“That’s abuse” – A Powerful New Advertising Approach to Reaching Women (And Men) In Abusive Relationships


Domestic violence can have devastating effects. Although you may not be able to stop your partner’s abusive behavior, you can seek help. Remember, no one deserves to be abused.

In developing a new ad campaign with the New York City’s Mayor’s Office to Combat Domestic Violence, Bandujo Advertising + Design has employed a completely new strategy – reach women caught in the confusing and insidious cycle of abuse that occurs before physical violence begins. Traditionally, Domestic Violence ads visually depict bruises and scenes of assault. In bypassing the cycle of emotional, verbal, economic and sexual abuse that victims often initially endure, such ads don’t speak to a large portion of abused women, because they haven’t been physically abused – yet.

"That's Abuse" National Print Ad.  (PRNewsFoto/Bandujo Advertising + Design)

“That’s Abuse” National Print Ad. (PRNewsFoto/Bandujo Advertising + Design)

Exposing the abusers ‘playbook’ to capture the attention of victims experiencing these ‘early’ forms of abuse gave us the best opportunity to effectively lead victims to safety and support,” said Jose Bandujo, President of Bandujo Advertising.

While some viewing this new ad may see only eight simple words, these words instantly trigger a strong emotional response from women victimized by abuse. “It’s exactly what they’re feeling, and what they identify with during emotional, verbal, sexual and physical abuse. Because they connect deeply with these feelings, the ad bypasses the barrier of both confusion and denial. Many understand for the first time that they’re in an abusive situation. Hence, “that’s abuse,” said Maria Woike, Associate Creative Director.


In the Gay,Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Community, domestic violence is also a serious issue. The rates of domestic violence in same-gender relationships is roughly the same as domestic violence against heterosexual women (25%).  As in opposite-gendered couples, the problem is likely underreported.  Facing a system which is often oppressive and hostile towards gay men and women, those involved in same-gender battering frequently report being afraid of revealing their sexual orientation or the nature of their relationship. Others who do not identify as GLBT may not feel that their relationship fits the definition but may still be in an abusive and dangerous relationship.

In many ways, domestic violence in lesbian, bisexual and gay relationships is the same as in opposite-gendered (e.g., heterosexually-paired) relationships:

  • No one deserves to be abused.
  • Abuse can be physical, sexual, emotional, psychological, and involve verbal behavior used to coerce, threaten or humiliate.
  • Abuse often occurs in a cyclical fashion.
  • The purpose of the abuse is to maintain control and power over one’s partner.
  • The abused partner feels alone, isolated and afraid, and is usually convinced that the abuse is somehow her or his fault, or could have been avoided if she or he knew what to do. Continue reading

The 57TH Annual BFI LONDON FILM FESTIVAL Announces Line Up Of Public Events Including Talks With RALPH FIENNES and ALFONSO CUARÓN

The 57th BFI London Film Festival in partnership with American Express® is pleased to announce this year’s program of events, including SCREEN TALKS with filmmakers HIROKAZU KORE-EDA, CATHERINE BREILLAT and RALPH FIENNES; MASTERCLASSES with director ALFONSO CUARÓN and VFX Supervisor TIM WEBBER, cinematographer BARRY ACKROYD,2013 BFI Lonodn Film Festival Logo and composer CLINT MANSELL. Talks will include a BFI-hosted panel celebrating the UKs rich variety of filmmaking ‘British Cinema – Home-grown and all grown up’ and ‘William Faulkner: Film Noir & Nobel Prizes’ a talk from Adrian Wootton prompted by James Franco’s AS I LAY DYING.

These sit alongside the previously announced talk with acclaimed artist Stan Douglas; and Sonic Cinema events, the special performance by celebrated British composer Michael Nyman, and a one-off live show by Angolan Kuduro act Buraka Som Sistema at Village Underground.

Screen Talks

The BFI warmly welcomes Hirokazu Kore-eda whose Cannes Jury Prize winning LIKE FATHER, LIKE SON screens in Official Competition. The Japanese director, producer, screenwriter and editor exploded onto the world stage with his debut Maborosi for which he won best director at Venice, swiftly followed by Award winning Afterlife with further accolades and acclaim for Nobody Knows.

Hirokazu Kore-eda's Cannes Jury Prize winning LIKE FATHER, LIKE SON

Hirokazu Kore-eda’s Cannes Jury Prize winning LIKE FATHER, LIKE SON

Hirokazu Kore-eda's Cannes Jury Prize winning LIKE FATHER, LIKE SON

Hirokazu Kore-eda’s Cannes Jury Prize winning LIKE FATHER, LIKE SON

Award winning French filmmaker Catherine Breillat discusses her impressive career and latest film ABUSE OF WEAKNESS (Abus de faiblesse) which screens in Official Competition. Powerful, provocative chronicler of female sexuality and intimacy, Brelliat has enjoyed strong critical acclaim for previous works such as Romance and Fat Girl. The BFI is delighted to welcome her to the festival to discuss her illustrious career.

