Watercolor Your Baby’s World

The New Babybjörn Spring 2016 Collection, The Watercolor Collection, Celebrates The Playful, Colorful Imagination Of Children

A new collection from BabyBjörn has arrived. The Watercolor Collection is designed to encourage more play and creativity and was inspired by the playfulness and fun-loving ingenuity of children. Three simple elements are used: imagination, water and colors to create a fantasy world in watercolors. BabyBjörn designers, who are children at heart, created these colorful, water-loving creatures to inspire playfulness and imagination throughout the collection.watercolor-940-1

The Watercolor Collection is a limited edition line of our best-loved products including the Baby Carrier One, Bouncer Balance Soft and Travel Crib Light in five new colors. The new watercolors include: Coral Crab (coral), Little Gray Seal (light gray), Great Blue (dark blue), Ice-Blue Fish (light blue) and Turquoise Turtle (turquoise) and available now through September 2016.watercolor-940-2

We know that children are naturally curious, and we can all take inspiration from their creativity and imagination in our everyday lives. Anything is possible in children’s play; an orange dot is a crab and a dab of paint is a blue fish,” says Karin Hoxter, Art Director at BabyBjörn. “Our Watercolor Collection celebrates children’s creativity and encourages everyone, children and grown-ups alike, to paint their own imaginary world.watercolour-campaign-start (1)

The multiple-award-winning Baby Carrier One is a big hit with parents who want a flexible, comfortable, ergonomic baby carrier with many options. The baby carrier is suitable for babies from newborn to 3 years old, and the sturdy waist belt and padded shoulder straps make it comfortable for hours of happy carrying. With four front- and back-carrying options, there is a position to suit every stage. 

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The Bouncer Balance Soft is a modern take on the company’s classic bouncer that’s been rocking contented babies for more than 50 years. It’s great for both rest and play from newborn up to the age of 2. The child’s own movements make the bouncer rock, so no batteries are required.

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Travel Crib Light, which was re-launched in 2006, is a safe sleep space that’s easy to set up and fold away, at home or on the road. This lightweight and cleverly designed travel crib is perfect for small and great adventures. The thick, sturdy mattress makes it comfy to sleep in, and the crib’s airy mesh fabric is extra soft, allowing parents to see their sleeping tot.travel-crib-deep-blue

All products in this collection are made from cotton and mesh fabrics so they are gentle on skin and completely safe for baby to chew. These items are approved in accordance with Oeko-Tex Standard 100, Class 1 for baby products. It is the strictest textile standard in the world, free from any hazardous or allergenic substances.

More information is available at www.babybjorn.com.