Valentino Bags Launches in U.S. Market

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A new generation of Valentino Bags is now available for a broader range of luxury shoppers who appreciate the finest quality and craftsmanship and a faster rotation of styles. Ranging from snappy clutches to roomy shoulder bags, the Valentino Bags are already in stores for Fall 2013. They are the first to be licensed in the United States by Mario Valentino SPA, which has been manufacturing fine leather purses and footwear in Italy since the 1950s. All of the bags are made in Italy of the finest leather skins, which are also used by the top luxury brands in the world today. Fabrications, from animal prints to crocodile, ostrich, and many other supple leather fabrications will be used throughout the collections. All of the bags are adorned by the recognizable Valentino logo and the Valentino signature line is in a puffed raised logo style.

Valentino is one of the top brands in the world,” said Jeff Yarchever, CEO of Yarch Capital and Valentino Bags. “This is a brand new attainable luxury collection with a top designer name that people worldwide are familiar with.”

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Yarchever’s partner in the brand is designer Serge Levy (who spends half his time in Milan, Italy, designing handbags and working in the top factories in Italy), a former merchandiser and designer of handbags at Gucci under Tom Ford. The Valentino family granted a license to Yarch Capital to design, manufacture, and distributes the Italian made leather handbags in the United States and Canada for the next five years.

“We have an amazing team in Italy that has been producing handbags for over 45 years out of Milan, Italy. They are overseeing our handcrafted collections,” said Yarchever.

The company business model is to have five seasons per year to deliver timelier on fashion trends and quicker to market. The brand plans to deliver to customers a new line with fabrication changes every two and one-half months, in addition to carrying over its signature bags. It is also keeping inventory in stock so retailers can reorder without having to wait the typical three to four months for Italian handbags.

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Valentino Bags is also launching a line of clutches and small purses for 2013 Holiday/2014 Spring, ranging in price from $395 to $595. The holiday line, which will show in August, will feature more silver, gold, black and red, as well as a special process that makes the leather look a little more vintage than the fall line.

“We’ve given the Valentino family the assurance that we’re going to maintain the highest quality and offer Valentino Bags to a wider range of people who can afford it,” he said. “The retailers are going to create a win-win for their customers. The women are going to love their new Valentino Bags.”

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