Avon Introduces “This Is Boss Life”

An Empowering New Advertising Campaign to Recruit Representatives and Ignite Brand Passion

New Avon LLC (“Avon”), the social selling company that has empowered women for over a century, announced the launch of a bold new advertising campaign – “This is Boss Life” – which celebrates the flexibility, freedom and financial opportunity of becoming an Avon Representative. Designed to drive Representative recruitment and ignite passion for the Avon brand, “This is Boss Life” will run on national broadcast, digital, print and radio media in the U.S. beginning in October.hero-null-hr

Avon’s new campaign debuted to thousands of Representatives across the U.S. in a Facebook event hosted by President, Social Selling for New Avon LLC, Betty Palm on October 6. The :60 second digital, and :30 broadcast and radio ads began airing on October 7, and print ads will be seen in November and December issues of women’s magazines. Avon’s social and digital channels will be extending the “This is Boss Life” campaign message with custom social media filters, YouTube videos and more.

Avon Logo

Avon Logo (PRNewsFoto/New Avon LLC)

As an iconic American brand with a 130 year history of empowering women, we arguably have inspired more female entrepreneurs than any other company in history. Every Avon Representative has a unique story of how they are finding success as their own boss,” said Scott White, Chief Executive Officer, New Avon LLC. “We have the right tools and support to help them build a successful social selling beauty business. The ‘This is Boss Life’ campaign spotlights that there is nothing more beautiful than succeeding on your own terms.

The television campaign encourages audiences to take a step beyond their typical 9-to-5 work life and say hello to a new kind of life where they are the boss. The campaign heroine is a passionate woman, stuck in a passionless job – until she discovers a brand new life as an Avon Representative. The music video-style commercial is set to the energetic, well-known female anthem, “I Will Survive.” The re-imagined lyrics include such affirmative statements as “I should have done this years ago/I should have broken free/If I’d known for just one second I could be the boss of me” and “Oh as long as I’ve got Avon and the newest shade of gloss/I’ve got passion, can’t you see?/‘Cause my future’s up to me/Yeah, I’m a Boss.

In the print advertising, Avon Representatives are at the center of the campaign to inspire new recruits through their real-life stories of success. The ads feature:


‘This is Boss Life’ print advertising featuring Avon Representative Georgiana

The Millennial: Georgiana joined Avon over ten years ago when she started college. Over the last decade, she has paid off her college loans with the help of earnings from her Avon business. In the ads, she says, “Now I’m a full-time architectural designer, part-time Beauty Boss.”


‘This is Boss Life’ print advertising featuring Avon Representative Lydia

The Momtrepreneur: For Avon Representative Lydia, mother of two girls, every day can be take-your-daughters-to-work-day. Lydia says, “Now my girls say they want to be ‘ Boss’ when they grow up.” Lydia has found success without having to sacrifice time with family.


‘This is Boss Life’ print advertising featuring Avon Representatives Milagros & Carlos

The Power Couple: Milagros and Carlos built a family business together, and say working together as Avon Representatives has made their business and marriage twice as strong. They say, “Avon introduced us to the best bosses we’ve ever had – ourselves.” Continue reading

Spin Master Reveals What’s In The Egg: Hatchimals Hatch In Time For Holidays

Spin Master Corp., a leading children’s entertainment company, reveals a world of wonder and discovery with Hatchimals. Since their initial unveiling at select Toy Fairs around the world earlier this year, Hatchimals have become the most highly-anticipated toy of 2016. The exciting new toy, which launches today, has already been named to multiple top toy lists, including Target, Wal-Mart, Toys ‘R’ Us and Kohl’s.


Hatchimals Hatch In Time For Holidays

Nestled inside a brightly speckled egg, the Hatchimal relies on a child’s curiosity, care and nurturing. The Hatchimal responds to the power of human touch and begins to hatch and communicate through taps, pecks, lights and sound; which Hatchimal is inside is only revealed when it hatches.

