Save The Date: International Gay Pride Events for Summer 2015

As we enter the season of Pride celebrations around the world, there’s so much going on, you need a playbook to tell the players. The following is (an updated) schedule for the months of June, July and August of Pride marches, film festivals and other activities that will bring together millions and millions of gay men and women (and their friends, families and allies). Pride celebrations will be taking place all the way through to the next year, so some dates, times and venues are still being finalized. Either way, pack your bags, it can’t get any better than this. (“CSD” stands for Christopher Street Day, a common name for European Prides that honors the Stonewall Riots that took place on Christopher Street in New York City in 1969.)


  • Disney Gay DaysGay Days Orlando, the first weekend in June each year, attracts 170,000+ from around the world to the central Florida area, be one of the attendees. The next Gay Days Orlando celebrating its 25th Anniversary will be held June 2-8, 2015 at the beautiful DoubleTree by Hilton Orlando at Sea World.  As always, Pool Parties, Expo and more. Orlando, FL June 2-8, 2015
  • TranScreen Amsterdam Transgender Film Festival  The TranScreen Amsterdam Transgender Film Festival, for/by transgender people & their allies. TranScreen shows a wide range of transgender themed films and art. Works that dare challenge and engage with our societies’ views on gender and other issues that intersect with transgender experiences such as identity, race, age, ability, nationality or tradition. YOU + US = TranScreen because it can’t happen without YOU, the audience and the filmmakers. Amsterdam June 3-6, 2015
  • Freiburger Lesbenfilmtage25th anniversary year. Freiburg, Germany; June 3-7, 2015
  • Vienna Fetish SpringLMC Vienna hosts Austria’s main annual Fetish event “Vienna Fetish Spring” at its club  “HARD ON Vienna.” During these 5 days, LMC welcomes not only local fetish enthusiasts but also a large number of international guests. Vienna, Austria; June 3-7, 2015
  • Capital Pride – In 2015 we celebrate 40 Years of Pride in the Nation’s Capital, and we’ve come a long way baby! In 1975, Capital Pride was a one-day block party for a few hundred people. We are now a nonprofit organization that produces one of the largest LGBTA pride celebrations in North America. Washington, DC June 3-14, 2015
  • DC Latino Pride – 2015 celebrate la quinceñera, 15 years of existence as DC Latino Pride celebrate 3 amazing events put on by members of the LGBTQ Latino community. DC Latino Pride is presented by the Latino GLBT History Project in partnership with ¡Empodérate! of La Clínica del Pueblo. This year’s multi-day DC Latino Pride celebration includes exceptional events to celebrate the history, identities, cultural diversity, and health of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) Latinas and Latinos.Washington DC; June 4, 2015
  • SAY IT LOUD! BLACK & LATINO GAY PRIDE Albany, NY; Jun 4-6, 2015
  • CSD InnsbruckInnsbruck, Austria June 4-7, 2015
  • Honolulu Rainbow Film Festival  – In its 25th continuous year, the HRFF is one of the longest-running and well-respected Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) film festivals in the country. The festival has presented hundreds of documentaries, feature films, shorts and animations from around the world, with special consideration given to Hawai’i-based filmmakers. The HRFF has an excellent reputation in the film festival community and has been the venue for both U.S. and world film premieres. Honolulu, HI June 4-7, 2015
  • PridefestPrideFest Milwaukee is the most dynamic pride festival featuring the largest LGBT music showcase in North America. Milwaukee, WI; June 5-7, 2015
  • One Magical WeekendOne Magical Weekend during Gay Disney – One of the largest LGBT Events in the World! Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon and EpcotOrlando, FL; June 5-7, 2015
  • Ola Girls – The “OlaGirls” festival goes Calpe 2015 for the first time at the start. 2014 was supposed to take place in Sitges, the small town and gay stronghold near Barcelona but found that there was enough there for “gays” and stood across. With Calpe enterprising organizers have now found a suitable place that not only welcomes a lesbian festival, but also actively supported. L-MAG Calpe has so could convince the commission at a location directly on site in September, nothing of a nasty bed stronghold even if it is located near the tourist-strongholds Alicante and Benidorm. Although the small town lives to 80 percent from the year-round tourism, but is anything but a “shooter” with cheap Alkbars, food stalls and Tourischließfächern. Click here for more stylish and moderate. Well-being, soak up the sun and enjoying holiday is announced in Calpe. Just the right ingredients for a great weekend with hundreds of lesbians. “OlaGirls” differs mainly in its target group of the other festivals. It is particularly addressed lesbians over 35. Of course, there will be parties and concerts, but no club and concert-marathon. The varied cultural program is more concerned with exchange, getting to know, Culinary and culture. Addressed are also couples with children or single mothers, for whom it will also give Offers and especially child care. “OlaGirls”, will focus on a peaceful break in a modern infrastructure that is tailored to the needs of lesbians who have arrived in life and who want to take a small, warm and sensual break. That the festival held on the first weekend in June, is another plus, because then the weather on the Costa Blanca is already wonderfully summery, but the season has not started yet. For transfers from Alicante Airport to Calpe will of course also be provided. Calpe, Spain; June 5-7, 2015


