Tether Tools Launches Consumer Tech Accessory Holiday Gift Guide


At Christmas, more than at any other time of the year, many people are gifted with high tech devices that are, unfortunately, at the top of the list for thieves looking to ruin your holiday. It’s not enough to give that special person the iPad they have asking for. You also have to make sure that someone else doesn’t end up enjoying it more. Not to mention breakage, if is sometimes unexpected and unavoidable. Tether Tools is excited to announce a Holiday Buying Guide designed to accessorize all the technology gadgets that will be given this holiday season.

Tether Tools® is a design and manufacturing company providing innovative custom photography equipment and accessories for in-studio and on-location shoots. Tether Tools is committed to providing high quality versatile tethering and workstation solutions for professional and enthusiast photographers. Tether Tools also supplies gear for musicians, filmmakers and other creative professionals.

The complete guide contains iPad/Tablet, SmartPhone, Laptop and tech mounting tools to help children, parents, musicians, professionals  – anyone really – use their gadgets at home, on the job or on the go.

iPad Utility Mounting Kit

iPad Utility Mounting Kit

For the Tech Lover

For those who can’t live without their device, Tether Tools helps mount, wear and power personal devices, safely and securely.  Designed for the tech-obsessed.

— iPad Utility Mounting Kit – enables iPad mounting virtually anywhere.

Rock Solid External Power Bank – portable power bank with option to power or charge two devices (iPad, tablet, phone, camera, etc.) simultaneously.

— StrapMoore & Extender – secure battery packs or power strips to the leg of a desk, eliminating adhesives

— JerkStopper Computer Supports – keeps any cable connected to computers

— JerkStopper Flat Mount – secure cables under a desk & out of the way with these adhesive mounts

— JerkStopper In-Line 4 Pack – keep cables together without tape and prevent cable damage

— JerkStopper “A” Clamp – secure cables where needed with the 1” or 2” clamp

iPad Lounger

iPad Lounger

For the Home & Car

Whether at home or in the car, these mounting options ensure optimal viewing and positioning of iPads/Tablets and SmartPhones.  Streamline lifestyles with no more fuss.

— iPad Lounger – lay down and watch an iPad comfortably – without holding the device

— Mini-iMac Look – iPad stand mirrors the sleek iMac stand design & pivots for horizontal or vertical display

— iPad Wall Mount – the smallest iPad wall mount – ideal for videos, images, recipes, home automation and more.

— iPad Car Headrest – perfect for long road-trips, mount an iPad for passengers, low profile and slim-line design.

— Smartphone Car Mount – mount any smartphone (up to 3 inches) for GPS, music control and more.

— Look Lock System with 7” Arm – mount a smartphone on top of a DSLR camera to play videos that will attract the attention of kids and pets while photographing them.

For the Musician

Aero Master Table

Aero Master Table

Even classically trained musicians are going hi-tech.  iPads and laptops are finding their way to the stages… to hold sheet music, lessons and even act as recording devices. Tether Tools kits help streamline musicians’ set ups too.

— Rock Solid Drum Kit – mount an iPad to any drum kit

— Rock Solid Mic Kit – mount an iPad to the column or top of a mic stand.

— TabStrap – hands-free, wearable iPad solution, great for band directors or studio managers on the go.

— Aero Master Table – durable table-top solution for DJs’ portable mix board platform.

— JerkStopper “A” Clamp – keep cables up and out of the way by securing them to any flat or round objects

— JerkStopper Mini ProClamp – secure cables while mounting directly to objects up to 1.5” wide

— Rock Solid External Power Bank – portable power solutions for devices that have a USB adapter, can power or charge two devices simultaneously

For more information on the listed products, please visit www.TetherTools.com.