Crayola Reveals Innovative Activities that Spark Kids Creativity and Originality at 2014 American International Toy Show in New York City

Brand Debuts Unique Customization, Virtual and Mess-Free Activities

Crayola, a colorfully innovative brand for over 100 years, showcased its 2014 line-up of innovative holiday products and unique creative play activities at the American International Toy Fair in New York City, Feb. 16-19.

Encompassing a variety of exciting tools and mediums, the Crayola portfolio of products provides superior experience in color and creativity and inspires kids to let their imaginations run free. Kids can now mix and shake their own customized paint and create bright, bold and magical creations with a mess-free airbrush. A new drawing system enables kids to draw 2D and 3D images from smartphones, tablets or photographs. A new line-up of virtual products allows kids to bring their fashion and car designs to life on virtual runways and racetracks.

At Crayola, we are all about kids and providing them with the highest quality products that inspire learning and creativity. We are dedicated to developing products that embrace kids’ originality and empower their creative spirit,” said Mike Perry, president and chief executive officer, Crayola LLC. “This year, we have developed an innovative portfolio that provides kids with new and exciting creative play experiences and activities.”

Highlights from the Crayola 2014 lineup of new creative activities include:

Crayola Brings America’s Favorite Color to Colored Bubbles Line Bright Bold Ka-Bluey Blue Comes to Life in Outdoor Bubble Line
America’s favorite Crayola – blue – is back in a brand new hue!
Introducing new Ka-Bluey™ Blue Colored Bubbles – the newest addition to the line of the only colored bubbles available. Crayola colored bubbles empower kids to go outside and fill the air with color. The colored bubble solution is specially designed to instantly rub off skin, spray away with water, and easily rinse out of clothes with only water. All color even just disappears with time, making colored bubbles worry free for parents. Ka-Bluey™ Blue joins the existing color family of Purple Pizzazz™, Unmellow Yellow™ and Fuchsia. More variety equals more fun with Crayola Colored Bubbles! For ages 4 and up. Suggested retail price $2.99 (per 4oz. Bottle)

Color the Sidewalk with Bright, Crayola Colors: Crayola Introduces Customizable Colors and Grab and Go Games to Chalk Line
Crayola’s Washable Sidewalk Chalk is the first sidewalk chalk featuring 48 classic Crayola crayon colors. This year, kids can enjoy the bright and vibrant colors combined for different outdoor themes and draw to be active with grab and go game packs!

The New Crayola Chalk Build Your Box program uses Crayola color equity to build 18 different themes that inspire kids to color their outdoor world with amazing results. Use “Stars & Stripes” to color the perfect patriotic picture, “Martian Moon” for a cosmic creation, or use “Camouflage Barrage” to draw a concealed “base” for outdoor tag or hide-n-seek! Kids have the power to pick and choose the theme packs they like and want to build their own box of chalk.

“Ready, Set, Color!” The game is on with new Chalk Grab & Go Games, the latest way for kids to color and be active outside. Each game includes chalk, unique game play accessories and game rules and recommendations. Kids simply draw the play area as big or as small as they like, color it how they want, then stay outside playing and being physically active. The whole family can play along with great classics like Bean Bag Toss, Foot Hockey, Chip Shot Golf, and even an Obstacle Course. Grab & Go Games are perfect activities for summertime outdoor parties for both kids AND adults! For ages 4 and up; suggested retail price $4.99.

ColorWonder Airbrush Gives Kids New and Magical Creative Experience: Kids Can Create Fun Airbrush effects without the Mess
A new innovation in its ColorWonder franchise, the ColorWonder Airbrush, made to unleash magical and mess-free creativity. Color Wonder Air Brush is made with little kid’s hands and imaginations in mind and allows kids to create great airbrush effects without the mess. Creations will appear with bright, bold colors for a mess free magical experience. The product engages children with a magical creative experience as colors are revealed on the Color Wonder Paper- anytime and anywhere – and provides a mess free solution for mom. The Air Brush features the latest in innovation, a new generation of brighter, bolder colors. The kit includes the airbrush and Color Wonder Markers which only appear on Color Wonder Paper; not on skin, furniture or fabric. For children ages 3 to 6; suggested retail price is $24.99.

