Under Armour Expands To Boston’s Back Bay With Its Largest Brand House Opening Of 2016

Global Performance Brand To Open Its First Specialty Retail Store In Boston At The Iconic Prudential Center

Under Armour, will open the doors of its newest specialty retail location tomorrow, November 3, at the Prudential Center in Boston’s Back Bay, one of the city’s most vibrant and popular retail destinations. With a focus on cutting-edge products and design, the Boston Brand House serves as a striking example of the brand’s commitment to offering customers an unparalleled shopping experience. The Boston Brand House will be open Monday – Saturday 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., on Sundays 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and can be reached at 617-236-1723.UNDER ARMOUR, INC. LOGO

Featuring men’s, women’s and youth apparel, footwear and accessories, the Boston Brand House is the region’s signature space to shop a full line of Under Armour products that make athletes look, feel and perform their best.

Under Armour Boston Brand House

Under Armour Expands To Boston’s Back Bay With Its Largest Brand House Opening Of 2016 (PRNewsFoto/Under Armour, Inc.)

Featuring nearly 19,000 square feet of interactive retail space across two floors, the brand’s latest innovations are highlighted across various product categories, including training, running, basketball, golf, studio, outdoor, team sports, youth and footwear.

Delivering a fully immersive brand experience, Under Armour tells its brand story through digital displays that inform and inspire. Youth customers are engaged with the Optojump experience, an interactive readiness/skill test that helps athletes measure speed, power, and reaction.


Under Armour Expands To Boston’s Back Bay With Its Largest Brand House Opening Of 2016 (PRNewsFoto/Under Armour, Inc.)

A wall map in the fitting rooms follows a run path from the perspective of the brand’s Connected Fitness running community. The path starts at the Brand House leading to Boston’s most historical and well-known trail; each fitting room represents a mile marker and landmark along the renowned trail.

The store offers a dedicated space for the new UAS™ label of modern American sportswear. UAS™ is designed to artfully fuse the worlds of sports and fashion, while delivering intuitive product optimized for the variable conditions of everyday life.

Bostonians have a true passion for sports and a fortitude that is hard to rival – qualities which are the essence of the Under Armour Brand,” said Susie McCabe, Senior Vice President of Global Retail. “The Under Armour Boston Brand House will highlight our commitment to making all athletes better through performance and innovation, while providing consumers with an elevated shopping experience.” Continue reading

Paul Gauguin Cruises Announces 2017 Voyages’ Line-Up Of Wildlife Discovery Series Lecturers

Paul Gauguin Cruises (www.pgcruises.com), operator of the highest-rated and longest continually sailing luxury cruise ship in the South Pacific, the m/s Paul Gauguin, is pleased to announce the line-up of Wildlife Discovery Series lecturers aboard 2017 voyages, as part of its partnership with the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS).9881_hmpg-wcs-lecture-series-2

WCS has been saving wildlife and wild places worldwide for over 120 years and aims to protect half of the planet’s biodiversity, while ensuring a positive impact on millions of people. The Wildlife Discovery Series is an exciting new program where guests of The Gauguin have the opportunity to learn about marine wildlife and habitats from some of the world’s most fascinating scientists, oceanographers, and conservationists. For this series, lecturers will be sharing their research and expertise during presentations aboard select sailings.

Katherine Holmes, Associate Director, WCS Global Marine Programs

February 18, 2017, Tahiti & the Society Islands

From WCS headquarters in New York, Holmes supervises conservation programs across the Caribbean, North America, Latin America, and Western Africa. With extensive experience in Melanesia and the South Pacific, Holmes has previously served as the WCS Marine Director in Papua New Guinea. She is knowledgeable about marine area management, coral reef ecology, and sea turtle biology. Holmes is also adept at biocultural conservation, and has developed community-based initiatives and educational tools that blend traditional and modern approaches. Throughout her career, she has studied sea turtle populations, helped to establish marine reserves, and surveyed coastal habitats to inform conservation planning. Holmes has participated in marine science research in the Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Myanmar, Indonesia, and the Philippines.


