Count Down to Christmas with New Care Bears™ Advent Calendar

Make this holiday season a beary merry adventure with your cuddly friends, the Care Bears. The brand new Care Bears Advent Calendar is a magical interactive calendar you can download to your desktop or iPad, and each day brings festive fun!  Follow your favorite Care Bears through a jolly experience filled with games, activities, videos and more to build the holiday excitement as you explore the dazzling sights of Care-a-Lot at Christmas time.

Count Down to Christmas with Brand-New Care Bears(TM) Advent Calendar! This interactive digital calendar is available for PC, Mac and iPad and brings sharing and caring to holiday anticipation. (PRNewsFoto/American Greetings Corporation)

Count Down to Christmas with Brand-New Care Bears(TM) Advent Calendar! This interactive digital calendar is available for PC, Mac and iPad and brings sharing and caring to holiday anticipation. (PRNewsFoto/American Greetings Corporation)

First introduced by American Greetings in 1982 through consumer products, greeting cards, and later an animated CGI television show, Care Bears has become one of the world’s most popular and endearing children’s properties. Today, fans of all ages are falling in love with these huggable bears who help kids have fun while sharing and caring.

Each day, click on the stars to reveal another special Care Bears surprise and check out all of the wondrous Christmas activities. Whether you’re helping trim the tree in the center of Care-a-Lot, making your own snowflakes or creating joyful scenes with interactive coloring pages – there’s something for everyone. We even saved the best for last – on Christmas Day, a full-length Care Bears holiday video will be unlocked!  For only $2.99 per download, this video adds an extra value to gifting a Care Bears Advent Calendar. It’s easy to order and send extra copies to friends and family, so everyone can count down to Christmas together!

The joyful and generous spirit of the holiday season and excitement of anticipating Christmas are a perfect fit for the sharing and caring message that’s synonymous with Care Bears,” said Derek Roberto, vice president of new media at AG Properties. “The interactive experience of exploring Care-a-Lot at Christmas is sure to make the season merry and bright with sights and sounds that will delight fans of all ages.

Swarovski Announces ‘Living Yangtze’

A Creative Collaboration With Eric Valli To ‘Win Hearts Not Just Heads’

Swarovski has announced a major creative collaboration with the distinguished film director and photographer Eric Valli which aims to use film as a positive medium to generate empathy and awareness about the importance of clean, sustainable water sources. Since 1981 Eric Valli has captured on camera some of the most inaccessible locations in the world, working for titles such as National Geographic, Life, GEO, Paris Match, Stern and Smithsonian magazines, and The Sunday Times of London.

TEA - Swarovski - Eric Valli (PRNewsFoto/Swarovski)

TEA – Swarovski – Eric Valli (PRNewsFoto/Swarovski)

Swarovski Waterschool - Eric Valli (PRNewsFoto/Swarovski)

Swarovski Waterschool – Eric Valli (PRNewsFoto/Swarovski)

Painter - Swarovski - Eric Valli (PRNewsFoto/Swarovski)

Painter – Swarovski – Eric Valli (PRNewsFoto/Swarovski)

Eric specializes in mountain scenery and is an expert on the Himalayas, in particular Nepal, Tibet andAfghanistan. In 1987, his photo story Honey Hunters – documenting the cliff-climbing Gurung tribesmen of west-central Nepal – won a World Press Award.In 1990 Eric and his Australian wife Diane Summers shot Shadow Hunters, which captures the gathering of birds’ nests for soup in a vast cave in western Thailand. The film received an Academy Award nomination for best documentary. In 1999 he directed the adventure story Himalaya – a tale of survival in the mountain region – which became the first Nepalese film to receive an Academy Award nomination for best foreign film. Eric has published 14 books to date, including in 2006 The Sky Will Be My Roof, a memoir of adventure and travel. In total, his photography has been recognized with three World Press Awards. In addition he has shot commercial work for Hermes and Louis Vuitton. For his most recent project – a book and film about the Yangtze river in China, made in conjunction with Swarovski – Eric spent six months documenting life along the world’s third largest waterway. An exhibition will accompany the launch in 2015.

‘Living Yangtze’, a multi-media project which tells the stories of the communities living along the great Yangtze River, was previewed yesterday by Eric Valli at the closing session of the Nature Conservancy’s Global Water Summit.

“‘Living Yangtze‘ started with a basic observation: as human beings we have a tendency to forget numbers, data and things we don’t like to hear about,” Valli told an audience of 400 scientists, practitioners, corporate leaders and policy makers at the Art Institute of Chicago‘s Rubloff Auditorium. “But we remember what emotionally touches us – beauty, tenderness, passion, and harmony – for the rest of our lives. So instead of bombarding people with data and gloomy statistics, we decided to do the opposite. We wanted to make them aware of the beauty of their own heritage and traditions; to make them proud; to motivate them to act rather than discouraging them with guilt.

The award-winning photographer was joined by film maker Jamie Redford and Producer Dave Allen in a panel discussion exploring the role of media and entertainment in “winning hearts, not just heads” by generating awareness and inspiring consumers to action around environmental issues like the importance of clean water. During a panel talk entitled “Entertainment as a Conservation Strategy”, Valli argued that the best way of raising environmental awareness was to inspire new audiences with an appreciation of the beauty of our natural landscapes, not “with doomladen statistics”.

Swarovski commissioned Eric Valli to spend six months documenting the lives of communities around the locations of its Waterschools along the Yangtze River. The Swarovski Waterschool China is a not for profit organisation which has been working in the Yangtze basin since 2008. It is active in nine regions along the Yangtze from the source in the Tibetan plateau down to the river mouth were it flows into the Chinese sea. Working alongside the Shangri-La Institute and with the support of local governments and the Ministry of

The Swarovski story began in 1895 when Daniel Swarovski invented a machine for cutting and polishing crystal. This machine not only revolutionized jewelry manufacturing, it has inspired the worlds of art, design, fashion and cinema for over a hundred years. Today Swarovski is the world's leading producer of precision-cut crystal and gemstones, with over 2,350 stores in about 170 countries, 25,135 employees and revenues of 2.38 billion Euros in 2012.

The Swarovski story began in 1895 when Daniel Swarovski invented a machine for cutting and polishing crystal. This machine not only revolutionized jewelry manufacturing, it has inspired the worlds of art, design, fashion and cinema for over a hundred years. Today Swarovski is the world’s leading producer of precision-cut crystal and gemstones, with over 2,350 stores in about 170 countries, 25,135 employees and revenues of 2.38 billion Euros in 2012.

Education in Shanghai, the program teaches in 59 schools and will have reached 200,000 children by the end of 2014. Founded in Austria 15 years ago and now a global network located on some of the world’s greatest rivers, Swarovski’s Waterschools teach children and their families about the importance of clean, sustainable water sources through engaging images and storytelling.

Nadja Swarovski, Member of the Swarovski Executive Board, commented: “Our global water challenges call for creative solutions, but also relevant information for this pressing topic. We are therefore thrilled to collaborate with Eric Valli on this exciting project, which tells the uplifting story of communities living in harmony with their environment and their river.

It was an abundance of fresh water that first drew our founder, Daniel Swarovski, to the Alpine valley where our company is still headquartered today. But water is not just a key element in our production, it also flows through the culture and philosophy of our business, and it inspired the Swarovski Waterschool program. We hope that Eric’s beautiful images will bring to vivid life the urgent issues around our reliance on water, elevating the story of water through creativity.

Water has always been a key element in the production of Swarovski crystal, but it also runs through the company’s culture and philosophy, which from the earliest days 120 years ago demanded a respect for human and environmental values. The objectives of the Swarovski Waterschools are to create awareness of the fact that water is essential to our survival; to teach the principles of sustainable water management; and to provide clean drinking water and water sanitation in schools and surrounding communities where the Waterschool program is active.

Fifteen years ago the first Swarovski Waterschool was established on Austria’s Inn River. Since then Swarovski has set up Waterschools around the globe on the world’s greatest rivers – in India’s Ganges Delta, on China’sYangtze River, in Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, and in the Amazon Forest of Brazil. The program has reached 200,000 children and their families and been taught in 2,655 schools worldwide. Around 1,470 teachers have been trained and 264,995 community members have been involved in various water projects.

Swarovski delivers a diverse portfolio of unmatched quality, craftsmanship, and creativity that goes beyond the manufacturing of crystal. Founded in 1895 in Austria, Swarovski designs, manufactures, and markets high-quality crystals, genuine gemstones and created stones, and finished products such as jewelry, accessories, and lighting. In addition, Swarovski Crystal Worlds was established as a unique venue dedicated to showcasing artistic interpretations of crystal. Swarovski Entertainment collaborates with established industry partners and exceptional talent to produce international feature films, while the Swarovski Foundation supports creativity and culture, promotes wellbeing, and conserves natural resources. Now run by the fifth generation of family members, Swarovski Crystal Business has a global reach with approximately 2,480 stores in around 170 countries, more than 24,000 employees, and revenue of about 2.33 billion euros in 2013. Together with its sister companies Swarovski Optik (optical devices) and Tyrolit (abrasives), Swarovski Crystal Business forms the Swarovski Group. In 2013, the Group generated revenue of about 3.02 billion euros and employed more than 30,000 people.

Images from Living Yangtze by Eric Valli for Swarovski will be published in a book next year, accompanied by an exhibition of images and short films.



To celebrate the launch of the Breitling Emergency II, the Swiss watch brand hosted a party on board the iconic warship HMS Belfast in London. The Breitling Emergency II (Breitling Emergency II RRP from £12,040 and Emergency II Night Mission RRP from £13,570 available to purchase nationwide from certified Breitling Dealers) is the first ever wristwatch to feature a dual frequency personal locator beacon, a revolutionary rechargeable battery, a miniaturized dual frequency transmitter and an unprecedented integrated antenna system – features specifically developed for this model.  This miniaturized transmitter and antenna system, developed in conjunction with the specifications of the Cospas Sarsat international satellite system, serves both to issue alerts and to guide search and rescue missions. As the first ever wristworn dual frequency PLB, it establishes itself as a safety and survival instrument in all distress situations on land, at sea and in the air.

All eyes were on the Thames as the Emergency Night Mission – the ultra-cool all black titanium version of the watch – arrived under a veil of darkness, delivered by a Stealth 710 vessel equipped with state of the art anti-detection systems.

Breitling Emergency Night Mission

Breitling Emergency Night Mission

Of the event, Breitling UK Managing Director Gavin Murphy says: “It is very fitting for Breitling to be hosting the launch of the Emergency II on board HMS Belfast. Not only does Breitling have a long heritage of working with the military in the UK but also the ship itself when built was equipped with the most advanced radar systems of the time; this pioneering spirit is reflected in everything Breitling does and nowhere more so than  the second generation Emergency”

The event was attended by special guests of the brand including pilots and military personnel as well as adventurers Neil Laughton and Quentin Smith, a pilot rescued from his life raft after he deployed his Breitling Emergency in the Antarctic in 2003.




Groundbreaking Documentary “It’s Not Over” Debuts on Netflix and SnagFilms

In honor of World AIDS Day, Its Not Over, a feature length documentary film made possible by the M.A.C AIDS Fund, the charitable arm of M.A.C Cosmetics, will be available worldwide on Netflix and SnagFilms on the 1st December, offering a global audience an inspiring look at how young people today are facing the challenges of HIV. Viewed from the perspective of filmmaker Andrew Jenks, Its Not Over tells the story of three young people from different parts of the world who are living with or affected by HIV in vastly different, yet astonishingly inter-connected ways. Jenks visits India, South Africa and the United States to experience the epidemic first hand. The result is a deeply personal and uplifting story that is rarely represented in popular culture.


Viewers will be taken on a journey, traveling all over the world with Jenks, to put a face on the AIDS epidemic. Partnering with three courageous young people, Andrew works to humanise the issue as they show us an inside look at how their lives are affected by HIV as well as the lives of those around them. In America, Jenks meets Paige Rawl, a college freshman in Indiana who has been living with HIV her entire life. After years of battling the harsh stigma and depression she turned everything around to become a powerful advocate for fighting the disease from dance marathons at her university to supporting other children impacted by the disease. In India, Jenks meets Sarang Bhakre, a Mumbai playwright who is openly gay in a country that outlaws homosexuality. Sarang’s current play addresses gay marriage, and filmmaker Jenks is along for the ride, from rehearsal to debut, witnessing the courage and bravery it takes Sarang to face these issues. In South Africa, Jenks meets Lucky Mfundisi, a Soccer Coach and educator with Grassroot Soccer, an AIDS organization that teaches youth prevention through soccer. Lucky acts as a tour guide around Khayelitsha, the largest and fastest growing township in South Africa, with some of the highest rates of HIV in the world. Lucky shows Jenks how he is working to transcend the poverty with a message of hope and perseverance.


The subjects in the film are active with M.A.C AIDS Fund grantees including Humsafar, Grassroot Soccer and Camp Kindle. These partners have received grants to help fight HIV/AIDS through the M.A.C AIDS Fund, which raises funds exclusively through the sale of M.A.C‘s VIVA GLAM Lipstick and Lipglass. In the UK, the full R.R.P Less V.A.T from the sale of VIVA GLAM lipstick and lipglass goes towards helping women, men and children everywhere affected by HIV/AIDS. To date, MAF has raised more than $340 million (U.S)

Netflix, the world’s largest global streaming platform, is hosting the film for viewers worldwide, and SnagFilms, a leader in high-quality free film content, is making it available through its applications on Roku®, Xbox™, Sony®and more.


Young people can end this epidemic, but to engage and motivate them toward this goal, we need to recognise that the era of PSAs and finger-wagging messages is gone. We’ve got to make them part of the solution, which we set out to do with this film,” said Nancy Mahon, Global Executive Director, the M.A.C AIDS Fund. “Its Not Over represents the latest bold, creative strategy from the M.A.C AIDS Fund as we look to engage young people in impactful, meaningful, action-oriented ways to end the AIDS epidemic.”

UNAIDS welcomes the film and calls upon young people around the world to mobilize around its vision of zero new HIV infections, zero discrimination and zero AIDS-related deaths. Globally, an estimated 5 million adolescents and young people (ages 10-24) were living with HIV in 2013. Millions of young people living with HIV do not know they have the virus. Every day approximately 1,800 adolescents and young people become infected with HIV, accounting for nearly 31 percent of all new HIV infections.

8W4A8835 8W4A9871

Young people will lead us to an AIDS-free generation. By ensuring adolescents and young people are aware of and have access to HIV services, we are not only saving lives, but also investing in a healthier future for generations to come,” said Michel Sidibé, Executive Director of UNAIDS. “We are proud of the strong partnership we have with the M.A.C AIDS Fund to advance global efforts toward ending the AIDS epidemic.” Continue reading

DEWAR’S® Reimagines Iconic Profiles Campaign

DEWAR’S®, the world’s most awarded Blended Scotch whisky, is proud to announce an extension of the DEWAR’S ‘Live True’ campaign with the launch of“DEWAR’S Profiles,” a digital version of the brand’s successful print campaign from years ago. This series of short video interviews celebrates individuals and notable personalities who have the courage to drive unexpected pursuits that positively impact the lives of others and the world around them. DEWAR’S ‘Live True’ Profiles is the latest iteration of the brand’s global ‘Live True’ advertising campaign, which features extraordinary people who follow their passion, who live according to their own convictions and who value authenticity above everything – just like the brand’s founder John Dewar himself.

