Baxter of California Launches New Men’s Grooming Video Series

Baxter of California, the Los Angeles-based men’s grooming company announced that they will launch a new educational video series that addresses the many personal care questions men have in a humorous and witty way. Titled “WTF,” the series will initially include 10 videos that cover a variety of topics, that are then answered with the same satire and hyperbole that it’s “tongue in cheek” name would suggest.

Baxter of California Logo

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The first video in the series debuted on August 24th and officially kicked off “WTF Wednesdays.” The first video, which stars Comedian Justin Martindale (who has written for the legendary Joan Rivers on E!’s Fashion Police,) answered the question “What is the difference between anti-perspirant and deodorant?

Each week following, Baxter of California will release a new video in the series on their YouTube channel and social media networks. The WTF Video Series will also feature Tobias Jelinek, who most recently appeared as the lead agent in the Netflix hit series “Stranger Things,” as well as comedian Karl Hess and actor Jay Ali.


Screenshot from the first episode of Baxter’s of California’s new WTF Video Series, a new educational video series that addresses the many personal care questions men have in a humorous and witty way.

Baxter of California is on a mission to innovate how men get educated on grooming. We know our core consumer, the Millennial man, resonates with content that entertains him as well as provides factual and relevant information. We are excited to release our groundbreaking “WTF Video Series” as a testament to Baxter of California becoming the prominent resource for all things grooming,” said Nathan Puksta, Head of Baxter of California and Baxter Finley Barber & Shop.

In addition to the WTF Video Series, Baxter of California will launch BAXTERPEDIA™, an online destination that will house answers to common grooming questions via videos, blog posts, glossary of terms, and much more. Set to debut mid-September, BAXTERPEDIA™ will allow customers access to existing content, as well as the opportunity to submit their own questions and be a part of Baxter of California’s content development

Founded in 1965, Baxter of California was one of the first companies to seriously address men’s grooming needs. Its innovative products for men are available at lifestyle stores, apothecaries, better barber shops and online at, as well as at Baxter Finley Barber & Shop in Los Angeles, which features classic barbering services alongside a selected collection of men’s grooming products.