Catherine Breillat's ABUSE OF WEAKNESS (Abus de faiblesse)

Catherine Breillat’s ABUSE OF WEAKNESS (Abus de faiblesse)

BFI Fellow Ralph Fiennes’ second directorial offering THE INVISIBLE WOMAN receives its European Premiere as the Festival Gala; the film sees Fiennes both behind and in front of the camera for a striking and refined examination of Charles Dickens’ illicit, long term affair with young actress Nelly Ternan. The BFI proudly welcomes Fiennes to the Festival to discuss his substantial body of work as actor, and latterly as one of the UK’s assured directorial voices.

The Festival Gala is the European Premiere of Ralph Fiennes’ second directorial feature THE INVISIBLE WOMAN staring Fiennes as Charles Dickens, Felicity Jones, Kristin Scott Thomas and Tom Hollander.

The Festival Gala is the European Premiere of Ralph Fiennes’ second directorial feature THE INVISIBLE WOMAN staring Fiennes as Charles Dickens, Felicity Jones, Kristin Scott Thomas and Tom Hollander.


Director Alfonso Cuarón presents his 3D sci-fi thriller GRAVITY as the LFF American Airlines Gala. Ecstatic reviews followed the film’s premiere at Venice, most singling out the extraordinary technical and creative achievement of a film almost entirely created with digital effects. For a first in depth look at the extraordinary process of creation, more than 4 years in the making, we welcome Cuarón and his VFX Supervisor Tim Webber from London’s Framestore. Continue reading

LOVE Creates Johnnie Walker House Seoul – Their Most Ambitious Brand Experience to Date

Following the success of the award winning Johnnie Walker Houses in Shanghai and Beijing, creative agency LOVE has now designed a third House, JOHNNIE WALKER HOUSE SEOUL, for Diageo in Seoul. Just being launched, the super deluxe whisky embassy is described by LOVE in design terms as “The most ambitious Johnnie Walker House to-date”.

Blending Table at Johnnie Walker House Seoul

Blending Table at Johnnie Walker House Seoul

Since LOVE developed the concept for the Johnnie Walker House in 2011 Diageo has reported that the Shanghai and Beijing Houses have generated millions of dollars worth of premium whisky sales. In addition, the brand experience spaces have welcomed 1000’s of celebrity and high profile guests, with 9 out of 10 people in China aspiring to visit a Johnnie Walker House. Commercially the Johnnie Walker House concept has become very successful for Diageo. Since the Shanghai House opened in 2011, sales of super-deluxe Johnnie Walker whisky in China increased by 64% year-on-year. Diageo now plans to roll out the business model beyond Asia.

Constellation Wall at Johnnie Walker House Seoul

Constellation Wall at Johnnie Walker House Seoul

Like the preceding Houses, Seoul House has been inspired by the ‘whisky conversation’ theme and culturally curated at a local level; every room, display and interaction sets out to engage sophisticated Korean consumers and tell the story behind Johnnie Walker. Continue reading

ART LOVERS, SAVE THE DATE: The 8th Edition of Contemporary Istanbul Opens 7 – 10 November 2013

Contemporary Istanbul Announces its 8th Edition 7th - 10th November 2013

Contemporary Istanbul the leading international art fair in Turkey has announced the details of the 8th edition. Featuring 92 galleries from 21 countries with outstanding works by over 650 artists, CI brings both local and international focus to the dynamic art scene in Turkey’s vibrant metropolis. Participants will include Marlborough Gallery, Galerie Lelong, Andipa Gallery, Opera Gallery, Galeria Javier Lopez, Michael Schultz, Dirimart, Galerist, Galeri Mana, Galeri Nev, Pi Artworks, and Rampa. The 8th edition of Contemporary Istanbul (www.contemporaryistanbul.com), the leading international art fair in the unique metropolis coincides with the 13th Istanbul Biennial. The cross-over of Contemporary Istanbul, Istanbul Biennial (which run through October 20th) and Art Istanbul Art Week (4 – 10 November) will make Istanbul the focus of a broad international art audience.


