The Beverage Tasting Institute & The Rum Lab Partner For Chicago Events and Have Partnered To Offer Rum Enthusiasts An Exclusive Weekend Of Rum Events On April 30th, 2016 in Chicago is celebrating the 2nd Annual MidWest Rum Festival. This year the event will be held in Chicago, Illinois. Last year, more than 20 Rum brands participated and over 600 people attended the inaugural event in Louisville, Kentucky. This year will the event will be enhanced by adding a Trade Program and some Tiki flair.22961-midwest-rum-festival-design-1803x2000

The USA is considered one of the most important countries in the entire rum industry. Before the American Revolution, rum was the most consumed spirit, and now an awakening is occurring. The Rum Lab – program focused on becoming the Official Rum Expo throughout the northern USA. and have partnered to offer rum enthusiasts an exclusive weekend of rum events on April 30th, 2016 in Chicago. For the first time ever, Chicagoans can learn, be inspired and have fun at the Midwest Rum Festival featured at the Bottom Lounge. Rum fans, customers, trade, tourists and Chicagoans alike are invited to attend exclusive tastings, educational seminars, workshops and a distinguished award program. Tickets for the event can be purchased at:

Rum has recently enjoyed a renaissance and a surge in popularity with bartenders and consumers using this versatile spirit in new ways. The goal of this partnership is to create a specific week during the year where those interested in rum can experience as many events around the rum industry,” said Federico Hernandez owner of “Tasting competitions and rum festivals are key to educating the public and we want to drive awareness and interest in this spirit through our events.”

During the weekend of April 30th, attendees will taste, learn and enjoy new rums from craft and boutique distilleries. has produced one of the most prestigious rum competitions for over 23 years, the International Review of Spirits. Producers submit their rum to Tastings’ expert judging panels to be reviewed and rated based upon high-quality, industry benchmark standards of excellence. Over 1,000 rums have been rated by the judges in blind tastings throughout its history. Attendees of this year’s event will be able to see and taste many expressions rated by the judges and learn how rums are differentiated by style, category, distillation, and blending.’s Director Jerald O’Kennard adds, “We’re excited to be able to help consumers find the best tasting rums through our reviews and now they can taste them for themselves this new showcase, the Midwest Rum Festival.

The team are the producers of the Taste of Rum Puerto Rico official national rum fest, and also the California Rum Festival. All events attracting hundreds of people from, trade, rum aficionados, tourists & locals.

The event is divided in two sessions. (1) Spirit Industry (2) Rum Aficionado “General Admission”.

The Spirit Industry Session consist of a 2 hour program offering industry professional the opportunity to: (1) Network with brand representative, (2) attend training seminars, (3) taste a wide variety of rums (4) Mingle with industry colleagues.

The Rum Aficionado “General Admission” Session consist of a 3 hour program offering the attendees the opportunity to: (1) Taste new rums (2) attend brand seminars (3) enjoy pleasant music, (4) and 1 Complimentary Food Coupon to be redeem at venue restaurant.

Cover Charge includes*: (a) 2 oz. complimentary tasting snifter glass (b) 24 tasting tickets to redeem for spirit samples (c) 1 free food coupon to redeem at restaurant. Note: Each ticket is equivalent to .25oz. pouring of neat rum or 1.5 oz of a single cocktail blend your brand would like to offer at booth. / The Spirit Industry Session will run differently. Please contact us for more details.

After Party – Kupulau Hula Event consist of a 3 hour party offering the attendees the opportunity to: (1) Enjoy amazing surf music by bands &/or DJ’s (2) try “buy” a variety of tiki drinks punches made with a combinations of rums that are participating at the event (3) enjoy art work by a variety of craft artists.