m/s Paul Gauguin

Emily Darling, PhD, Associate Scientist, WCS Global Marine Programs, June 7, 2017, Bali to Fiji

As an Associate Conservation Scientist for WCS global marine programs, Dr. Darling helps to save wildlife and wild places, and inspires people to value nature in oceans and seascapes worldwide. She is a dedicated coral reef ecologist, passionate about sustaining tropical corals in a changing climate. In her present role at WCS, Dr. Darling coordinates a coral reef monitoring program across Melanesia, Indonesia, the Caribbean, and Western Indian Ocean. Her research focuses on fisheries management, community ecology, and coral responses to climate change. In addition to publishing in scientific journals, Dr. Darling has contributed to popular science blogs for major media networks.

Sangeeta Mangabhai, PhD, Director, WCS Fiji

June 7, 2017, Bali to Fiji

Dr. Mangabhai is currently based in Suva, Fiji, and has worked for WCS since 2014. She has empowered local communities to make informed decisions about their natural resources. Dr. Mangabhai specializes in designing marine protected areas, assessing coral reef resilience, monitoring fisheries, and evaluating the return on investment of conservation action. Throughout her career, she has studied ecology and advised policy in Fiji, Vanuatu, Kiribati, Cook Islands, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Australia, Indonesia, and East Africa. Dr. Mangabhai has served as an adjunct scientist for the New England Aquarium, editor for Pacific Conservation Biology, and committee member for the Women in Fisheries Network.

Tim McClanahan, PhD, Senior Zoologist, WCS Kenya

August 12, 2017, Tahiti & the Society Islands

Dr. McClanahan specializes in coral reef ecology. He studies the links between coral reef ecosystems and the humans who depend on them, integrating marine biology with cultural psychology to achieve social-ecological conservation outcomes. Dr. McClanahan has published an impressive archive of journal articles, book chapters, and reviews to inform science worldwide. His research explores the benefits of marine protected areas and fisheries management on ocean diversity and sustainability, as well as the impacts of overfishing, pollution, and climate change on coral reefs. Continue reading

Travel Italia!: Four Seasons Hotel Firenze And Four Seasons Hotel Milano Launch A Festive Shopping Escape

From Artisan Craftsmanship To Cutting Edge Design, Guests Can Enjoy The Best “made In Italy” Christmas Shopping Experienceflo_1525_aspect16x9

The festive season in Italy is fast approaching and Florence and Milan are two perfect destinations for a pre-festive escape. The magical atmosphere, the beauty of the two historical cities, the Italian cuisine and the elegant holiday decorations at Four Seasons will be among the highlights of a remarkable experience leading up to Christmas and New Year’s. (Both The Four Seasons Hotel Milano and Four Seasons Hotel Firenze can easily be connected through an hour and a half train ride.) With the special shopping packages offered at Four Seasons Hotel Firenze and Four Seasons Hotel Milano, guests will be guided through the best artisan ateliers of the Renaissance city and will learn about the artisans’ crafts and antique traditions; in Milan they will be taken through the vibrant but hidden Milanese streets where they will discover the city’s most creative apparel and accessories for a unique gift.

Festive Shopping Escape in Florence


Four Seasons Hotel Firenze consists of two Renaissance buildings: the 15th century Palazzo della Gherardesca and the 16th century La Villa, a former convent.

For those who wish to experience shopping in Florence like a local, Four Seasons Hotel Firenze has created the Festive Shopping Escape. Led by a multilingual local guide, guests will have the opportunity to visit the city’s best arts and crafts workshops and ateliers of artisans. According to their preferences, they can choose a personalized tour covering fashion, home décor, leather goods, pottery, lighting, jewelery, couture or perfumery. Visitors will even be introduced to the shop owners, who will reveal their art’s secrets and history, as everything in Florence is filled with the scent of culture and ancient glamour.