  • Sonoma County Pride – It is a diverse group throughout Sonoma County who speak as one unified voice to accomplish their goals while promoting Russian River or other Sonoma County LGBT tourist areas. While putting on a fun and successful Pride Parade and Celebration is of course a top priority, they are also taking the lead on a broader vision working with other community groups and local governments addressing LGBT issues. This year’s Pride theme is Equality Everywhere. Guerneville, CA; June 5-7, 2015
  • Indy Pride FestivalIndy’s annual LGBT Festival, Parade and Week of Events. Indianapolis, IN; June 5-13, 2015
  • Winnipeg Pride – Surrounded by records of LGBTTQ* history at the Manitoba Gay & Lesbian Archives, Pride Winnipeg revealed the 2015 Parade & Festival Theme to be ‘Evolution.’ The theme focuses on the evolution of human rights through education, with a primary focus on LGBTTQ* rights and freedoms. Winnepeg, Manitoba; June 5-14, 2015
  • Edmonton GLBT Pride Festival – Edmonton’s first Pride celebration took place in 1980, and has grown from a small celebration of 75 people who enjoyed a baseball game followed by a campfire. Events added in the past 29 years have included rallies and fairs, poetry readings, art shows, picnics, croquet tournaments, baseball games, a film festival, the parade and Celebration on the Square. Edmonton, AB; June 5-14, 2015
  • Pittsburgh PridePittsburgh Pride is the premier LGBT community festival in Pennsylvania, featuring the Pride March, PrideFest and other events in June and is sponsored by the Delta Foundation of Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh, PA; June 5-14, 2015
  • Boston PrideBoston Pride produces events and activities to achieve inclusivity, equality, respect, and awareness in Greater Boston and beyond. Fostering diversity, unity, visibility and dignity, we educate, communicate and advocate by building and strengthening community connections. Boston, MA June 5-14, 2015
  • Aarhus Pride Aarhus Pride is a celebration of diversity in Denmark’s second-largest city, also known as the “City of Smiles.” The purpose of Aarhus Pride is to contribute to the respect and acceptance of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people (also known as LGBT people). Aarhus, Denmark; June 6, 2015
  • Oxford PrideOxford Pride is a celebration of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer life in Oxfordshire. The events supporting or arranged by Oxford Pride promote awareness of LGBT issues by providing information, education and entertainment in a safe and encouraging environment. Oxford, England; June 6, 2015
  • Joplin Missouri Pridefest – Pridefest is an annual event hosted by Joplin Pride to celebrate diversity. It is a festival where members of the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) community gather together and enjoy each others company and partake in activities such as drag entertainment, educational talks, and retail entertainment from local vendors in the local community. Pridefest is a family friendly event open to every member of the community so they may enjoy the activities as well as their children in a diverse and tolerant atmosphere. Joplin, MO; June 6, 2015
  • Respect Gaymes – On Saturday the 6th June 2015 the Lesbian and Gay Federation in Berlin-Brandenburg (LSVD) in Berlin Jahn Sports Park present the Respect Gaymes. Under the motto “Show respect for gays and lesbians,” the sports and cultural event for prejudice and discrimination-free co place already for the eighth Time this year. Around 700 athletes can have fun at the soccer and beach volleyball tournaments. Visitors can take part in rap and graffiti workshops, the Breakdance Battle or the other competitions cheer or live music on the main stage listening. For the first time this year there will be a tournament at the trendy sport Jugger. In the Action Area of the SV Empor is also present with basketball, chess and weightlifting have many sports activities. Another highlight will be like every year the VIP soccer tournament that pits personalities from politics, culture and the gay and lesbian community against each other. Berlin, Germany; June 6, 2015
  • TLVFest, Tel-Aviv International LGBT Film Festival – TLVFest, Tel Aviv’s International LGBT Film Festival is a unique annual event taking place each June at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque and the Tel Aviv LGBT Community Center. The festival offers public screenings of films with no Israeli distribution, meetings with local as well as foreign filmmakers, panel discussions and special events. The impressive program includes many exciting films while aspiring to enrich and empower tolerance and pluralism in Israeli society. Tel Aviv, Isreal June 6-15, 2015
  • East Central Minnesota PrideEast Central Minnesota Pride is the yearly celebration of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender (GLBT) residents of East Central Minnesota. It is just one of two prides held in a rural community in the U.S. The celebration is held during the first weekend of June at Voyageur Park in Pine City, Minn. Pine City, MN June 7, 2015
  • Southern HiBearnation (Vic) – Kicking off from the Queen’s Birthday Weekend in June, VicBears Southern Hibearnation brings together bears and their buddies from all over the planet for the largest and friendliest bear FUNdraising event in the South! June 7-14, 2015
  • Saskatoon Pride – The Saskatoon Pride Festival, hosted by the Saskatoon Diversity Network (SDN), is an annual week-long festival providing an accessible space in which to celebrate queerness, fostering community pride, and raising awareness of queer culture within the larger community. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (Canada); June 7-14, 2015
