Decision 2016: Can This Crawfish Get More Supporters Than Bobby Jindal?

We have finally reached the thirteenth circle of hell (Dante is rolling over in his grave, wherever he is) with the recent announcement of Governor Bobby Jindal, Donald Trump and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (just today) joining the rest of the gang (Cruz, Rubio, Bush, Huckabee, etc) and jumping into the race to become the Republican candidate for president. The deeply (and most) unpopular governor of Louisiana has stiff competition in his own backyard: A Louisiana Crawfish has announced its candidacy and proclaimed itself a “harbinger of doom” for Jindal. Therefore the real question is this: Can This Crawfish Get More Supporters Than Bobby Jindal?


When asked why people should vote for Crawfish instead of Jindal, Crawfish’s campaign spokesperson replied “Crawfish is NOT Bobby Jindal, which really, is reason enough.”

The official Facebook page titled “Can This Crawfish Get More Supporters Than Bobby Jindal?”currently has almost 20,000 followers–and counting.

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The official campaign store with t-shirts and stickers is now open at (