The 7th edition attracted over 68,000 visitors worldwide, including major collectors, artists, journalists and international gallery and fair directors. 102 contemporary art galleries from 27 countries exhibited and sold work by 612 artists. These included important international galleries such as Marlborough Gallery, Haunch of Venison, Andipa Gallery, Opera Gallery, Galerie Michael Schultz, MAM-Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art, Cordeiros Galleria as well as local galleries: Dirimart, Rampa, Galeri Mana, Rodeo and Galerist. The total value of exhibited works amounted to more than $100 million of which 66%, the equivalent of 2,500 works on display, were sold.

Contemporary Istanbul 2012: Alan Istanbul, Murat Pulat, Untitled, 2012. 160 x 220 cm. Oil on canvas.

Contemporary Istanbul 2012: Alan Istanbul, Murat Pulat, Untitled, 2012. 160 x 220 cm. Oil on canvas.

Held at Istanbul Convention and Exhibition Center (ICEC) and the Istanbul Congress Center, the 8th edition of the fair will run from 7 – 10 November 2013 and offers a comprehensive range of international and Turkish art including painting, sculpture, video works, installation and limited editions from local and international galleries from different and mutually enriching horizons. Featuring 110 galleries from 21 countries –2/3 of which come from 21 different countries– and approximately 650 artists Contemporary Istanbul 2013 will be the largest event to date. Marlborough Gallery, New York; Galerie Lelong, Paris; Andipa Gallery, London; Opera Gallery, Geneva; Galeria Filomena Soares, Lisbon; Galeria Javier Lopez, Madrid; Senda, Spain; Michael Schultz, Germany; Klaus Steinmetz, Costa Rica; Dirimart, Galerist, Galeri Mana, Galeri Nev, Pi Artworks, Rampa, xist from Turkey are among the expected galleries of the 8th Edition

CI 2012: Dirimart Gallery, Sarah Morris, Dog (Origami); 2009. 214 x 214 cm. Household gloss paint on canvas.

CI 2012: Dirimart Gallery, Sarah Morris, Dog (Origami); 2009. 214 x 214 cm. Household gloss paint on canvas.

CI 2012: AD Gallery, Athens,  Elias Kafouros, Now I Know; 2011. 70 x 70 cm, Ink on cotton paper.

CI 2012: AD Gallery, Athens, Elias Kafouros, Now I Know; 2011. 70 x 70 cm, Ink on cotton paper.

Mr Ali Gureli, Chairman of The Fair says: ‘Since 2006 the aim of CI has been to raise awareness of both local and international artists in Turkey, while increasing interest amongst international audiences in Turkey’s vibrant contemporary artistic scene. Our vision is to be a fair embedded in the culture of Istanbul while being an artistic hub for galleries from across Eastern Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. We believe in the assets of the local culture should not to be effaced by the uniform, homogenous global culture. Aligning ourselves to the values in the last seven years, we gathered not only galleries from across the world but also hosted countries like Golf Countries, Eastern European Countries and this year Russia. Thus highlighting the unique glocal idiosyncrasy (the character) of Contemporary Istanbul as not only an art fair, but a cultural platform. Previous editions of the fair have been extremely successful with regards to sales and interest, with over 200 international press and the presence of many decisive and eager Turkish collectors. Several groups of international collectors made large acquisitions for their collections. In light of this success, we are happy to announce the launch of two new satellite fairs coinciding with Contemporary Istanbul in 2014, with a focus on photography, new media and emerging artists and galleries.Continue reading

Rich Medieval Culture Revealed in Exhibition of Rare Illuminated Manuscripts from England’s Bodleian Library at Oxford University in Exhibition at The Jewish Museum



England’s Bodleian Library at Oxford University, established by Sir Thomas Bodley in 1602 and now the largest of the University’s group of ‘Bodleian Libraries’, is renowned for its great treasures. Among them is one of the most important collections of medieval Hebrew illuminated manuscripts in the world. The Jewish Museum will present Crossing Borders: Manuscripts from the Bodleian Libraries from September 14, 2012 through February 3, 2013, featuring over 60 works – Hebrew, Arabic, and Latin manuscripts – the majority of which have never been seen in the United States. Several mzl.henhnvtlpaintings and printed books will also be on view. This exhibition is based on Crossing Borders: Hebrew Manuscripts as a Meeting-place of Cultures co-curated by Piet van Boxel and Sabine Arndt for The Bodleian Library. The New York City presentation has been organized by The Jewish Museum’s Curator Claudia Nahson.