  • Tel Aviv Gay Pride – Tel-Aviv is quickly making a name for itself as one of the top Gay destinations in the world. The extravagant and lavish Pride Week takes place annually at the beginning of the summer, when the sun shines brightly on the Tel Aviv shores. Tel Aviv, Israel; June 7-14, 2015
  • Brooklyn Pride – Over the years, Brooklyn Pride has grown to become the largest and most prominent organization serving Brooklyn’s LGBT community. Although Brooklyn Pride’s primary mission is to produce the borough’s annual pride events, the organization actively works to bring pride year round to every Brooklyn neighborhood. Brooklyn, NY; June 8-13, 2015
  • Korea Queer FestivalKorea Queer Festival has been the biggest LGBT cultural event in Korea since 2000. The organizer KQCF holds various events including Pride Parade, after parties, Korea Queer Film Festival and exhibitions. Seoul, Korea; June 9-21, 2015
  • Key West PrideFest – Key West celebrated its first Pride 35 years ago with a simple march up Duval St. This first Pride March included gay and straight men and women, friends, family members, locals, and visitors who decided they wanted to send a message to the world about how a community could live…together. Integration, acceptance, and inclusion have been a way of life in Key West for decades. Celebrate Pride on a tropical island where our official motto is “One Human Family.” Key West, FL; June 10-14, 2015
  • Tirana PrideTirana Pride 2015 will be a day of solidarity with lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people who because of the historical discrimination encounter many difficulties in their lives. While in the last several years our country has made great legal and social progress towards the acceptance of sexual and gender diversity, the low visibility of LGBT people remains an obstacle to their acceptance in Albanian society. Tirana, Albania; June 11, 2015
  • Kingston Pride – Kingston (Canada), like any other city, has a significant Gay population. They work in all sorts of organizations; in Businesses, Schools, Colleges and Universities, Hospitals, Prisons, the Police service, the Military and, of course, the City of Kingston. Despite recent legislation many *LGBTTIQQ2SA people in Kingston live in fear of discrimination and prejudice. Kingston Pride is the opportunity to confront that fear, to gather as a community and to be out and proud to ourselves, and to those around us. We really are everywhere. * Including, but not limited to: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual, Transgender, Intersex, Queer, Questioning, 2 Spirited, Allies Kingston, Ontario June 11-14, 2015
  • LA PrideChristopher Street West Association, Inc. is a non-profit service organization within the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender community, composed of volunteers committed to the goals of human rights, education, outreach, and better understanding within our community, as well as the non-LGBT community. To further these goals, Christopher Street West brings together the skills, talents, and visions of our diverse community to produce the annual Los Angeles Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Celebration in West Hollywood. The celebration is a unifying force that provides the resources to promote and accomplish these goals. Los Angeles, CA June 12-14, 2015
  • Gay Pride Rockland – In early 1999, VCS tested the idea of developing a gay pride event with Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) community members, local shop keepers, religious leaders, non-profit agencies and elected officials. From the onset, we shared that our mission would be to affirm the dignity of all LGBT people, their families, friends, and allies who live in every hamlet, village and town in Rockland County. And at the same time, we wanted to transform the stereotypes that adversely impact the LGBT community. Nyack, NY; June 12-14, 2015
  • Capital City Pride – The theme for Pridefest 2015 is “Back to the Heart”.  Back to the heart of the true meaning of PRIDE the promotion of equality, recognition that all lives matter and a celebration of self-acceptance.  CCP started over 30 years ago, in the HEV, and we are excited to bring it back home. Des Moines, IA; June 12-14, 2015
  • Into Paradise, Park Queer Pride Festival – For the second time the “Gay Pride Festival Park” – the only mixed music and party festival for gays and lesbians and their supporters – in the Lüneburger Heide, between Hamburg and Hannover.  Very early are the organizers of Cologne with the announcement the first Acts: ’80s pop star Kim Wilde (a few years ago the lesbian masses to “L-Beach” delighted) with band will be our guest and dance act Cascada from Bonn who the Euro Vision Song Contest 2013 in Malmö was ranked 21. The extensive and densely forested amusement park with a capacity for 3,500 overnight guests offers bungalows and even houseboats and tree houses for two to eight persons or groups of twelve from 224 euros for three nights with six people in the bungalow. Lüneburger Heide, Germany; June 12-15, 2015
  • Shanghai Pride – The first ShanghaiPRIDE came into being with a bang in 2009, thanks to the tireless commitment of a small group of volunteers. Their hope was, and still remains, that ShanghaiPRIDE can raise the awareness and visibility of the LGBT community in China and thereby increase acceptance and tolerance. Shanghai, China; June 12-21, 2015
  • Albuquerque Pride – New Mexico is the only state that has both Hate Crimes and Human Rights legislation that includes sexual orientation and gender identity. New Mexicans are accepting of diversity but being aware of your environment and taking appropriate precautions after a day at Pride are advised. Albuquerque, NM; June 13, 2015
  • OutSpokane Rainbow Festival – Annual parade through the streets of downtown Spokane the second Saturday in June. Spokane, WA; June 13, 2015
