Grandin Road To Debut Seasonal Halloween Décor Pop Up Store At Macy’s Herald Square NYC

In September, Grandin Road, the popular direct retailer of home furnishings and décor, known for its warm, colorful styling will take its first step into experience-driven retail through an innovative collaboration with Macy’s Herald Square in New York City to bring an exciting seasonal retail pop up store to life.747653

The 1,400 square foot pop-up will be Macy’s first Halloween concept shop, immediately greeting consumers as they enter the department store’s 7th Avenue entrance. Launching in early-September, the Halloween At Macy’s Herald Square pop-up experience starts outside, with two retail windows and continues inside with four sophisticated vignettes: “Frightfully Fun,” “Bewitching,” “Halloween Glam” and “Macabre and Mystical“.

Our customers love this time of year at Grandin Road. Every Halloween gets more spooktacular than the last!” said Jennifer Reeves, Senior Vice President of Brand Marketing at Grandin Road. “And we are looking forward to collaborating with Macy’s to bring the full brand experience to life. The invitation – with a wink – to customers is, ‘Enter if you dare!’

Macy’s Herald Square is an iconic choice for the site of the pop-up store. Millions of customers flow through Macy’s flagship store each year, and its storied history of bringing seasonal celebrations to life has made the location a central character in the great story of American Retail.macyslogo

Macy’s is known and loved for its place in bringing the holidays to life for customers across the country, and the new Halloween At Macy’s Herald Square was designed with that tradition in mind,” said Shawn Outler, Senior Vice President of Leased Businesses for Macy’s. “This partnership and pop-up shop will provide customers at our iconic New York flagship store an exciting experience they can’t get anywhere else.”

For Grandin Road, the move is a natural step in its strategy to expand the consumer experience beyond the catalog and website. The collaboration is a progression into an inspirational, fully styled space, leveraging a collection that is, without a doubt, a Grandin Road “fan favorite”.

The success of the Halloween line has built steadily for over a decade at Grandin Road, with the brand’s clever and aspirational designs striking a chord with a specialty consumer market that is growing dramatically. Once a single day of costumes and trick-or-treating, Halloween has expanded to a full season of ghoulish fun and spooky fantasy that everyone enjoys – kids, adults, friends and family – that includes parties and home entertaining.

Indeed, in 2015 Americans spent $6.9 billion celebrating Halloween, and $1.9 billion of that was on decorations, according to the National Retail Federation. Last year, 49 million Americans were predicted to attend or host a Halloween party.

Halloween is not only about candy and haunted houses, it’s also about decorating for that wickedly wonderful party!” said Lauren Sullivan, Marketing Director at Grandin Road. “We love to celebrate, and Halloween gives us another opportunity to bring those pops of fun and unexpected twists into the homes of our consumers.”

The collaboration with Macy’s offers synergies for both companies. Placement at Macy’s gives Grandin Road an unmatched introductory (not to mention magical) platform to new prospects from one of the world’s most exciting retail centers – mid-town Manhattan and Macy’s Herald Square. Also, as a successful direct retailer, Grandin Road can now point its fans to Macy’s where they can touch and feel the products they know and love.

As a result, the environment is more than retail. It’s products presented as an experience, with programming that will span sharable platforms for consumers and surprising events. The message to customers? Whether it’s a glam version with crystal skulls and mystical apparitions or the witchy inspiration of Salem, Halloween styling can be fresh, colorful, chic, and, most of all, you can make this styling yours, at home with your friends and your family.

From Grandin Road’s perspective, offering its consumers options for “boundaryless retail” is a central pillar to developing relationships with a type of consumer who will be loyal and turn to Grandin Road again and again.

The store will be open to the public from September 1 to October 31 and will feature programming/events to promote the Halloween experience at Macy’s Herald Square.