The Bodleian Libraries of the University of Oxford form the largest university library system in the United Kingdom. They include the principal University library—the Bodleian Library—which has been a library of legal deposit for 400 years; major research libraries; and libraries attached to faculties, departments and other institutions of the University. The combined library collections number more than 11 million printed items, in addition to 30,000 e-journals and vast quantities of materials in other formats. The Old Bodleian is also a major visitor attraction, drawing over 300,000 visitors a year. More information about the Bodleian Libraries and their activities can be found at www.bodleian.ox.ac.uk.

Scholar and diplomat Sir Thomas Bodley (See painting below on right, NICHOLAS HILLIARD (C. 1547–1619), SIR THOMAS BODLEY, 1598) began establishing the Bodleian Library in 1598 after retiring as ambassador to Queen Elizabeth I and devoted the rest of his life to building its collection. Bodley in fact reopened the library room at Oxford that had been completed in 1488 to house a collection of manuscripts given by Duke Humfrey of Gloucester (1390-1447). But in 1550 during the Reformation, it was stripped and left abandoned. A staunch Protestant, whose family had fled England during Queen Mary’s Catholic reign, Bodley was also a humanist and Christian Hebraist who viewed the creation of a Hebraica collection as integral to his vision for the new library. It would be housed in a masterpiece of English Gothic and Jacobean architecture, and is today one of the oldest libraries in Europe.

KENNICOTT BIBLE, Scribe: Moses ibn Zabara, artist: Joseph ibn Hayyim, commissioner: Isaac, son of Solomon di Braga Corunna, Spain, 1476 12 1/2 x 9 in. (31.8 x 22.9 cm) MS. Kennicott 1, fols. 7b–8a

KENNICOTT BIBLE, Scribe: Moses ibn Zabara, artist: Joseph ibn Hayyim, commissioner: Isaac, son of Solomon di Braga Corunna, Spain, 1476 12 1/2 x 9 in. (31.8 x 22.9 cm) MS. Kennicott 1, fols. 7b–8a

Included will be the splendid Kennicott Bible, the most lavishly illuminated Hebrew Bible to survive from medieval Spain, as well as two works in the hand of Maimonides, one of the most prominent Jewish philosophers and rabbinic authorities. This presentation showcases a selection from the Bodleian’s superb holdings within the larger context of the history of medieval Christian Hebraism – the study by Christian scholars of the Hebrew Bible and rabbinic sources, which first received full expression in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. As Protestantism took hold in the sixteenth century, Hebraist trends resurged, sparking interest in the collecting of Hebrew books, and propelling the formation of the Bodleian’s outstanding Hebraica collection.

In addition to viewing the actual illuminated manuscript, visitors will be able to look at digital images of every page of the Kennicott Bible (you can view all the pages here at http://www.kennicottbible.org/) and examine details on touchscreens in the exhibition gallery and on the Museum’s website. Visitors will FULL-bodleian_49-000_portrait-sir-thomas-bodleyalso be able to see images of several additional page openings for seven other manuscripts in Crossing Borders: Manuscripts from the Bodleian Libraries.

Composed of three thematic sections, the exhibition opens with three exquisitely illuminated Hebrew manuscripts representing the main European centers of medieval production—Ashkenaz, Sepharad and Italy. The first section deals with the interaction of Christians and Jews in the Middle Ages as expressed through the books they produced. Christians began using the codex or book in the late first century while Jews seem to have held fast to the roll format for a longer time. Leaves of the codex could be used on both sides and be made more portable, unlike scrolls, and thereby proved highly effective for spreading Christianity. In Latin texts it replaced the roll by the fourth century. On view is one of the two earliest Latin Gospel Books extant from the British Isles, dating to the late sixth or seventh century, and one of the earliest known Hebrew codices dating to the tenth century.

In the twelfth century Hebrew book production began to flourish in the three main regions of Europe where Jews had long been settled: Italy, Ashkenaz (Germany, parts of France, and England), and Sepharad (Spain and Portugal). The study and copying of Hebrew texts brought Jews and Christians together. Christian Hebraists sought the help of Jewish scholars as they made systematic comparisons of the Vulgate (Latin Bible) with the Hebrew Bible. In turn, Jewish scribes often commissioned Christian artists to illuminate sumptuous Hebrew manuscripts. Continue reading

Johnnie Walker Introduces Johnnie Walker Platinum Label® to Its U.S. Portfolio

Bringing a Tradition of Private Blends Stateside in the United States

Johnnie Walker announces its next step in the art of blending with the release of Johnnie Walker Platinum Label® blended Scotch whisky. Johnnie Walker is the world’s number-one selling Scotch Whisky brand, representing the concept of personal progress for the many people who enjoy it in more than 200 countries worldwide, just as it did to John Walker, who founded the business in 1820. Inspired by a Walker family custom to craft exclusive Scotch whisky blends for privatejwplatinum gatherings that were never sold, Platinum Label is the most perfectly crafted 18-year-old blended Scotch whisky John Walker & Sons has ever made and is now be available in the United States. Master Blender Jim Beveridge drew the whiskies in this blend from a limited number of casks, carefully selected from only twenty to twenty-five distilleries due to their exceptional character.