  • Long Island Pride Parade -For the past two years, Long Island PrideFest has been the highlight of the year for Long Island’s GLBT community. From 1:00pm to 6:00pm, PrideFest rocks Heckscher Park with all-day live entertainment from top performers and local talent.PrideFest has something for all 15,000+ participants annually: enjoy a beer and wine garden, a VIP Lounge, a health pavilion, information booths, activities for children and families, delicious food, and much more. Long Island, NY; June 13, 2015
  • Athens PrideThe first Athens Pride was held to 2005. The non-profit organization Pride Festival Athens – Athens Pride was founded in 2006. It is the largest LGBT event in the region and one of the most dynamically developing Prides in Europe. The major event held every June in the central square of Athens, thousands of visitors (estimated at 20,000 in 2014) have the opportunity this morning to visit the booths of dozens of organizations, but also slow to enjoy the artistic program, thus participating in one of the better off party in town! To πρώτο Athens Pride έλαβε χώρα to 2005. Η αστική μη κερδοσκοπική εταιρεία Φεστιβάλ Υπερηφάνειας Αθήνας – Athens Pride ιδρύθηκε το 2006. Είναι το μεγαλύτερο LGBT εκδήλωση στην ευρύτερη περιοχή και ένα από τα δυναμικότερα αναπτυσσόμενα Prides στην Ευρώπη. Στη μεγάλη εκδήλωση που διοργανώνεται κάθε Ιούνιο σε κεντρική πλατεία της Αθήνας, χιλιάδες επισκέπτες (υπολογίζονται στους 20.000 το 2014) έχουν την ευκαιρία το πρωί να επισκεφτούν τα περίπτερα δεκάδων οργανώσεων, αλλά και το βραδύ να απολαμβάνουν το καλλιτεχνικό πρόγραμμα, συμμετέχοντας έτσι σε ένα από τα καλύτερα ανοιχτά πάρτυ της πόλης! Athens, Greece; June 13, 2015
  • Warsaw Pride – The next Equality Parade is set to march the streets of Warsaw on 13th of June 2015! We will have many surprises and attractions in store for you.  As usual, the Parade will highlight the demands of national, ethnic, religious and sexual minorities  as well as disabled people. Warsaw, Poland; June 13, 2015
  • Zagreb Pride – Gay Pride Parade in Zagreb Pride is the most important annual protest, demonstration and public political gathering lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, intersex and queer people. Zagreb, Croatia; June 13, 2015
  • Wuppertal PrideSince 2010, hosted and organized the club Wupper Pride eV a Christopher Street Day (CSD) in Wuppertal. This year’s CSD will be held at the Town Hall square in Barmen. Wuppertal, Germany; June 13, 2015
  • Portland Pride Festival – Come celebrate Oregon & SW Washington’s LGBTQ and allied communities with 200 community groups, non-profits and businesses, local edibles and beverages, as well as chart-topping & local artists on the SoundStage from Noon until 6pm! Portland, OR; June 13-14, 2015
  • Blackpool PrideBlackpool, England; June 13-14, 2015
  • Philly Pride – The gay pride organization for Philadelphia. Organizer of PrideDay (the LGBT Parade and Festival), OutFest (the National Coming Out Day Block Party), and other LGBT Events  Philadelphia, PA; June 14, 2015
  • Zürich Pride“Now more than ever!” was the motto of the 2014 Pride. With this, Zurich Pride Festival stated that – apart from having accomplished a lot so far – there’s still more to do in terms of equality for lesbians, gays and transgenders (LGBT). In 2015, we’ll pick up the thread. While there are people questioning the limits or borders of equality for LGBT, we say: there are none. We demand all rights equal to those of heterosexuals. Not only do we want to be tolerated by society, but be accepted and be on par with it. We want “Equality without borders.” Zürich, Switzerland; June 14-21, 2015
  • Euro Pride 2015 – EuroPride is one of Europe’s main LGBT events and this year it ill be hosted by Riga, Latvia, coinciding with the Latvian Presidency of the Council of the European Union.  This EuroPride marks a historic occasion as the first EuroPride to be held in a post-Soviet country on the EU’s Eastern border with Russia. This year’s event provides an invaluable opportunity to draw pan-European attention to LGBT and human rights in the region. Riga, Latvia; June 15-21, 2015
  • Queen City Pride – The Queen City Pride Festival is an annual, week-long celebration of the LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans*, and Queer) community of Regina and the greater region of South Saskatchewan. The festival features a series of events, organized by Regina Pride and other community organizations, that focus on highlighting our culture, history, achievements, and struggles. Every event strives to educate, entertain, and inform participants on our sexual and gender diverse community. The Queen City Pride Festival takes place during the month June, along with Prince Albert Pride, Saskatoon Pride, Moose Jaw Pride, and Swift Current Pride. These festivals take place during Saskatchewan’s “Pride Month”, as proclaimed by the Government of Saskatchewan each year. Regina, SK; June 15-21, 2015
  • OKC Pride – Following a full week of nightly events, OKC Pride weekend consists of a free outdoor concert and Block Party on Friday, June 19, the OKC Pride Arts Festival on June 20-21 and culminates with the OKC Pride Parade on Sunday, June 21. Please get involved, volunteer, donate, register for the festival, enter the parade or just plan to join us for a great time. Our theme for OKC Pride 2015 is “Together, Equal, Proud” and represents the unity we have between the LGBT community and its supporters, the respect and need for equality for everyone, and the pride we have in the history and individuality of this wonderful community. OKC Pride 2015 looks to be the biggest and best Pride event in our history. Make sure you are a part of it! Oklahoma City, OK; June 15-21, 2015