The hatch is a moment in time, never to be repeated, but this is just the beginning of the


Hatchimals Hatch In Time For Holidays

experience. The child is the key to releasing the magic of the toy, and with care, they can raise their Hatchimal through three phases, from baby to toddler to full-grown Hatchimal, teaching it to walk, talk, play games and more.

We are always looking at how we can inspire and evolve new play patterns,” said Ben Varadi, Chief Creative Officer, Spin Master Ltd. “Children have limitless imaginations and we think the same way when we develop new toys. As a result, Hatchimals incorporate the very best elements of nurturing play with the interactivity of robotics in a truly innovative and entertaining way. This is one of the most unique products Spin Master has ever launched and we’re confident that the consumer response will be strong.”

There are two Hatchimal species: Pengualas and Draggles. Children chose the color of the egg and the species, but the Hatchimal chooses them. Penguala eggs come in two colors, pink and teal or pink, while Draggle eggs are either purple or green and blue.

Hatchimals are now available at major retailers around the world and online at www.SpinMaster.com. MSRP: $59.99 USD. Ages 5+.

Introducing ContaX – A Modern and Stylish Contact Lens Case

ContaX Cases Transform Your Outdated Methods Of Storage Into Modern Standards, With An Impressive Color Pallet That Allows You To Match Cases With Your “outfit Of The Day.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “more than 30 million people wear contact lenses in the United States.” Reasons for wearing contact lenses may vary from comfort to fashion. As such, we all wear contact lenses for different reasons. For some of us, it’s comfort and others it’s safety or even aesthetics. We also have different jobs, from working professionals to athletes or even busy parents. Yet, what we all have in common are the challenges we face in lens care – everything from sanitary cleaning to storage to even style.


ContaX, a new, highly bacteria-resistant contact lens case made with an elegant design and high quality material hat comes in a variety of colors to fit your individual style

Whatever the reason, we all need to ensure that our contact lenses are stored properly. ContaX, a new, highly bacteria-resistant contact lens case made with an elegant design and high quality material hat comes in a variety of colors to fit your individual style and have been developed with the user in mind. They are leak-proof, durable, collapsible, easy to use and easier to store than traditional cases. ContaX launched on Indiegogo on October 6, 2016.


The many colors of Contax


ContaX are are leak-proof, durable, collapsible, easy to use and easier to store than traditional cases.


So say goodbye to your old case, and join the ContaX Revolution.

(View the product video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PjH_k_7lRAM)

My quest to find a contemporary contact lens case led me to create ContaX. ContaX is elegance and style, with quality and functionality,” states Fauzia Lala, Founder of ContaX.fbrlvkwifjjjnbdba6bt

ContaX Cases Repel Bacteria In Three Ways:

  • The fabrication process of ContaX prevents the formation of biofilm (i.e. the accumulation of bacteria) by making the inner surface a smooth gliding curve so that bacteria cannot stick to it.
  • The material used in ContaX cases is higher grade and provides inherent microbial resistance.
  • ContaX is more durable and heat resistant than traditional contact lens cases. This enables ContaX cases to be easily washed with hot water without disintegrating the material, making ContaX the SAFEST contact lens cases for your eyes

So Say Goodbye To Your Old Case, And Join The Contax Revolution!

www.contaxlenscase.com / https://angel.co/contax-6

Crown Royal Introduces Vanilla Flavored Whisky. And It’s So Good.

Crown Royal Pairs with One of the World’s Most Loved Flavors to Create New Crown Royal Vanilla Flavored Whisky

Crown Royal is adding a delicious new whisky to its family with the introduction of Crown Royal Vanilla Flavored Whisky, a blend of hand-selected Crown Royal whiskies infused with the rich flavor of Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla. The result is a unique whisky bursting with vanilla flavor and Crown Royal’s superior smoothness.

Crown Royal Vanilla Flavored Whisky

Crown Royal is adding a delicious offering to its family of whiskies with the introduction of Crown Royal Vanilla Flavored Whisky, a blend of hand selected Crown Royal whiskies infused with the rich flavor of Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla. (PRNewsFoto/Crown Royal)

A versatile drink for all seasons, Crown Royal Vanilla tastes great when mixed with sodas (for a Vanilla take on hard sodas), used to create a Vanilla twist on classic cocktails (like a Vanilla Old Fashioned and Vanilla Hot Toddy) or simply sipped on the rocks.