Like the rare and precious metal for which it’s named, Johnnie Walker Platinum Label is rich and refined – delivering the depth and complexity expected from a full flavored Johnnie Walker blend. Crafted from single malt and grain whiskies, each matured for a minimum of eighteen years, Johnnie Walker Platinum Label is a complex, delicate, smoky blend harboring deep layers of flavor that perfectly balance the diverse character of the distilleries from which it came and the wooden casks in which it has rested.

Since the days of John Walker, private blends have played an important role in the House of Walker. It’s the smaller, exclusive settings and experiences that often produce the best memories,” said Master Blender Jim Beveridge. “We blended Johnnie Walker Platinum Label as a whisky to be enjoyed responsibly during those treasured moments.”

The recommended serve for Johnnie Walker Platinum Label, of course, is neat or with a few drops of distilled water. The water unlocks the richness of the preciously crafted 18-year old whisky and releases a range of aromas from tart tangerines to woody almonds and creates a deeply satisfying tangy and fruitful flavor profile.  But it also serves as an excellent starting point for all your favorite whiskey-based mixed drinks.

Johnnie Walker Platinum Label is the brand’s biggest product launch since the introduction of Blue Label,” said Brian Radics, Director of Scotch Whisky, Diageo. “It has been received extremely well globally. The quality of the liquid and the flavor of the whisky will continue to bolster our position as the world’s leading Scotch whisky brand.”

Johnnie Walker Platinum Label is available nationwide with a suggested retail price of $110. For more information, please visit http://www.johnniewalker.com/en-us/platinum/.

Johnnie Walker reminds you to please drink responsibly.

Share The Love This Holiday Season: American Red Cross Invites Americans to Give Something that Means Something this Holiday Season

“Holiday Mail for Heroes” Mailbox Open September 30 – December 6

The American Red Cross kicks off its annual Holiday Mail for Heroes Program on September 30th and invites all Americans to show their gratitude and best wishes for those who serve our country, vets and their families by sending holiday cards. Throughout the year and whenever called upon, the American Red Cross shelters, feeds and provides emotional support to victims of disasters; supplies about 40 percent of the nation’s blood; teaches skills that save lives; provides international humanitarian aid; and supports military members and their families.

American Red Cross.  (PRNewsFoto/American Red Cross)

American Red Cross. (PRNewsFoto/American Red Cross)

Starting today and going through December 6, Americans can create and send cards to service members, veterans and their families who will receive cards across the country and around the world.

Red Cross volunteers across the United States and on military installations overseas will sort and deliver the cards throughout the holiday season. The Red Cross has received and distributed more than 6.5 million cards for members of the U.S. Armed Forces, veterans and their families since the program began in 2006.

To ensure that cards are delivered in time for the holidays, they must be postmarked no later than December 6. Individuals are asked to refrain from sending letters, monetary donations or any other kinds of inserts with the cards. Please also refrain from using glitter. More information and card requirements can be found at www.redcross.org/holidaymail.

The Red Cross also invites the public to share photos and videos of their card signing efforts or their holiday greeting for troops by using the hashtag #HolidayMail on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Vine accounts. The Red Cross will use the material on its social sites throughout the holiday season. The public also can connect with fellow card senders through www.Facebook.com/redcross and www.Twitter.com/redcross.

The Red Cross relies on the support of the American people to carry out its mission of service to the 2 million members of the U.S. Armed Forces, 24 million veterans and their families. During this holiday season, the public can also support all Red Cross services by making a financial donation at www.redcross.org or by calling 1-800-REDCROSS. Individuals can also give the gift of life by making an appointment to give blood at www.redcrossblood.org or by calling 1-800-REDCROSS.

Everyone gets busy, especially around the holidays, so just a few moments can mean a lot,” said Sherri L. Brown, senior vice president, Red Cross Services to the Armed Forces. “While it may not seem like much, a hand-written note to a service member spending time away from his or her family makes a word of difference.”

