Fashion Week NYC Ahead of Tech Curve With a Cutting-Edge Content Rich App From REEL CODE MEDIA

NBA All-Star JASON KIDD Makes Personal Appearance at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week: Visiting REEL CODE MEDIA Booth to Experience New App Technology

Fashion brands at this year’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week are setting the standard for what’s new—not only in style—but also what’s new in technology, with designers in the biggest fashion event of the year integrating REEL CODE MEDIA’s new interactive app in the official event program as a sure way to boost business and enhance the fashion experience for fans. Isaac Daniel, the app’s inventor and CEO of REEL CODE MEDIA, is a celebrated American scientist with over
300 patents, including GPS sneakers.

REEL CODE MEDIA is an interactive augmented reality app that allows users to access four channels of multimedia content.  Utilizing a mobile device, users simply scan a REEL CODE image then interact with their touchscreens to access the embedded content in each corner, which could include a video, web store, product information, store location, coupon, promotions, and more.

This brand-new app (launched at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim in July 2013) allows marketing teams to integrate videos, turn ads into points of sale, embed games and competitions, build customer data, capitalize on media buzz, manage customer relationships, eliminate obsolete news and media, and create buzz with up-to-the-minute broadcasts and news.

After downloading the REEL CODE MEDIA app from the App Store (for Apple) or Google Play  (for Android), users can scan a patterned square “patch” for full and immediate access to behind-the-scenes footage, fashion event locations across the city, and the chance to win a couture dress by designer Malan Breton.   The “patch” works on clothing tags, brochures, programs, billboard ads, and even equipment.

During the event a split-second image scan of the REEL CODE Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week “patch” gives fashion devotees and industry professionals immediate access to video, product information, coupons, promotions, web-store, store location, and show times.

Connecting people to loved ones and to the things they’re passionate about within seconds, is one of reasons I became a scientist and the motivation that led me to create REEL CODE MEDIA,” explained Isaac Daniel. “REEL CODE MEDIA is poised to change how fashion companies do business by providing customers with rich, dynamic content about their brand through a simple scan of a clothing or product tag.”

Isaac Daniel is already making waves in other business sectors including public safety, and workforce management.  Demand for the app is so high, that REEL CODE MEDIA (also an Official Sponsor of Mercedes- Benz Fashion Week), has already developed specific REEL CODE technology for social media, academia, real estate, and many other business sectors.

To demonstrate the ease and versatility of this new app, Jason Kidd, a ten time NBA All-Star and the head coach of the Brooklyn Nets of the NBA, Tyson Chandler (New York Knicks), and Paul Pierce (Brooklyn Nets) will all be appearing at the REEL CODE LOUNGE, for photo opportunities and press time.  Each player will have his own REEL CODE poster, which will be used to demonstrate highlights from their careers using REEL CODE MEDIA technology. Mr. Kidd will be at the REEL CODE MEDIA LOUNGE,  Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Lincoln Center, Wednesday, September 11, at 3:00 pm.

REEL CODE MEDIA is an interactive augmented reality app that allows users to access four channels of multimedia content.  To learn more about the app please click here.

Download the REEL CODE app from Google Play (for Android) and the App Store (for Apple).

Watch a video and learn how to use the REEL CODE app, find out more about the “Catch the Patch” campaign, or get behind-the-scenes with designer Malan Breton.

REEL CODE MEDIA, Inc. is managed by Isaac Daniel Group Management International (IDGMI).