DEWAR'S(R) Reimagines Iconic Profiles Campaign (PRNewsFoto/DEWAR'S)

DEWAR’S(R) Reimagines Iconic Profiles Campaign (PRNewsFoto/DEWAR’S)

Founded in 1846 by John Dewar, DEWAR‘S has grown from a small wine and spirits merchant shop in Scotland, to one of the largest Scotch whisky brands in the world.  Best known for its iconic DEWAR’S White Label, the top selling blended Scotch whisky in the USA, it has expanded its family to create a portfolio of premium and super premium whiskies including DEWAR’S 12 Year Old, DEWAR’S 18 Year Old and the exclusive DEWAR’S Signature. These whiskies are crafted using the DEWAR’S double barrel ageing process. Pioneered by DEWAR’S in 1899, it involves returning the hand-crafted blend to vintage oak casks for further maturation. The result is a smoother taste with a long, lingering finish; a taste that wins medals and applause, making DEWAR’S the world’s most awarded Scotch. The DEWAR’S brand is part of the portfolio of Bacardi Limited, headquartered in Hamilton, Bermuda. Bacardi Limited refers to the Bacardi group of companies, including Bacardi International Limited.

The individuals highlighted in the series come from all walks of life and include Mark Bustos, a hairstylist who provides haircuts to the homeless; Hilary Knight, professional women’s hockey player and two-time silver medallist Olympian; Zio Zeigler, a muralist promoting free art for all; Sal Masekela, television personality and founder of the charitable organization Stoked Mentoring; and Jon Rose, professional surfer and founder of Waves For Water, which provides filters that give everyone the opportunity to have clean water. Over a glass of DEWAR’S, viewers can delve deeper into the stories and lives of these remarkable individuals.

Mark BustosEntering the hair industry at the age of 14 years old, Mark Bustos has evolved into one of the industries most well rounded and sought after hairstylists. At the young age of 30, Mark works with some of the biggest names in the fashion industry such as Phillip Lim, Mark Badgley, and James Mischka. In his spare time, Mark can be found making his way around New York City offering haircuts and styling for the homeless, allowing them the opportunity to feel clean and equal to those around them. Whether their new appearance affords them the comfort to apply for a job or they simply have a moment of joy, Mark’s efforts do not go unnoticed.

Hilary KnightA two-time silver medallist in women’s hockey, this Olympian and professional hockey player has achieved almost every accolade the sport has to offer. She found initial success as the star of theUniversity of Wisconsin hockey team, going to the championship finals during all four years of college. Most recently, Hilary had the honor to practice with the Dallas Stars, the first female hockey player to practice with a professional team. Today, Hilary is partnering with a variety of national organizations to promote the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle. She is working with the National Association for Girls and Women in Sports, Kids Eat Right Campaign, National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month and Let’s Move in School.

Sal Masekela A  beloved commentator, journalist, musician and producer and TV host, Sal has certainly made a name for himself in the media and sports industries. He gained awareness for his cultural reporting inSouth Africa during the 2010 FIFA World Cup, and in February 2014, Sal made his Olympic broadcasting debut from the Winter Olympics in Sochi. In addition to his hosting, producing, acting, writing and voice over work, Sal lends his name and time to the charity he cofounded, Stoked Mentoring, a nonprofit action sports organization for at-risk youth whose mission is “developing successful teens with opportunity, knowledge, experience, and determination through the use of action sports, mentoring and coaching.” Sal also serves on the board of the Tony Hawk Foundation™.

Jon RoseAfter 13 years of professional surfing, Jon decided to look for his next move amidst his worldwide travels. After extensive research and during his time abroad, Jon discovered that the technology to create potable water through a simple filtration process, not only existed, but was cost effective and readily available. In 2009, Jon left for Bali on what was to be his first clean water mission with 10 new filters he bought with his own money. During a quick surf stop on the way, Jon was in the city of Padang (Indonesia), when the earthquake that completely devastated the area hit. Surviving the earthquake without a scratch, Jon traveled inland to distribute the filters where they were most needed. He did not know it yet, but this was the birth of Waves for Water (W4W). Waves For Water is a non-profit organization that primarily provides clean water solutions to people who need them, whether for communities that do not have access to clean water, or to provide assistance in the face of disaster. Jon’s objective is to identify the problem and quickly connect an existing user-friendly solution – such as portable water filters or rainwater harvesting systems.

Zio Zeigler –An American artist, Zio is most well known for his paintings and large scale outdoor murals. His early work was inspired by the 1990 graffiti movement in the Bay Area and Europe as well as skateboard graphics and naive art. He is known for being an artist who bridges the accessibility of public art with a serious in studio practice. In conjunction with hand printing and creating garments and paintings, Ziegler began to peripherally teach second and third grade art classes at neighboring schools in order to create a symbiosis with the community. In 2011, he co-founded Weekend Swap, an outdoor gear sharing platform. He has painted murals for large corporations in dowtown Las Vegas, Brooklynn New York and many other places as well. While collaborating, he insists that products are not his focus, “just tangents in order to make his art more accessible to the public”, while murals and canvases are his true focus, and will remain so for the rest of his life.

DEWAR’S is proud of our heritage, our history, and our commitment to authenticity,” said DEWAR’S VP and Brand Managing Director Dan Pilas.  “We have a truly rich story and want to celebrate the inspirational stories of remarkable individuals who ‘Live True’ in their daily lives.”

In addition to the digital series, the ‘Live True’ campaign is backed by advertising across broadcast, print and social media channels. DEWAR’S ‘Live True Profiles’ can be found at

BVLGARI Announces The Opening Of Their First Canadian Flagship Boutique

Bulgari, the contemporary Italian jeweler and master of colored gemstones, announces the opening of its first boutique in Canada, within Toronto’s Yorkdale Mall. This milestone marks a special moment for the 130 year old brand, as it brings Bulgari’s Italian roots and spirit of excellence to a new market.

Bulgari Flagship Boutique at Toronto's Yorkdale Mall (PRNewsFoto/Bulgari)

Bulgari Flagship Boutique at Toronto’s Yorkdale Mall (PRNewsFoto/Bulgari)

Renowned for its distinctive and richly hued jewels and timepieces, which have adorned kings and queens, movie stars and more, Bulgari will carry the brand’s full portfolio of products including jewelry, accessories, watches and fragrances. From Bulgari’s iconic collections of Serpenti, DIVA, MVSA and Monete within jewelry, accessories and watches to one-of-a-kind high jewelry pieces, each piece represents the brand’s undeniable craftsmanship and style.

Bulgari represents the ultimate in craftsmanship, creativity and innovation,” said Jean-Christophe Babin, CEO of Bulgari.  “We are thrilled to open this store and to bring that extraordinary combination to Canada in a manner that perfectly represents the modern Bulgari brand while still paying tribute to our rich Roman heritage.

The new Toronto store comprises of 1,800 square feet, and draws its inspiration from Bulgari’s storied history, utilizing Mediterranean marble and stone, and many of the brand’s signature architectural elements.

The exterior facade is remarkable for its design aesthetic and its magnificence, with oversized windows and soaring marble columns of richly coloured Gris Pulpis marble pilasters and Trani Chiaro stone, with the BVLGARI logo backlighted on the cream stone.

One of the brand’s key design elements, the Condotti eight point star, lies on the store entrance.  A universal symbol of balance, harmony and cosmic order, the eight lines are symbolic of the four cardinal points (North, South, East, West) and time (two solstices and two equinoxes). As per the legend, the star means “Roma Caput Mundi”, meaning that all the routes lead to Rome. In fact, the original star is part of the original flooring inside the historic Bulgari via Condotti store in Rome. The iconic star is a unifying symbol found in all Bulgari boutiques around the world.

In the main central area, an eight-shaped infinity counter is an invitation to browse the shop and to explore the Bulgari collections of jewels. On top of them, two Murano crystal chandeliers by Vistosi (Ecos, designed by the Venetian studio Renato Toso, Noti Massari e Associati) brighten the products and the atmosphere.

Further enriching the shopping experience, a truly personal touch is provided by the exclusive Bridal, Male, Accessories and VIP areas, where the most precious creations can be viewed in privacy.  Walls are adorned with silk printed panels, expression of the brand’s heritage and most famous VIP endorsements, including the legendary Elizabeth Taylor with Richard Burton, whose many visits to the Condotti store are well known.

The Yorkdale Mall boutique will also be the launching pad for the new Bulgari MVSA jewelry collection. This collection honors the muses of ancient Greece with an ensemble of 26 pieces – rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings – that sing with colour.  With daring combinations using blue topaz, amethyst, citrine, chalcedony, onyx, rubellite, pink quartz, prasiolite, tourmaline, tanzanite, mother-of-pearl and diamonds, the MVSA Collection embodies the Bulgari style. It is art, inspired by a feminine beauty.

Today part of the LVMH Group, Bulgari was founded in Rome in 1884 as a jewelry shop and progressively imposed itself with its magnificent jewelry creations, emblems of Italian excellence. The international success made the Company evolve into its current dimension of a global and diversified player in the luxury market, with a store network in the most exclusive shopping areas worldwide and a portfolio of products and services ranging from jewels and watches to accessories, perfumes and hotels.

The Bulgari Flagship Boutique in the Yorkdale Mall, Toronto opened on November 10, 2014.  Store hours are Monday – Friday: 10:00 a.m. to 9 p.m., Saturday: 9:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., Sunday: 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. The boutique phone number is: +1 (416) 784-1448.

2014 Holiday Gift Guide: Give the Gift of Beauty and Good Health

With the last dish being placed in the dishwasher and your getting ready for Black Friday shopping, the holidays are officially here. Bring on the season of hot chocolate, decorations, too much family time, parties and potentially extreme cold weather.  You can give the best gifts, all while looking your best, with these beauty holiday essentials.


With the Marvis 7 Flavour Gift Set (Amarelli Licorice, Aquatic Mint, Cinnamon Mint, Classic Strong Mint, Ginger Mint, Jasmine Mint and Whitening Mint,$36), discover the 7 unique experiences of the Marvis product line. Marvis is a luxury line of oral care products that turn your daily teeth cleaning ritual into a wonderful sensory experience. Their gentle xylitol- and sorbitan-based formulas cleanse and condition your teeth and gums without causing irritation. This flavorful gift set is available on


In chic hotels around the world, you’ll find Marvis 7 Flavour Gift Set . It make makes any space feel more like home. It was developed using a proprietary blend of waxes with lead-free wicks to ensure even melting, specially infused with the highest quality fragrance oil to burn approximately 60 hours. Other scents in the line include Fig, Freesia, Eucalyptus, Smoke, Amber, Lemon, Musk, and Neroli. C.O. Bigelow Candle in Lavender & Peppermint ($42), is available on

OPI Gwen Stefani Holiday Glam’s in the Bag ($23, available at www.ulta.comincludes two Nail Lacquers 15 mL – 12 Fl. Oz.(Bogotá Blackberry and Funny Bunny) and two Free zippered cosmetic cases.

Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss in 01

Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss in 01

Don’t leave the house this holiday season without Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss in 01 ($5.49, available at drugstores nationwide), this (and every holiday’s) signature fierce red lip! The 1st Lipstick collection created by Kate Moss is a high intensity color that lasts for up to 8 hours and infused with Black Diamonds that reflects light like never before.


This holiday season give the gift that keeps on giving and giving… a GoodMouth Subscription Service. Many types of subscription services exist nowadays. From health subscription services to food subscription services, there is one for everyone to enjoy. Replacing your toothbrush every month, as doctors suggest, can be such a daunting task – so much that people often forget. Not to mention when going to convenience stores you tend to spend more by purchasing items you don’t even need. GoodMouth ( ) helps you stay healthy and keeps your budgeting on track all for less than $5 a month ($4.95)!

Style your hair just right this season with KMS California FREESHAPE 2-in-1 Styling + Finishing Spray ($19.99).  Whether you want to curl, straighten, or put your hair in an up-do, this product is the ultimate do over on dry hair. It keeps your hair dry – Drying instantly to not dampen your existing style, keeps it protected – Thermal protection so you can refresh your style with hot tools and keeps it light – Finish with a light, flexible hold for no product build-up. Available at salons nationwide

The Salvation Army Kicks Off 124th Red Kettle Campaign During Cowboys Thanksgiving Day Game

The Dallas Cowboys will kick off the 124th annual Salvation Army Red Kettle Campaign when the Jones family makes this season’s first official kettle donation at halftime of the nationally televised Cowboys Thanksgiving Day game on FOX against the Philadelphia Eagles. For the past 18 years, the Dallas Cowboys have helped The Salvation Army kick off the campaign, which has raised more than $1.8 billion in that time. From its humble beginnings as a San Francisco donation collection by Salvation Army Captain Joseph McFee in 1891, the Red Kettle Campaign has grown into one of the most recognizable and important charitable campaigns in the United States. It provides toys for kids, coats for the homeless, food for the hungry and countless social service programs year-round.
Jerry Jones, Charlotte Jones Anderson and Comm. David Jeffrey share their #RedKettleReason. What’s yours?

Jerry Jones, Charlotte Jones Anderson and Comm. David Jeffrey share their #RedKettleReason. What’s yours?

The focus of this year’s national Red Kettle Campaign is to encourage Americans to share their reasons for giving by using #RedKettleReason in social media posts. The Dallas Cowboys will share their #RedKettleReason before halftime on FOX to signify the official kickoff of the Red Kettle Campaign. Fans who share their #RedKettleReason may also be featured during halftime of the Cowboys Thanksgiving Day game. Those who share their #RedKettleReason online through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube can see their posts on The site serves as a hub for #RedKettleReason conversations around the country and features an interactive mosaic of pictures, videos and information.
For the official campaign kickoff, Jerry Jones, owner and general manager of the Dallas Cowboys, and wife Gene will make their annual “kettle drop” – which is the inaugural donation to the Red Kettle Campaign – at the start of halftime. The Jones Family has made the kettle drop each year since 1997, when the Cowboys and The Salvation Army began their partnership.

The Gene and Jerry Jones Family Charities’ mission (also known as the Gene and Jerry Jones Family Foundation) is built on a philosophy of helping those who don’t have the strength, the resources or the means to help themselves. As a sports entity that has enjoyed unprecedented success and recognition for more than four decades, the Dallas Cowboys has long felt a strong obligation to transfer that championship tradition and the magic that it creates to the bigger purpose of making a difference in the community.

Dallas Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray shares his #RedKettleReason and invites his fans to do the same

Dallas Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray shares his #RedKettleReason and invites his fans to do the same

Papa John’s founder John Schnatter shares his #RedKettleReason. From now until December 28, Papa John’s is offering a Red Kettle Cookie, a unique holiday twist to their popular treat, the Chocolate Chip Cookie. A portion of the proceeds from the cookie will be used to support The Salvation Army’s funding.

Papa John’s founder John Schnatter shares his #RedKettleReason. From now until December 28, Papa John’s is offering a Red Kettle Cookie, a unique holiday twist to their popular treat, the Chocolate Chip Cookie. A portion of the proceeds from the cookie will be used to support The Salvation Army’s funding.

Charlotte Jones Anderson, executive vice president and chief brand officer for the Dallas Cowboys, shared her #RedKettleReason. “I choose to support The Salvation Army because the Army is a great team of people who are fighting to make a difference in the lives of those who need it most,” she said. “The Salvation Army is close to my heart, and my family has worked with the organization for decades. #RedKettleReason is a great way for people to recognize and talk about all the good the Army does to serve America’s most vulnerable all year long.” Anderson recently concluded a three-year term as chairman of The Salvation Army’s National Advisory Board alongside fellow board members Gene and Jerry Jones.

