Unveiled: The Barneys New York 2015 Holiday Windows

Barneys New York Launches Holiday 2015 Campaign: Chillin’ Out

Introducing Chillin’ Out, A Wondrously Wintry Take On Holiday 2015. Arctic Temperatures, High-Speed Chases, Live Ice Carving— Barneys New York’s Madison Avenue Windows Must Be Seen To Be Believed.

Embracing the chill that typically accompanies this magical time of year, our New York flagship’s windows celebrate winter by bringing one crucial element of the outdoors inside: ICE. – The Window

Barneys New York announces the launch of its 2015 holiday campaign, Chillin’ Out. Using its famed sense of wit and surprise to play up traditional winter motifs, the Barneys New York team worked with various collaborators to transform the Madison Avenue Flagship windows into a Chillin’ Out visual narrative, complete with 35-foot fully functioning ice locker which serves as a live frozen workspace. The idea of winter is celebrated through unique and unprecedented displays, which are brought to life through partnerships with world-renowned artist Dale Chihuly, Utah-based Ice Castles, artist collective Okamoto Studio, and luxury automaker Lexus.

Through the Chillin’ Out holiday partnerships, Barneys New York has pushed the limits of traditional holiday windows. The one-of-a-kind ice locker used for the Ice Castles and Ice Carvers windows was custom designed and built by the Barneys New York team to maintain the optimal condition for the integral component of these installations: ice. Updating the classic ‘Penguin Chase‘ with accurately scaled Lexus model cars, as well as using 3D digital mapping to illuminate the “Winter Brilliance” sculpture adds another level of unprecedented technical feats to this season’s windows.

The Chillin’ Out window installations have been amongst the most creatively ambitious that our team has designed,” says Barneys New York Creative Director Dennis Freedman. “We’ve challenged ourselves to reach new heights in terms of technical advancements, but ultimately it’s the beauty and visual impact that really counts. Continuing with the tradition of integrating a performance element into the windows adds a layer of excitement and spontaneity to the experience for audiences.”

Shintaro Okamoto, founder and namesake of Okamoto Studio, demonstrates his mastery of the art during a live performance in 'The Ice Carvers.' Performances continue through December 31.

Shintaro Okamoto, founder and namesake of Okamoto Studio, demonstrates his mastery of the art during a live performance in ‘The Ice Carvers.’ Performances continue through December 31. (PRNewsFoto/Barneys New York)

“The Ice Carvers”

A live ice carving performance in one of the Madison Avenue window displays integrates a surprising unique element to the Chillin’ Out theme. Partnering with the ice carving collective Okamoto Studio, the Barneys New York team created a stylized satellite studio for the carvers to create winter themed sculptures as a part of daily live performances. Starting on Wednesday, November 18, and running through Thursday, December 31, live carvers within the custom ice locker in the window will transform 20×30 inch blocks of ice into detailed holiday-themed sculptures. Barneys New York partnered with Moncler Gamme Bleu designed by Thom Browne to outfit the carvers in custom-designed metallic outerwear, which consist of a jumpsuit, vest, and blazer. Additional pieces from Moncler Gamme Bleu, including exclusive cashmere silver English rib gloves, beanies, neck warmers, and scarves, all of which will also be available at Barneys New York.

Live Performance Schedule for “The Ice Carvers”:

Monday – Wednesday: Noon – 7:30PM

Thursday – Saturday: Noon – 8:30PM

Sunday: Noon – 6:00PM

The gorgeous work of Ice Castles has been adapted from its usual home atop a frigid mountain and recreated in this stunning Madison Avenue window

The gorgeous work of Ice Castles has been adapted from its usual home atop a frigid mountain and recreated in this stunning Madison Avenue window. (PRNewsFoto/Barneys New York)

“Ice Castles”

To play on the idea of Chillin’ Out and traditional winter themes, Barneys New York has partnered with Ice Castles, a company known for creating large-scale ice formations typically set upon mountaintops, to build an installation within the confines of its Madison Avenue window. In order to properly execute the Ice Castles collaboration, Barneys New York designed an unprecedented fully operational ice locker within its display. The custom ice locker consistently maintains a temperature of 3 to 15 degrees Fahrenheit, and utilizes a custom misting system, which enables the creation and maintenance of the ice formations. Using a process known as “Icicle Farming,” Ice Castles makes its own icicles and fuses them together to create an ice scaffold that is sprayed with water to form uniquely intricate and organic ice formations. With an ongoing misting schedule, the ice becomes a naturally evolving glacial wonderland in constant evolution over the course of the window’s installation. The Ice Castle installation is further brought to life through the choreographed use of light, illuminating the ice in translucent shades of blue, green, red, and purple. Accompanied by a custom musical score by Hannis Brown evoking the icy sound and spirit of winter, the monochromatic structure transports the audience into the depths of a frozen empire.