After the tour, guests might like to browse antiques districts and artisan workshops, or experience Tuscan specialties in the food shops of the typical Central Market in San Lorenzo and delight themselves with a leisurely lunch. To take a walk through the narrow streets downtown is to take in the city’s Renaissance atmosphere, which is still alive everywhere in the city.

Four Seasons Hotel Firenze consists of two Renaissance buildings: the 15th century Palazzo della Gherardesca and the 16th century La Villa, a former convent. The two properties are set in a five hectare private garden that is the largest private park in the city. As an urban resort nested in the bustling city centre, it stands just a few steps away from the main attractions. The Hotel is considered a living and contemporary museum with magnificent pieces of artwork and unique designs found in its rooms, suites and hallways. Along with its unique Spa facilities, a key attraction is the Michelin starred restaurant Il Palagio offering a mouth-watering mix of Tuscan and Italian delicacies in an upscale and Renaissance surrounding.

Package Inclusions:

Rates start from EUR 455 in a Superior room plus 10 percent VAT, now through December 22, 2016. Rates are intended per room, per night, varying by arrival date and/or length of stay. All offers are subject to availability and rates might change at the time of reservation. This package requires a two-night minimum stay and must be reserved at least three days prior to expected arrival to ensure availability.

Reservations at flo.reservations@fourseasons.com or book online.

Festive Shopping Escape in Milan

Take advantage of the Festive Shopping Escape to experience Milan, the birthplace of “Made in Italy,” famous for its combination of cosmopolitan feel and exclusively Italian lifestyle. To discover fashionable shops like never before, enjoy a special tour offered by Four Seasons Hotel Milano and hosted by a personal stylist starting from the Quadrilatero della Moda, recognized as the most exclusive destination for upscale shopping.


Take advantage of the Festive Shopping Escape to experience Milan, the birthplace of “Made in Italy,” famous for its combination of cosmopolitan feel and exclusively Italian lifestyle.

A dedicated guide will take guests through vibrant but hidden Milanese streets where they will discover the city’s most creative side. Via Montenapoleone, Via della Spiga and Via Gesù (where Four Seasons is located) are the highlights of Milanese fashion thanks to the numerous boutiques with glittering window displays and unmissable collections. Guests will receive special access to unique boutiques, complete with dedicated salespeople and refreshments – places that only true Milanesi know are worth a visit. Continue reading

New-York Historical Society Exhibition To Tell The Remarkable Story Of Early Jewish Participation In The Cultural, Social, And Political Development Of The New World

Exhibit Includes Recently Recovered Manuscripts Relating to Mexican Inquisition Victim Luis de Carvajal to be on Public Display for the First Time

The First Jewish Americans: Freedom and Culture in the New World, On View October 28, 2016 – February 26, 2017

This fall, a path-breaking exhibition at the New-York Historical Society (170 Central Park West at Richard Gilder Way (77th Street), New York, NY 10024. Phone (212) 873-3400. TTY (212) 873-7489) will examine the story of newcomers to the New World, both Jewish and of Jewish ancestry, who made their way to colonial America and engaged fully in the cultural, social, and political life of the young nation. On view now through to February 26, 2017, The First Jewish Americans: Freedom and Culture in the New World will feature more than 170 objects, including rare early portraits, drawings, maps, books, documents, and ritual objects primarily drawn from the Princeton University Jewish American Collection, gift of Mr. Leonard L. Milberg, Class of 1953; and Mr. Leonard L. Milberg’s personal collection.


Luis de Carvajal the Younger (ca. 1567-1596) Memorias autobiographical manuscripts , ca. 1595, with devotional manuscripts Manuscript leaves, 3 volumes, each stitched into plain wrappers. Courtesy of the Government of Mexico.

In addition to objects from the New-York Historical Society, the exhibition will showcase loans from museums nationwide and abroad. Highlights include two landscape paintings by Sephardic Jew Camille Pissarro, on loan from the National Gallery of Art, depicting St. Thomas—the Caribbean island where the artist was born in 1830—and an important group of six portraits depicting members of the Levy-Franks family, prominent figures in New York City’s 18th-century Jewish community, from the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.