It’s been truly inspiring to see every #RedKettleReason shared from around the country. It proves that giving is a universal language,” said Lieutenant Colonel Ron Busroe, national community relations and development secretary for The Salvation Army. “We know that for many, the choice to donate is a sacrifice, and we’re very happy to see why people choose to support the Army and those it serves. So far, we’ve seen posts from celebrities, Salvation Army officers and even the entire Cowboys team, and we hope to see many more posts using #RedKettleReason from everyone who supports The Salvation Army in any way this holiday season.”

Red Kettle Kickoff is just the beginning of an exciting holiday season for The Salvation Army. In addition to #RedKettleReason, more than 25,000 Red Kettles are stationed at storefronts and street corners nationwide, and there are many other ways to get involved:

  • Rock the Red Kettle Concert: On Saturday, Dec. 6, some of music’s rising young stars will take the stage at L.A. LIVE in Los Angeles for the fifth annual free concert hosted by The Salvation Army and produced by Ned Specktor of Specktor Media. Headliners Becky G and Shawn Mendes will be joined by R5, Josh Levi, Bea Miller and Exist Elsewhere. A live stream of the concert will be available on
  • Walmart Fill the Truck Toy Drive: On select weekends, from Nov. 28 through Dec. 14, participating Walmart stores across the country will collect toys and coats for children.
  • Papa John’s Red Kettle Cookie: From now until Dec. 28, Papa John’s is offering a Red Kettle Cookie, a unique holiday twist to their popular treat, the Chocolate Chip Cookie. A portion of the proceeds from the cookie will be used to support The Salvation Army’s funding. In addition, Papa John’s will offer 25 percent off regular menu priced orders for everyone who donates to The Salvation Army through and shares a reason of their own with their following. John Schnatter, founder of Papa John’s will share his #RedKettleReason today, “Because The Salvation army works to make people’s lives better.”
  • Russell Stover Candy Tin: Now in stores at freestanding Russell Stover locations, $2 from the purchase of these commemorative candy tins featuring The Salvation Army logo will be donated to The Salvation Army.
  • Online Red Kettle: Throughout the season, Americans can become virtual bell ringers by starting their own Online Red Kettle
  • Text-to-Give: For the mobile donor, it’s easy to give $10 by texting the word “KETTLE” to 80888 and replying “YES.”*
  • Angel Tree: To support an Angel in your town, contact your local Salvation Army by entering your zip code at
  • Volunteer: For more ways to volunteer and give back, to find a local corps.

The Salvation Army, an evangelical part of the universal Christian church established in London in 1865, has been supporting those in need for more than 130 years in the United States. Nearly 30 million Americans receive assistance from The Salvation Army each year through a range of social services: providing food for the hungry, relief for disaster victims, assistance for the disabled, outreach to the elderly and ill, clothing and shelter to the homeless, and opportunities for underprivileged children. 82 cents of every dollar The Salvation Army spends is used to support those services in 5,000 communities nationwide.

For more information about The Salvation Army and Red Kettle Kickoff, please visit, or

*A one-time donation of $10 will be added to your mobile phone bill or deducted from your prepaid balance. Message and data rates may apply. All charges are billed by and payable to your mobile service provider. Service is available on Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile. All purchases must be authorized by account holder. By participating, you certify that you are 18 years or older and/or have parental permission. Donations are collected for The Salvation Army and subject to the terms found at Privacy policy: Text STOP to 80888 to stop; Text HELP to 80888 for help.

HIV & AIDS in the United States Update

In anticipation of World AIDS Day 2014, December 1st, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has released its 2014 HIV Vital Signs report, which includes:

The topic of this year’s Vital Signs is the HIV Care Continuum in the United States, which reports on the percentages of people living with HIV in various stages of diagnosis, care, and antiretroviral treatment. Ensuring that all those living with HIV are successfully treated is critical to improve their overall health and reduce the risk of transmitting HIV to their partners. The National HIV/AIDS Strategy (NHAS) and the White House’s Continuum of Care Initiative seek to identify people who are living with HIV, link them to care, and ultimately increase the proportion of people with a suppressed viral load.

Vital Signs: HIV Diagnosis, Care, and Treatment Among Persons Living with HIV — United States, 2011

On November 25, 2014, this report was posted as an MMWR Early Release on the MMWR website (

Heather Bradley, PhD1, H. Irene Hall, PhD1, Richard J. Wolitski, PhD1, Michelle M. Van Handel, MPH1, Amy E. Stone, MCo1, Michael LaFlam1, Jacek Skarbinski, MD1,Darrel H. Higa, PhD1, Joseph Prejean, PhD1, Emma L. Frazier, PhD1, Roshni Patel, MPH1, Ping Huang, MS1, Qian An, MS1, Ruiguang Song, PhD1, Tian Tang, MS1,Linda A. Valleroy, PhD1 (Author affiliations at end of text)


Background: Infection with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), if untreated, leads to acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) and premature death. However, a continuum of services including HIV testing, HIV medical care, and antiretroviral therapy (ART) can lead to viral suppression, improved health and survival of persons infected with HIV, and prevention of HIV transmission.

Methods: CDC used data from the National HIV Surveillance System and the Medical Monitoring Project to estimate the percentages of persons living with HIV infection, diagnosed with HIV infection, linked to HIV medical care, engaged in HIV medical care, prescribed ART, and virally suppressed in the United States during 2011.

Results: In 2011, an estimated 1.2 million persons were living with HIV infection in the United States; an estimated 86% were diagnosed with HIV, 40% were engaged in HIV medical care, 37% were prescribed ART, and 30% achieved viral suppression. The prevalence of viral suppression was significantly lower among persons aged 18–24 years (13%), 25–34 years (23%), and 35–44 years (27%) compared with those aged ≥65 years (37%).

Conclusions: A comprehensive continuum of services is needed to ensure that all persons living with HIV infection receive the HIV care and treatment needed to achieve viral suppression. Improvements are needed across the HIV care continuum to protect the health of persons living with HIV, reduce HIV transmission, and reach prevention and care goals.

Implications for public health practice: State and local health departments, community-based organizations, and health care providers play essential roles in improving outcomes on the HIV care continuum that increase survival among persons living with HIV and prevent new HIV infections. The greatest opportunities for increasing the percentage of persons with a suppressed viral load are reducing undiagnosed HIV infections and increasing the percentage of persons living with HIV who are engaged in care.


In the United States, an estimated 1.2 million persons are living with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), a serious infection that, if untreated, leads to illness and premature death. Persons living with HIV who use antiretroviral therapy (ART) and achieve very low levels of the virus (suppressed viral load) can have a nearly normal life expectancy (1) and have very low risk for transmitting HIV to others (2). However, each year in the United States, nearly 50,000 persons become infected with HIV (3). Each step along the HIV care continuum (HIV diagnosis, prompt and sustained HIV medical care, and ART) is essential for achieving a suppressed viral load.

To accelerate progress toward reaching the goals of the National HIV/AIDS Strategy (NHAS), which include reducing new HIV infections, improving health outcomes among persons living with HIV, and reducing HIV-related disparities, the President issued an executive order in July 2013 directing federal agencies to improve outcomes along the HIV care continuum, with the goal of increasing viral suppression among persons living with HIV. This report estimates the number of persons living with HIV who received selected services along the HIV care continuum in the United States and the overall percentage of persons with suppressed viral load.


Data reported through December 2013 to the National HIV Surveillance System (NHSS) from 50 states and the District of Columbia were used to estimate the number of persons living with HIV infection and the number living with diagnosed HIV by year-end 2011. The number of persons living with HIV infection (prevalence) was estimated as previously described (4). NHSS data from 19 jurisdictions (18 states and the District of Columbia)* with complete laboratory reporting were used to estimate linkage to HIV medical care. Linkage to HIV medical care was defined as one or more documented viral load or CD4+ T-lymphocyte (CD4+) count test within 3 months after HIV diagnosis and was estimated among persons aged ≥13 years newly diagnosed with HIV in 2011.

Data from the Medical Monitoring Project were used to estimate the number of persons aged ≥18 years with HIV engaged in care, prescribed ART, and with a suppressed viral load (5). Numbers are weighted, nationally representative population estimates from a complex sample survey of persons in HIV medical care in the United States. Being engaged in care was defined as having had an HIV medical care visit during the survey’s sampling period of January–April 2011. ART was defined as documentation in the medical record of an ART prescription during the 12 months preceding interview. Viral suppression was defined as documentation in the medical record of viral load <200 copies/mL at last viral load test in the 12 months preceding interview. Statistical testing of differences between groups was conducted using the delta method (6).


In 2011, an estimated 1.2 million persons were living with HIV infection in the United States; an estimated 86% were diagnosed with HIV, 40% were engaged in HIV medical care, 37% were prescribed ART, and 30% achieved viral suppression (Figure 1).

The prevalence of viral suppression was significantly lower among persons aged 18–24 years (13%), 25–34 years (23%), and 35–44 years (27%) compared with those aged ≥65 years (37%). (Table 1). An estimated 28% of blacks achieved viral suppression, compared with 32% of whites, a difference that was not statistically significant.

Of 15,449 persons newly diagnosed with HIV in the 19 surveillance areas in 2011, 80% were linked to HIV medical care within 3 months. Linkage to care was lowest among persons aged 13–24 years (73%) and blacks (76%) (Table 2).

Of the estimated 1.2 million persons living with HIV, an estimated 839,336 (70%) had not achieved viral suppression. Of these 839,336, an estimated 20% had never been diagnosed with HIV, 66% had been diagnosed but were not engaged in HIV medical care, 4% were in HIV medical care but had not been prescribed ART, and 10% had been prescribed ART but had not achieved viral suppression (Figure 2).


Of persons living with HIV in the United States in 2011, 30% achieved viral suppression. This percentage was relatively stable from 2009 (26%) to 2011 (4). Improvements are needed across the HIV care continuum to protect the health of persons living with HIV, reduce HIV transmission, and reach national prevention and care goals. The greatest opportunities for increasing the percentage of persons with a suppressed viral load are reducing undiagnosed HIV infections and increasing the percentage of persons living with HIV who are engaged in care.

HIV diagnosis is the entry point of the HIV care continuum. All adolescents and adults should be tested for HIV infection at least once. Pregnant women should be tested, including those presenting at labor with an unknown HIV status. Persons at increased risk for HIV infection should be tested at least annually, including men who have sex with men (MSM), persons who inject drugs, and persons presenting for sexually transmitted disease testing (7,8).

Persons living with HIV must receive HIV medical care to benefit from being prescribed ART, becoming virally suppressed, and receiving prevention counseling to reduce risk behaviors. Approximately 66% of persons who did not have a suppressed viral load were diagnosed with HIV but not engaged in HIV medical care. Thus, interventions that increase the likelihood that such persons will seek and receive ongoing medical care are essential. Strategies include strengths-based case management (i.e., encouraging patients to identify and use internal strengths and assets to overcome obstacles), provider notification systems, co-located medical and support services, clinic materials promoting engagement in care, clinic staff who have expertise serving affected subpopulations (e.g., youths and gay men), and appointment scheduling (9). Patient navigation and outreach services might also be helpful (10).

To prevent deterioration of immune function, prolong life, and decrease transmission risk, all persons diagnosed with HIV should receive medical care and be offered ART as soon as possible after diagnosis with HIV infection, regardless of CD4+ count or HIV viral load (11). HIV medical care and treatment have multiple benefits. Most persons in HIV medical care are prescribed ART (92%) and achieve viral suppression (76%). Persons who are diagnosed with HIV at age 20 years and initiate ART immediately and consistently throughout their lives can expect to live an additional 51 years, which approaches the life expectancy of a person aged 20 years in the general population (1). Early ART has been shown to reduce the likelihood of sexual transmission of HIV by 96% (2). However, one in five newly diagnosed persons was not linked to care within 3 months, missing an important opportunity to receive early HIV treatment and care.

Outcomes along the HIV care continuum were associated with age. The lower percentages of younger people diagnosed, engaged in care, and on ART might reflect shorter duration of infection and less time for diagnosis. Further, the low percentage (13%) of persons aged 18–24 years achieving viral suppression is largely driven by the lower percentage diagnosed compared with other age groups. Although there were no significant differences in viral suppression by race/ethnicity, blacks had lower percentages than whites of being diagnosed and achieving viral suppression. Disparities along the HIV care continuum might reflect differences in access to and use of health care and treatment (12,13). Both targeted interventions and efforts to address underlying social determinants of health, such as increased access to health care and supportive services, could increase HIV diagnosis, engagement in care, ART, and viral suppression.

These findings are subject to limitations. First, linkage to care is based on persons newly diagnosed in 2011 using data from only 19 areas with complete laboratory reporting so might not be representative of the United States as a whole. Second, engagement in care might be underestimated, because only persons receiving HIV medical care during January–April, 2011 were considered engaged in care. Weighted population estimates of persons on ART and virally suppressed were only calculated among persons engaged in care, so an underestimate of engagement in care might also lead to underestimates of ART and viral suppression. Third, percentages of persons on ART might also reflect guidelines in effect in 2011 recommending ART initiation for persons with CD4+ count <500 cells/µL, which were revised in 2012 and now recommend treatment for all persons with HIV regardless of immune status. Fourth, viral suppression was defined based on laboratory results at last test and might not indicate durable viral suppression. Fifth, the number of persons living with HIV infection was estimated using NHSS data and was calculated for persons aged ≥13 years. Medical Monitoring Project data include persons aged ≥18 years, so persons aged 13–17 years are included in the denominator, but not the numerator, for estimates of percentages engaged in care, on ART, and virally suppressed. However, there were fewer than 5,000 persons aged 13–17 years living with diagnosed HIV in 2011, so this limitation is unlikely to substantially influence estimates.

State and local health departments, community-based organizations, and health care providers should work to reduce undiagnosed HIV infections and ensure that comprehensive services promoting linkage to, and engagement in, HIV medical care are available to all persons diagnosed with HIV. To support these efforts, CDC provides funding and technical assistance to reduce undiagnosed HIV infection, improve initial linkage and continued engagement in HIV medical care, increase viral suppression, and address disparities along the HIV care continuum. CDC is also working with state and local health departments to expand the use of HIV surveillance data in aggregate and on the individual level to improve engagement in HIV medical care and reduce viral load. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is supporting a range of projects to improve outcomes along the HIV care continuum, including research, Special Projects of National Significance, the Care and Prevention in the United States Demonstration Project, Partnerships for Care, Steps to Care, and other innovative programs.

The findings in this report indicate that continued and intensified efforts are needed along the HIV care continuum. Only with success at each step in the continuum (i.e., diagnosing those with HIV, linking them to and engaging them in care, and ensuring they receive optimal treatment and prevention services) can the ultimate goals of improving health, reducing disparities, extending lives, and preventing further HIV transmission be achieved.

1Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention, National Center for HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, STD, and TB Prevention, CDC (Corresponding author: Heather Bradley,, 404-639-8373)


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* The 19 jurisdictions were California (Los Angeles County and San Francisco only), Delaware, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New York, North Dakota, South Carolina, West Virginia, Wyoming, and the District of Columbia. Data from these areas represent 37% of data on diagnoses of HIV infection among persons aged ≥13 years during 2011 in the United States.

