PhotoPlus Expo 2013 Preview: SpinLight 360® Releases New Gel Collection And Light Modifier for Photographers


SpinLight 360® has announced the release of the new 20 Gel Collection and Light Modifier. The SpinLight 360® Gel Collection offers an exciting ‘twist’ to the company’s existing SpinLight 360 Modular System. Included in the new Gel Collection are 5 color correction gels, 15 color effect gels and a unique, multi-functional storage case. All gels are made from high quality, industry-standard filters and each gel is individually labeled with its name and fstop loss for ease-of-use and reference. All the gels (and more) can be stored in the case provided. The 15 color gels offer a broad range of colors allowing advanced amateur and professional photographers to create customized backgrounds, change lighting moods, enhance skin tones and create theatrical lighting. The 5 color correction gels include a half-strength CTB (Color Temperature Blue), plus 3 CTO (Color Temperature Orange) in Full-, Half- and Quarter-Strength and a Plus Green cc30 filter.

SpinLight 360 Extreme-3x2

SpinLight 360 will demonstrate its complete line of products and services at this year’s PDN PhotoPlus International Conference Expo in New York City from October 24-26, 2013 at the Javits Convention Center, including hands-on demos of its new Gel Collection.

Spinlight 360 Gel Collection-3x2 SpinLight 360 Grid Set

The specially designed multi-functional clear storage case also attaches to the SpinLight 360 Ring Module just like the system’s other modifiers to provide three additional unique features:

1). The user can attach the case to the Ring Module and place other items (e.g., colored glass or marbles, mirror fragments, etc.) into the clear case to create additional customized lighting effects

2). The case can be attached to the Ring Module over a gel to add a gel effect to the special effects

3). The SpinLight 360’s bounce cards can be attached to the Ring Module while the case is attached

The versatile SpinLight 360 Modular System originally introduced in February 2012 features a large selection of easy to use modifiers and an integrated gel system that offers numerous lighting possibilities,” said Yishai Shapir, photographer and inventor of SpinLight 360 and president of HD PhotoVideo, Inc. “Photographers can use all of the system’s features including the versatile new Gel Collection, without ever having to remove the system’s Ring Module from their flash. That’s a great time saver, especially for creative photographers who don’t want to miss a second of the action and don’t want to compromise quality.”

The new SpinLight 360 Gel Collection is available now at a retail price of $39.99. For additional information please visit: .

The SpinLight 360 Modular System is a one-stop solution for controlling electronic speed lights, both on-camera and off. Photographers can instantly, and easily change the direction or ratio of light and shadows on his or her subject to create desirable three-dimensional looks. Thanks to its flexible design, the versatile SpinLight 360 Modular System securely attaches to most portable speedlights, regardless of manufacturer.

It offers many ways for a photographer to precisely and quickly achieve a bounce flash effect to get studio quality lighting anywhere. With its capability to rotate the bounce cards a full 360º, photographers can effectively utilize their surroundings to even act as a softbox, whether outdoors or in locations with high ceilings. Likewise, a photographer can easily gobo their light to prevent harsh lighting from reaching their subject. Photographers on the move can even create their own portable studio anywhere using several off-camera flashes with SpinLight 360’s attached to them. Available modifiers include the white dome, clear dome, half-dome, snoot, white grid, black grid, Black and White Cards in 4”, 6” and 8” sizes, and gels. All SpinLight 360 Modular Systems and modifiers are made in the United States.