Crown Royal Vanilla begins with aromas of rich vanilla bean and delicate hints of oak. The taste opens with a delicious, not-too-sweet vanilla flavor followed by Crown Royal’s signature smooth finish. The mouthfeel is pleasant and warm, with an aftertaste reminiscent of crème brulee.

Vanilla is so good. It’s classic. It’s timeless. It’s one of the world’s most loved flavors, one of the most sought-after and historically one of the most expensive,” said Jim Ruane, Crown Royal Brand Director. “Infusing our superior Crown Royal whiskies with the flavor of Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla allows us to amplify the naturally-occurring vanilla notes found in our whisky and share a delicious new offering with our drinkers.cr_logo_final_lockup_purple

The launch will be supported through an integrated marketing campaign featuring the tagline, “Vanilla So Good,” a nod to the straightforward deliciousness of Crown Royal Vanilla. Television commercials and digital shorts featuring actor/comedian/director J.B. Smoove – including a reminder that responsible drinking means doing so on a full stomach – will run nationally beginning in early October.

Crown Royal Vanilla comes beautifully packed in a cream-colored bag and box – both beloved signatures of the whisky originally made for a king. Crown Royal Vanilla (70 proof, 35% ABV) will be sold at a suggested retail price of $24.99 for a 750 ml bottle and is currently available nationwide.

Sleep Easily Introduces New Sleep Solution

Dr. Richard Shane’s Innovative Program Now Available On A Mini Audio Player

Sleep Easily, LLC, (www.sleepeasily.com) has announced it’s new product offering, the Sleep Easily® sleep solution delivered on a mini audio player. Sleep Easily provides a quick, easy and effective non-medication method to help people resolve insomnia. The method combines audio recordings, a guidebook and specialized tools to help users sleep.

A National Sleep Foundation poll estimates that 35 percent of American adults experience at least one symptom of insomnia every night or almost every night,” said Dr. Richard Shane, founder of Sleep Easily. “I’m pleased we can offer a quick and easy solution for people to sleep …finally.414995

This Sleep Easily package includes:

  • Sleep Easily state-of-the-art mini-audio player with built-in high-quality speaker.
  • Four sleep recordings and three free supplemental recordings. Considered the most effective in sleep medicine, include both a male and female voice version and also soothing sounds without voiceovers.
  • Sleep Easily eyeshades– Block the light when you want to sleep in darkness.
  • Specialized earplugs
  • SleepGuide Book and summary card

“Sleep Easily is one of the best I have come across,” said Christine Hibbard, Ph.D., co-author, The Family Patient Physician Guide, “it is state of the art and an extraordinary gift to an American society that does not sleep well.”

Sleep Easily (based in Boulder, Colorado) is a proven medication-free sleep solution for the 1-in-3 people who have insomnia. It is a form of cognitive-behavioral therapy delivered through a mini audio player. It walks you through five physical triggers to get you to sleep. Sleep Easily was developed by Richard Shane, Ph.D. For over 25 years, Dr. Shane has helped thousands of insomnia patients sleep better. In an independent study with Sleep Easily used by police, firefighters, commercial airline pilots and the general public, 81.6 percent of participants reported improved sleep.

Sleep Easily retails for $89 and includes a 30-day money back guarantee. Sleep Easily is available on its website and Amazon. For more information on Sleep Easily, visit http://sleepeasily.com.

Celebrating the Passion and Dedication of Five Generations of Master Blenders, Chivas Regal® Presents Chivas Regal Ultis™

Chivas Regal Ultis is the First Blended Malt Scotch Whisky from the House of Chivas and Represents the True Essence of Chivas Regal.