The Red Cross invites the public to send messages of thanks and holiday cheer by mailing them to:

Holiday Mail for Heroes

P.O. Box 5456

Capitol Heights, MD 20791-5456

During this holiday season, the American Red Cross is grateful for the support of their corporate partners that generously contribute to the Holiday Giving Campaign. They include:  University of Phoenix, Circle K and its customers in the West and Florida divisions, and Community Safety Foundation, funded by CSAA Insurance Group, a AAA Insurer. Thanks to the generosity of these and other sponsors, the Red Cross is able to carry out its mission of helping people prevent, prepare for and respond to emergencies everyday here and around the world. Each holiday season the Red Cross gives everyone the chance to support our work by giving blood, signing a card for military heroes or buying a gift through our holiday catalog. To support the Red Cross this Holiday Season, visit www.redcross.org/holiday .

The Red Cross is a not-for-profit organization that depends on volunteers and the generosity of the American public to perform its mission. For more information, please visit redcross.org or visit us on Twitter at @RedCross.

THE ARMORY SHOW AT 100: MODERN ART AND REVOLUTION ON VIEW At The New-York Historical Society, October 11, 2013 – February 23, 2014


OCTOBER 11, 2013 – FEBRUARY 23, 2014

The New-York Historical Society (170 Central Park W New York, NY 10024) will present a major exhibition celebrating the centennial of the legendary 1913 Armory Show, offering a rare opportunity to experience the reunion of more than 100 masterpieces from the iconic event. On view from October 11, 2013 through February 23, 2014, The Armory Show at 100: Modern Art and Revolution will feature works by European modernists, including Marcel Duchamp, Henri Matisse, Francis Picabia, Constantin Brancusi, and Pablo Picasso; influential precursors to modernism, such as Paul Cézanne, Paul Gauguin, and Vincent van Gogh; and leading American artists Childe Hassam, Robert Henri, John Marin, Albert Pinkham Ryder, John Sloan, and others who are often overlooked in accounts of the event despite the fact that half the works featured in the exhibition were by American artists. Officially known as the 1913 International Exhibition of Modern Art, the Armory Show is one of the most important exhibitions ever held in the United States and is remembered as a turning point in American art history, introducing the European avant-garde to America.

Francis Picabia (French, 1879-1953), Dances at the Spring, 1912. Oil on canvas, 47 7/16 x 47 ½ in. Philadelphia Museum of Art, The Louise and Walter Arensberg Collection, 1950, 1950-134-155. © 2013 Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York / ADAGP, Paris

Francis Picabia (French, 1879-1953), Dances at the Spring, 1912. Oil on canvas, 47 7/16 x 47 ½ in. Philadelphia Museum of Art, The Louise and Walter Arensberg Collection, 1950, 1950-134-155. © 2013 Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York / ADAGP, Paris

Curated by New-York Historical’s Marilyn Satin Kushner, Curator and Head, Department of Prints, Photographs, and Architectural Collections; and Kimberly Orcutt, Henry Luce Foundation Curator of American Art, with Casey Nelson Blake, Professor of History at Columbia University serving as Senior Historian, The Armory Show at 100 will feature approximately 100 masterworks from the 1913 Armory Show that powerfully impacted American audiences.

Pierre-Auguste Renoir (French, 1841-1919), Algerian Girl, 1881. Oil on canvas, 20 x 16 in. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Juliana Cheney Edwards Collection, 39.677

Pierre-Auguste Renoir (French, 1841-1919), Algerian Girl, 1881. Oil on canvas, 20 x 16 in. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Juliana Cheney Edwards Collection, 39.677

The Armory Show at 100 will contextualize the event with artifacts, historical documents, and archival photographs to evoke the social and intellectual currents of this time period. Major events of the era include the inauguration of Woodrow Wilson as president in 1913, women marching for suffrage, the re-opening of Grand Central Terminal as the world’s largest train station, and the Woolworth Building becoming the world’s tallest skyscraper. The behind-the-scenes story of the making of the 1913 Armory Show also will be told through a selection of letters, postcards, and photographs that document the dissent and divisions that the exhibition inspired in the New York art world. Continue reading

gDiapers Introduces Mix-And-Match Coordinates And Diaper Covers For Fall 2013


gDiapers: A company dedicated to eliminating conventional disposable diapers from the planet. The new gVeggie gPant pictured here with coordinating gLegs.  (PRNewsFoto/gDiapers)

gDiapers: A company dedicated to eliminating conventional disposable diapers from the planet. The new gVeggie gPant pictured here with coordinating gLegs. (PRNewsFoto/gDiapers)

gDiapers is committed to creating a world where conventional, single-use diapers no longer exist. In 2005 gDiapers introduced the world’s only flushable diaper inserts. The inserts tuck inside thoughtfully-designed diaper covers that have helped make gDiapers one of the most respected baby brands on the market.  Today, the mission-led company launches a new offering of mix-and-match tops, gPants (reusable covers) and leg warmers in fall colors and designs.