  • Vienna Gay Pride – the country’s biggest event of the lesbian, gay and transgender community. Vienna, Austria; June 16-21, 2015
  • PORTLAND BLACK PRIDE – Portland Black Pride is part of a national movement and celebration that unites and celebrates culture, gender identity, and sexual orientation. Portland, OR; Jun 17-21, 2015
  • Provincetown International Film Festival – The defining honor of the Festival is its “Filmmaker on the Edge Award,” honoring outstanding achievement, innovation, and vision in film making and given to a film artist whose admirable body of work pushes the boundaries of the medium. Filmmakers honored with this award represent the breadth and scope of independent film making – as well as the Festival’s continued relevance and importance to the industry’s leading innovators:New Art Cinema. Provincetown, MA June 17-21, 2015
  • Gay Pride Sitges – The gay village by the sea is the epicenter of Sitges Pride, hosting 5 days of concerts, t-dances, fashion shows and more. 5,000+ people gather each evening to celebrate into the night. Sitges, Spain; June 18-22, 2015
  • Frameline – San Francisco International LGBT Festival – Frameline, the world’s largest LGBT media arts nonprofit organization, is proud to produce the San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival. San Francisco, CA Jun 18-28, 2015
  • Pride Barcelona – Ten days of diversity with lots of activities as theatre, cinema, conferences, sport, commerce, leisure and more that will end the last weekend of June. Barcelona, Spain; June 18-28, 2015
  • CineSLAM – Vermont’s LGBT Short Films Festival Brattleboro, VT; June 19, 2015
  • Gay Days ArizonaGay Days Arizona will take place in Scottsdale, Arizona and will include multiple fun-filled events for the LGBT community. “We are committed to bring the Southwest LGBT and ally communities an event they will not soon forget. With our hotel partner The Saguaro we will have offerings to please the appetite of the Arizona locals as well as travelers from around the world. Each day will bring new surprises and exciting events to our attendees such as daily pool parties, nightclub style events, and much more.” Scottsdale, AZ; June 19-21, 2015
  • Bisbee Pride Bisbee Pride was formed in 2005 when a small group began discussing how to bring people to town in the summer.  What started as a small group of LGBT people has grown into a Pride Festival that draws hundreds of people from around the Country. Bisbee was the first town in Arizona to pass Civil Union ordinance. Bisbee, AZ; June 19-21, 2015
  • Columbus Pride – Central Ohio’s Annual Festival and Parade for the LGBTA Community. Columbus, OH; June 19-21, 2015
  • New Orleans PrideNew Orleans Pride fully embraces the message of visibility of all communities in our mission to celebrate and promote history along with future prosperity of not only the New Orleans area, but the entire Gulf Coast Region. We are using public awareness and education about the LGBT community as a way to combat “phobias” and discrimination. These programs, seminars, and events leading up to, and during Pride weekend, are meant to include individuals from all walks of life.  New Orleans Pride’s objectives are to create an atmosphere in the Gulf Coast Region, where everyone can feel comfortable, safe and respected. New Orleans Pride is creating unity in all communities, bringing together the straight and homosexual communities. New Orleans, LA; June 19-21, 2015
  • Capital City Pride – Celebrate 25 years of LGBT PRIDE in the greater Olympia area. Olympia, WA; June 19-21, 2015
  • Gay Wine Weekend – Come Out In The Vineyard at GAY WINE WEEKEND 2015, a weekend of wine & celebration in California Wine Country – Featuring TWILIGHT T Dance & Gay Wine Auction benefiting Face to Face, Sonoma County AIDS Network. Sonoma & Napa Valleys, CA; June 19-21, 2015
  • Pride Toronto – A ten day event, Pride Week is one of the premier arts and cultural festivals in Canada and one of the largest Pride celebrations in the world with an estimated attendance of over 1.2 million people. An award winning festival, Pride Week is one of only eight officially designated City of Toronto “Signature Events”, is recognized as one of the “Top 50 Festivals in Ontario” by Festivals and Events Ontario, was awarded the “Best Festival in Canada” award by the Canadian Special Event Industry two years in a row and received the “Best Arts & Culture Event” award for 2011. Toronto, ON; June 19-28, 2015
  • North Brooklyn PrideWilliamsburg – North Brooklyn PRIDE Fest is the community’s first Pride event, raising awareness for LGBTQ youth in need and celebrating diversity. Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY; June 20, 2015
  • Lyon PrideAssociation against discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. It organizesevery year in Lyon walking Pride Lesbian, Fun, Bi and Trans. Association de lutte contre les discriminations liées à l’orientation sexuelle et à l’identité de genre. Elle organise chaque année à Lyon la marche des Fiertés Lesbiennes, Gaies, Bi et Trans. Lyon, France; June 20, 2015
  • Toulouse Pride – The march 2015 will take place June 20, 2015 at 14h. It will start at 14h Place du Capitole. La marche 2015 aura lieu le 20 juin 2015 à 14h. Elle débutera à 14h Place du Capitole. Toulouse, France; June 20, 2015
  • RI Pridefest & ParadeRhode Island PrideFest & Illuminated Night Parade. Providence, RI; June 20, 2015
  • Salisbury PrideSalisbury Pride, Inc. builds safe inclusive communities in Rowan County and the surrounding areas with an emphasis on acceptance and valuing individuals of all sexual orientations or gender identities by: providing opportunities for positive visibility in and around the community; providing a safe environment that permits the expression of diverse perspectives; and education for the purpose of cultivating harmony within the community. Salisbury, North Carolina; June 20, 2015
