New Body Saver Cream Takes the Sting Out of Sweat Rash and Chafing

Personal Care Company Neat Feat have launched 3B Body Saver Cream into the USA with the hope of helping to stop pain and discomfort for millions of Americans. Developed by New Zealand doctors for the heat and humidity of the Australian and New Zealand, 3B Body Saver Cream is an Aussie icon and favorite for treating sweat rash and chafing. It was the first product of its kind in the world.

Body Saver Tube.  (PRNewsFoto/Neat Feat)

Body Saver Tube. (PRNewsFoto/Neat Feat)

Medically formulated, Body Saver incorporates an effective antiperspirant in  an emollient (to reduce the amount of sweat produced) and a soothing cream base for application to areas where skin surfaces rub together and become inflamed due to chafing.

Neat Feat Managing Director, Ant Laity said, “Sweat rash is an extremely uncomfortable side effect of sweating that is caused by yeast and bacteria that occurs naturally on the skin. It typically happens where chafing occurs or when sweat gets trapped between two layers of touching skin (or between skin and clothes), mainly between the legs, beneath the breasts and between the buttocks, however it can also occur on the nipples and under the arms.


It is painful and often embarrassing, and can get to the point where it’s difficult for the sufferer to carry out daily activities. In severe cases, if left untreated, sweat rash under folds of skin can become infected and require medical treatment.”

People are more prone to chafing if they are athletes or participate in sports, walk a lot, work in strenuous or outdoor jobs, are very active, and it is often worse when the weather is hot causing them to sweat more. Overweight people are also particularly prone, especially under the folds of their skin. This is an increasing problem as obesity is steadily on the rise.

Ant Laity continued, “With the incidence of obesity increasing so rapidly in America and worldwide, we are seeing people suffer more and more health problems, including the painful and severe side effects of sweat rash. Demand for our body saver cream is at an all-time high, with customers grateful that can get some sort of relief.”

3B Body Saver Cream ($12.95) is available at Walmart and online at and Discount Drugmart