Each item in gDiapers’ fall line was created to mix (with) and match each other. The new coordinates are functional and fun, inspiring parents to make each diaper change matter. The gLotus dress is brightened by a patchwork lotus blossom and a message that reminds us to live simply. The gVeggie tee proudly proclaims a love for veggies. Both tops have coordinating gPants. The collection also includes two new solid colors, Grecian Fig and Greyhound Grey. Limited edition legwarmers for babies are also available.

The gDiapers autumn collection is available on www.gDiapers.com and select retailers in the US, Canada and Europe. They range in price from $17.99 for solid gPants to $34.99 for the gLotus dress.

GQ Presents Gentlemen Give Back Concert feat. Robin Thicke October 23, 2013, at the Highline Ballroom in New York City


The Gentlemen’s Fund, founded in 2007, Initiative raises awareness for issues that are essential to modern men and supports charities that champion these causes. In six years, The Fund has raised over $3.5 million for nearly 40 charities. To raise money for this gentlemanly cause, GQ magazine presents the first-ever Gentlemen Give Back Concert with special performance by ROBIN THICKE and music by DJ RUCKUS at the Highline Ballroom for one night only. This exclusive engagement will benefit Oceana, Doctors Without Borders, Art of Elysium, and Recycle Across America, all supported by GQ’s 2013 Gentlemen’s Fund.

robin-thicke-0001 (1)

Thicke shared, “I’m excited to be working with GQ again, a publication that has supported me from the beginning, and to be performing at the first-ever Gentlemen Give Back concert. It’s going to be an evening to remember, benefiting a tremendous cause, so I’m thrilled to be a part of it.”

Doors open at 9:30pm.

Additional Info:

$100 – General Admission. Cash bar.

$200 – VIP Admission and Access to Premium Mezzanine Level. Tickets include complimentary open bar and hors d’oeuvres.

$250 – Limited Gold Admission and Access to Premium First Floor Seating. Tickets include complimentary open bar, bottle service, and hors d’oeuvres.

$300 – Limited Platinum Admission and Reserved First Floor Seating. Tickets include complimentary open bar, bottle service, hors d’oeuvres and an autographed copy of Robin’s new album “Blurred Lines”

Miami Children’s Hospital Launches KidzStuff™ Retail Brand

Health and wellness products ‘designed by doctors, trusted by moms, loved by kids’

Miami Children’s Hospital (MCH), a world leader in pediatric healthcare and one of the nation’s top-ranked children’s hospitals, has launched KidzStuff™ ( www.shopkidzstuff.com) a new retail brand featuring a range of innovative children’s products designed by pediatricians to solve everyday problems. Founded in 1950, Miami Children’s Hospital® is South Florida’s only licensed specialty hospital exclusively for children, with more than 650 attending physicians and over 130 pediatric sub-specialists. The 289-bed hospital is renowned for excellence in all aspects of pediatric medicine and is the only hospital in Florida to be ranked in all 10 pediatric specialties assessed by U.S. News & World Report in its annual Best Children’s Hospitals rankings.

Miami Children's Hospital (MCH), a world leader in pediatric healthcare and one of the nation's top-ranked children's hospitals, has launched KidzStuff(TM), a new retail brand featuring a range of innovative children's products designed by pediatricians to solve everyday problems.  (PRNewsFoto/Miami Children's Hospital)

Miami Children’s Hospital (MCH), a world leader in pediatric healthcare and one of the nation’s top-ranked children’s hospitals, has launched KidzStuff(TM), a new retail brand featuring a range of innovative children’s products designed by pediatricians to solve everyday problems. (PRNewsFoto/Miami Children’s Hospital)

We have the best think tank in the world here at Miami Children’s,” said Dr. Narendra Kini, President and CEO. “The physicians on our medical staff, and our nurses and clinical staff have daily interactions with parents and children out of which brilliant ideas are born.” Proceeds from KidzStuff will support the philanthropic work of MCH, a leading provider of healthcare services for medically needy children in South Florida.

Among the first KidzStuff products to be offered is a baby romper specially designed to protect babies and infants from the sun. The Sun Blocker™ Romper is the first UPF-rated one-piece romper with a built-in hoodie for babies. Rated UPF 40, the specially designed breathable, lightweight fabric provides a chemical and lotion-free defense against the sun.

Dr. Ana Duarte, director of the Division of Dermatology at MCH and president of the Children’s Skin Center, said, “As a pediatric dermatologist and a mom living in a year-round sunny climate, I am acutely aware of the importance of UV protection. Just one blistering sunburn during childhood can more than double the adult risk of melanoma, a deadly form of skin cancer. It’s critical that parents get into the habit of practicing sun-smart behaviors to protect their children as early as possible.”

