The Peninsula Spa New York Introduces ‘SATTVA By Simply Peninsula’

Designed to reflect the Vedic philosophy of purity, The Peninsula Spa New York has introduced Sattva by Simply Peninsula, a collection of eight signature treatments, rituals and wellness journeys, now available. Sattva by Simply Peninsula has been exquisitely crafted to combine classic Ayurveda methods with contemporary massage techniques, such as remedial and lymphatic drainage, while placing an emphasis on Marma therapy to further support the body’s healing process.

In Vedic philosophy, sattva (Sanskrit sattva / सत्त्व “purity”, literally “existence, reality”; adjectival sāttvika “pure”, anglicised sattvic) is the most rarefied of the three gunas in Samkhya: sāttvika “pure”, rājasika “excitable”, and tāmasika “indifferent”. More importantly, no value judgement is entailed as all guna are indivisible and mutually qualifying. 

Guṇa (Sanskrit: गुण), depending on the context, means ‘string, thread or strand’, or ‘virtue, merit, excellence’, or ‘quality, peculiarity, attribute, property. The concept originated in Samkhya philosophy, but now a key concept in various schools of Hindu philosophy. There are three guṇas, according to this worldview, that have always been and continue to be present in all things and beings in the world. These three gunas are called: sattva (goodness, constructive, harmonious), rajas (passion, active, confused), and tamas (darkness, destructive, chaotic). All of these three gunas are present in everyone and everything, it is the proportion that is different, according to Hindu worldview. The interplay of these gunas defines the character of someone or something, of nature and determines the progress of life.

Exclusively formulated by Subtle Energies, an award-winning Australian spa brand, the expertly designed and results-driven Vedic Aromatherapy spa treatments are currently being introduced at The Peninsula Spas around the world as part of the luxury hotel brand’s Peninsula Wellness program. These techniques are enhanced by the therapeutic and sensory benefits of active ingredients within pure and rare Ayurveda Aromatherapy essential oils, Himalayan crystal salts, clays and herbs.

In Ayurveda, Marma pressure points are junctions in the body, usually close to the skin surface, of important nerves with muscles, veins, bones and joints. In ancient Vedic times, marma points were called bindu – a dot, secret dot or mystic point. It is said that marmas are constituted of six vital elements: SOMA (sleshma, phlegm), MARUTHA (vata, air), TEJA (pitta, bile) and the three mental types: RAJAS, TAMAS and SATVA. Marma adi is the science of manipulating marmas or vital points. The stimulation of marma points improves pranic flow by limiting stagnation in the body. According to Susruta, author of Susruta Samhita, the ancient treatise on ayurveda, human body contains 107 marma points which, when struck or massaged, produce desired healing or injurious results. Like acupressure, marma adi functions by pressing these points through which the prana (chi in Chinese) flows. After a Marma Point Treatment the nervous system is calm and revitalized, an essential factor for maintaining mind-body balance.

Guests may select from the following newly-introduced Sattva by Simply Peninsula treatments:

The Kushali Himalayan Crystal Salt Scrub at The Peninsula Spa New York. Courtesy of The Peninsula Spa New York)

The Kushali Himalayan Crystal Salt Scrub at The Peninsula Spa New York. Courtesy of The Peninsula Spa New York)

Khushali Reviving Signature Journey, 120 minutes, $550*
Commencing with the Sattva foot ritual, an aromatic mineral soak, and progressing to
The Kushali Himalayan Crystal Salt Scrub and Vedic Aromatherapy Massage, this journey balances both prana and doshas, invigorating the body and boosting immunity.

Tulasi Detox Signature Journey, 120 minutes, $550*
This detox journey starts with a mineral-rich, aromatic foot soak, followed by the
Tulasi Detox Body Polish, to rejuvenate skin. The treatment is completed with a Vedic Aromatherapy Full Body and Facial Marma Massage.

New (Herb) Podi Signature Journey Spa Treatment at The Peninsula Spa New York. (Courtesy of The Peninsula Spa New York)

New (Herb) Podi Signature Journey Spa Treatment at The Peninsula Spa New York. (Courtesy of The Peninsula Spa New York)

Podi Signature Journey, 120 minutes, $550*
Beginning with a
Sattva foot ritual, warm oil and herb Podi poultices are then applied to the body to relieve inflammation and joint discomfort. A results-driven Vedic Aromatherapy Massage follows to further alleviate muscle tension.

Vedic Aromatherapy Massage, 60 minutes, Mon-Thur $205 Fri-Sun $220 

Marma therapy and lymphatic techniques helps balance the chi, or life force, while working to strengthen the body’s muscles and joints. A rare blend of the purest Vedic Aromatherapy oils complete the experience.

Kasa bowl (Courtesy of The Peninsula Hotel New York  City)

Kasa bowl (Courtesy of The Peninsula Hotel New York City)

Vedic Aromatherapy Full Body and Facial Marma Massage, 105 minutes, $472*
Rejuvenate and detoxify as the finest traditional Vedic practices are fused with modern massage methods through the use of a traditional bronze
Kasa bowl. The heavenly Facial Marma Massage enhances the anti-aging benefits of this treatment.

Khushali Himalayan Crystal Salt Scrub, 60 minutes, Mon-Thur $205 – Fri-Sun $220
An exfoliation ritual, this therapy also assists in stimulating circulation and minimizing the appearance of cellulite through a blend of mineral-rich crystals and oils that revive and nourish.

Tulasi Detox Body Polish, 60 minutes, Mon-Thur $205 – Fri-Sun $220
Bring devitalized skin back to life with a cinnamon and walnut shell scrub. An application of Vedic Aromatherapy oils softens and hydrates for the ultimate in skin rejuvenation.

Sattva Shirodhara with Facial Marma Therapy, 60 minutes, M-Th $205–Fri-Sun $220
Instill deep relaxation and bring balance to the body and mind through the use of
Shirodhara, the ancient art of pouring oil on the forehead, followed by a Facial Marma Massage with signature Vedic Aromatherapy essential oils.

*denotes gratuity included

Subtle Energies oils are known to be some of the highest grade oils available worldwide, having been sourced direct from distillers and farmers who produce them. This has been Subtle Energies guiding principle in producing the Sattva By Simply Peninsula Signature Treatments, to enable each guest to experience a pure and authentic connection that rejuvenates and restores balance to the mind, body and soul. Sattva by Simply Peninsula will soon be available across all 10 Peninsula locations worldwide.

Guests who book a Vedic Aromatherapy Full Body and Facial Marma Massage now through September 30, 2015 will receive a complimentary manicure and pedicure to be booked on the same day of the treatment. (A $130 value, this offer cannot be combined with any other spa promotions.) For more information, please visit, call (212) 903 3910, Toll-free (1-800) 262 9467 (From USA) or e-mail: