London-based Lingerie Brand Produces the World’s Most Diverse Campaign to Date

Fuller Bust lingerie brand Curvy Kate, have launched what could be the world’s most inclusive campaign to date, using a diverse range of women to model the latest collection, Scantilly. The campaign named #theNewSexy, introduces 8 powerful female role models, including an Alopecia sufferer, a transgender woman, an amputee and recovered anorexic.

Lingerie Brand Produces the World's Most Diverse Campaign to Date

The campaign named #theNewSexy, introduces 8 powerful female role models, including an Alopecia sufferer, a transgender woman, an amputee and recovered anorexic. Scantilly by Curvy Kate’s third collection will be available starting this month at, and

Challenging social ‘norms’, #TheNewSexy calls for women of all shapes, backgrounds and sizes to be represented in the media and looks to redefine how society views the word ‘sexy’. The company, who since launch have never employed a professional model, choosing to celebrate their customers instead, looked to social media to find the eclectic mix of role models to wear the new boudoir collection.

In recent years the modeling and fashion industries has been under scrutiny due to the lack of diversity promoted in advertisements. A report by ‘The Fashion Spot’ stated that out of 422 models involved in the largest Spring Summer 2016 campaigns only 21.8% were of color, 1.4% were above a size 12 and zero transgender models was used. Scantilly hope that their continued use of customer role models will hail a new era for diversity in the fashion industry.

Head of PR and Marketing, Hannah Isichei states, “It’s important for us as a brand to speak to as many women as possible through our campaigns. We know our customers don’t all look the same so why should our models? Why should boudoir lingerie just be reserved for a handful of society? We want women to look at our products and see them on a body they can relate to. Scantilly lingerie is for every woman and every body, so it’s important that our models reflect this attitude.”

The Models For The Campaign Are:

This campaign sees a variety of women from different walks of life such as former Anorexic and body positive activist, MEGAN CRABBE. The 23 year old, who suffered with Anorexia Nervosa since the age of 14, has recently made a name for herself due to her successful blog ‘BodyPosiPanda’ and body-positive social presence. Megan, who at her thinnest weighed just 62 lbs now encourages her followers to be happy with their bodies by posting bikini and ‘belly roll’ pictures of herself, proving recovery is possible.

Megan states: “I spent a long time believing that feeling confident or sexy was reserved for people with the ‘perfect’ body, and that the rest of us didn’t deserve it. Modelling for Scantilly after beating years of body insecurities was personally empowering and so much fun. This campaign shows anyone with body image issues that we are ALL worthy of confidence, all sizes, all skin colours, all abilities. It’s exactly the kind of diverse representation we need to help us all see our unique beauty a bit more clearly.

STEPHANIA VAN CLUYSEN: Stephania or ‘Effie’, 21, was born a male, but now lives her life as a female after undergoing gender reassignment surgery in 2015. Effie described growing up in Belgium as ‘difficult’ saying she felt like a female from her very first memory. Her mother who fully supported her decision even visited the doctor when ‘Jordie’, as Effie was formally known, was only 3 years old saying, “My son is a girl”. Effie who received years of abuse and ridicule from the public and school peers, wants to show that she is a beautiful women who deserves to be celebrated.

Stephania states, “I’m Transgender and because of this, I worried whether people would accept me or not, but really the most important person to accept me was myself – And I’m so glad that I did. The thing is, not everyone should look the same and if they did there wouldn’t be a ‘sexy’. We need a mix of people! Everybody has the right to feel ok with themselves and if the media show a wide range of women – different races, heights, sizes, ages and abilities then the girls looking at the models in the magazines and wishing to be them, will feel way more at ease with who they are. If they see someone who looks like them, they may be less likely to want to change.

TAYLOR CRISP: Taylor, an amputee from Leicester has recently flown the flag for disabled people everywhere by modeling in the campaign, while proudly displaying her prosthetic leg. Crisp, 21, was born with FFU (Femur Fibula Ulna) syndrome meaning she had severe defeats with the development of her right leg, including having no knee cap, no ankle joint, and no proper hip socket. Many years of constant surgery and struggles meant that by the age of 11, Taylor’s leg was so damaged she had her leg amputated and was required to live life with a prosthetic limb. 10 years on and Taylor has recently been told that she will no longer to be able to walk without the aid of crutches but she’s not going to let it stop her.