Establishing vibrant communities in American port cities including New York, Philadelphia, Newport, Savannah, and Charleston, early Jewish settlers adopted American ideals while remaining a distinctive and socially cohesive group, giving birth to a new Jewish American tradition with the stamp of both cultures. This groundbreaking exhibition reveals the extraordinary contributions of 18th- and 19th-century Jewish artists, writers, activists, and others to the development of American culture and politics.


Suriname map, 1718. Nieuwe Kaart van Suriname vertonende de stromen en land-streken van Suriname, Comowini, Cottica, en Marawini, Amsterdam, 1718. Collection of Leonard L. Milberg.

The First Jewish Americans explores the paths taken by Jews who for centuries fled persecution in Europe—beginning with the little-known but remarkable stories of their experience in the Caribbean, Mexico, and Brazil during the colonial period, and following their journey toward finding freedom and tolerance in the early American Republic,” said Louise Mirrer, president and CEO of the New-York Historical Society. “We are grateful for the extraordinary collections of Leonard L. Milberg and the partnership of the Princeton University Library, which will allow us to convey to the New York public the fundamental importance of the Jewish people to early American history. We are deeply grateful to Mr. Milberg for his tenacity and hard work in securing the loan of recently recovered Jewish writings from Spanish Colonial Mexico, the earliest extant Jewish manuscripts from that time period.

The First Jewish Americans will showcase, for the first time on public display, the manuscripts relating to Mexican Inquisition victim Luis de Carvajal—considered the earliest extant Jewish books in the New World. These exceptional documents and other materials in the exhibition underscore the long reach of the Spanish and Portuguese Inquisitions, which followed settlers of Jewish ancestry into the New World, forcing confessions and burning suspected “Judaizers” at the stake in horrific autos-de-fé.

(The New-York Historical Society is grateful to the Government of Mexico, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Culture, and the Consulate General of Mexico in New York, for the loan of Luis de Carvajal‘s manuscripts.)

Exhibition Highlights

The First Jewish Americans will explore the origins of the Jewish diaspora and paths to the New World, Jewish life in American port cities, and the birth of American Judaism in the 18th and early 19th centuries, as well as profile prominent Jewish Americans who made an impact on early American life.


Louis Moreau Gottschalk, Locket with photo. The Historic New Orleans Collection.

European Jews fleeing persecution and seeking ports of refuge were propelled westward to the distant shores of New World colonies, which offered hope for a new beginning until the infamous Holy Inquisition followed them across the ocean. The exhibition powerfully illustrates this experience through the 1595 autobiography of Luis de Carvajal, a “converso” Jew in Mexico and the nephew of a prominent governor, who was tried by the Inquisition and denounced more than 120 other secretly practicing Jews before he was burned at the stake in 1596.


Isaac N. Cardozo (1792–1855), A Discourse, Delivered in Charleston, (S.C.) on the 21st of Nov. 1827, before the Reformed Society of Israelites, for Promoting True Principles of Judaism according to Its Purity and Spirit, on Their Third Anniversary. Charleston, 1827. Princeton University Library. Gift of Leonard L. Milberg, Class of 1953, in honor of his grandchildren: Beverly Allison Milberg, Ava Miriam Milberg, Emmett Nathaniel Milberg, William Nathan Milberg, Charles Bennett Milberg, Samantha Eve Shapiro, and Nathan Busky Shapiro.

The recently rediscovered documents, which had gone missing from the National Archives of Mexico more than 75 years ago, will be on view at New-York Historical by special arrangement with the Mexican government before returning to Mexico. Continue reading

2016 Holiday Gift Guide: H2O+ Beauty is Ringing in the Holidays with Gifts for Everyone on your List

Give the Gift of H2O+ Beauty This Holiday Season

Holiday shopping can be stressful, so to help take the guesswork out of gift giving this holiday season, H2O+ Beauty is launching a collection of holiday gift sets featuring the brand’s bold new packaging and best-selling formulations from the recent relaunch.

