Sally Hansen Launches ManiMatch: The New Augmented-Reality Nail Polish Try-On App

Live, 3D And First To Market, #ManiMatch Delights Users With New Instant-Scan Technology, 3d Augmented Reality Try-On Over 200 Sally Hansen Shades And Personalized Recommendations In Real Time
Building on next-generation augmented reality technology, Sally Hansen, the #1-selling nail color and nail care brand in the US, is transforming the shopping experience with the new ManiMatch(TM) mobile app. Users can try on the rainbow of over 200 Sally Hansen nail polish shades in real time, on their nails, before they buy. A simple scan of the user’s hand from any smartphone enables the user to instantly consider and curate her own color choices. There’s no uploading, picture-taking or manual data entry, as the app works in real time. It also generates personalized-for-her-skin-tone color suggestions on demand; using cutting-edge, proprietary technology, the app senses and analyzes the pigments in each user’s hand, then matches its polish-shade suggestions to the ones optimally flattering to her skin.

Sally Hansen Launches ManiMatch Mobile App

Sally Hansen Launches ManiMatch Mobile App

Choosing the perfect shade is traditionally both the most fun and the most difficult aspect of shopping for nail color; consumers surreptitiously dab color onto a single or several nails to approximate how given shades might look on their hands in relation to skin tones, mood or outfit. ManiMatch(TM) flips the trial-only-post purchase shopping experience that has always frustrated nail color shoppers, transforming the process into a moment of discovery, excitement and pleasure.

The app is addictive; everyone who tries it can’t stop herself from checking out more options,” says Jeremy Lowenstein, Sally Hansen Global Marketing Vice President. “The fact that you see exactly how a color will look on your own hands is just pure fun–and incredibly useful. People end up experimenting with shades they’d never normally try.

New ManiMatch App Lets You Try On Nail Polish Virtually

New ManiMatch App Lets You Try On Nail Polish Virtually before Buying

The innovative technology uses bespoke skin tone analysis and an algorithm to map the hand.” – says Kristen D’Arcy, Global Digital Vice President. “It tracks the individual nuances of the user’s hands, analyzes skin tone, finds the nail beds, and photo-realistically simulates our nail polish shades, with shine: the finished manicure appears instantly on the user’s hand. ManiMatch(TM) generates shade suggestions across all Sally Hansen’s product lines, including Miracle Gel, Complete Salon Manicure, Insta-Dri and Xtreme Wear, so users can easily navigate and experience every color they desire.”

The launch of this app coincides with the release of the new Miracle Gel® Top Coat and new fashionable shades. Available for download for free on iOS platforms when it launches September 2015 (and select Android devices later in fall), ManiMatch(TM) is poised to revolutionize nail color shopping, both in store and ecommerce.

In conjunction with the introduction of the ManiMatch application, Sally Hansen has also launched the #ManiModel Hand Model Contest where you can enter to star in Sally Hansen’s next social media campaign. Starting now through November, all you need to do is download the ManiMatch app, try on a Sally Hansen Miracle Gel shade, and share a photo of your virtual manicure to Twitter or Instagram using the hashtags #ManiModel #Contest.