Slinger Debuts BigBag Collection of Camera, Video Bags, Available Exclusively at Adorama

Designed to carry photo and video gear and accessories, Slinger BigBags are a necessity for durable, budget-friendly carrying solutions

Adorama, one of the world’s largest photography, video, imaging and electronics retailers, recently enhanced its Slinger camera bag collection with nine new BigBag camera bags, available exclusively at Adorama. Designed for a wide range of photo and video accessories, including tripods, lighting accessories and lenses, Slinger bags meet every carrying need with style, durability and simplicity. The line offers nine new selections fit for all levels of expertise.

If you’re a photographer or filmmaker, you aren’t just worrying about carrying your camera during on-the-go shoots. Likely, you will be lugging around a tripod, various lighting options, cables, memory cards, a laptop and many more accessories necessary to get that perfect shot. If you’re using an insufficient case, you risk damaging your expensive tools and wasting precious time searching for components you need. Adorama’s Slinger camera bags come highly recommended because of their ability to safely hold a camera system, lenses, filters, memory cards and more in one simple carrying solution.

Wrap, pack, protect and transport all of your delicate gear in the ultimate protective Slinger cases. Bags come complete with compartments for accessories big and small, including micro digital memory cards, optical filters, iPods, cameras and lenses for still or video. Each custom-designed, ready-for-action bag provides secure and easy access to gear with ample space, flexible padded partitions, and lightweight balance. An Adorama exclusive, the Slinger BigBag collection is the durable solution for value cases.

Slinger bags are now available from the low price of 29.95 USD for lightweight, modest options, to 179.95 USD for more heavy duty and versatile solutions. All Slinger bags include free shipping to US addresses when ordered through Adorama’s online store.

Slinger Lighting Bags
The Slinger BigBag Lighting Bag (model SLBBL5) comes with three full-length adjustable dividers for the safest and most efficient organization of lighting equipment. With two adjustable extra long outer straps with clips for attaching and carrying your light stands, this model is designed with the versatility necessary for professional on-the-go transportation. The Slinger BigBag Lighting Bag is large enough to hold all lighting needs and at only 69.95 USD, it is a budget-friendly option that will last for years.

For the highest protection possible, consider the Slinger BigBag Heavy Duty Light Stand Bag with Wheels (model SLBBL3). This light stand bag is a powerhouse on wheels with two inner straps to prevent damage from shifting, weather seal zippers, D-rings for straps and additional elements, and padding for comfort and further protection. Ideal for ultimate safety in an easily transportable package, the Slinger BigBag Heavy Duty Light Stand Bag with Wheels is now available for 119.95 USD. For a more versatile option, try the Slinger BigBag Heavy Duty Lighting Bag Large with Wheels (model SLBBL1). Combining the features of the rolling BigBag Heavy Duty Light Stand and the BigBag Lighting Bag, this option can safely enclose an entire lighting kit. It includes side handles, five sections, a padded light stand divider with Velcro straps, and an outer business card/ID holder. The large Slinger light stand bag is now available for 179.95 USD.

Slinger Video Bags
The Slinger BigBag Video Handbag Large (model SLBBV3) offers all of the protection needed for the filmmaker’s most important tool. The inside of the handbag consists of one full-length, five-part divider while the outside features a pocket with an internal organizer for batteries, cables, cards and drives. Enjoy padded straps and handles for additional comfort and a rain cover to keep tools completely dry. The large option is available now for 109.95 USD. For a more heavy-duty option, choose the Slinger BigBag Video Handbag XL with Wheels (model SLBBV2). This handbag brings luxury and convenience to transporting video gear. It comes with extra features such as an extendable handle, top and side handles, weather sealed zippers, an additional inner divider, and load-bearing security buckles. Add two side pockets and eight padded dividers to fill the 25”x13”x14” trolley and you are ready to tote some serious equipment. The XL handbag option is now available for 159.95 USD.

For the ultimate simple carrying solution, try the Slinger BigBag Video Backpack (model SLBBV1). The Slinger Video Backpack supplies generous space with inner measurements of 20”x13”x9” and features nine full length and inner adjustable dividers for ample organization. Also including a removable, built-in tripod holding system, this model is the perfect one-bag solution for shoots involving travel. The backpack comes with a rain cover as well as supportive, contoured padding lining the back of the bag, protecting your valuable equipment while keeping you comfortable. The Slinger BigBag Video Backpack is available now for just 129.95 USD.

The Slinger BigBag Video & Accessory Handbag (model SLBBV4) is the perfect solution for photographers and filmmakers desiring heavy capacity and organization for multiple accessories. It features two adjustable, full-length dividers and two outer front compartments. Inner compartments include pockets for cards, pens and markers. The Slinger BigBag Video & Accessory Handbag is now available for 99.95 USD.

Slinger Tripod Bags
At a lightweight one pound, the Slinger BigBag Tripod Bag (model SLBBT1) makes it easy to transport and protect your tripod in any situation. This model features an outer business card/ID holder as well as an inner pocket for additional QR plates and tools. Ideal for a quick solution when simultaneously transporting other heavy equipment, the Slinger BigBag Tripod Bag is now available for only 29.95 USD. If you’re carrying light stands, umbrellas and cables in addition to a tripod, the Slinger BigBag Tripod Bag & Light Stand (model SLBBT2) for 39.95 USD is the option for you.

Pricing and Availability
Slinger BigBags are now available at prices ranging from $29.95 to $179.95 and can be purchased in the Adorama store, located at 42 West 18th Street in New York City, or online at