Additional information on these programs available online: Special Projects of National Significance ( Web Site Icon), the Care and Prevention in the United States Demonstration Project (, Partnerships for Care (, and STEPS to Care ( Adobe PDF file).


Key Points

  • An estimated 1.2 million persons are living with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) in the United States. Early HIV diagnosis, timely treatment, and HIV medical care can lead to viral suppression, which improves the health of persons living with HIV, increases survival, and prevents transmission to others.
  • An estimated 30% of persons living with HIV in the United States were virally suppressed in 2011, compared with 26% in 2009.
  • Persons aged 18–24 years, 25–34 years, and 35–44 years were less likely to have suppressed viral load compared with those aged ≥65 years.
  • Among persons whose viral load was not suppressed, 20% had never been diagnosed with HIV, 66% were diagnosed but not engaged in HIV medical care, 4% were engaged in HIV medical care but not prescribed antiretroviral therapy (ART), and 10% were prescribed ART but had not achieved viral suppression.
  • Increasing viral suppression will require increasing the percentages of persons with HIV who are aware of their infection (86% in 2011), engaged in HIV medical care (40% in 2011), and prescribed ART (37% in 2011).
  • Additional information is available at

All of these data and much more can be found in Monitoring Selected National HIV Prevention and Care Objectives by Using HIV Surveillance Data—United States and 6 Dependent Areas—2012, also released at the same time.

The percentage of people living with HIV who achieve viral suppression could be increased by expanding HIV testing efforts so that all people living with undiagnosed HIV know their status and are linked to and engaged in ongoing HIV medical care. Early and regular treatment with ART can protect health and extend life. People with HIV who are diagnosed early, begin ART immediately, and continue receiving ongoing care can have a life expectancy near to that of people who do not have HIV. Further, being on ART and virally suppressed can greatly reduce the risk of sexual transmission of HIV to partners. These benefits are powerful.

Health care providers can help keep patients in care by using appointment reminders, or by referring them to support services, such as nutrition, housing, or mental health services. They can also work with health departments in a Data to Care program to use HIV surveillance data to identify people with HIV who are not in care and link them to care. To encourage people living with HIV to get in care and stay in care, CDC recently released HIV Treatment Works, a new campaign under the Act Against AIDS initiative. This campaign focuses on helping people living with HIV get into care, start taking ART, remain in care, and adhere to treatment. Our clinical partners – doctors, nurses, and other health care providers, as well as health departments and professional organizations–play a pivotal role in helping get the word out about the health-preserving and HIV- prevention potential of getting on, and staying on, ART in order to achieve viral suppression.

Burj Al Arab Jumeirah Unveils “The Dream”, Video Marking its 15th Anniversary

Burj Al Arab - Exterior

Burj Al Arab – Exterior

As part of its 15th anniversary celebrations, Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, the world’s most luxurious hotel, has launched The Dream
[ ] – a powerful motion graphics video that takes the viewer on a journey starting from the vision, to the arrival, to the unveiling, to the heart and finally to the promise of more to come. The Dream [ ] showcases a number of the hotel’s most recognisable locations, including its famed sail, helipad and 180m high atrium – the world’s tallest.

Burj Al Arab Jumeirah always strives to find new ways of expressing its uniqueness to its many admirers across the world,” said Ross McAuley, Group Vice President of Brand, Digital and Loyalty at Jumeirah Group. “The hotel has always sought to be bold and innovative. This time the innovation is more artful, using carefully devised double-exposure filming techniques to bring elements of this remarkable icon to life with a dream-like narrative and a mesmerizing sequence of images. Another great example of Jumeirah’s STAY DIFFERENT(TM) promise“.

Burj Al Arab Jumeirah is owned and managed by Jumeirah Group, the global luxury hotel company and a member of Dubai Holding. It is designed to resemble a billowing sail and stands at a height of 321 meters. It is one of the most photographed structures in the world and has been consistently voted the world’s most luxurious hotel, with features including in suite check-in and check-out, reception desks on every floor, round-the-clock private butlers and use of the hotel’s Rolls-Royce fleet and private beach. The hotel’s 202 luxury suites range from 170 to 780 square meters with a rain shower and a Jacuzzi in each suite, as well as six restaurants and conference and banqueting venues.

Burj Al Arab - Remarkable Exterior View

Burj Al Arab – Remarkable Exterior View

Already one of the most awarded hotels in the world, Burj Al Arab Jumeirah were the recipient of the following awards in 2014:

  • Virgin Holidays Awards 2014 – Best Platinum Hotel (Al Qasr – Gold Award)
  • Virgin Holidays Awards 2014 – Best Hotel in the Middle East (Jumeirah Zabeel Saray – Silver Award)
  • Travel Weekly’s Hot Hotel Awards 2014 – Favourite Hotel for Spa and Luxury (Jumeirah Zabeel Saray)
  • Travel Weekly’s Hot Hotel Awards 2014 –  Favourite Hotel for Food and Drink (Madinat Jumeirah)
  • That’s Shanghai Awards – Best Foreign Culture Spa (Talise Spa, Jumeirah Himalayas Hotel)
  • City Traveler Awards 2014  – Highest Indoor Ceiling in Shanghai (Grand Ballroom at Jumeirah Himalayas Hotel)
  • Condé Nast Traveller Middle East – Best Hotel for Business Travel in the Middle East (Jumeirah Emirates Towers)
  • Condé Nast Traveler Reader’s Choice Awards 2014 – Best Hotels in the Middle East & North Africa (Burj Al Arab – ranked no.1; Jumeirah Emirates Towers – ranked no.7 and Jumeirah Beach Hotel – ranked no.8)
  • Condé Nast Traveler Reader’s Choice Awards 2014 – Top 100 Hotels & Resorts in the World (Burj Al Arab – ranked no. 28)
  • Villégiature Awards 2014 – Best Hotel in the Middle East (Jumeirah at Etihad Towers)
  • Hotels 2014 Social Hotel Award – Best Digital Video Campaign (Burj Al Arab – Red Bull Racing F1 Stunt on Burj Al Arab Helipad)
  • Orbitz 2014 – Best in Stay Elite Award – Dubai (Dar Al Masyaf)
  • Orbitz 2014 – Best in Stay Elite Award – Rome (Jumeirah Grand Hotel via Veneto)
  • Business Traveller UK Awards – Best Business Hotel Chain in Middle East (Jumeirah Group)
  • Business Traveller UK Awards – Best Business Hotel in Middle East (Jumeirah Emirates Towers)
  • Green Globe Organisation – Sustainability Leader Award (Jumeirah Group)
  • Business Traveller Awards Asia Pacific 2014 – Best Business Hotel Brand (Jumeirah Group)
  • Spanish Institute for the Tourism Sustainability (ISTUR) & Spanish Ministry of Industry and Tourism – Golden Sustainability Certificate (Jumeirah Port Soller)
  • Green Globe Certification 2014 – Jumeirah Zabeel Saray; Jumeirah at Etihad Towers; Burj Al Arab Jumeirah; Jumeirah Beach Hotel; Jumeirah Emirates Towers; Jumeirah World Trade Centre Residences
  • Skift 2014 – Best Social Media Presence by an Individual Hotel, Property or Resort (Burj Al Arab)
  • TripAdvisor – Certificate of Excellence Award 2014 (Jumeirah Himalayas Hotel)
  • TripAdvisor – Best Waterparks in the World (Wild Wadi – 6th place)
  • Expedia Insiders’ Select 2014 List – Most Reviewed Hotels (Dar Al Masyaf-3rd; Jumeirah Beach Hotel; Jumeirah Zabeel Saray; Jumeirah at Etihad Towers)
  • Travel + Leisure World’s Best Hotels 2014 – Burj Al Arab (No. 4 Top City Hotel in Africa and Middle East)
  • Uğur National Award 2014 – Best Spa Resort (Jumeirah Bilgah Beach Hotel)
  • Middle East Hotel Awards 2014 – Best Hotel in the Middle East (Burj Al Arab)
  • Middle East Hotel Awards 2014 – Best Hotel Lobby (Jumeirah Creekside Hotel)
  • Dubai Quality Awards 2013 Tourism Sector – Jumeirah Beach Hotel
  • Dubai Quality Appreciation Award 2013 Tourism Sector – Jumeirah Zabeel Saray
  • Daily Telegraph’s Ultratravel Readers 2014 – Best Hotel in the World (Burj Al Arab)
  • Daily Telegraph’s Ultratravel Readers 2014 – Best Hotel in the Middle East (Burj Al Arab)
  • Spa Traveller Awards 2014 – Best Wellness SPA Middle East (Talise Ottoman Spa)
  • Expedia Insiders’ Select™ 2014  – Winner, one of the top-ranked properties on Expedia (Jumeirah Zabeel Saray)
  • World Luxury Hotel Awards 2014 – Best Luxury Hotel Spa – Global Winner (Talise Spa, Burj Al Arab)
  • World Luxury Hotel Awards 2014 – Best Luxury Hotel Spa – Europe Continent Winner (Talise Spa, Jumeirah Port Soller Hotel & Spa)
  • World Luxury Hotel Awards 2014 – Best Luxury Hotel Spa – Middle East Continent Winner (Talise Ottoman Spa, Jumeirah Zabeel Saray)
  • World Luxury Hotel Awards 2014 – Best Luxury Wellness Spa – Middle East Continent Winner (Talise Spa, Jumeirah Emirates Towers)
  • Arabian Travel Market 2014 – Expedia’s ‘Middle East & Indian Ocean Campaign of the Year 2013 (Jumeirah Hotels & Resorts)
  • Business Traveller Middle East Awards 2014 – Best Hotel Brand in the Middle East (Jumeirah Group)
  • World Travel Awards 2014 – Kuwait’s Leading Business Hotel (Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel & Spa)
  • World Travel Awards 2014 – Middle East’s Leading Spa (Talise Ottoman Spa, Jumeirah Zabeel Saray)
  • World Travel Awards 2014 – Middle East’s Leading Resort Residences (Jumeirah Zabeel Saray)
  • World Travel Awards 2014 – Abu Dhabi’s Leading Hotel (Jumeirah at Etihad Towers)
  • World Travel Awards 2014 – Abu Dhabi’s Leading Conference Hotel (Jumeirah at Etihad Towers)
  • World Travel Awards 2014 – Middle East’s Leading Hotel (Jumeirah at Etihad Towers)
  • World Travel Awards 2014 – Middle East’s Leading All-Suite Hotel (Burj Al Arab)
  • World Travel Awards 204 – Dubai’s Leading Hotel (Burj Al Arab)
  • World Travel Awards 2014 – Dubai’s Leading Conference Hotel (Al Qasr)
  • World Travel Awards 2014 – Middle East’s Leading Conference Hotel (Al Qasr)
  • Travellers Choice Awards 2014 – Top 10 Hotels for Families, United Arab Emirates (Jumeirah Beach Hotel – ranked at no.1)
  • HolidayCheck Award 2014 – TopHotel in the region – Dubai (Jumeirah Beach Hotel)
  • HolidayCheck Award 2014 – TopHotel in the region – Abu Dhabi (Jumeirah at Etihad Towers)
  • HolidayCheck Award 2014 – “Popular among couples” (Jumeirah Zabeel Saray)
  • HolidayCheck Award 2014 – “City Trip” (Jumeirah Emirates Towers)
  • Conde Nast Traveler 2014 Gold List Africa – Middle East – Top Hotels (Burj Al Arab)
  • Conde Nast Traveler 2014 The Platinum Circle – Readers’ Favorites Year In and Year Out – (Burj Al Arab)

The Jumeirah Group operates a world-class portfolio of hotels and resorts including the flagship Burj Al Arab Jumeirah. Jumeirah Hotels & Resorts manages properties in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE, and Kuwait in the Middle East; Baku, Frankfurt, Istanbul, London, Mallorca (Spain) and Rome in Europe; the Maldives and Shanghai in Asia. Jumeirah Group also runs the luxury serviced residences brand Jumeirah Living with properties in London and Dubai; the new contemporary lifestyle hotel brand VENU; the wellness brand Talise; Jumeirah Restaurants; Wild Wadi Waterpark; The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management; and Sirius, its global loyalty programme. Future openings include luxury and lifestyle hotels in China, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Morocco, Oman, Russia and the UAE.

David Yurman Announces Opening of Soho (NYC) Boutique

David Yurman unveiled its second New York City retail location in the heart of Soho today. The company was founded in New York in 1980, and quickly became known as America’s leading fine jewelry and luxury timepiece designer for men, women, and children. The signature gold and silver designs; diamond, pearl, and gemstone jewelry; and Swiss-crafted timepieces are renowned for capturing the essence of relaxed American luxury. David Yurman collections are available at 32 retail locations throughout the United States, Canada, France and China, and at authorized fine jewelry and timepiece retailers worldwide.

David Yurman Soho Boutique Exterior Shot in New York City, New York. Photo Credit: Jeffrey Totaro (PRNewsFoto/David Yurman)

David Yurman Soho Boutique Exterior Shot in New York City, New York. Photo Credit: Jeffrey Totaro (PRNewsFoto/David Yurman)

Conceived by The Yurmans in partnership with the company’s in-house design team, the 2,000-square-foot store is an expression of their approach to casual luxury, appreciation of craft and legacy as artists in Soho’s 1970s community. The boutique ( 114 Prince Street, New York, NY 10012) is located in the Soho-Cast Iron Historic District in a late nineteenth-century loft building known for its Richard Haas trompe l’oeil mural. The classical lines of the cast-iron facade beautifully frame the sculpted forms of David Yurman’s collections.

David Yurman Soho Boutique Interior Shot in New York City, New York. Photo Credit: Jeffrey Totaro (PRNewsFoto/David Yurman)

David Yurman Soho Boutique Interior Shot in New York City, New York. Photo Credit: Jeffrey Totaro (PRNewsFoto/David Yurman)

Located blocks away from the company’s headquarters, the store will house two bronze angels created by David, life-size versions of his evocative direct-welded sculptures. The space will reflect The Yurmans’ aesthetic and inspirations with a wall of artifacts and sketches, live-edge wood surfaces, and artisanal metal finishes. Paintings by Sybil will be displayed throughout the space.

The boutique will carry David Yurman’s classic collections, including gold and sterling silver designs for women and men; timepieces; high jewelry; and the Wedding Collection. Recently launched collections will also be available, including the Venetian Quatrefoil® Collection, Hampton Cable Collection®, Cable Buckle Collection®, and pieces from the Petite Pave Collection, as well as the  Forged Carbon, Frontier(TM), Meteorite, and Modern Chevron collections for men. A selection of unique pieces created exclusively for the Soho boutique will also be available.

I cut my teeth as a sculptor and an artist in this neighborhood – it truly is home for Sybil and me.  What was the epicenter of gallery culture in New York has since evolved into a vibrant, international destination. We’re thrilled to be a part of this community’s past, present and future,” says Designer and CEO David Yurman.




$75,000 in grants to be awarded to filmmakers 

Film Independent, the nonprofit arts organization that produces the Film Independent Spirit Awards, the Los Angeles Film Festival and Film Independent at LACMA, announced nominations for the 2015 Spirit Awards this morning. Film Independent President Josh Welsh presided over the press conference held at the W Hollywood, with actors Rosario Dawson and Diego Luna presenting the nominations. Nominees for Best Feature included Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance),Boyhood, Love is Strange, Selma and Whiplash.