Taylor states, “I was taught from a young age that [my leg] shouldn’t hold me back. I can’t sit and think ‘why me??’ all the time because it could have been anyone. There are so many different people out there; people who are different aren’t a minority because everyone is different. It took a while to realise but I’m really happy with who I am. You need to learn to ignore the people who try and bring you down and just rise above it.”

THERESE HANSSON: Therese Hansson, an aspiring curve model who suffers with skin condition Alopecia, has recently proven that having no hair won’t hold her back. Hansson, 25, who lives in Sweden with her family and works as a full-time carer, was diagnosed with Alopecia at the age of 14. For many years, she was self-conscious of her condition, hiding her Alopecia from her peers by wearing wigs. 11 years on, Therese who is a curvy size 14, is confident in her appearance and is fully embracing her body and condition.

Therese states, “People who have Alopecia tend to hide it by wearing wigs, but we need to embrace it so other people understand and accept it. It is a difficult disease because I could get my hair back tomorrow but I could easily lose it all again next week. That’s why I need to make sure I’m happy with who I am regardless of whether I have hair or not. At the end of the day I’m not dying – things could be so much worse.

GEORGINA HORNE: Georgina Horne, a successful plus-size blogger, showed that her fuller figure and bust were something to be proud of by stripping down to her smalls. Horne, 27, who now has over 200,000 followers on social media, became a success after launching her blog, ‘Fuller Figure, Fuller Bust’ in 2011. Her platform began as a lingerie blog but has morphed into a plus-size lifestyle and fashion blog, which sees her regularly asked to collaborate with brands and to even model and design for them. Georgina’s message is to show other plus-size women that you can be fuller-figured and happy and confident with your shape.

Georgina states, “We’re redefining the idea of sexy. It’s not just one look, one size, one piece of clothing, it’s any person wearing anything, any size, any age, they deserve to feel sexy and can feel sexy. The problem is that everyone needs to be represented. You’re more likely to shop with a brand who uses someone who looks a little like you, it makes you feel included and like you’re worthy. So yeah Diversity helps everyone- It’s a no brainer.

GRACE VICTORY: Grace Victory, a globally successful Youtube Vlogger and TV personality took part in the Scantilly by Curvy Kate campaign. Victory, 25, who goes by the name ‘Gracie Francesca‘ online, became a success after launching her vlog channel ‘The Ugly Face of Beauty’ on Youtube. Her channel covers all topics from style, food, beauty and also more hard hitting issues such as self-esteem, eating disorders and self-harm. Nick-named ‘The internet’s big sister’, Gracie is determined to show young vulnerable adolescents that there is light at the end of the tunnel and that they are worthy of self-love regardless of the issues they face.

Gracie states, “I think if diversity was shown in the media it would just become the ‘norm’. At the moment it’s still kind of an ‘oh my god moment’ when we see someone who is slightly bigger or even a girl of colour on the catwalk or in adverts, which is shocking really. Showing all different kinds of people will really help the younger generations to see someone they relate to, whether it be tall, short, fat, thin or whatever. I think the industry has a long way to go but some brands such as Scantilly are putting their foot forward and playing a part in something that means such a lot to a wide range of people.”

JOANNE LARBY: Lastly, Joanne Larby, a successful Irish beauty and fitness blogger, took part in #TheNewSexy campaign to help show that her toned size 12 body should be represented too. Larby, 28, who now has over 100,000 followers on social media, became a success after launching her blog, ‘The Makeup Fairy’ in 2011. Her platform began as a beauty blog but has morphed into a fitness, lifestyle and fashion page, which has seen her regularly asked to collaborate with brands and she has even published her own book. Joanne’s message is to show other women that you can be fit and healthy while keeping your curves and being happy and confident with your shape.

Joanne states, “With social media at the moment, we’re open to some many different opinions and we have the chance to have a voice through social media. People follow their ‘idols’ for various reasons and it’s so integral that we are promoting a diversified look on things so we aren’t scrolling on feed feeling constantly depressed that you aren’t that ‘standardised’ model , because it’s so unobtainable it can really get in on you mind frame because the comparison starts. So we need to have a diversified feed that we are all subject to, so we all feel represented.

Scantilly by Curvy Kate‘s third collection will be available starting this month. The range including peep-hole briefs, sexy suspenders, half cup balcony bras and sheer basques is available in sizes DD-HH cups and S-XL at, and For more information please visit: