Harman International Industries, Incorporated Releases its New Fall 2013 Additions to the AKG, JBL AND Harman Kardon Family Brands

New AKG K323 XS Ultra-Small In-Ear Headphones Feature Studio-Quality Sound

Premium headphone sound in earphones so small, light, and comfortable, you won’t want to put them down

The new AKG K323 XS (Available at www.akg.com, MSRP $39.00 – $59.00) in-ear headphones from AKG by Harman represent a breakthrough in studio-quality sound in a compact package. Despite their miniature size, the AKG K323 XS comes in 4 fashionable colors, as well as black and white; boasts the sound quality and extreme comfort of an in-ear headphone more than twice its size (but without the extra bulk or weight) and adhere to uncompromising AKG standards for sound quality, comfort, versatility, and functionality.

Harman Logo.  (PRNewsFoto/HARMAN International Industries, Incorporated)

Harman Logo. (PRNewsFoto/HARMAN International Industries, Incorporated)

The secret of the AKG K323 XS’s listening experience is in its innovative ear-tip technology. The tip is shaped to maximize the fit between the headphone and your ear, creating (noise-vancelling) sound isolation that makes for an immersive listening experience. Add to that the extreme comfort that comes with your choice of four sizes (XS, S, M, and L) of ear sleeves, and you’ll discover a snug fit with studio-quality sound that’s comfortable enough to wear all day without fatigue.

The AKG K323 XS comes with a lightweight straight cable. But because you’ll need to do other things while you’re wearing them (because you won’t want to take them off), the AKG K323 XS headphones give you options. Choose a one-button in-line control microphone, for Android users, or a 3-button control mic cable compatible with Apple iOS devices. You’ll be able to take calls and control the music without removing your headphones.

AKG K323XS.  (PRNewsFoto/HARMAN International Industries, Incorporated)

AKG K323XS. (PRNewsFoto/HARMAN International Industries, Incorporated)

Our new AKG K323 XS headphones are living proof that you don’t need huge size to get huge sound over a wide frequency response range,” said Michael Mauser, President of HARMAN Lifestyle. “Specially-selected 5.6 mm drivers and an enclosed back design, plus AKG audio engineering savvy, all work together to deliver precision audio with the sound quality AKG products have made famous for over 65 years.”

New Harman Kardon® SOHO Folding Stereo Headphones Achieve a New Benchmark in Portable Sound

Harman Kardon SOHO headphones combines best-in-class audio with best-in-looks aesthetics, in a travel-friendly design

HARMAN International Industries, Incorporated, has unveiled the Harman Kardon SOHO Folding Stereo Headphones (MSRP $199 at http://www.harmankardon.com) featuring a distinctive new look. Combining premium style in black, white or camel with a heritage of high-frequency clarity and stunning bass, Harman Kardon SOHO Headphones are designed to appeal to the designer, as well as the audiophile, in everyone.

Harman Kardon SOHO headphones are markedly different, even at first glance. Their genuine leather and stainless steel appointments and distinctive, oblong rectangular shape set them apart as a statement in timeless functional design. But, as a style statement, Harman Kardon SOHO Folding Stereo headphones sacrifice nothing in the way of convenience. These headphones don’t just fold; they fold flat down to less than 1.25 inches (about 30 mm) to fit inside their own sophisticated travel pouch.

Harman Kardon SOHO.  (PRNewsFoto/HARMAN International Industries, Incorporated)

Harman Kardon SOHO. (PRNewsFoto/HARMAN International Industries, Incorporated)

The richness of the Harman Kardon SOHO Folding headphones exterior is equally matched with rich sound. Specially selected 30 mm drivers and neodymium transducers deliver precision Harman Kardon sound quality across all frequencies. The generous shape of the cups is comfortable and kind to the ears during extended listening. For convenience in taking phone calls, Harman Kardon SOHO is available in a choice of remote control straight microphone cables: a universal remote/mic for Android users, or an Apple iOS-compatible remote/mic for users of iPhone.

Our new Harman Kardon SOHO headphones aren’t just about outstanding sound alone,” said Mauser. “They make an unmistakable visual design statement, as well as being remarkably convenient to use and travel with.”

JBL® Spark Combines Professionalism and Fun in a Unique Wireless Stereo Speaker: Outstanding sound, distinctive design, and bright, fun colors in a portable stereo speaker

JBL demonstrates that professionalism in audio reproduction can be fun with the JBL Spark Wireless Stereo Speaker System (MSRP $129 available at http://www.JBL.com). The seamless marriage of functionality and fun is the glue that holds it together. It’s like nothing else you’ve ever seen.

The bright colors and megaphone shape catch your eye immediately,” said Mauser, “but it’s the unmistakable JBL sound that catches your ears and won’t let go.”