Now in its 30th year, the Film Independent Spirit Awards is an annual celebration honoring artist-driven films made with an economy of means by filmmakers whose films embody independence and originality. The Spirit Awards recognizes the achievements of FILMINDEPENDENT_SpiritAwards_30th_Black (1)American independent filmmakers and promotes the finest independent films of the year to a wider audience. The winners of the Spirit Awards are voted upon by Film Independent and IFP Members. Awards are given in the following categories: Best Feature, Best First Feature, Best First Screenplay, Best Director, Best Screenplay, John Cassavetes Award (given to the best feature made for a budget under $500,000), Best Male Lead, Best Female Lead, Best Supporting Male, Best Supporting Female, Best Cinematography, Best Editing, Best International Film, Best Documentary and the Robert Altman Award. The Filmmaker Grants include the Piaget Producers Award, the LensCrafters Truer Than Fiction Award, and the Kiehl’s Someone to Watch Award. The Film Independent Spirit Awards are sponsored by Premier Sponsors Piaget, The Lincoln Motor Company, Bank of America, Heineken and IFC. FIJI Water is the Official Water of the 2015 Spirit Awards. WireImage is the Official Photographer of Film Independent.

As we celebrate 30 years of great independent film,” said Josh Welsh, President of Film Independent, “this year’s nominees are an astonishingly strong group of films and filmmakers which demonstrate the uniqueness of vision we honor at this show.”

Inherent Vice was selected to receive the Robert Altman Award, which is bestowed upon one film’s director, casting director and ensemble cast. The Altman Award was created in 2008 in honor of legendary director Robert Altman who was known for creating extraordinary ensemble casts.

Paul Thomas Anderson’s Inherent Vice is a testament to the spirit of Altman’s tradition of artistic collaboration,” said Welsh. “The film features an exquisite ensemble of actors masterfully directed and cast.”

Film Independent also awarded a Special Distinction Award to Bennett Miller’s Foxcatcher for its uniqueness of vision, honesty of direction and screenwriting, superb acting and achievement on every level of filmmaking. Due to Spirit Awards guidelines, Inherent Viceand Foxcatcher werenot eligible for individual nominations.

Winners will be announced at the Spirit Awards on Saturday, February 21, 2015. The awards ceremony will be held as a daytime luncheon in a tent on the beach in Santa Monica. This year the show will broadcast live exclusively on IFC at 2:00 PM PT/ 5:00 PM ET.

Winners of the Spirit Awards Filmmaker Grants will be highlighted during the awards ceremony and announced at the Film Independent Spirit Awards Filmmaker Grants and Nominee Brunch on Saturday, January 10, 2015, at BOA Steakhouse in West Hollywood.

The Spirit Awards Nominating Committees selected nominees from 341 submissions this year and applied the following guidelines in determining the nominations: uniqueness of vision, original and provocative subject matter, economy of means (with particular attention paid to total production cost and individual compensation) and percentage of financing from independent sources. The Spirit Awards Nominating Committees are comprised of writers, directors, producers, cinematographers, editors, actors, critics, casting directors, film festival programmers and other working film professionals.

Over the past 30 years the Film Independent Spirit Awards has made a name for itself as the premiere awards show for the independent film community. Artists who have received industry recognition first at the Spirit Awards include Joel and Ethan Coen, Spike Lee, Oliver Stone, Ashley Judd, Robert Rodriguez, David O. Russell, Edward Burns, Aaron Eckhart, Neil LaBute, Darren Aronofsky, Spike Jonze, Charlie Kaufman, Hilary Swank, Marc Forster, Todd Field, Christopher Nolan, Zach Braff, Amy Adams, Lena Dunham and many more.

The Film Independent Spirit Awards are sponsored by Premier Sponsors Piaget, The Lincoln Motor Company, Bank of America, Heineken and IFC. T-Mobile is the Official Arrivals Show Sponsor and FIJI Water is the Official Water of the 2015 Spirit Awards. WireImage is the Official Photographer of Film Independent.

The Spirit Awards is the primary fundraiser for Film Independent’s year-round programs. For more information on submission guidelines, voting, media and publicist credentials, and the history of the Spirit Awards, please visit



BEST FEATURE  (Award given to the producer; executive producers are not awarded.)

Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)
Producers: Alejandro G. Iñárritu, John Lesher, Arnon Milchan, James W. Skotchdopole

Producers: Richard Linklater, Jonathan Sehring, John Sloss, Cathleen Sutherland

Love is Strange
Producers: Lucas Joaquin, Lars Knudsen, Ira Sachs, Jayne Baron Sherman, Jay Van Hoy

Producers: Christian Colson, Dede Gardner, Jeremy Kleiner, Oprah Winfrey

Producers: Jason Blum, Helen Estabrook, David Lancaster, Michel Litvak

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Visitors to Four 2014 Exhibitions at Metropolitan Museum Generated $753 Million in Spending in New York

Visitors to The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s presentation of four special exhibitions during the spring/summer 2014 season—Lost Kingdoms: Hindu-Buddhist Sculpture of Early Southeast Asia, 5th to 8th Century; The Roof Garden Commission: Dan Graham with Günther Vogt; Charles James: Beyond Fashion; and Garry Winogrand—generated an estimated $753 million in spending in New York, according to a visitor survey released by the Museum today. Using the industry standard for calculating tax revenue impact, the study found that the direct tax benefit to the City and State from out-of-town visitors to the Museum totaled some $75.3 million. (Study findings below.) 53% of the out-of-town exhibition visitors reported that visiting the Met was a key motivating factor in their decision to visit New York. (The latest economic impact survey was conducted by the Museum’s Office of Market Research.)

Thomas P. Campbell, Director and CEO of the Metropolitan Museum, noted: “As this annual survey continues to indicate, the Met’s stellar range of exhibitions, as well as its renowned collection, are recognized world-wide for their excellence, and continue to draw domestic and international visitors to New York in large numbers. This visitorship plays a vital role in the City’s cultural tourism, which is a powerful contributor to the economic well-being of New York.”

Emily K. Rafferty, President of the Metropolitan Museum—who also serves as chair of NYC & Company, the City’s official tourism agency—stated: “With travelers still coming to New York in record-breaking numbers, the Metropolitan Museum continues to hold its place as the most-visited cultural attraction in the City. We are pleased to see through this survey that the Met remains such a strong motivating force for our visitors from outside the five boroughs of New York City.”

In the spring/summer 2014 period, Lost Kingdoms, on view from April 14 through July 27, drew 197,710 visitors. Attendance for The Roof Garden Commission: Dan Graham with Günther Vogt was 559,876 during its run from April 29 through November 2. This spring’s Costume Institute exhibition on Charles James attracted 505,307 visitors from May 8 through August 10, and Garry Winogrand had a total attendance of 165,579 from June 27 through September 21, 2014. (Further details about each exhibition appear below.)

The survey found that 79% of the Museum’s visitors from May through August traveled from outside the five boroughs of New York City. Of these travelers, approximately half were domestic, and the other half international tourists. Eighty percent of travelers reported staying overnight in the City and, of these, 70% stayed in a hotel, hostel, or rented apartment. The average length of stay was 6.3 days. These out-of-town visitors reported spending an average of $1,122 per person ($746 for lodging, sightseeing, entertainment, admission to museums, and local transportation, and another $376 for shopping).

Fifty-three percent of Met out-of-town visitors cited the Met as a key motivating factor in visiting New York City. Using a scale of zero to ten, 28% of visitors responded with a rating of 8 or above when asked how important seeing one of the four exhibitions was in motivating them to visit New York, and 53% gave a rating of 8 or above with regard to the Met in general. The primary purpose of traveling to New York was pleasure for 84% of visitors, business for 3%, and combined business and pleasure for 13%. The estimated economic impact is $399 million for the portion of visitors who reported their visit was highly motivated by a trip to the Museum, and $211 million for those who said the exhibitions were a key motivation, yielding an estimated tax benefit of $39.9 million and $21.1 million, respectively.

The number of visitors surveyed was 1,171. Eighty-six percent of visitors reported that they planned to see at least one of the four exhibitions in this study. The economic impact is based on people who actually visited at least one of these exhibitions. The Metropolitan Museum of Art—the most visited cultural attraction in New York City—welcomed 6.2 million visitors in Fiscal Year 2014 (July 1, 2013 – June 30, 2014).

Of the Museum’s 2.2 million visitors from May through August (the time frame of this study),79% came from outside the five boroughs of New York City. Approximately half of those out-of-town visitors were domestic and the other half international tourists. International visitors on average spend more and stay longer than domestic visitors.

Visitor Spending

The total estimated visitor spending in New York City by out-of-town visitors to the Museum’s spring/summer exhibitions is $753 million. Using the standard estimated 10% tax rate (combining sales and hotel taxes), the tax benefit for New York City and State would be $75.3 million for all visitors.

Fifty-three percent of the out-of-town visitors reported that visiting the Met was a key motivating factor in their decision to visit New York City. 28% of the out-of-town visitors said that seeing one of the four exhibitions (Lost Kingdoms, The Roof Garden Commission, Charles James, and Garry Winogrand) was an important motivating factor in visiting New York. Using a scale of zero (not at all important) to ten (very important), 28% of visitors gave a rating of 8 or above in regard to the exhibitions, and 53% gave a rating of 8 or above to visiting the Museum in general.

The estimated visitor spending is $399 million for just the portion of visitors who reported their visit was highly motivated by a trip to the Museum, and $211 million for the portion of visitors who reported that the exhibitions were a key motivation for their trip, yielding an estimated tax benefit of $39.9 million, and $21.1 million, respectively.

Visitors from out-of-town reported spending on average $1,122 per person during their stay in New York City: $746 for expenses and $376 for shopping. Expenses included hotel, dining, entertainment, and local transportation but excluded transportation to the City. Eighty percent of the out-of-town visitors stayed overnight in the City and, of these, 70% stayed in a hotel, hostel, or rented apartment. The average length of stay was 6.3 days. Museum visitors are active participants in other cultural activities. During their visit to New York, 87% visited other museums, 50% saw a Broadway or theatrical show, and 37% visited an art gallery. These results indicate that Met Museum visitors continue a wide participation in multiple cultural activities while in New York. In terms of other leisure activities, 65% of visitors shopped while in New York and 51% dined at a restaurant.

The full-year estimate of visitor spending in New York, by out-of-town visitors to the Museum in Fiscal Year 2014, is $5.13 billion. During that year, The Metropolitan Museum of Art welcomed 6.2 million visitors, 26% of them from NYC, and 74% from outside the five boroughs. For those whose visit to New York was highly motivated by a trip to the Museum, the estimated annual impact is $2.72 billion, with a tax impact of $272 million.

Exhibitions Included in Survey
Lost Kingdoms: Hindu-Buddhist Sculpture of Early Southeast Asia, 5th to 8th Century
April 14 – July 27, 2014 (15 weeks)
Total Visitors: 197,710
Average/Day: 1,797

Lost Kingdoms: Hindu-Buddhist Sculpture of Early Southeast Asia, 5th to 8th Centurywas the first international loan exhibition devoted to the early art of Southeast Asia. The 160 sculptures on view—from Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar (Burma), and Vietnam—provided a unique window onto these forgotten cultures. The exhibition was made possible by the Placido Arango Fund, the Fred Eychaner Fund, the William Randolph Hearst Foundation, the Henry Luce Foundation, the E. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter Foundation, and the National Endowment for the Arts. Additional support was provided by Jim Thompson America, Inc. and Bangkok Broadcasting & T.V. Co., Ltd.

The Roof Garden Commission: Dan Graham with Günther Vogt
April 29 – November 2, 2014 (27 weeks)
Total Visitors: 559,876
Average/Day: 3,128

The Roof Garden Commission: Dan Graham with Günther Vogt created an entirely new terrain of steel and two-way mirrored glass set between ivy hedgerows that engaged with issues of urbanity, public space, and the viewer’s own experience within it. The exhibition was made possible by Bloomberg. Additional support was provided by Cynthia Hazen Polsky and Leon B. Polsky.

Charles James: Beyond Fashion
May 8 – August 10, 2014 (13 weeks)
Total Visitors: 505,307
Average/Day: 5,209

Charles James: Beyond Fashion examined the career of the legendary 20th-century Anglo-American couturier (1906-1978), whose ball gowns and innovative tailoring continue to influence fashion designers today. The exhibition was made possible by AERIN. Additional support was provided by Condé Nast.

Garry Winogrand
June 27 – September 21, 2014 (12 weeks)
Total Visitors: 165,579
Average/Day: 1,882

Garry Winogrand, a retrospective of one of the greatest photographers of the 20th century, featured approx. 175 of his best-known photographs from his 30-year career.

The exhibition was organized by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and the National Gallery of Art, Washington. The international tour of this exhibition was sponsored by the Terra Foundation for American Art. Leadership support was provided by Randi and Bob Fisher. Additional support was provided by the Blavatnik Family Foundation and The Daniel and Estrellita Brodsky Foundation. Economic impact is calculated using the standard estimated sales tax rate.


World AIDS Day 2014: Closing the gap in HIV prevention and treatment

On World AIDS Day 2014, the World Health Organization will issue new recommendations to help countries close important gaps in HIV prevention and treatment services. WHO is the directing and coordinating authority for health within the United Nations system. It is responsible for providing leadership on global health matters, shaping the health research agenda, setting norms and standards, articulating evidence-based policy options, providing technical support to countries and monitoring and assessing health trends.

aids day

The guidelines will include advice on providing antiretroviral drugs for people who have been exposed to HIV – such as health workers, sex-workers, survivors of rape. They also include recommendations on preventing and managing common opportunistic infections and diseases such as severe bacterial and malaria infections, cryptococcal meningitis and the many oral and skin infections that can affect people living with HIV.

In 2013, WHO published consolidated guidelines on the use of antiretrovirals that promote earlier, simpler and less toxic interventions to keep people healthier for longer, and to help prevent HIV transmission. A growing number of countries with a high burden of HIV have adopted these guidelines. In 2013, a record 13 million people were able to access life-saving ARVs.

But too many people still lack access to comprehensive HIV treatment and prevention services. The 1 December supplement to the WHO consolidated guidelines on the use of antiretroviral drugs for treating and preventing HIV infection, released in June 2013, aims to help bridge that gap.

More information about the topic

World AIDS Day campaign materials

Apple Announces World AIDS Day 2014 Campaign for (RED)

Popular Apps Turn (RED) to Fight AIDS

Apple Donating A Portion of Holiday Sales from Retail & Online Stores

To mark World AIDS Day 2014, Apple® and leading app developers are inviting customers to help (RED) achieve the goal of an AIDS-free generation. For the next two weeks, a special section of the App Store℠ called Apps for (RED) will offer 25 apps with exclusive new content where all proceeds will go directly to the Global Fund to fight AIDS. In addition, Apple will donate a portion of sales at Apple’s retail and online stores around the world on two of the biggest shopping days of the year: Friday, November 28 and Monday, December 1.

Apple is a proud supporter of (RED) because we believe the gift of life is the most important gift anyone can give,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO. “For eight years, our customers have been helping fight AIDS in Africa by funding life-saving treatments which are having a profoundly positive impact. This year we are launching our biggest fundraising push yet with the participation of Apple’s retail and online stores, and some of the brightest minds in the App Store are lending their talents to the effort as well.