  • York Pride – Under the banner of ‘Raise your Rainbow’, York Pride has again teamed up with Benenden, health & well-being provider and major York employer, to make the 2015 York Pride the most visible and celebratory yet. York, England; June 20, 2015
  • Fantasypride – All popular highlights of Fantasypride as ColognePride – Opening, Wet T-shirt contest, cabaret, great evening show and open-end party, of course it again. Also, of course, all the popular attractions of Phantasialand. Brühl (bei Köln), Germany; June 20, 2015
  • Stadtfest BerlinGay Pride will take place in the area bounded by Motzstrasse, Eisenacher Strasse, Fuggerstrasse and Kalckreuthstrasse, spreading over 25,000 square meters, and featuring the Worlds of Sports, Radio, Words, Film, AIDS and Politics, as well as other exhibits from a wide range of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender groups. Along with dozens of information booths and market stalls, there will be a varied range of culinary treats. And on both days of the festival, there will be five high-energy performance venues – June 20-21, 2015
  • Denver PrideFest – Produced by the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center of Colorado (The Center), Denver PrideFest is now the fourth largest pride festival, and seventh largest pride parade in the United States. Denver, CO; June 20-21, 2015
  • Columbus Urban Pride provides a series of social and educational events that celebrate racial diversity within the the LGBTQ community. Columbus, OH; Jun 20-21, 2015
  • Chicago Pride 46th Annual Chicago Pride Parade & Pride WeekendChicago Pride Weekend consists of a two-day festival and our world-famous parade – The two-day festival takes place along Chicago’s famed Halsted strip on June 20-21. The parade takes place over a four-mile route on Sunday, June 28. Chicago, IL; June 20-28, 2015
  • Cologne CSD – Right in the heart of Cologne the big CSD festival takes place. Three stages offer entertainment and information from Friday 6pm until Sunday late night. The line-up is diverse – you’ll find something for every mood and every taste. Apart from the line-up details on these pages you can find information about “Candlelight against oblivion”, a truly remarkable event taking place at the main stage on Saturday at 10pm. Cologne, Germany; Jun 20 – Jul 5, 2015
  • Folsom Street East – serving the leather/fetish/kink community, the LGBT community and New York City at large. The biggest annual event is the Folsom Street East Street Festival, the largest outdoor fetish street festival on the eastern coast, which brings thousands of sexy kinksters out onto the streets of New York City on a summer afternoon to celebrate sexual diversity and expression. With your support, Folsom Street East has donated more than $250,000 since the first street fair in 1997 to local community organizations. New York, NY; June 21, 2015
  • Pride Houston – For more than 36 years, Pride Houston has been a central part of the local LGBT community in Houston. Houston, TX; June 21-28, 2015
  • NYC  Pride Heritage of Pride hosts New York City’s Pride events in commemoration of the Stonewall Riots of 1969, the beginning of the modern Gay Rights movement. NYC, NY June 21-28, 2015
  • Harlem Pride – Our mission is to advocate for, educate, promote, and unite Harlem’s Same Gender Loving/LGBT individuals, organizations and supporters in cultivating a sense of honor, dignity and respect for our diverse culture and community. We adopted the use of “Same-gender-loving”, or “SGL” to be inclusive of the identities of members of our Harlem community. It is a term coined for African American use by activist Cleo Manago, and is a description for homosexuals and bisexuals, particularly in the African American community. It emerged in the early 1990s as a culturally affirming African American homosexual/bisexual identity. Harlem, NYC; June 21-28, 2015
  • St. Pete Pride – With more than 300 exhibitors, multiple stages, and attendance of more than 20,000 people, the Festival has something for everyone. There’s exhibits like the HCA Hospital Health & Wellness Pavilion, the St Pete Art Mash and a whole cast of music performers. Admission is free, but donations for support can be given at the information booths at either entrance to the Festival. St. Petersburg, FL; June 24-28, 2015
  • SOUTH CAROLINA BLACK PRIDE – Celebrating 10 years of South Carolina Black Pride. This year’s theme is ‘Primetime 4 Black Pride – 10 years of Standing in our Truth.’ Columbia, SC; June 24-28, 2015
  • “Christopher Street Day” auf der SpreeCSD ON THE SPREE is unique Berlin tradition: Sightseeing Tour and “demonstration” on the water combine with fun and culture made ​​within the CSD week a contribution to the rich spectrum of gay and lesbian clubs and big city life. CSD ON THE SPREE always takes place on Thursday before the Parade weekend. June 25, 2015
  • Baltimore Pride – The Baltimore Pride Celebration is a program of the Gay & Lesbian Community Center of Baltimore, a community-based nonprofit organization founded in 1977, whose mission is to provide support, education, outreach and advocacy for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer (LGBTQ) individuals and their allies, through programs, services and resources. Baltimore, MD; June 25-26, 2015
  • Nashville PrideNashville Pride’s mission is to educate and maintain a sense of pride, community, and awareness of, about, and for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered people and culture in Middle Tennessee. Nashville, TN; June 25-26, 2015
  • Valhall Fetish WeekendSLM Oslo is a fetish club for gay and bisexual men who like leather, rubber and uniforms etc. The club is located in the central parts of Oslo, a few hundred meters off “Karl Johans gate.” Oslo, Norway; Jun 25-27, 2015