An incredible partnership between the Barneys visual team, Lexus, Invisible Light Network, and Christie THREE SIXTY comes to life in 'Arctic Chase.'

An incredible partnership between the Barneys visual team, Lexus, Invisible Light Network, and Christie THREE SIXTY comes to life in ‘Arctic Chase.’ (PRNewsFoto/Barneys New York)

“Arctic Chase”

Meet Penny, the high-octane, thrill-loving, and very chill penguin who’s so cool, she inspired her own window, “Arctic Chase.” Beginning with the idea of the penguin, the Barneys New York team partnered with Lexus to reimagine a traditional and playful winter racetrack adventure with the iconic arctic animal. Referencing ZSL London Zoo‘s Lubetkin Penguin Pool and childhood games, the team commissioned renowned slot car designer Gary Gerding to build a racetrack – the first translucent slot car track Gerding has ever built out of polycarbonate. As three “Chilled-Out” crystal-covered penguins race around the track atop Lexus IS, GS F, and RC F model cars, which were 3D printed and also covered in crystals, an animated film narrative created by Invisible Light Network brings the full scene together. The action is accompanied by an animated short by Invisible Light Network entitled “Stay Cool,” which tells the story of Penny, our penguin heroine, racing her nefarious opponents, set to an imaginary world of ice formations, city structures, and ski lodges. Invisible Light Network uniquely mixed traditional animation, CG, pixel, and glitch into one coherent story, which will be displayed on theatrical screens provided by Christies Digital, and is set to a custom score by composer Amnon Freidlin.

'Winter Brilliance,' a site-specific installation piece by Dale Chihuly.

‘Winter Brilliance,’ a site-specific installation piece by Dale Chihuly. (PRNewsFoto/Barneys New York)

“Winter Brilliance by Dale Chihuly”

Barneys New York has collaborated with renowned sculptor and artist Dale Chihuly to design a site-specific installation for another Chillin’ Out window. Entitled “Winter Brilliance,” the glass elements of the sculpture are representative of frigid winters, and appear as a grand crystalline explosion composed of individual hand-blown glass icicles. Several of the sculptural elements that comprise “Winter Brilliance” are suspended from the ceiling of the Madison Avenue window. The sculpture is set above a black pool of reflective water, giving the appearance it is frozen in midair. Barneys New York partnered with Christie THREE SIXTY to integrate the use of 3D digital mapping onto “Winter Brilliance.” One-of-a-kind choreographed lighting effects are projected onto the sculpture, creating the illusion of light on ice, snow, and moonlight, and adding a fluid and kinetic quality to it. The lighting cycle starts with pure white before moving into a sequence of snow flurries, ending in fiery display of red and yellow light projected onto the 700 hand-blown glass elements. The scene becomes an interpretation of fire and ice, accompanied by a modern adaptation of a score by Claude Debussy, one of Chihuly’s favorite composers.

In conjunction with the Chillin’ Out holiday campaign, Barneys New York will also launch a social media sweepstakes with a call to action for participants take a photo in front of any Barneys New York window display nationwide and post to Instagram tagging @BarneysNYOfficial with the hashtag #BNYCHILLINOUT. Winners will have their Instagram handle featured in an ice sculpture by OKAMOTO STUDIO in the Madison Avenue windows for 24 hours, and posted to the Barneys Instagram channel.

To further celebrate Chillin’ Out, Barneys New York will feature dedicated editorial content on its successful life and style editorial site, www.thewindow.barneys.com, including exclusive interviews and video content highlighting this holiday program. http://thewindow.barneys.com/barneys-holiday-windows-2015/ Continue reading