Apple and App Store developers will generate donations for (RED) in several ways over the next two weeks:

  • From Monday, November 24 through Sunday, December 7, the App Store’s Apps for (RED) campaign will feature 25 fan-favorite apps with exclusive new content. Every time a customer purchases a participating (PRODUCT)RED app or an exclusive In-App Purchase, all proceeds will go to the Global Fund.
  • On Friday, November 28, Apple customers in the US will receive a special edition (RED) iTunes® gift card with the purchase of select Apple products. For each gift card distributed, Apple will also donate a percentage to the Global Fund.
  • On Monday, December 1— World AIDS Day—Apple will donate a portion of every sale at Apple’s retail and online stores to the Global Fund to fight AIDS.

Apple isn’t just in the fight to end AIDS. They are setting a new bar for business, giving $75 million and counting to the Global Fund as part of their partnership with (RED),” said Bono, co-founder of (RED). “I couldn’t be prouder to work with them.”

Apps for (RED) marks the first-ever global App Store initiative in support of (RED). Participating developers have created (RED)-inspired content and experiences for their fans to enjoy, including:

• Angry Birds players can perfect their bird-flinging with (RED)’s Mighty Feathers and challenge themselves to a bonus golden egg level.
• Bubble Witch 2 Saga offers new (PRODUCT)RED levels across all 17 episodes of the game. Gold bar currency purchases will be donated to (RED).

• CSR Racing delivers new in-game thrills with the highly anticipated Mercedes Benz-AMG GT. 

• Clash of Clans warriors can prepare for battle with special edition (PRODUCT)RED gems and display a (RED) badge of honor on the village’s town hall. 

• Clear’s users can perfect their organizational skills with a new (PRODUCT)RED theme which appears automatically with all new downloads. 

• Cut the Rope 2 unveils a wide selection of (PRODUCT)RED items including a new red hat, red touch print, red balloons and a red ginger cookie.

• Despicable Me: Minion Rush reveals a new Lifeguard minion that helps players boost their banana collection skills by 200 percent.

• DJay 2’s spin tables turn (RED) and offer DJs a special sound pack.

• FarmVille 2: Country Escape players can “Roll out the RED Carpet” and purchase limited-time items such as the Cozy Cow, St. Bernard and more.

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team players can compete in a (RED) Tournament and Team of the Week event. All winners will be awarded football superstar and (RED) Ambassador Rafa Marquez.

• Frozen Free Fall unveils a magical new (RED) Challenge in the Kingdom of Arendelle, and offers an exclusive combined offer of 1 power-up, 1 snowball and 3 lives.

• GarageBand® users can now purchase an exclusive collection of 300 guitar, bass, synth and drum loops to create even more amazing music. 

• Kim Kardashian: Hollywood’s aspiring celebrity players can treat themselves to (PRODUCT)RED items including (BEATS)RED Solo2 headphones. Kris Jenner, the first family member to join Kim’s in-app world, will make her in-game debut on December 1.

• Heads Up! competition heats up with an exclusive new deck featuring (RED) words.

• The Human Body debuts the Immune System feature, educating users on how the body fights pathogens. The accompanying handbook features a new section on HIV/AIDS.

• Kitchen Stories Cookbook will offer a special-edition holiday recipe pack, featuring dishes from renowned chefs Mario Batali, Martha Stewart, Luke Holden and Michael Lomonaco.

Monument Valley offers a whole new chapter of Ida’s Journey, marking the final new feature of the game. 

• Over customers have access to a wide selection of (PRODUCT)RED fonts and inspiring artwork, specially created by six artists. Users can share photos with the (RED) brackets overlay to help spread awareness. 

• Paper by FiftyThree enthusiasts can enjoy a new (PRODUCT)RED Essentials Pack including Sketch, Outline, Write, Color and Mixer tools.

• Puzzle & Dragons players have exclusive access to the new (PRODUCT)RED magic stone.

• Rayman Fiesta Run introduces a new (RED) edition to their wacky Fiesta world, and players can purchase a pack of three new costumes for Rayman, Globox and Teensy characters.

• Star Walk 2 users can learn more about Mars with the comprehensive new RED Planet feature.

• Sims FreePlay features a special community challenge that unlocks various rewards, and players can purchase limited-edition (PRODUCT)RED items such as a swimming pool, party plane and piñata.

• Threes! turns (RED) with a limited-edition (PRODUCT)RED theme.

• Toca Boca paints Toca Town (RED)! Kids can discover new (RED) diamonds, sample (RED) ice cream in the app and look for other surprises throughout the game.

More information about Apple’s World AIDS Day 2014 campaign, including Apps for (RED), is available at

adidas Originals and PHARRELL WILLIAMS Launches Holiday “Polka Dot Pack” Limited Edition Collection

Multifaceted musician and cultural icon, Pharrell Williams (NBC’s The Voice,) continues his highly successful collaboration with adidas with the new Polka Dot Pack Collection. Using his ongoing love affair with two of adidas’ most celebrated design icons: the Superstar Track Jacket and the Stan Smith sneaker, Williams imbues the collection with the classic polka dot: a bold, fun print motif that signals high energy. This the final adidas Originals = PHARRELL WILLIAMS collection for 2014 – with additional pieces to follow in 2015.

On November 28th, two different ‘Polka Dot Packs’ are being launched in-stores worldwide, with both assortments experimenting with different colors; fabrics and dot size proportions. One, showcasing a larger size polka dot throughout, offers Track Jackets and Stan Smith sneakers in 3 different shades each cut from fine leathers, with white dots are spread across both the footwear and jackets, applied over a background of red, blue or black.

The other, simultaneously timed ‘dot’ delivery features a smaller scale dot, printed in red. While the Stan Smith shoes in this assortment are leather, the track jackets are offered in satin. Both jackets and sneakers are ranged in a palette of yellow with red micro-dots; blue with red micro-dots; and a fresh white, also featuring the smaller sized red dots.

The campaign artwork accompanying these deliveries plays off the same optimistic and playful spirit of the spotted product. The campaign is once again captured by photographer, Ryan McGinley, with a production team led by art director Lloyd & Co. and styled by editor, Jay Massacret, and the campaign visuals intend to express the most profound joy of all: love. Aerial shots of the same group of millennials – first seen in the Tennis Campaign / Equal Sign images – reveal the group has united once more, this time in the shape of a heart.

H&M Unveils new Tennis Collection for Tomas Berdych


Technology and a competitive edge are the themes of H&M’s new tennis collection, made in collaboration with Tomas Berdych, who will wear pieces from the range at the London Masters 2014. The collection is the latest in a long-term partnership between H&M and tennis player Tomas Berdych, currently ranked 7th in the world. He wears H&M on and off-court, as well as contributes to the design of the collection with the team at H&M.

The collection, available in selected stores as well as online, draws inspiration from Samurai Culture and fractured mineral formations, using new technologies and materials for both function and style.

I love how this collection brings together fashion and technology,” says Tomas Berdych. “The basis of a good collaboration is being able to understand each other, to listen and to share objectives. I’m really pleased that our collaboration works so well.

Pieces include a heat reactive printed T-shirt, and a polo decorated with a fragmented mineral pattern. As well as shorts, tights and caps, there are also pieces for keeping warm off-court in the winter months, such as a transforming parka and technical warm-up pants.


Eastpak Artist Studio (EAST) Launches New Collection to Benefit Designers Against Aids

Eastpak has released the creations for the fourth edition of the Eastpak Artist Studio (EAST), comprising some of the biggest names in the fashion industry. Joining forces in support of Designers Against AIDS, all 16 EAST designers –including Manolo Blahnik, Jean Paul Gaultier and Dutch designer Antoine Peters— have directed their considerable creative energies to the task of transforming a special edition blank Eastpak backpack into a unique work of art for charity.

Jean Paul Gaultier

Jean Paul Gaultier

All designers were asked to use the classic Padded Pak’r® and create a unique work of art. Except for keeping intact the Eastpak Artist Studio logo the designers had no restrictions to re-interpret this iconic backpack in their own style, taste and vision.

All EAST creations will be auctioned off and all proceeds will be donated to the charity organization, Designers Against AIDS (DAA).

DAA was launched in 2004 by the non-profit organization Beauty Without Irony. It’s main objective is to raise awareness for HIV/AIDS and to get the subject back on the agenda in the international media and amongst the public at large. DAA, Eastpak and the artists of the Eastpak Artist Studio are sending a clear declaration of intent to join in the fight against this destructive disease while giving support to sufferers worldwide, as well as telling the world that the disease is still active throughout the world, with new cases being announced every day. DAA’s campaigns also borrow elements from pop culture, targeting primarily young people in industrialized countries where the disease has of late been largely forgotten. The organization also fights for the acceptance and equal rights of seropositive people around the world.

Said Antoine Peters, “I ​​am very honored to participate in this edition of Eastpak Artist Studio. I think it’s great that I can use my creativity and design to contribute to the discussion about and such an important issue as the fighting of HIV/Aids.”

On World Aids Day – December ist, 2014 – the bags will be sold through an online auction. All proceeds go to Designers Against Aids.

If you want to find out more about DAA, visit their website

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It’s true: good things – amazing things, actually – come in small packages. The Four Seasons Festive Gift Card puts the world at your fingertips, from restful retreats to adrenaline-charged adventures. Available from November 25 to December 25, 2014, give this perfect present to that hard-to-shop-for loved one. Here’s a peek at whatFour Seasons Gift Cards can be redeemed for:

Give the gift of the perfect sleep

In a recent survey, 31 percent of Four Seasons guests said they wished they could take the hotel bed home with them. Well, it’s a good thing Four Seasons is in the business of making dreams come true! Festive Gift Cards can be redeemed for the new, cloud-like Four Seasons Bed, complete with mattress, boxspring (optional) and topper of choice, from the Signature hotel topper to Signature Plush or Firm. After all, what’s more valuable than a great night’s sleep every single night? This is the gift that keeps giving.

Give the gift of “wow”

Four Seasons Gift Cards can also count toward one of the Extraordinary Experiences offered worldwide, such as:

  • Workout recovery, Thai-style: A little R ‘n’ R (rest and recovery) after a workout in the new Muay Thai training ring at Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui is just what the coach ordered. The restorative Muay Thai Recovery treatment combines a Thai herbal steam, cooling leg massage and invigorating full-body massage with essential oils of black pepper, clove and ylang ylang.
  • Get behind the wheel of a Ferrari: Take a cherry-red Ferrari for a spin from Four Seasons Hotel Milano to the brand’s manufacturing plant and museum. Hop in, buckle up and enjoy a two-and-a-half hour drive through through the Italian countryside to the Ferrari manufacturing plant in Maranello. There, you’ll get a guided tour – a privilege otherwise available only to Ferrari owners – and a chance to explore the car’s rich history at the Ferrari museum, just minutes away. End your excursion with lunch at Ristorante Montana in nearby Fiorano.
  • Champagne and Polo Ponies: Guests of Four Seasons Resort Palm Beach can enjoy a VIP brunch at the nearby International Polo Club before settling in for a match and poolside after-party. Or, for a more active adventure, saddle up for a 90-minute personalized lesson with an expert player.
  • Spend the day at Downton Abbey: Stay at Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire and travel back in time with an intimate, after-hours visit to Highclere Castle, the filming location of the popular television series Downton Abbey. You’ll be chauffeur-driven to the castle in a vintage Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith for your behind-the-scenes tour. As you explore the castle and its grounds, learn about Highclere’s fascinating history and the British aristocrats who have called it home for centuries – a cast of characters as intriguing as the fictional one!




Welcome to the new Four Seasons Resort Dubai at Jumeirah Beach, where personalized service, uncompromising quality and the utmost attention to every detail are the ultimate luxuries.

Christian Clerc, Four Seasons Senior Vice President, Hotel Operations, Europe, Middle East and Africa, sets the stage: “We continue to seek opportunities in destinations where our discerning guests want to travel.  Equally as important is finding the right partners with whom we share a vision and commitment to excellence.  This property delivers on the promise of exceptional service and luxury that is synonymous with Four Seasons, while also introducing something new and exciting to the market to create a unique guest experience. We are confident that this spectacular hotel will quickly become the preferred choice of international travellers, as well as Emiratis and the city’s ex-pat community.”



Simon Casson, Regional Vice President and General Manager of Four Seasons Resort Dubai, agrees: “For those already familiar with Dubai’s sky-piercing architecture and over-the-top opulence, prepare to be surprised. Our Resort is an intimately scaled, luxurious enclave of comfort and style, in the heart of one of the world’s most dynamic cities.”

Every guest room and suite opens to large terraces that take in panoramic views of the open sea and Dubai’s glittering skyline, and numerous sun-or-stars outdoor dining and event spaces take full advantage of the Resort’s incredible location. Mere minutes from all the pleasures and key business hubs of the city, Four Seasons Resort Dubai is an inviting oasis nestled in the highly desirable Jumeirah residential neighbourhood.

Experience the new Dubai: In celebration of its Grand Opening, Four Seasons Resort Dubai at Jumeirah Beach is offering several attractive opening offers and packages to welcome its first guests.

Stay in Style at Four Seasons Resort Dubai

Balconies off each of the 237 guests rooms and suites – some so large as to accommodate both a daybed and a dining table – offer sweeping views of the sea or the city’s famous skyline.  Inside, extra high three metre (9.8 foot) ceilings are accentuated by full height leather headboards above the new fully customizable Four SeasonsBeds in the almost loft-like environment. Luxurious details include convivial L-shaped sofas, shopping-ready walk-in closets and executive-sized desks for business travellers.  Silver-leafed bathroom ceilings and Murano glass fixtures cast a flattering glow as guests indulge in complimentary toiletries by Etro.

Many families and business travellers are choosing one of eleven Imperial Suites, each with large living and dining space, two furnished terraces, and easy addition of a second bedroom.  Three sumptuous suites on the Resort’s uppermost fifth floor include the Presidential Suite and Penthouse Suite, each boasting its own media room, private gym and panoramic sea views from the wrap-around terrace; and the Royal Suite – accessed by its own private elevator – with spa, gym, show kitchen and, at the heart of the space, a grand salon with its own piano, perfect for entertaining.

And, while both of these incredible suites are surely destined to take their place among Dubai’s most coveted accommodations, there is still one more surprise to come:  “We will soon unveil a very special freestanding villa hidden in the gardens of the Resort that will rival the very best accommodations in the Middle East, if not the world,” hints Casson.

Envisioned by world-renowned architects WATG, the Resort’s sophisticated seaside style is by San Francisco-based interior designers BAMO, with several of the hotel’s restaurants by New York-based Tihany Design. Arabic design accents highlight Spanish-Mediterranean architecture in this 14 acre (5.6 hectare) Resort, and luxuriant touches are everywhere, such as the incredible Seguso glass ballastraded grand staircase.  Throughout, Toronto and London-based James Robertson Art Consultants have curated a harmonious collection of contemporary Arabic and international artists.  Taking cues from the Resort’s shimmering textures and Arabic design accents, the paintings, prints and sculptures as well as unique mixed media installations express Dubai’s traditional past, and its inspiring future.

Where Dining Out is an Art, Four Seasons Offers a Curated Collection of Options

Executive Chef Gilles Arzur, most recently of the famed Beverly Wilshire, A Four Seasons Hotel, shares his thoughts on the new Dubai:  “The appetite for rare ingredients and showstopping presentations is still very much alive, but we’re also seeing a return to the simple joys of fresh, genuine flavours, perfectly prepared and served in a welcoming environment, especially among global travellers.”