Instantly Erase and Color Again!: New Additions to the Crayola Doodle Magic Line Offer more Worry-Free, Colorful Creativity for Kids
Kids love to use real markers, but mom is hesitant to let them use because she is afraid of the potential for a messy headache. Crayola Doodle Magic features real color in the markers to color with, but that color magically erase from surfaces – leaving no color residue for mom to clean up! Crayola’s Doodle Magic is a system that uses special markers, surfaces and an eraser that allow kids to color, erase, and color again. There is no paper to consume and no extra clean up material to use. Just Swipe, Wipe, and Color again. If kids accidently color on the wrong surface, mom can simply go over the marks with the eraser tool or even use a wet cloth to make the color vanish! Magic for kids and worry free for moms!

Each product in the line provides a convenient drawing surface for creative expression at home or on-the-go and now all products boast new marker formulas that are brighter colors and new nibs for bolder lines. Also new this year, the Doodle Magic Table Top Easel allows kids to be an artist and create masterpieces with an upright table top canvas. The Doodle Magic Color Mat and Travel Pack get refreshing new content with added fairytale, ocean, and animal themed stencils designed to inspire children with creative ways to imagine and draw their worlds.

The new Doodle Magic Table Top Easel allows kids to paint standing upright, like a true pro! Includes the Doodle Magic Table Top Easel Easel, 4 Doodle Magic Markers and a Refillable Eraser Tool and Wipe Cloth. For ages 3 and up; suggested retail price is $24.99. Available exclusively at Walmart.

Crayola Reveals Innovative Activities Designed to Inspire and Excite Girls: Exciting Customizable and Creative Play Toys Geared Toward Girls

Crayola launches an exciting line of activities that provide girls the tools to create high—quality personalized outcomes that they feel good about and are proud to share with friends.

Capture your favorite moments with Crayola Beadola Bead Maker, which allows kids to make amazing beads and bracelets. The easy-to-use toy features Air-Dry Clay to make detailed beads that are as fun to make as they are to wear. Add customizable colors and finishing touches, for bracelets kids can wear and share, while reliving cherished memories. Make over 90 of your own designer beads and create the perfect bead for every memory. Includes Beadola Bead Maker, 4 Bead Pattern Plates (24 unique bead designs chosen by girls), 25 Gems, 2 Bracelet Chains, 180 Grommets, Bead Punch, 4 Paint Pots, Paint Brush, 3 Packs Air Dry Clay, 16 Drying Spools, Bead Story Guide, Instruction Guide. For ages 6 and up; suggested retail price $24.99; available June 2014.

Put your best foot forward with Crayola Shoe Studio and Shoe Studio Assistant set 1 and set 2!  Kids can customize and design stylish and creative mini shoes. Future fashion designers can have fun with stickers, sequins, gems and more. Shoe Studio includes 5 mini shoes, 1 sheet glitter stickers, 2 sheets foam dots, multi-colored sequins, 3 sheets gem stickers, 1 sheet 3D pop outs, 4 ribbons, 1 sheet holographic stickers, 1 sheet printed stickers, double sided tape. For ages 6 and up; suggested retail price $19.99; available July 2014.

Crayola Lights the Way in Bringing Kids’ Imaginations to Life: Light Designers Portfolio Allows Kids to Create with Light and Animation

Crayola continues to develop revolutionary and nontraditional ways for kids to create. Creating with colorful light in the dark is exciting for kids and Crayola is quickly becoming a leader in developing innovative products that incorporate light technology. Crayola showcases a range of Light Designers that allow kids to bring their imaginations to life by creating cool designs that light up and animate.

The new Shadow FX Color Projector allows kids to create and control a custom color light and shadow show featuring shadows projected in color. Draw on the clear panel and dim the lights, then adjust the Shadow FX Color Projector to change the size, angles and animation sequences for a colorful, immersive world for kids, their toys and other objects! Includes Drawing Panel with Stand, Tri-Color Light Base, Shadow Shapes Sheet, 2 White Gel FX Markers. For ages 6 and up; suggested retail price $24.99.

Project drawings up to 20x their original size with the Projector Light Designer, which enables kids to use walls and ceilings as their canvas. Use the 6 discs provided to create layered drawing to add more detail to artwork. Includes 1 Sketcher Projector, 6 Wet Erase Markers, 6 drawing discs, 1 instruction Sheet. For ages 6 and up, suggested retail price $24.99 (requires 4 AA batteries).