Deborah Da Silva, head of retail and product development at KidzStuff, said, “At KidzStuff we are leveraging more than 60 years of medical experience and product innovation at Miami Children’s Hospital, which provides the ideal launch pad to develop and test innovations in health and wellness that can make life easier for parents and their children.”

For further information, visit: www.shopkidzstuff.com

ABC’s Robin Roberts Marks One-Year Bone Marrow Transplant Anniversary with a “Birthday Wish” for More Bone Marrow Donors

The “Good Morning America” anchor continues efforts to recruit volunteer bone marrow donors to the national Be The Match Registry® in a new public service announcement

Calling it her “one-year birthday wish,” ABC’s “Good Morning America” anchor Robin Roberts is asking people to join the Be The Match Registry® in celebration of the life-saving bone marrow transplant she received last September. This appeal for registry members, captured in a new public service announcement (PSA) ( http://origin-qps.onstreammedia.com/origin/multivu_archive/PRNA/ENR/FX-MM87686-20130926-1.mp4), is Roberts’ latest effort to raise awareness about Be The Match®, the nonprofit organization dedicated to helping patients with blood cancers like leukemia receive life-saving bone marrow and umbilical cord blood transplants.

Be The Match Honors ABC's Robin Roberts with its Rod Carew Leadership Award.  (PRNewsFoto/Be The Match)

Be The Match Honors ABC’s Robin Roberts with its Rod Carew Leadership Award. (PRNewsFoto/Be The Match)

The new PSA premiered on “GMA” on Sept. 20. It builds on a series of PSAs, outdoor advertisements and more that Roberts has embarked on since partnering with Be The Match in 2012. Continue reading

Diageo Launches Baileys Chocolate Luxe, a groundbreaking innovation with real Belgian chocolate liqueur

DIAGEO (www.diageo.com) has launched one of its most innovative products for a decade with the arrival of Baileys Chocolat Luxe – the first time that real Belgian chocolate has been fused with alcohol in a way that delivers the multi-sensory experience of chocolate in a glass. BAILEYS was the world’s first cream liqueur, a unique blend of smooth Irish cream with quality spirits and whiskey and has won more medals than any of its competitors in the prestigious San Francisco world spirits awards and is the 2012 Gold Winner. It’s also the world’s biggest seller of liqueurs, with over 82 Baileys-Chocolate-Luxe-£16.99million bottles sold world wide each year.

Created by Anthony Wilson, principal scientist and son of one of Baileys Original Irish Cream’s creators Steve Wilson, this latest innovation in drinks alchemy has been three years in the making. Travelling across three continents, Wilson was able to realize his vision that Baileys and real Belgian chocolate would be the perfect pairing. The result is a unique drinking experience that brings together two of the world’s favorite indulgences, Baileys and chocolate. Combining luxury products – including Madagascan vanilla and over 30g of real Belgian chocolate per bottle – the unashamed indulgence of Baileys Chocolat Luxe is a breakthrough in drinks formulation and is in direct correlation to the brand’s original innovation over 37 years ago by Wilson’s father.

Working with a world-class chocolatier and his team of leading scientists, Wilson personally tasted over 200 varieties of the world’s finest chocolate – eventually choosing to create a bespoke chocolate that would complement the drink and result in the ultimate molten chocolate drinking experience. It was the smallest of changes that provided the momentous breakthrough after 839 failed attempts. Lowering the alcohol content by just 1.3%, the flavor of the whiskey finally complemented, rather than overpowered the sweet, smoky essence of the chocolate.

On his creation, Wilson states, “The philosophy behind developing Baileys Chocolat Luxe was to create an ambient molten chocolate experience – something that you could pour and drink at room temperature that would have the multi-sensory experience of eating chocolate. This is combining two ingredients that were always destined to be together; finally becoming a reality. Baileys was the first liqueur to fuse whiskey and cream, and now Baileys Chocolat Luxe heralds a groundbreaking innovation in chocolate – the first time real Belgian chocolate has been fused with alcohol to deliver a real Belgian chocolate experience. I am proud to be the one to say I helped make this happen and that the family legacy with Baileys continues with a brand new innovative product.”

Food architect Sam Bompas has put his stamp of approval on the product by saying: “This is a huge moment for chocolate, people have tried before but the problem is chocolate is solid, turning that into a drink is far from easy. What Diageo has created with Baileys Chocolat Luxe is not only a great tasting drink; it is a real quality chocolate experience.”