Luxury Blended Malt Scotch Whisky Launched in Conjunction with the Next Iteration of the Win the Right Way Campaign Featuring Actor Javier Bardemchivas-regal-logo-transparent

Chivas Regal®, the world’s first luxury whisky, has launched Chivas Regal Ultis™, the first blended malt Scotch whisky from The House of Chivas. Created in tribute to the passion and dedication of five generations of Master Blenders, Chivas Regal Ultis captures the essence of Chivas Regal by using only five of the most precious signature single malts to represent the style and diversity of the prestigious Speyside whisky region.

Since 1909, only five men have ever mastered the iconic Chivas Regal house style, and Chivas


Chivas Regal Ultis

Regal Ultis, a luxury whisky with complex flavors, a glorious golden hue and a commanding, rich aroma, creating an ideal spirit to celebrate shared success with friends,salutes the strength of vision, commitment and mastery of the brand’s Master Blenders.

From the millions of casks in the Chivas Brothers inventory, only 1% has been hand-selected by the expert blending team to create Chivas Regal Ultis. This traditional method of individually nosing each cask ensures the blend’s superior quality. The distillation process takes place exclusively in copper pot stills, capturing the essence of the smooth and generous character of Chivas Regal’s signature style. The latest release has been crafted with hand-selected malts from Tormore, Longmorn, Strathisla, Allt A’Bhainne and Braeval.

Launched in 1909, Chivas Regal is the world’s first luxury whisky and is considered to be a timeless classic, renowned for its benchmark quality and taste, style, substance and exclusivity. A truly global brand, Chivas Regal has been integral to the growth of the Scotch whisky category worldwide and today sells 4.5 million 9L cases annually in more than 150 countries across the globe. With generosity, entrepreneurship and integrity at the heart of Chivas Regal, the brand launched its successful Win the Right Way campaign in 2014, which aims to inspire a new generation whilst making a positive impact on the lives of others.

By working together, our blending team has masterfully brought five unique single malts from across the Speyside region to create an exceptional blend which is truly the essence of Chivas Regal Ultis,” said Colin Scott, Custodian Master Blender. “Each individual malt and each individual blender has added an element of expertise to the whisky, which is unique to the blend, ensuring it is the ultimate embodiment of shared success.”

Chivas Regal Ultis personifies the brand’s belief in the power of shared success and launches alongside the next generation of the brand’s Win the Right Way campaign. The next phase is being showcased through a 360-degree advertising campaign demonstrating the power and impact of working together to achieve success.

Tasting Notes

  • Nose: The aroma presents ripe peach and red apples with accompanying cinnamon, fudge and honey infusions.
  • Taste: Tasting reveals a smooth vanilla texture, brimming with clementine and apricots, before giving way to a background of soft caramel, spicy cloves and ginger.
  • Finish: A bold finish is long with a warm hint of heather, leaving a satisfyingly full experience.

The Win the Right Way campaign launched in 2014 and brings to life the Chivas Regal brand belief that real success is not measured by a man’s wealth alone but by how many lives he has enriched. The latest installment of the campaign aims to reinforce this belief and inspire a new generation to achieve success whilst making a positive impact on the lives of others.

The campaign delves into the stories of successful social entrepreneurs from across the globe and stars Javier Bardem. The cast featured in the campaign brings to life the Win the Right Way campaign by exploring the stories behind the people and experiences who have helped them to achieve success.

At the heart of Chivas Regal are the values of sharing success, supporting local communities, and investing in social business,” said Shefali Murdia, Brand Director, Chivas Regal, Pernod Ricard USA. “The Win the Right Way campaign brings these values to life by reinforcing the brand’s focus on entrepreneurialism and generosity.”

Chivas Regal Ultis will be available in limited cities across the U.S. at a suggested retail price of $200.

The Chivas Regal range includes Chivas 12, Chivas Extra, Chivas 18, Chivas 25, the pinnacle of the range ultra-prestige blend, Chivas Regal The Icon and the Global Travel Retail exclusive, Chivas Brothers Blend. To find out more about the Win the Right Way campaign and Chivas Regal Ultis, visit www.chivas.com.

CHIVAS REGAL® Ultis ™ Blended Scotch Whisky. 40% Alc./Vol. (80 Proof).

©2016 Imported by Chivas Bros. Import Co., Purchase, NY