Gabriel & Co. Launches “The Facets of Life” by Fashion Industry Veteran Hal Rubenstein, Gabriel & Co.’s Global Style Director

Gabriel & Co., the New York based fine jewelry design house, is delighted to launch on its popular website an exciting and enlightening new column “THE FACETS OF LIFE” conceived by Hal Rubenstein, Gabriel & Co.’s Global Style Director.

Hal Rubenstein (Photo Credit:

Hal Rubenstein (Photo Credit:

Jewelry has the power to enhance, enliven, and empower one’s look as well as one’s attitude unlike any other accessory,” says Rubenstein. “The mission of “THE FACETS OF LIFE” is to stimulate and educate our customer about how easy it is to look your best simply by following our concept of FINE JEWELRY EVERDAY.”BANNER_X

Gabriel & Co. knows that underlying every piece of significant jewelry is emotion. A necklace, a bracelet, a ring – these are not just “things”. They are symbols of value, of relationships, of unforgettable moments, of love. They are the emblems of the women who wear them. The Gabriel philosophy brings beauty, style, and elegance to each signature piece by pairing spirited designs with exquisite craftsmanship.BANNER_TENNIS_BRACELETS

The company also knows that jewelry is not about the objects, but about the women (and increasingly the men) they adorn. They are the crafted expressions of each person’s personal style. Whether purchased for one’s self or bestowed from a loved one, Gabriel jewelry enhances the beauty of every person.

The distinctive Gabriel & Co. collections embody the many dimensions of women. Whether it’s a girl’s first gift of jewelry, a young woman’s expression of independence and style, or an accomplished woman’s deserving symbol of her success. Each piece celebrates the beauty of a woman at a milestone in her life.BANNER_EARRINGS

The Gabriel Brothers are passionate artisans motivated by celebrating every stage of life with beautiful jewelry. Each piece of jewelry is handcrafted with care, delicate detail, unique design, and passion. The Gabriel & Co. collections of exquisitely crafted jewelry are inspired by loving life.4_FASHION_BRACELETS

Rubenstein is proud that “from our sensual Demure bracelets to our eye-catching Comet ear clips, Gabriel & Co.’s staggering range of product and incomparable craftsmanship radiates dynamism and joy while possessing effortless accessibility and versatility. We believe every individual deserves to be noticed wherever they are, wherever they go, and I hope that – starting with my first column “There’s Life After School” – I can give the Gabriel customer the knowledge and confidence to polish their personal style, choose gifts that generate gasps of happiness and, most importantly, incorporate fine jewelry into their lives without hesitation.”1_FASHION_NECKLACES

In addition, this new editorial feature will be accompanied by his “Hal’s Picks of the Week” selected from all of Gabriel & Co.’s fashion collections so that no price range is excluded because Rubenstein believes “everyone with a passion for it should be able to indulge in FINE JEWELRY EVERYDAY. After all, who doesn’t smile and stand just a little bit taller when they are wearing something of beauty that sparkles?