H2O+ Beauty creates skincare formulas that harness the hydrating power of pure water. The company was founded in 1989 with the goal of putting beauty back in the hands of all women by empowering them to define beauty on their own terms. Continuing that legacy today, H2O+ Beauty combines the simplest, yet most powerful compound on the planet with advanced skincare technology to help women feel confident in their own skin.Their collections of water-based products are formulated with active ingredients, enabling them to nourish and hydrate skin.


H2O+ Beauty Holiday Offerings

Building on their 26-year-legacy, H2O+ Beauty has unveiled a fresh line of products with modern, technically advanced ingredients that effectively target skin needs. These new holiday offerings are inspired by the brand’s innovative beginnings and combine pure water with the latest advances in skin technology, resulting in performance-based formulas made without parabens, mineral oils or phthalates. The packaging has also been revamped, reflecting a more modern look and feel that hearkens to the brand’s water-based heritage, the backbone of all H2O+ Beauty products.

From indulgent beauty buys to affordable stocking stuffers, there’s something for everyone on your list.


H20+ Beauty Glow Factor Sea Salt Body Care Favorites Set

GLOW FACTOR SEA SALT FAVORITES HOLIDAY GIFT SET: Get that day-at-the-beach glow from the comfort of your sand-free home. Rescue dry skin with products infused with richly hydrating Almond Butter and an ocean side scent.collection_link_seasalt_products

CONTENTS: Sea Salt Body Butter (8 fl. oz.), Sea Salt Body Wash (12.2 fl. oz.), and Sea Salt Body Gloss (4 fl. oz.). Price: $45.00 ($58.00 value)

DEWY DUO OASIS FACE & LIP FAVORITES HOLIDAY GIFT SET: These tried and true thirst quenching hydrators come to the rescue of dry skin and lips. This set contains a full size of the brand’s #1 global best-selling product, the Oasis Hydrating Treatment, which is clinically proven to hydrate immediately and soften skin. It also includes a bonus full size Oasis Smooth Lip Conditioner.

CONTENTS: Oasis Hydrating Treatment (1.7 fl. oz.) and Oasis Smooth Lip Conditioner (0.5 fl. oz.). Price: $38.00 ($48.00 value)


H20+ Beauty Luxe It Up Milk Body Care Favorites Set

LUXE IT UP BODY CARE FAVORITES HOLIDAY GIFT SET: Bathe your skin in dreamy, luxurious hydration while your senses are indulged with clean, fresh aromas. Dry skin (or nails and cuticles) are no match for the creamy moisturizing powers of this trio.collection_link_milk_products

CONTENTS: Milk Body Butter (8 fl. oz.), Milk Body Wash (12.2 fl. oz.), and Specialty Care Hand & Nail Cream (6 fl. oz.). Price: $45.00 ($55.00 value)

DRINK IT UP OASIS MINI FAVORITES GIFT SET: These favorites will help to transform parched skin into perfectly smooth skin that is brimming with vitality. The set features a trial-size of the brand’s #1 global best-selling Oasis Hydrating Treatment, which is clinically proven to hydrate immediately and soften skin, and the Elements Keep It Fresh Face Cleanser which is best for Normal to Dry skin types. This kit also offers a full size Oasis Hydrating Eye Balm.


H20+ Beauty 3-pc. Drink it Up Oasis Mini Favorites Set

CONTENTS: Elements Keep It Fresh Face Cleanser (Normal to Dry Skin) (60mL), ­Oasis Hydrating Treatment (10mL), and ­Oasis Hydrating Eye Balm (0.5mL). Price: $25.00 ($45.00 value)

SHINE BRIGHT WATERBRIGHT MINI FAVORITES GIFT SET: The Waterbright set is hydra-powered with effective brighteners that diminish dark spots, even skin tone, and promotes overall radiance. The Illuminating Day Serum is clinically proven to improve skin tone in 7 different ways and the Illuminating Night Cream is clinically proven to brighten skin. The set also contains the Waterbright Overnight Color Correcting Mask. Continue reading