JBL SPARK.  (PRNewsFoto/HARMAN International Industries, Incorporated)

JBL SPARK. (PRNewsFoto/HARMAN International Industries, Incorporated)

The unique megaphone-like shape is functional and playful: excellence in speaker enclosure design stripped down to its essentials. JBL Spark puts the megaphone shape to good use, with two high-performance JBL drivers and a tuned bass port. The result is crisp, clean, high-end, sound with a warm, rich bass response in a versatile shape that you can take anywhere. In addition, JBL Spark adds a splash of sound and color to any room, whether you hang it on a wall, set it on a table, stash it on a shelf, or lay it handy on a couch or cushion. Wireless Bluetooth streaming gets the sound from the player to the speaker, and JBL Spark fills the room with true, rich sound. The JBL Spark has a translucent body with cool mesh grill and comes with stainless steel hanging hook, fabric cord with inline control, and power adapter.

JBL® Pebbles Desktop Stereo Speakers Work Great with Your Computer, Look Great on Your Desk: Outstanding JBL sound in a distinctive, compact, award-winning computer speaker design

So much of our entertainment experience now centers around our computers, you really do need an excellent steroe speaker system to achieve the utmost sound experience. HARMAN International Industries, Incorporated, announces the JBL Pebbles Stereo Computer Speaker System (available at http://www.JBL.com, MSRP $59.00), a compact USB powered stereo speaker system for the desktop, with digital signal processing and SlipStream(TM) Technology for outstanding audio, as well as an award-winning design that looks as good as it sounds.

Available in a range of striking colors, JBL Pebbles Stereo Computer Speaker System plug-and-play stereo speakers are designed to connect to your computer in the quickest, most efficient way possible through your computer’s USB port. The Pebbles’ minimalistic, curved design will seamlessly blend with your desk. Built-in cable management and the fact that USB provides digital audio and power through one cable keeps away cable clutter, while the unique rotating volume control syncs up with your computer. Proprietary technology engineered by HARMAN delivers best-in-class natural sound, with clarity in the high end and deep, sonorous bass. Also, because your computer is not the only place you store your music, JBL Pebbles features an AUX-in port for your smartphone or MP3 player.

JBL Pebbles delivers great audio is a given, or we wouldn’t put the JBL name on it,” states Mauser. “But these speakers are also made to be displayed on your desktop, like the work of art that they are.”

The Harman Kardon® Onyx(TM) Wireless Speaker System Delivers Rechargeable Portability: Legendary Harman Kardon sound with a wealth of wireless streaming options for every listener

HARMAN International Industries, Incorporated, is proud to introduce the Harman Kardon Onyx Wireless Speaker System (available at http://www.harmankardon.com, MSRP $499), a full-range sound system in a compact, sculptural enclosure. The Harman Kardon Onyx Wireless Speaker System ( encased in a sleek leather-clad enclosure with stainless steel handle) delivers uncompromising audio excellence and is designed with connectivity in mind, with built-in Bluetooth®, AirPlay®, DLNA, and audio AUX-in.

Listeners today collect, store, and carry their music in so many different ways, using so many different devices,” said Mauser. “We set out to provide people with a single great sound system that’s convenient to use, and able to connect via Bluetooth, AirPlay® for Apple iOS users, DLNA for others, and stereo AUX-in. And do it smoothly and cleanly, without sacrificing sound quality. And then we made it look great.”

Harman Kardon ONYX.  (PRNewsFoto/HARMAN International Industries, Incorporated)

Harman Kardon ONYX. (PRNewsFoto/HARMAN International Industries, Incorporated)

The features on the new Harman Kardon Onyx Wireless Speaker System are truly exceptional. Four channels of amplification provide a total of 60 watts rms of power through four matched speakers. Dual aluminum passive radiators and Digital Signal Processing enhance the sound, blending clear highs with warm mid-ranges and rich low frequencies. The Harman Kardon Onyx packs all this great sound technology in a sophisticated, sculptural enclosure with a distinctive shape, an elegant finish, and luxurious appointments, including real leather and a stainless steel handle.

Being able to reproduce great sound is only half the story of a great wireless speaker system. Install the Harman Kardon Remote app on your iPhone, iPod, tablet or smartphone and you’re connected and in control. NFC makes Bluetooth setup as easy as a single tap. Or join your Wi-Fi network with AirPlay® for Apple, or DLNA for Windows, Android, and other devices in the Harman Kardon ecosystem. And for devices that demand a wired connection, the Harman Kardon Onyx features a 3.5 mm auxiliary mini-jack and a USB port that simplifies setup and charges your phone or tablet while it plays. The Harman Kardon Onyx represents quality sound married to total ease of use, in an elegant portable enclosure with its own 6-hour rechargeable battery. Download the Harman Kardon Remote app for your iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone to stream your music collection from anywhere on your network to a Harman Kardon speaker in any room of the house. The app also simplifies product setup and gives you control of product specific features for full wireless control.

