DiscoRobo Does Boxer Briefs – Techno Style!

Who knew boxer briefs would start trending this holiday season! Now there’s Boxer Briefs – Techno-Style featuring DiscoRobo from TOSY Robotics! Check out this chorus line of boxer-wearing robots that really know how to ring their chimes. Their beat detection technology makes for just the right moves in this choreographed bell-ringing rendition of a holiday classic. ( Video available at:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fTf4XXyPdac&feature=youtu.be

DiscoRobo is the dancing, talking robot that’s activated by music and an interactive app (iOS, Android and Windows) that enables users to choreograph the robot’s moves to match the music with booty-shaking action. The robot is so into the music, its face just lights up with funny facial expressions that change as it dances. It can also dance to other sounds: beat box, drum beats, handclaps or even footsteps.

In chat mode, DiscoRobo responds to typed questions with witty remarks. When two are paired together, face to face, they chat with each other. In dance mode, just a shake of the phone or a swipe across the virtual DiscoRobo on screen makes the actual robot react and mimic the movements.

TOSY Robotics was founded by a robotics guru team and first went into operation in 2004 after many years of experience in mechanical engineering. From the very beginning, the Vietnam-based company has always placed the highest priority on research and development with the motto “Creativeness and modern technology are key factors for success.” It is the manufacturer of the Good Housekeeping’s Best Toy Awards 2011’s TOSY® AFO™, a flying boomerang with a smart LED system that can return precisely to its point of origin, and the Guinness World Records holder TOSY TOOP, a non-stop collectible battling top with flexible controllability. For more information about TOSY Robotics, visit: http://www.tosy.com/discorobo