A self-described “health nut,” Arzur has been sourcing local produce that stars in lighter dishes that delight and satisfy, while leaving guests energized for the day in Dubai.  But not to worry he says, “Executive Pastry Chef David Peduzzi is a master of indulgence, whether for special occasions celebrated at Four Seasons, or a sweet ending to a wonderful meal.”

On the menus at Four Seasons, Arzur and his team are appealing to all palates at Suq, which means “market” in Arabic, where the open kitchens showcase his modern style.  At Sea Fu, fresh seafood with Mediterranean and Asian influences is served both indoors and out.  Beneath the soaring ceilings of the airy Shai Salon, guests are invited to partake in coffee and cocktails, light fare and traditional afternoon tea; while the cozy Hendricks Bar is the choice for business meetings over whiskey and cigars.

With the night sky its “ceiling” and breathtaking views of the Burj Khalifa and city skyline its “walls,” the focal point of the ultra-hip rooftop Mercury Lounge is the giant glass sphere surrounded by intimate seating pods and private lounges and towers with alcove seating, where guests can enjoy prime vodka and Champagne selections and shisha cocktails to the beat of DJs and live music. Continue reading

Four Seasons Unveils Exclusive Collection of 2016 Private Jet Itineraries

Following the overwhelming response to the launch of the 2015 Private Jet experiences, Four Seasons announces the launch of four new Private Jet itineraries for 2016. Featuring re-imagined versions of the perennial favourite Around the World journeys, this collection of Private Jet escapes includes two completely new experiences built around the themes of adventure and cultural exploration in keeping with the evolving needs of discerning guests who seek to create memorable moments while in search of unique and exclusive adventure.

The launch of the hotel industry’s first fully-branded Private Jet earlier this year was in response to the growing demand among modern luxury travellers for a fully immersive Four Seasons experience both in the air and on the ground,” says Christopher W. Norton, Executive Vice President, Global Product and Operations at Four Seasons.Our new 2016 itineraries offer guests the opportunity to experience new and exciting destinations while enjoying the uncompromised luxury and customized service they have come to expect from Four Seasons.

Four Seasons unveils exclusive collection of 2016 Private Jet itineraries (PRNewsFoto/Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts)

Four Seasons unveils exclusive collection of 2016 Private Jet itineraries (PRNewsFoto/Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts)

Founded in 1960, Four Seasons currently operates 94 hotels and residences in major city centers and resort destinations in 38 countries, and has more than 60 projects in development, Four Seasons consistently ranks among the world’s best hotels and most prestigious brands in reader polls, traveller reviews and industry awards.

While on their journey, guests will enjoy the finest of everything – from legendary Four Seasons service to remarkable itineraries, inspired cuisine and Dom Perignon Champagne. As the exclusive Champagne provider aboard the Private Jet, passengers will enjoy the latest vintage from one of the world’s finest wine makers.

Dom Perignon and Four Seasons have always shared a commitment to quality and a meticulous attention to detail,” says Trent Fraser, Vice President, Dom Perignon.As the official Champagne of the Private Jet Experience, we hope guests will enjoy toasting with Dom Perignon during their journey of a lifetime.

Here’s a glimpse at what awaits Four Seasons Private Jet passengers in 2016:

Timeless Discoveries: An Around the World Journey (January 26 – February 18)
Los Angeles – Kona – Bora Bora – Sydney – Bali – Chiang Mai – Taj Mahal and Mumbai – Prague – London
This signature Four Seasons Private Jet itinerary has become a classic favourite among guests. A sell out many times over, the 2016 itinerary introduces a stop in Prague, Czech Republic in addition to other favourite locations around the globe, from the breathtaking beaches of Bora Bora to the majestic beauty of the Taj Mahal. Guests will enjoy the thrill of some of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities and the tranquil beauty of the most stunning landscapes nature has to offer.

International Intrigue: An Around the World Journey (April 14 – May 7)
Seattle – Tokyo – Beijing – Maldives – Serengeti – Istanbul – St. Petersburg – Marrakech – Boston
Spanning eight countries and four continents, this itinerary takes guests to some of the world’s most unique and intriguing destinations. From the stunning landscapes and lush, untamed nature of the Serengeti to the opulence of St. Petersburg and the beautiful Maldives, known as the “last paradise on earth,” guests traverse the globe in Four Seasons luxury both in the air and on the ground.

Extraordinary Adventures: An Around the World Journey (September 17 – October 11)
Austin – Costa Rica – Hawaii – Sydney – Langkawi – Mauritius – Serengeti – Petra and the Dead Sea – Lisbon
This brand new itinerary caters to the adventurous spirit. With an increasing demand for adventure travel, Four Seasons has created an itinerary for the thrill-seeker at heart without compromising on legendary Four Seasons luxury. This exciting journey includes everything from rock climbing in Malaysia to zip-lining in Costa Rica and surfing in Hawaii. Seven of the nine stops on this itinerary are entirely new to the Four Seasons Private Jet Experience. Be among the first to experience adventure in a way only Four Seasons can deliver.

Cultural Escape: Europe, Middle East and Africa (November 4 – 22)
London – Petra and the Dead Sea – Dubai – Seychelles – Serengeti – Florence – London
Featuring perhaps the most diverse and intriguing collection of destinations of all Private Jet itineraries, including the beautiful Seychelles, a perennial guest favourite, this journey allows guests to immerse themselves in the distinct cultures of some of the most fascinating areas of the world. Departing from cosmopolitan London, guests travel to the lost city of Petra, imposing in its grandeur, as well as visiting the lowest point on earth and experiencing the healing properties of the magnificent Dead Sea. This is juxtaposed with a grand finale in Florence, the birthplace of Renaissance culture, art and architecture before a return to London.

Starting at USD 100,000, each journey includes air travel aboard the Four Seasons Private Jet and ground transportation, planned excursions, all meals throughout the trip and luxurious accommodations exclusively at Four Seasons hotels and resorts.

Louis XIII Introduces a Limited Series Black Pearl Anniversary Edition

Exquisite cognac drawn from the House of Remy Martin’s private reserve to celebrate its 140 years.

In honor of the 140th anniversary of LOUIS XIII Cognac, The House of Remy Martin is unveiling a limited series of just 775 decanters worldwide of an exquisite cognac taken from a single tiercon from the family’s private cellars – the LOUIS XIII Black Pearl Anniversary Edition. These numbered decanters are drawn from a unique 572-liter tiercon, which until now had been part of the exclusive reserve of the Heiard Dubreuil family, who owns The House of Remy Martin, at their Domaine de Merpins. This special limited edition Black Pearl cognac made its U.S. debut on October 30 at Alicia Keys’ annual Black Ball gala, the centerpiece of an exclusive auction prize that generated $30,000 for the singer’s Keep a Child Alive charity.

Handmade a century ago using oak from France’s Limousin region, the tiercon – marked C-100-93 – is only the third of its kind to be released by the family in the past 100 years.  Created by four generations of Cellar Masters, it is a blend of over 1,200 eaux-de-vie ranging between 40 and 100 years.  This unique combination evokes aromas of myrrh, honey, plum, honeysuckle, wood bark, leather and passion fruit.  A Grande Champagne Cognac, LOUIS XIII is the company’s crown jewel – one that pioneered the super-premium spirits category with its debut in 1874 and continues to lead the category today.

Such an important anniversary demands an iconic decanter: a contemporary “Black Pearl” version of the original metal flask that inspired Paul-Emile Remy Martin when he created LOUIS XIII in 1874. To craft this superb metallic decanter, the House of Baccarat treated the crystal using a unique plating technique. This gives the decanter a beautiful reflective quality, with subtle contrasts of light and dark dancing across its surface. Achieving this effect involves layering successive thin coatings of precious materials (titanium, carbon and gold) one upon the other. The result is a true work of art.

LOUIS XIII Black Pearl Anniversary Edition (PRNewsFoto/M Collective)

LOUIS XIII Black Pearl Anniversary Edition (PRNewsFoto/M Collective)

LOUIS XIII gained worldwide recognition following the Paris World Fair of 1900, becoming a staple at all grand occasions, and continues today to be the ultimate, enduring symbol of celebration and achievement, and a favorite of those in the business, arts and creative worlds.

This anniversary offering is available worldwide, exclusively from LOUIS XIII’s partner outlets (including luxury and prestigious hotels, as well as leading wine merchants), for a suggested retail price of $16,000, plus tax.  For more information, visit


This Giving Tuesday, Donate and Make Twice the Impact with World Vision and Thirty-One Gifts

Celebrate Giving Tuesday with World Vision! For the first 3,100 donations made to World Vision on Giving Tuesday, December 2, Thirty-One Gifts will donate a Hope Kit tote to a woman or girl in need in the U.S.

Giving Tuesday began as a small grass-roots movement, the charitable answer to the consumerism of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  Now the day dedicated to giving has evolved into a global campaign powered by over 13,000 partners.  In its third year as a Giving Tuesday partner, the Christian humanitarian agency World Vision wanted to give donors the opportunity to impact more lives than ever before. This year on December 2, donations made to World Vision will make twice the impact by combatting poverty in one of the 100 countries where the organization works and helping a woman or girl in need in the U.S. get back on her feet.

World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children, families and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice. World Vision serves all people regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender. Thirty-One Gifts is the 10(th) largest direct-selling company in the U.S. Products are sold by independent sales consultants at home parties. The company was named for Proverbs 31, a chapter of the Bible that celebrates hard-working women who are compassionate, gracious and inspiring to the people around them. The distinctive functional and fashionable products and independent business opportunity offer a unique solution to women’s need to earn extra income while working independently. Since forming its philanthropic initiative in 2012, Thirty-One Gives, the company has donated more than $36 million in cash and products to nonprofit organizations that support girls, women and families.

Hope Kit Tote (PRNewsFoto/World Vision)

Hope Kit Tote (PRNewsFoto/World Vision)

I came here with nothing,” explains Michelle, who received a Hope Kit at a safe home near Tacoma, Washington. “I didn’t have anything with me but the clothes I was wearing and a brush.”

For women and girls escaping abuse and addiction, these Hope Kits are much more than a beautiful tote filled with essential supplies,” explains Deborah Durham, World Vision’s kit initiatives director. “They are tangible proof that someone cares for and believes in them, which is why when kits are distributed they are often met with tears of joy.

Celebrate Giving Tuesday with World Vision:
There are dozens of ways to take a break from the retail frenzy and celebrate generosity on Giving Tuesday with World Vision.  Here are a few examples:
—  Host a Hope Kit building event:  On Giving Tuesday, or any day this holiday season, assemble Hope Kits with your company, school, church, or other group and take part in a memorable team-building event while providing meaningful help to women and girls.
—  Share Big Dreams: World Vision’s big dream for the world this Christmas is a full life for children in need.  Help make that dream a reality by sponsoring a child and changing the trajectory of their life so they can share their own big dreams with their entire community.
—  Teach your Children to be Charitable: Transform current events discussions into active, impactful giving by reviewing World Vision’s Gift Catalog with kids. The Catalog features over 100 ways to improve lives through gifts such as: disaster relief, clean water, food, medicine, education, job training and small business loans, among others. Flip through the pages and brainstorm ways to make an impact with your child.

Holiday 2014 Gidt Guide: Andrews McMeel Publishing Announces Paperback Edition of The Complete Far Side by Gary Larson

The Far Side® is back in the much-anticipated slipcased edition of The Complete Far Side, set for publication November 25, 2014. Originally published in hardcover in 2003, The Complete Far Side was a groundbreaker in high-end cartoon publishing and a New York Times bestseller. Now it’s back as a 3-volume paperback set with a newly designed slipcase that will delight Far Side fans.

(PRNewsFoto/Andrews McMeel Publishing)

(PRNewsFoto/Andrews McMeel Publishing)

Every one of these cartoons is just something that drifted into my head when I was alone with my thoughts. And, for better or worse, I ‘jotted’ them down. It was only later, when perhaps I received an angry letter from someone, that it struck me: Hey! Someone’s been reading my diary!” Larson writes in the preface.

Revered by its fans as the funniest, most original, most “What the … ?”-inspiring cartoon ever, The Far Side® debuted in January 1980 and enjoyed an illustrious 14 years on the world’s comics pages until Gary Larson’s retirement in 1994.  During its 14-year run, The Far Side® was syndicated internationally to more than 1,900 daily newspapers, spawned 23 books, and has been translated into 17 different languages.  TheComplete Far Side celebrates Larson’s twisted, irreverent genius in this ultimate Far Side book.

A masterpiece of comic brilliance, The Complete Far Side contains every Far Side cartoon ever syndicated–over 4,000 if you must know–presented in (more or less) chronological order by year of publication, with more than 1,100 that had never before appeared in a book. Also included are additional Far Side cartoons Larson created after his retirement: 13 that appeared in the last Far Side book, Last Chapter andWorse, and six cartoons that periodically ran as a special feature in the New York Times Science Times section as The Far Side® of Science. Creator Gary Larson offers a rare glimpse into the mind of The Far Side® in quirky and thoughtful introductions to each of the 14 chapters. Complaint letters, fan letters, and queries from puzzled readers appear alongside some of the more provocative or elusive panels. Actor, author, and comedian Steve Martin offers his sagacious thoughts in a foreword, and Larson’s former editor describes what it was like to be “the guy who could explain every Far Side cartoon.”

Mango Announces New Campaign Star Anna Ewers

The German model will be the star of the Spring/Summer 2015 campaign

MANGO has revealed the name of its new face for the coming Spring/Summer 2015 season: Anna Ewers.

At the age of 21, this German model has frequently appeared on international catwalks, especially since her debut as a “New Face” during the previous Autumn/Winter 2013 season. Since then, haute couture firms have featured the face ofAnna Ewers not just as a model on catwalks, but also as a star of advertising campaigns for exclusive fashion brands, photographed by acclaimed photographers.

The shoot for the new Spring/Summer 2015 campaign brought the firm and the model together in the cosmopolitan city of New York. The acclaimed fashion photographer Josh Olins was given the task of photographing Anna Ewers in the images for next season’s catalogue, working alongside Sally Branka and Esther mango-anna-ewers-photoLangham, responsible for make-up and hair.

MANGO, which has counted on numerous famous faces since its early days, has added the German model to its previous collaborations with Daria Werbowy, Miranda Kerr, Penélope Cruz, Milla Jovovich and Lizzy Jagger, among others.  About her collaboration as the new face of the brand, the model commented: “I had a really great time on set the last couple of days. It was my first time meeting the Mango team and I was very excited about it. I was happy that the studio was in Brooklyn, close to where I live actually, and even more happy to be shooting with Josh and Geraldine – with whom I have worked already. It is always comforting to be around people you like and know! On top of that, a couple of my German best friends work with Josh too, so it felt like home in a way.

On the collection, the model commented: “I loved that the collection is in inspired by the 70s. I loved the full denim look and the little black dress. Also I really loved all the sandals. Honestly I want to wear almost everything – it was the perfect collection for me. These are clothes for the girl that I want to be. All very cool, feminine and modern. All I can say now is that I cannot wait to see my new Spanish family again and go the store next season to buy a few more things!

Ewers will pose in this season’s catalogue wearing the latest trends in the women’s collection, whose styles transport us to the 70s. The silhouettes contrast with the sartorial, highlighting the tight-fitting suits and Bermuda shorts with long blazers in fabrics such as nappa.

In addition, kaftans and sheer midi-skirts impregnate this Bohemian and carefree style with brown and black tones. White approaches romanticism with lace dresses and garments, see-through and crochet. The most energetic part of the collection is translated into pinks, reds, blues and greens, adding a touch of fantasy to knitwear fabrics with compact stripes and amusing prints.


