Introducing Rivé, Luxurious Glass Water Bottles Where Hydration is Made More Elegant

A new water bottle has debuted on the market from Rivé USA ( that is both stylish AND eco-friendly. Rivé is an innovator in water bottle engineering and design, revolutionizing the way consumers view hydration. The Rivé story began with a single drop of water – one of life’s most essential ingredients. Inspired by the idea of infusing an everyday object–the ubiquious water bottle– with a touch of luxury, Jillian Craig – a fashion-forward, health-conscious, eco-savvy entrepreneur – set her sights on designing a stylish, sustainable way to consume water.

Rivé USA Family of Water Bottle - The Elan, Savoy Designer Series and The Lynx

Rivé USA Family of Water Bottle – The Elan, Savoy Designer Series and The Lynx

From Jillian’s passion, Rivé (rihVAY) was born. Rive water bottles are what you should expect from your water bottle. The smart, innovative engineering and design ensure that style-conscious sippers get the added benefits of safety, comfort and durability in their Rive water bottles. Because, as stylish as they are, these bottles aren’t designed for curio cabinets. They’re designed for you.

At Rive, they are as particular about what goes into their bottles as you are about what goes into your body. That’s why they’ve designed their glass water bottles using only the safest, highest quality materials. Like glass. Glass is completely non-toxic and doesn’t leach, so it’s BPA-free! As a result, you can be certain that your beverage will be just as pure coming out of your bottle as it was when you put it into your bottle. There are no chemicals, no contaminants and no peculiar taste. It’s no wonder then that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration classifies glass as the safest packaging material available.

The patented Rivé drink cap is a uniquely designed, two cap system that is unlike any other bottle on the market. When designing the cap, the goal was to create a functional solution that addresses the common problems you find with most other bottles. The Rivé system offers an asymmetrical design that gives the bottle a modern look without sacrificing comfort. And unlike threaded caps, their bottle has a top piece that functions independently from the bottom, so you only need to tighten the cap when you refill it — not every time you take a drink. Simply tighten the cap when you fill, then twist the top piece 180° counter-clockwise to open and close.

In 2008, the company unveiled its first tour de force: a glass water bottle with distinctive and stylish elegance aptly named the Elan. It was a turning point. The water bottle as we knew it had been elevated to new status. the original Rivé Masterpiece offers distinctive and stylish elegance. With its hourglass, ergonomic shape, etched glass and clean, fresh colors, this bottle is both graceful and bold and has a liquid capacity of 12 ounces.

That was quickly followed by the launch of The Savoy Designer Series and the Lynx. The tall, straight and sophisticated lines of the Savoy Designer Series are complemented by the playful, limited-edition art that adorns it. The Savoy offers fine details like textured glass, an easy-flow mouthpiece, protective silicone end pieces, and boasts a liquid capacity of 16 ounces. Tall and sleek, The Lynx offers simplicity without sacrificing personal style. Sure to be a gym accessory favorite among fitness enthusiasts, the Lynx will be in every gym bag hydrating health nuts for their yoga classes, spin classes and personal training sessions all year round.

Today, Rivé continues to innovate with unique and inspiring glass water bottles. Whether you choose your water bottle for functional fashion or sustainable sipping, it’s a sure bet that you will quench your thirst in a way you never imagined. Rivé water bottles are quite affordable, ranging from $15-$20 and sold online at, at national Target stores (, and select Bed, Bath and Beyond stores.