Having A Baby? There’s An App For That

Being a new parent can be intimidating. There are so many things for new moms (and dads) to keep track of, from feeding and sleeping habits, to mom’s and baby’s doctor’s appointments and developmental milestones for baby. Intermountain Moms (from Intermountain Healthcare) is a great resource when you are at home, but a new app is now available for when you are mobile.Intermountain_Healthcare_2005_logo.svg

Baby Steps (available for both Android and iOS) has a variety of functions to help you in the next stage of your life. “Our society is increasingly mobile, so we wanted to help our moms wherever they were,” says Danielle Kurtz, RN, from Intermountain Moms.

Start with getting pregnant. Baby Steps has an ovulation tracker to help you know when you are most ready to conceive. “Many women don’t realize you really only have three or four days a month to get pregnant,” says Kurtz.

And what about finding a hospital or doctor? The app can help with that. It can even help once you get there. You know how you have a thousand questions, but as soon as the doctor walks in, you can’t remember a single one of them? The Baby Steps App has a specific area to write those questions down, so you don’t forget to ask.

The Baby Names tool is so much fun,” says Kurtz. “There are thousands of names in there with the meaning.” She explains you can “star” your favorites, and then review just your top lists.

The app even helps you get ready to have your child with a preparation list of what you should take to the hospital. You can check things off from a list experienced moms helped to create, and add your own items so you don’t forget.

Then there are the other resources. Kurtz – an actual nurse in the Utah Valley Regional Medical Center Labor and Delivery Department in Provo, Utah – responds to questions posted on Facebook and Twitter (also linked through the app) as well as records a weekly video chat. “We have thousands of videos with responses to follower’s questions.” In fact, Kurtz said it would actually take over 11 years to watch all the videos (provided you watched 24 hours a day, seven days a week). “And we are, of course, always adding more.

There are also tips and tricks for the experienced parent – such as an immunization tracker for the whole family.

To find the app, simply search “Intermountain Baby Steps” in the iOS App store or Google Play Store. The app is free.

Baby Steps and Intermountain Moms is sponsored by Intermountain Healthcare. “We have followers from other states and even other countries,” says Kurtz. “Whether you are an expectant mother, new parent, grandparent or caregiver, our medical staff are here for your support.

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