Along with unbeatable doorbusters on the season’s hottest items, Macy’s will give away a total of $1 million in prize gift codes to shoppers nationwide through an interactive experience in-store

SpongeBob SquarePants™ brings his signature charm to Macy’s Black Friday commercial

Shoppers will have even more reasons to be excited during Macy’s Black Friday Giveaway with a Million Dollars in Prizes in stores nationwide during doorbuster hours. Beginning at 6 p.m. local time on Thanksgiving Day, customers can shop the greatest deals of the weekend (all Black Friday specials were revealed on, plus have a chance to win big, scoring digital gift codes that can be used instantly for Black Friday purchases. A new television spot scheduled to break on Nov. 23 features the world’s most loveable undersea character, SpongeBob SquarePants, offering his special enthusiasm to help build excitement for Macy’s Black Friday giveaway.


This year, we’re adding another level of entertainment to our highly-anticipated Black Friday doorbusters and specials,” said Martine Reardon, chief marketing officer at Macy’s. “As customers navigate their shopping route throughout the store, they will be able to score digital gift codes offering instant wins via Macy’s mobile app. This element of surprise along with a playful new commercial featuring our official holiday ambassador, SpongeBob SquarePants, is certain to add a new element of fun to our customers’ shopping experience on Black Friday this year.

SpongeBob’s special brand of optimism and cheer is the perfect complement to Macy’s phenomenal Black Friday promotion that gives back to consumers in a big way,” said Pam Kaufman, chief marketing officer and president Consumer Products, Nickelodeon Group. “I’m personally excited to see Black Friday turn SpongeBob yellow.

Using Macy’s mobile app, customers can scan QR codes in-store to enter the instant win experience during doorbuster hours, beginning at 6 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 27 through 1 p.m. Friday, Nov. 28, and Saturday, Nov. 29 from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. Upon scanning, customers will see if they have won a digital gift code worth $10, $25, $50 or $250. At the end of each hour, a new pool of prizes becomes available and customers can play again. See rules and regulations for full details, including alternate method of entry at One million dollars in digital gift codes will be given away. No purchase is necessary. Text “APP” to 62297 to download Macy’s mobile app. Customers are encouraged to download in advance. Message and data rates may apply.

This year’s Black Friday television spot centers around several customers’ enthusiastic reaction to first hearing about Macy’s “Black Friday Give-Away with a Million Dollars in Prizes.” When one family, along with SpongeBob SquarePants and his starfish sidekick Patrick, receive word about the giveaway via breaking news, they take excitement to a new level, sharing an equally exuberant response.

Fans of all ages can bring home the fun with an exclusive SpongeBob SquarePants holiday plush, complete with Patrick and Plankton finger puppets, available in-store and online Only at Macy’s, this giftable item also features a special code on the hangtag that can be used to unlock exclusive content.

Starting today, customers can preview Black Friday specials online at add favorites to their shopping list which is available via desktop, mobile device and tablet. They can also create custom tags to organize recipients and shop straight from their list all Thanksgiving Day on

Back By Popular Demand: John Frieda® Beach Blonde™ Collection

When John Frieda® Hair Care discontinued its iconic Beach Blonde™ line, beauty insiders and real women worldwide were devastated. For nearly a decade now, consumers have been petitioning the brand online for the return of the original, cult classic beach waves spray. Today sea salt sprays have become commonplace, but devoted fans still long for the original John Frieda® innovation that started the beach waves trend so many years ago. Now, finally, due to overwhelming popular demand, the brand has introduced a new and improved John Frieda® Beach Blonde™ collection to help women achieve effortless, beachy-worthy hair, year round.


The collection features four essential products to prep and style hair to flawlessly beachy results: Beach Blonde™ Cool Dip™ Purifying Shampoo, Beach Blonde™ Smooth Seas™ Detangling Conditioner, Beach Blonde™ Sea Waves™ Sea Salt Spray, and Beach Blonde™ Sun Streaks™ Lightening Spray. Each product is formulated to help you look like you spent a day at the beach—minus the sand. First, the professional-inspired, lightweight shampoo and conditioner formulas nourish and purify detoxify and smooth strands, revealing shimmering blonde hair with soft, touchable texture. Then, create the perfect windblown waves, tousled texture or piecey definition to bring out your sun-kissed highlights with the revamped sea salt-infused Salt Spray and Lightening Spray.

John Frieda® Hair Care’s recent social media poll asked fans to “Vote Now to Bring Back Your Favorite Throwback.” Unsurprisingly, the original Beach Blonde™ Ocean Waves™ Texurizing Styler won by a landslide as the discontinued product fans clamored for. Karen Frank, Vice President of Marketing for John Frieda® Hair Care explains, “When we first introduced the Beach Blonde™ Sea Spray in the early 2000’s, we started the laid-back beach waves trend that has since become a coveted style mainstay. After launching the beach-chic look so many years ago, it’s only fitting that now we’re bringing this beloved product lineup back to give our loyal consumers the formulas they love that perfectly meet their styling needs.”
Although the collection officially hits stores in January 2015, presale to the line’s John Frieda® Beach Blonde™ Sea Waves™ Sea Salt Spray, along with a few more 2015 launches—Frizz Ease® Beyond Smooth™ Frizz-Immunity Primer, Frizz Ease® KERAFLEX™ Flexible Hold Hairspray, and John Frieda® Luxurious Volume 7 Day Volume In-Shower Treatment—are available now for presale For more information, please visit:



The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences today announced that 10 live action short films will advance in the voting process for the 87th Academy Awards®.  One hundred forty-one pictures had originally qualified in the category.

The 10 films are listed below in alphabetical order by title, with their production companies:

“Aya,” Oded Binnun and Mihal Brezis, directors (Chasis Films)
“Baghdad Messi,” Sahim Omar Kalifa, director, and Kobe Van Steenberghe, producer (a team productions)
“Boogaloo and Graham,” Michael Lennox, director, and Ronan Blaney, writer (Out of Orbit)
“Butter Lamp (La Lampe Au Beurre De Yak),” Hu Wei, director, and Julien Féret, producer (AMA Productions)
“Carry On,” Yatao Li, director (Rochester Institute of Technology)
“My Father’s Truck,” Maurício Osaki, director (Lupi Filmes)
“Parvaneh,” Talkhon Hamzavi, director, and Stefan Eichenberger, producer (Zurich University of Arts)
“The Phone Call,” Mat Kirkby, director, and James Lucas, writer (RSA Films)
“SLR,” Stephen Fingleton, director, and Matthew James Wilkinson, producer (Stigma Films)
“Summer Vacation (Chofesh Gadol),” Tal Granit and Sharon Maymon, directors (GREENproductions)

The Academy’s Short Films and Feature Animation Branch Reviewing Committee viewed all the eligible entries for the preliminary round of voting at screenings held in Los Angeles. Short Films and Feature Animation Branch members will now select three to five nominees from among the 10 titles on the shortlist.  Branch screenings will be held in Los Angeles, London, New York and San Francisco in December.

The 87th Academy Awards nominations will be announced live on Thursday, January 15, 2015, at 5:30 a.m. PT in the Academy’s Samuel Goldwyn Theater. The Oscars® will be held on Sunday, February 22, 2015, at the Dolby Theatre® at Hollywood & Highland Center® in Hollywood, and will be televised live by the ABC Television Network.  The Oscar presentation also will be televised live in more than 225 countries and territories worldwide.


A beautiful, confident smile is the key to perfecting any look or successfully navigating high pressure situations from a job interview to a first date. To help give the gift of a better smile, this Black Friday through Cyber Monday, Supersmile® (Friday, November 28th at 12:01am to Monday, December 1st at 11:59pm EST) is offering four days of savings. Visit from Friday, November 28th at 12:01am EST through Monday, December 1st at 11:59 pm EST, for 25% off savings site wide and receive free shipping on all purchases over $50

This year, give the gift of health and beauty from the only brand that helps you safely whiten teeth while strengthening enamel, using proprietary CALPROX® whitening complex.

·         Choose from best-sellers like the Supersmile® Professional Whitening System, Professional Whitening Toothpaste, orWhitening Pre-Rinse to dramatically whiten teeth at home.

·         Elevate the look of any bathroom vanity while maximizing oral health with the colorful new Supersmile® Crystal Collectionof ergonomic, beautifully designed toothbrushes.

·         Or pick stocking stuffers like Supersmile® Professional Whitening Gum or Quikee Instant Whitening Polish withCALPROX® to whiten teeth and freshen breath on the go.

Disneyland Resort Welcomes Anna and Elsa from ‘Frozen’ to ‘A Christmas Fantasy’ Parade for the Holidays

The Happiest Place on Earth Just Gets Merrier as Anna and Elsa from Walt Disney Pictures’ animated hit “Frozen” join the annual holiday celebration at the Disneyland Resort. The Holidays bring themed entertainment, sparkling decorations, delicious treats, festive traditions and holiday shopping to locations throughout the Resort. Among the highlights of the season, Nov. 13 through Jan. 6, 2015, is the return of the breathtaking “World of Color – Winter Dreams” holiday spectacular – with new songs added from the “Frozen” soundtrack. Also returning to Disney California Adventure Park is the festive “Disney ¡Viva Navidad!” holiday celebration and the grand finale of the season, a five-day celebration of Three Kings Day.

DISNEY HOLIDAY MAGIC - The holiday season finds "Sleeping Beauty's Winter Castle" at Disneyland covered in freshly fallen snow, now through Jan. 6, 2015. With its shimmering colors, the Castle serves as an exciting centerpiece for a daytime holiday celebration.  As evening arrives, the Castle undergoes a transformation as special lighting effects and a musical score take guests on a journey that dramatizes a young child's dream for snow!  (Paul Hiffmeyer/Disneyland) (PRNewsFoto/Disneyland Resort)

DISNEY HOLIDAY MAGIC – The holiday season finds “Sleeping Beauty’s Winter Castle” at Disneyland covered in freshly fallen snow, now through Jan. 6, 2015. With its shimmering colors, the Castle serves as an exciting centerpiece for a daytime holiday celebration. As evening arrives, the Castle undergoes a transformation as special lighting effects and a musical score take guests on a journey that dramatizes a young child’s dream for snow! (Paul Hiffmeyer/Disneyland) (PRNewsFoto/Disneyland Resort)

Holiday time at Disneyland Resort has become an annual tradition for many guests, filled with an abundance of merriment, tradition and magical memories. This year Disney Parks invites guests to “Show Your Disney Side” as they explore all there is to see and do. Expanded hours at both Disneyland Resort theme parks extend the family fun time, while the Downtown Disney Winter Village offers a chance to play and skate at “Olaf’s Frozen Ice Rink.”

At Disneyland Park, holiday traditions include the popular “A Christmas Fantasy” parade, celebrating its 20th anniversary this year by welcoming Anna and Elsa from “Frozen” into the cast. They are among the 100-plus parade performers, including Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, other Disney characters and Santa Claus, making a special appearance from the North Pole.

When Santa isn’t appearing in “A Christmas Fantasy,” he and Mrs. Claus are greeting guests and listening to holiday wishes at the

Disneyland Resort Holidays - (Nov. 13, 2014) When it comes to making magical memories, there's no place like the Disneyland Resort during the Holidays. From Nov. 13,  2014 - Jan 6, 2015, the season shines more brightly than ever with "Disney Viva Navidad!" plus sparkling decor and Christmas trees at Paradise Pier and Buena Vista Street in Disney California Adventure Park. (Paul Hiffmeyer/Disneyland) (PRNewsFoto/Disneyland Resort)

Disneyland Resort Holidays – (Nov. 13, 2014) When it comes to making magical memories, there’s no place like the Disneyland Resort during the Holidays. From Nov. 13, 2014 – Jan 6, 2015, the season shines more brightly than ever with “Disney Viva Navidad!” plus sparkling decor and Christmas trees at Paradise Pier and Buena Vista Street in Disney California Adventure Park. (Paul Hiffmeyer/Disneyland) (PRNewsFoto/Disneyland Resort)

Jingle Jangle Jamboree in Big Thunder Ranch in Disneyland. Jingle Jangle Jamboree comes to life with Disney characters, music, games, cookie decorating, crafts and seasonal entertainment. New this year on the Jamboree stage is a comedy and music show that invites guests to laugh and sing along in a wacky tale of Christmas in the West.

After its successful 2013 debut, “World of Color – Winter Dreams” returns to Disney California Adventure with several “Frozen” songs in the show, including “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” and “Love is an Open Door.” Also returning to the nighttime spectacular is Olaf the snowman from “Frozen.” The holiday version of the popular “World of Color” show features classic winter scenes from such beloved Disney and Disney-Pixar films as “Bambi,” “Toy Story” and, of course, “Frozen.”

Disney ¡Viva Navidad!” at Paradise Gardens in Disney California Adventure is a daily celebration inspired by the warmth and joyous spirit of Latino culture and holiday traditions, with festive music and dancing, vibrant colors, delicious food, Disney character appearances and the lively “Disney Viva Navidad! Street Party.” “Disney ¡Viva Navidad!” will conclude with a five-day celebration of the traditional Three Kings Day, Friday through Tuesday, Jan. 2 through 6, 2015.

Additional beloved holiday traditions at Disneyland include:
—  Sleeping Beauty’s Winter Castle – A sensational holiday lighting and special-effects show carries the magic of the holidays from the castle all the way to the 60-foot tall Disneyland Christmas tree in Town  Square. The finale of the show includes the legendary “Believe … in Holiday Magic” fireworks show, ending with a touching rendition of “White Christmas” and a climactic snowfall swirling upon Main Street, U.S.A., “it’s a small world” Mall and New Orleans Square.
—  “it’s a small world” Holiday becomes  a worldwide celebration of the season, boasting more than 300,000 glittering lights on its facade and, inside, the children of many nations in their holiday attire. After dark, the smiling clock at the front of “it’s a small world” reveals a sparkling projection show. On every quarter hour, the facade of the attraction is transformed into an enormous clockwork mechanism with advanced 3D-projection technology. The gears and springs pull back to reveal a world of holiday wonders hidden behind the clock.
—  Haunted Mansion Holiday presents a madcap celebration as the traditions of Halloween and Christmas collide.  The ghoulish but well-meaning Jack Skellington from Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas” has come to Haunted Mansion to transform it with his skewed vision of the holidays, including the newest version of the Haunted Mansion gingerbread house.
—  The skippers of “Jingle Cruise” bring holiday fun to a seasonal version of the celebrated Adventureland attraction – and it’s newly enhanced this year.
—  Special holiday food items include Walt’s favorite gingerbread cookies at Jolly Holiday Bakery and Cafe and holiday tamale plates at Rancho del  Zocalo Restaurante. Elf Mickey premium popcorn buckets and drink steins are available in both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure.
—  Guests may book the seasonal favorite “Holiday Time at the Disneyland Resort” guided tour which provides entry (subject to availability) into “it’s a small world” Holiday, Haunted Mansion Holiday and Jingle Cruise along with reserved seating and a holiday treat while enjoying “A Christmas Fantasy” parade. The tour also includes viewing of the holiday decor in Disney California Adventure, a keepsake remembrance and entertaining information about Disneyland holiday traditions.  For information and reservations guests may visit any Disneyland Resorts Guest Relations location or call (714) 781-TOUR (781-8687). Continue reading