The Snorkelboard Factory Launches New Product Into Watersports Industry, Great for all ages

The Snorkelboard Factory launches new product, The Snorkelboard®, a body board with embedded anti-fog and anti-leak goggles

The Snorkelboard Factory has introduced a new product, the Snorkelboard®, a personal body board with embedded anti-fog and anti-leak goggles. The official product launch took place at the 111th annual American International Toy Fair at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City.

Constructed and sealed with EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) and an EPS (Expanded Polystyrene ) high density foam core for added durability and strength, the Snorkelboard® is designed to prevent the snorkel mask from filling up with water, fogging and completely removes the need for “perfect fit” as the Snorkelboard®’s one-size-fits-all mask is embedded directly into the board. This all-in-one thin, sleek design allows for light transport and easy storage. The Snorkelboard® is affordable, is available in a wide variety of designs and colours, can be enjoyed by all ages.

The Snorkelboard® combines advanced technology and the highest quality graded materials for solid flotation, stability, and ease of paddling, guaranteeing a smooth water entry line for maximum glide-style.

Murray Scott, creator of the Snorkelboard® and owner of The Snorkelboard Factory, comments, “The Snorkelboard Factory has been monitoring trends in the watersports industry for over fifteen years to develop a brand new, unique water and snorkeling experience. The sport of Snorkelboarding will soon become a household word because it is really a two-sports-in-one board.”

The Snorkelboard® was developed out of the research and insights that conclude that consumers are looking for experiential purchases while maintaining a sense of purpose and functionality. Statistics show that snorkeling is one of the top ten most popular marine activities while there are close to 1.5 million body boarders worldwide. By merging the sports of bodyboarding and snorkeling, The Snorkelboard Factory has captured two very successful markets in one product; thus creating a new niche in the world of water sports. This new product will not only provide the foundational benefits needed for safety and utility but allow for a positive experience for all snorkelboarders by allowing them to enjoy the wonders of snorkeling comfortably. Body board enthusiasts will have the added goggle feature while conventional snorkelers will have the added support and buoyancy that body boarders already enjoy. This is “a new way to sea life with your head above water.”

No longer will you have to worry about your mask filling up with water, blocking your view with fog or pressing up against the bridge of your nose. Gone are the days of re-breathing spent air left in your snorkel tube or interrupting your experience to equalize because, with the Snorkelboard® your head never touches the water. This all-in-one thin, sleek design allows for easy storage and leaves carrying heavy equipment in the dust! Available in a wide range of designs and colours, your “at-the-beach-riding-waves-lookat- me” Snorkelboard® experience can be as personalized as you want.

The new Snorkelboard® will be available on and will soon be found at retailers worldwide in 2014. For more information about The Snorkelboard®, visit and check out, and to join the conversation (#snorkelboard and #daretosnorkelboard).