Draw and display art with the new bright light effects of the Widescreen Light Designer. The large surface provides plenty of room to doodle, draw and create. Turn on the built in lights to bring masterpieces to life in a big, bold bright way. Includes 1 Widescreen Light Designer, 6 Mini Gel Fx Markers, 1 instruction sheet. For ages 6 and up; suggested retail $39.99 (requires 3 AA batteries).

The See-Thru Light Designer lets kids create and animate their world by placing their favorite toys, pictures or people behind the transparent panels to mix their animated creations with the world around them. Includes 1 See-Thru Light Designer, 2 drawing panels, 4 Mini Gel Fx Markers, Free online content idea starters. For ages 6 and up; suggested retail price $22.99.

Crayola’s Sketch Wizard Empowers Kids to Draw Exactly what they See : New Crayola Tracing Device is the First Drawing System that Lets Kids See their World in 2D and 3D

Crayola introduces Sketch Wizard, and innovative and exciting new product that allows kids to draw exactly what they see and inspires them to let their imaginations run free. Unlike existing tracing devices, the Crayola Sketch Wizard enables kids to draw from 2D and 3D objects as well as images from smartphones and tablets. Crayola knows kids want to draw what they see, but often their natural ability isn’t developed enough to produce the outcomes they envision. The Sketch Wizard is the first drawing system with a unique lens and viewing system that empowers kids to draw exactly what they see. For children 8 and up; suggested retail price is $24.99.

Crayola Introduces Ultra-Clean™ Markers and ColorMax™: The true washable markers with the brand’s brightest, truest colors yet

Crayola announced the launch of Ultra-Clean Washable Markers, the latest technology in washability that washes clean from skin, clothing and now from painted walls. The new Ultra-Clean Washable Markers also introduce a new generation of color – ColorMax colors – which provide the brand’s brightest, truest colors yet.

The launch of ColorMax and Ultra-Clean Washable Markers comes after extensive research and testing among kids, moms and teachers, and demonstrates how the brand continues to elevate Crayola products that help kids of all ages unleash their creative spirit in colorful ways. Designed with educators and parents in mind, Ultra-Clean Washable Markers clean easily from common most household surfaces and wash out of clothing with only one cold water fabric wash.

At Crayola, we are all about kids and providing them with the highest quality products that inspire learning and creativity,” said Perry. “The Ultra-Clean launch is the biggest advancement for Crayola markers since 1987 and sets colorful creativity free for kids. And moms and educators don’t have to worry because the markers wash off skin, clothes and now walls, providing a whole new level of color and washability they can trust.

Crayola’s Ultra-Clean Washable Markers and ColorMax colors will be supported with an omni-channel marketing campaign and are currently sold in 8-count broad and fine line packs at select retailers nationwide.

Crayola Introduces New Portfolio of Virtual Products, Encourages Seamless Interplay between Offline and Online Creation

Crayola is excited to introduce a new portfolio of virtual products. Crayola Virtual products give kids the opportunity to bring their creations to life. This year, the brand is showcasing new and exciting products that allow kids to see their masterpieces on the virtual screen in a truly authentic way.

With Photo Strings, My Virtual Fashion Show, Virtual Design Pro – Car Collection and Virtual Design Pro – Fashion Collection, Crayola introduces a new line of virtual offerings that enable kids to see their creations come to life on their devices.

Virtual Design Pro – Fashion Collection provides a full range of high-quality, colorful design tools and special software that brings your fashions to life on a virtual runway. Compatible with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, and iPod Touch. The collection includes a design case, fashion templates, colorful design tools and the app. Suggested retail price is $39.99.

Crayola Introduces Visi-Max Dry Erase Markers: New Dry Erase Markers Feature Innovations to Benefit Students and Teachers

Crayola is committed to developing innovative products that inspire learning and creativity. The new Visi-Max Dry Erase Markers help to maximize classroom visibility and are easy to erase, low odor and have a durable, improved wide chisel tip. The new dry erase markers come in 8 colors for all classroom needs and have improved color vibrancy, making them easier to read. With a larger line width for the broad line markers, the Visi-Max markers make writing on the whiteboard a breeze for both students and teachers. Suggested retail price $4.47 – $11.47.