  • Kansas City Gay & Lesbian Film Festival OUT HERE NOW: The Kansas City LGBT Film Festival will celebrate its 16th season this year. Kansas City June 25 – Jul 2, 2015
  • Hampton Roads Pride – Hampton Roads Pride has become the only such organization in the United States to put on a Boat Parade, underlining our connections with the maritime history of our port cities. This vibrant energy has dovetailed nicely with unfolding events: the end of “don’t ask, don’t tell” in October 2011 and Judge Arenda Wright Allen’s decision in the marriage equality cases in March 2014 come first to mind here. Accordingly, there is much more to be proud of than ever before both locally and nationally. Norfolk, VA; Jun 26-27, 2015
  • Pride Barcelona – 10 days of diversity with lots of activities as theatre, cinema, conferences, sport, commerce, leisure and more. Barcelona, Spain; June 26-28, 2015
  • Cincinnati Pride – The mission of Cincinnati Pride is to provide the Greater Cincinnati LGBT community and our allies a forum celebrating and affirming our individuality and importance to the Greater Cincinnati area by giving expression to our community’s rich history and diversity and renewing our dedication to promoting acceptance of all individuals regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or expression. Cincinnati, OH; June 27, 2015
  • Christopher Street Day Parade BerlinEurope’s biggest Lesbian-Gay City Festival in the traditional gay district of Berlin around Nollendorfplatz in Schöneberg. June 27, 2015
  • Dublin Pride – The Dublin LGBT Pride Festival is an annual series of events which celebrates lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) life in Dublin, Ireland. It is the largest LGBTQ pride festival in the Republic of Ireland. The festival culminates in a pride parade which is held in June. The event has grown from a one-day event in 1983 to a ten-day festival celebrating LGBT culture in Ireland with an expanded arts, social and cultural content. Dublin, Ireland; June 27, 2015
  • Pride in London – 2014 saw London’s biggest ever Pride Parade when 30,000 people danced, marched, drove and rollerskated their way through the heart of the capital. Throughout June the award-winning #freedomto social media and advertising campaign took the Pride message to millions of people across London and far beyond. London, UK; June 27, 2015
  • Marche des Fiertés (Gay Pride Paris) – L’Inter-LGBT organise la Marche des Fiertés lesbiennes, gaies, bi et trans (LGBT), le Printemps des assoces et d’autres interventions publiques ; elle participe au dialogue politique et social; elle soutient des projets interassociatifs et favorise à la fois la visibilité des associations LGBT et l’émergence d’une stratégie collective. The Inter-LGBT organizing the Pride March of lesbians, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT), the Spring assoces and other public interventions; she participated in the political and social dialogue; it supports interassociatifs projects and promotes both the visibility of LGBT organizations and the emergence of a collective strategy. Paris, France June 27, 2015
  • East Side Pride – Kick off the Pride Season at the site of the historic Stonewall Festival. East Side Pride offers a chance to take in the work of local artisans and learn more about community groups doing important work in and with the LGBTQ+ community in Vancouver. Look forward to acoustic performances by local bands and serenades by some of the East Side’s top drag performers.Grandview Park, like all of Vancouver’s parks, is completely accessible. Shade tenting will be provided beside cement pathways for those with mobility issues. ASL interpreters and a signing area will be provided by the B.C. Rainbow Alliance for the Deaf. East Side Pride is a sober event. Vancouver; June 27, 2015
  • Santa Fe Pride (Pride on the Plaza) Santa Fe, NM; June 27, 2015
  • Twin Cities PrideTwin Cities Pride brings the greater GLBT community together to commemorate our diverse heritage, foster inclusion, educate and create awareness of issues, and celebrate achievements in equality. We create events that are open and inviting to everyone in the community, providing a safe environment in which individuals feel free to celebrate their relationships. Minneapolis, MN; June 27-28, 2015
  • San Francisco Pride – With over 200 parade contingents, 300 exhibitors, and more than 20 stages and venues, the San Francisco LGBT Pride Celebration and Parade is the largest LGBT gathering in the nation. Equality without Exception – The event theme for the 44th annual San Francisco Pride Celebration & Parade (2015). San Francisco, CA; June 27-28, 2015
  • Seattle PrideFest PrideFest 2015 is on Sunday, June 28 2015 at the Seattle Center. And returning Saturday June 27 is PrideFest Capitol Hill & Family Day. Seattle, WA; June 27-28, 2015
  • Surrey Pride Festival – Surrey Pride is committed to expanding and being more inclusive in the GLBTQ Community and working with other organizations towards all inclusive PRIDE with events throughout the year and during the Festival at Holland Park. Surrey, British Columbia, Canada; June 28, 2015
  • Victoria Pride – The Victoria Pride Society’s mission is based on empowerment. We empower those who are – or think they might be – gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, two-spirited, intersex, friends and allies. Victoria Pride fosters learning and empowerment through social celebration and networking. We strive to create a better public understanding of our community’s history, courage, diversity and future. Victoria, BC; June 28 – July 5, 2015
  • Festival MIX MILANO di Cinema Gaylesbico e Queer Culture – Teatro Strehler, Largo Greppi, 1 Milan, Italy – Milan, Italy June 29 – Jul 5, 2015
  • Fribourg PrideFribourg, Switzerland; 2016