Two Next Generation Harman Kardon® Soundbars Raise the Bar, Combining Compact Design with Expansive Subwoofer Sound and Renowned Harman Kardon Audio Engineering

HARMAN International Industries, Incorporated also announced the launch of two new soundbar systems that feature advanced Harman Kardon engineering. The Harman Kardon Sabre SB 35 Soundbar (MSRP $999), and the Harman Kardon SB26 Soundbar (MSRP $599), exceed and redefine all compact sound system expectations; boosting the audio performance of any flat TV they are connected to.

The new Harman Kardon soundbars are the perfect solution for high-quality sound for home theatre, TV shows, sports, music and gaming and designed to blend in seamlessly with existing listening environments. They feature multiple HDMI inputs to easily connect with flat screen TVs or external audio, video and gaming sources and offering high quality Bluetooth streaming of music directly from smartphones and tablets, each system is a custom blend of perfectly matched components that work together to produce superior sound imaging without taking over the living room.

Harman Kardon Sabre.  (PRNewsFoto/HARMAN International Industries, Incorporated)

Harman Kardon Sabre. (PRNewsFoto/HARMAN International Industries, Incorporated)

When developing the Harman Kardon Sabre SB 35 we wanted to make the least intrusive possible soundbar without compromising the sound performance, design and finish that Harman Kardon consumers are expecting. The soundbar shape and format is so useful. It blends right in with flat screen TVs and entertainment systems,” said Mauser. “Now, with Harman Kardon Sabre SB 35 we have achieved what we believe is the slimmest multichannel 8.1 soundbar on the market with only 1.25″ depth.”

Harman Kardon soundbars are compatible with the new Harman Kardon Remote App, available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. With it, you can stream your music collection from anywhere on your network or portable device directly to the new Harman Kardon soundbars.

The Harman Kardon Sabre SB 35 Soundbar redefines what a home entertainment system should be in a modern form, function and design. With an ultra-thin, 1.25″, aluminum-finished soundbar and its ultra compact companion – a wireless, powered subwoofer – the Sabre makes bulky audio equipment look and sound passe. With custom developed Harman Kardon drivers tuned to perfection and maximum processing power for the latest audio technologies, the Harman Kardon Sabre SB 35 doesn’t just look the part – it sounds it as well.

Other features includes a complete surround sound solution soundbar with 8 independent channels of performance-tuned 1.75″ drivers and 1″ tweeters for absolute clarity and richness, IR repeater for installations in which the soundbar is blocking your television’s IR receiver (insert the IR repeater into the back of your soundbar and place it in front of the IR receiver), Harman Volume that helps you maintain the same volume level – no matter what you’re watching, be it a film, TV show or advertisement; and a Subwoofer level control directly from the remote control to let you achieve the best balance between the subwoofer and soundbar for a variety of different rooms

The new Harman Kardon SB 26 is a soundbar custom engineered to usher your living space into the digital age. Its black matte design makes it the perfect, sleek companion to your flat screen television. With full HDMI connectivity, as well as Bluetooth® connectivity to Smartphones and tablets (both Android and iOS) and TV remote learning, you’re never far from the future of home entertainment.

Other exceptional features of the Harman Kardon SB26 Soundbar includes Harman Display Surround Virtual Speaker surround mode that creates a complete surround-sound experience without any extra speakers or wires, Dolby Digital Decoding, Programmable soundbar that can obey your TV remote’s volume, power and source commands enabling a single remote to control your whole home theater system, Exclusive HARMAN Wave surround-mode technology uses extremely advanced digital signal processing (Triple DSP) to deliver a realistic surround-sound experience to multiple listeners, no matter the shape and the size of the room and two-way, dual-driver left and right soundbar speaker modules, each with two 75mm (3″) midrange drivers and a 25mm (1″) dome tweeter.

To purchase the Harman Kardon Sabre SB 35 Soundbar and Harman Kardon SB26 Soundbar, visit http://www.harmankardon.com.

HARMAN designs, manufactures, and markets a wide range of infotainment and audio solutions for the automotive, consumer, and professional markets. It is a recognized world leader across its customer segments with premium brands including AKG®, Harman Kardon®, Infinity®, JBL®, SOHO, Lexicon®, and Mark Levinson® and leading-edge connectivity, safety and audio technologies. The company is admired by audiophiles across multiple generations and supports leading professional entertainers and the venues where they perform. More than 25 million automobiles on the road today are equipped with Harman audio and infotainment systems. Please visit http://www.harman.com for more information.