Introducing Treadlite By UGG, Innovative Technology for Men’s Spring 2015 Footwear Collection

Fusing athletic sensibilities with classic heritage details, UGG® (UGG is introducing its brand new exclusive technology, Treadlite by UGG(TM), into its Men’s Spring 2015 collection. Treadlite by UGG(TM) offers a supremely lightweight and ultra-durable outsole compound that leverages proprietary RMAT® technology – a new material compound with rebound and durability that offers phenomenal grip and exceptional rebound when used as an outsole. UGG is the only casual footwear brand harnessing this innovation. (Starting in Spring 2015, the new Treadlite by UGG(TM) outsole will be utilized throughout the entire line, including in Men’s, Women’s and Kids’ styles.)

Paving the way for the future of the men’s casual category, Treadlite by UGG(TM) is poised to redefine comfort casuals by infusing traditional silhouettes with a cutting edge outsole that includes the following benefits:

LIGHTWEIGHT: Treadlite by UGG(TM)is superior to other foams in abrasion resistance, eliminating the need to apply rubber parts to the bottom of a shoe, resulting in a lighter product.

CUSHIONING: Treadlite by UGG(TM)’s core compound ingredient is rubber, which provides more elasticity than injected EVA. This elasticity provides a dynamic compression effect, giving the consumer a “bouncier” ride.

TRACTION: The Treadlite by UGG(TM) compound contains rubber, which grips exceptionally well on both wet and dry surfaces.

DURABLE: The Treadlite by UGG(TM)cushioning does not degrade like EVA, so the quality of the “ride” is sustained.

FLEXIBLE: Because Treadlite by UGG(TM)doesn’t “pack out,” it can be formulated softer than other materials normally used.

Treadlite by UGG(TM) debuts its collection-on February 1st as part of its Fathom collection. Ranging in price from $120 to $140, the Men’s Spring Fathom collection features six styles in a variety of sandals and sneakers. The collection will be sold at UGG stores, on and at select retailers, including Nordstrom, Lord & Taylor, Zappos, Dillards and Bloomingdales.

Founded in 1978 in California, UGG® has built a reputation on luxury and comfort by using only the finest materials in the world, employing the highest standards of craftsmanship, and delivering new and innovative styles well beyond the original Classic boots. The UGG® brand is recognized as a premium lifestyle brand with more than $1 billion in annual sales, offering footwear, loungewear, outerwear, home products, cold weather accessories and handbags under the UGG Women, UGG for Men, UGG Kids, UGG Handbags, UGG Loungewear, UGG Home and I HEART UGG® product lines.