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Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW) announces the winners for the 2015 CEW Insiders’ Choice Beauty Awards, the industry’s highest honor, at its annual ceremony at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City, hosted by Aisha Tyler. Now in its 21st year, the CEW Beauty Awards celebrate the most innovative products of the year. New this year was the addition of the Hair Tools category, which showcase tools that aid the preparation and styling of hair, such as blow dryers, curling irons, flat irons, brushes and other like products.


The  finalists were voted on in 33 award categories by CEW members, more than 6,000 beauty industry executives and professionals from 1,700 companies; and the winners were selected from the finalists by the CEW Board of Governors and a select group of industry experts.

The CEW Beauty Awards are different from all other awards in our industry because it is the only award selected by beauty insiders, those who know products best and can determine what is really exceptional,” says Carlotta Jacobson, President of CEW. “These finalists [and ultimate winners] represent the most innovative products, selected by CEW experts for shoppers to use as a guide to find beauty’s best.”

The winners are:

Acne Treatment
Estée Lauder Clear Difference Targeted Blemish Treatment

Anti-Aging Mass
La Roche-Posay Pigmentclar Dark Spot Correcting Serum

Anti-Aging Prestige
Shiseido Cosmetics America Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate

Bath and Body Mass
Jergens BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream

Bath and Body Prestige
Urban Decay Naked Skin Body Beauty Balm

Cleanser and Scrub
GLAMGLOW Powermud Dualcleanse Treatment

Eco Beauty Products
COOLA Suncare COOLA Suncare Marula | Pure Beauty Oil Marula | Pure Beauty Oil

Eye Mass Product
FLOWER Eye 2 Eye Eye Marker & Volumizing Mascara

Eye Product Prestige
Lancôme Grandiôse Mascara

Eye Treatment Mass
L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Miracle Blur Instant Eye Smoother

Eye Treatment Prestige
Shiseido Cosmetics America Benefiance Wrinkleresist24 Pure Retinol Express Smoothing Eye Mask

Face Product Mass
Laneige BB Cushion

Face Product Prestige
Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow Instant Soft-Focus Beauty Flash Primer

Hair Coloring Product
L’Oréal Paris Superior Preference Mousse Absolue

Hair Shampoo/Hair Conditioner
Living Proof Curl Conditioning Wash

Hair Style/Hair Care
Living Proof Instant Texture Mist

Hair Tools
T3 Whirl Trio Interchangeable Barrel Styling Wand

Iconic Beauty Award Mass
Crest 3D White Whitestrips

Iconic Beauty Award Prestige
Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex

Indie Brand Beauty Award
Nudestix Nudestix

Lip Product Mass
Sonia Kashuk Dewy Luxe Lip & Cheek Balm

Lip Product Prestige
Dior Addict Fluid Stick

Lip Treatment
Dior Addict Fluid Stick

Men’s Grooming
LAB SERIES Skincare for Men Age Rescue+ Water-Charged Gel Cream

Men’s Scent
Dior Homme Eau for Men

Moisturizer Mass
Laneige Water Sleeping Mask

Moisturizer Prestige
GLAMGLOW Thirstymud Hydrating Treatment

Most Buzzed About Mass
L’Oréal Paris Advanced Suncare Quick Dry Sheer Finish Spray SPF 50+

Most Buzzed About Prestige
Lancôme Grandiôse Mascara

Nail Product
Coty Inc. Sally Hansen Miracle Gel

Skin Care Tools
FOREO Luna T-Sonic Cleansing and Anti-Aging System

Sun Product
Shiseido Cosmetics America Ultimate Sun Protection Spray SPF 50+

Women’s Mass Scent Mass
Coty Inc. Love 2 Love Jasmine + Sparkling Mimosa

Women’s Scent Prestige
Coty Inc. Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream

Cosmetic Executive Women, Inc. (CEW) is a global, nonprofit professional organization with 8,000 global members, both men and women, from over 2,250 companies in the beauty and related industries that brings the beauty community together, at every stage of their careers, from every facet of the industry. CEW leads the conversation in beauty, addressing topics that are shaping the future of the industry and provides unparalleled access to industry influencers and thought leaders and provides the connections, tools and leadership development resources to move careers forward. The organization also recognizes professional achievement and innovation in the industry to inspire the next generation of leaders. CEW is based in New York City, and also hosts events for the beauty community in Los Angeles. Additionally, CEW has associated organizations in France and the United Kingdom. The CEW Foundation supports Cancer and Careers, a comprehensive program for people balancing work and cancer.

The 2015 CEW Beauty Awards was sponsored by Meredith Corporation, Givaudan, QVC, Costco Wholesale, Nordstrom Beauty, Beauty Inc, Arcade BioPlan, Birchbox, RPG, Conair, MaCher, Albéa, Rpr Marketing Communications, Mintel, Piper Jaffray, Nielsen, Yes To, P&G Beauty, KraftWorks, Consultancy Media, Suite K, Films for Industry, Tempt In-Store Productions, WWD, The NPD Group and Ernst & Young.