Bugaboo Opens First Ever U.S. Pop-Up Store In New York City

Dutch Mobility Company Encourages Consumers to Rediscover the Pleasure of Travel through An Unique In-Store ExperienceBugaboo Logo

Bugaboo, a global mobility company whose products enable people to explore and move freely through their world, announced today the opening of the company’s first U.S. pop-up store in New York City. Bugaboo recently shook up the travel industry with the announcement of its most recent mobility concept creation, the Bugaboo Boxer, inspired by the company’s existing and iconic strollers. Both will be available for hands-on testing at the store, providing a space for guests to experience the “power of push.”

Best known for revolutionizing the stroller market with the launch of their iconic stroller in 1999, Bugaboo designs products that make life on the road easier.


Bugaboo Boxer Luggage System 

The pop-up store will showcase the brand’s recently launched luggage system, the aforementioned Bugaboo Boxer, as well as its signature stroller line. The Bugaboo pop-up store is located at 224 Mulberry Street, New York, NY. The store will be open seven days a week from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday; and 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Sundays.





Bugaboo’s pop-up store simulates a traveler’s journey with the Bugaboo Boxer from packing at home, to airport security, all the way to the airplane aisle. Upon walking into the SoHo location, guests are welcomed into their “home” where the shopping experience and packing with the Bugaboo Boxer are explained through a live demo. The next stop on the journey takes place in a staged airport security entrance where the ease of moving with the Bugaboo Boxer is showcased. Finally, guests will be transported to the aisle of an airplane to get a firsthand feel for the effortlessness of stowing away the lightweight Cabin Case.


While traditional trollies and suitcases can be difficult to maneuver, especially when travelers want to move fast, Bugaboo Boxer’s light push steering turns the burden of carting around luggage into a smooth experience. The ergonomic design, which allows the system to glide effortlessly, was intended to give travelers’ arms and back a break.

We are incredibly excited to bring the Bugaboo experience to the U.S. market in a new and engaging way,” said Max Barenbrug, Bugaboo’s Co-founder and Chief Design Officer, who has always loved creating new products that make life on the road easier. “Through the Bugaboo pop-up store, our goal is to create unique way for consumers to experience the Bugaboo Boxer, so they can understand how much easier traveling can and should be.

Consumers can purchase system components separately or pre-configured in a design suited to their travel needs. The ready-to-buy designs include:

Fully loaded:
Bugaboo Boxer Chassis (including organizer); Bugaboo Boxer Travel Case; Bugaboo Boxer Cabin Case (including Bugaboo Boxer Inner bag). Price: $1,490

Short trips:
Bugaboo Boxer Chassis (including organizer); Bugaboo Boxer Cabin Case (including Bugaboo Boxer Inner bag). Price: $1,030 (excl. tax).

Strictly business:
Bugaboo Boxer Chassis (including organizer); Bugaboo Boxer Cabin Case (including Bugaboo Boxer Inner bag); Bugaboo Boxer Laptop Bag. Price: $1,370 (excl. tax).

Consumers can mix and match colors to suit their tastes and expand the system as they like. A larger version of the Bugaboo Boxer Cabin Case that also connects to the existing system will soon follow.


The luggage system includes an elastic strap that secures coats, a click-on/click-off organizer that keeps essentials close, a versatile inner bag that doubles as a daypack, and handy hooks that allow travelers to attach almost anything.

Gray oak colors and life-size product imagery shot by renowned German photographer Ramon Haindl decorate the four walls of the store’s 3,250-square-foot SoHo location. The pop-up store is also designed by the Bugaboo team to reflect the brand’s global aesthetic and provide a guided sales experience. Experts will be available to walk guests through the digital customization experience for the Bugaboo stroller, select their products, choose their configurations, and pay online. For Bugaboo Boxer, consumers will be able to see full details, choose from one of the three pre-sets provided and pay online as well. The customization tool (configurator) for the Bugaboo Boxer will be available later this year.

For more information, please visit www.bugaboo.com.