose-Lycra Italian yarns, as “graphic, bold and textured; either toned down in tailored form or jazzed up for more dramatic fashion.”

For Fall/Winter 2016, her knit tweeds and abstract plaids are intended to look crisp and soft at the same time “to reflect the feminine/menswear vibe I am looking to portray.

The colors run the spectrum from black and navy to azure blue, poppy and electric blue into tonal greys. “I see these colors and the mixtures of them as ‘Paula neutrals’… to cleanse the palate. I am not a beige person- ever. Rarely pastels. These colors feel Fall 2016 to me rather than the browns and more traditional autumn-looking shades. The touches of grey I feel gives it the fall edge, and adding white for highlights.” (The Paula Hian 2016 Fall/Winter Collection is presently available online at

As you sip the complimentary champagne and/or wine at this special event, the Paula Hian 2016 Fall/Winter Collection, accessories and more, will be on display in the showroom and Miss Bianculli will be available to do mini makeovers and teach guests new makeup application techniques using the Laini Cosmetics makeup line. She will also help guests match their Paula Hian purchases with the proper makeup, all of which will be available for ordering during the evening. Think of this as an upscale designer trunk show with all the extra trimmings. Is there a better way to start the holiday?

Guests attending Couture and Cosmetics will receive an EXCLUSIVE discount code that will last one week (November 17th-24th) for purchases on both and

Our Couture & Cosmetics holiday shopping event is the perfect time to shop, sip and sample Paula’s stunning designs paired seamlessly with my rich in color pigment and texture cosmetics designed to complement your fashion choices all while recognizing and supporting local women in business. To celebrate our collaboration and the start of the holiday season we will be offering 25% off your purchases at our in-showroom event on Thursday, November 17th and on-line shopping through Cyber Monday,” says Bianculli.

Adds Miss Hian, “It was a pleasure working with Laini and her team at our last event. I am very much looking forward to working with her again and helping our guests to look their absolute best for the upcoming holiday party season. It should be a lot of fun for everyone.

For more information on Couture and Cosmetics, email, call 215-487-3067,, or Laini Bianculli at