ELI KLEIN FINE ART (Eli Klein Fine Art, 462 West Broadway, New York, NY 10012, 212-255-4388info@ekfineart.com,

Li Hui's "Blooming" sculpture.  (PRNewsFoto/Eli Klein Fine Art)

Li Hui’s “Blooming” sculpture. (PRNewsFoto/Eli Klein Fine Art)

http://www.ekfineart.com) presents “VOID AND SUBSTANCE”, the first solo exhibition in New York for the renowned Chinese artist, LI HUI. Famous for his emotionally intense sculptures that challenge one’s concept of human nature, evolution, and technology, Li Hui’s work has become the subject of much discussion around the world. This new body of work continues to express the artist’s poignant and powerful opinions on time, space, speed, and humanity.

Li Hui was born in Beijing, China in 1977, and earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the CENTRAL ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS in Beijing.  His work has been exhibited in museum shows around the world including recent solo exhibitions “TRANSITION” at the MANNHEIMER KUNSTVEREIN, Mannheim, Germany (2010); “WHO’S AFRAID OF RED, AMBER AND GREEN?” at the MUSEUM KUNSTLICH in de Kunst, Eindhoven, The Netherlands (2010); “REALITY IMPALPABLE” at the MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART, TAIPEI, Taiwan (2011) and “V” at the ULLENS CENTER FOR CONTEMPORARY ART, Beijing, China (2011).

GOD IS LAUGHING,” an allusion to AUGUSTE RODIN‘s The Thinker, highlights the absurdity of existential thought. Comprised of thousands of glowing LED lights, Li Hui’s looming ape gazes down on mankind just as mankind typically gazes down on an ape. It questions the accepted pyramid of intelligence and sarcastically challenges our attempt to understand the meaning of existence.

Similarly, “CAPTURED RHINO” calls human intelligence into question. As the outline of a Rhino forcefully pulls against its constraints, the artist comments on mother nature’s often unanticipated strength and humanity’s failure to accept this dominance (Think Hurricane Sandy and the devastation it left behind in its wake). At the same time, however, the sickle, which holds the massive rhino in place, illustrates the power of human ingenuity.

In Li Hui’s eyes, the human ability to think and create is an incredible, but often misused power. His LED and acrylic work, “BLOOMING,” conveys this feeling beautifully. The illuminated mushroom cloud contained within the work blooms open like a delicate flower, paying homage to the incredible advance made when humans split the atom. The sheer amount of energy created by this reaction can solve our energy crisis, yet instead, it has been harnessed as a terrifying weapon. The contemplative beauty of Blooming wonderfully captures Li Hui’s thoughts on human intelligence.

Despite this distinctly pessimistic meditation, the artist believes that technological development is a natural process and simply the next step on the path to evolution. His work “ATLANTIS”, which contains a glowing lightning bolt within a decaying robot, highlights that energy and electricity are naturally occurring phenomenon.

VOID AND SUBSTANCE is presented in collaboration with ZADOK GALLERY and will be on view at ELI KLEIN FINE ART from MARCH 8TH through APRIL 21ST, 2013.  The opening reception will be on Friday, March 8th from 6-8PM.  For further information, please contact the gallery at info@ekfineart.com or at +1 (212) 255-4388.

Eli Klein Fine Art, 462 West Broadway, New York, NY 10012, 212-255-4388info@ekfineart.com, http://www.ekfineart.com

Johnnie Walker Unveils Second Blend From Johnnie Walker Explorers’ Club – The Gold Route, Inspired By The Richness Of Latin America


Today JOHNNIE WALKER, the world’s leading SCOTCH WHISKY producer, unveiled the latest electrifying blend from its TRADE ROUTES SERIES: JOHNNIE WALKER EXPLORERS’ CLUB COLLECTION – THE GOLD ROUTE.

Launching from the four corners of Scotland to the four corners of the world, JOHNNIE WALKER has always pushed beyond known boundaries to discover new horizons. From 1820, the Walker family and their agents travelled the world, navigating their way down the famous trade routes: the SPICE ROAD OF EUROPE AND ASIA; THE ROYAL ROUTE FROM EUROPE TO PERSIA; and the GOLD ROUTE OF THE AMERICAS AND THE CARIBBEAN, in pursuit of adventures, bringing both new business and rich experiences.

The Travellers' Room (PRNewsWireFoto/Johnny Walker)

The Travellers’ Room (PRNewsWireFoto/Johnnie Walker)

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Jcpenney, in the launch of a new seasonal collection, is now featuring fashion and home items from Nigerian-born, London-based designer DURO OLOWU. The exclusive collection, DURO OLOWU FOR JCP, features apparel and accessories for women, as well as home goods, including dinnerware, stationery and décor items. Ranging in price from $10 to $100, DURO OLOWU FOR JCP will be available this March through May 2013 at most jcpenney stores and online at jcp.com.

Duro Olowu for JCP (Photo Credit: Phillip D. Johnson)

Duro Olowu for JCP (Photo Credit: Phillip D. Johnson)

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Street, a new video by artist JAMES NARES, will have its New York premiere as the centerpiece of an exhibition by the same name at THE METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART through May 27, 2013. A recent acquisition of the Museum, the mesmerizing 61-minute high-definition video—which was shot on the streets of Manhattan over the course of a week in September 2011—will be shown continuously on a large screen in the central gallery of the Museum’s DRAWINGS, PRINTS, AND PHOTOGRAPHS GALLERIES. The exhibition Street will also include 60 works of art—selected by the artist from the Met’s encyclopedic collections—that situate his video in relation to earlier works that capture the spirit of the street.

THOMAS P. CAMPBELL, DIRECTOR OF THE METROPOLITAN MUSEUM, said: “James Nares’ Street is a microcosm of contemporary New York that makes accessible the countless individual moments, gestures, and interactions that are normally too fleeting to take in all at once. Because its underlying subject is people, Street is also fascinating to view in a historical context. The relevant works of art that Nares selected from across the Met’s vast holdings range from a striding figure made in Sumer around 3000 B.C. to Walker Evans’ jars of pull tabs and bottle caps pocketed off the sidewalk. These works are eclectic and often surprising, and provide a true lesson in close looking across geographic and temporal boundaries.” Continue reading

American Harvest Wins Gold In Vodka Category At Spirits of the Americas Competition


SIDNEY FRANK IMPORTING COMPANY is proud to announce that newly introduced AMERICAN HARVEST ORGANIC SPIRIT has received a gold medal at the inaugural SPIRITS OF THE AMERICAS competition.

Florida-based SPIRITS OF THE AMERICAS is an exciting new spirits competition that seeks to celebrate the diversity and

American Harvest Organic Spirit.  (PRNewsFoto/American Harvest Organic Spirit)

American Harvest Organic Spirit. (PRNewsFoto/American Harvest Organic Spirit)

innovation of distilling in the Americas by recognizing the very best that’s out there and bringing it to consumers for their enjoyment. The competition is set to be the ultimate recognition of distilled products that use a variety of base materials from grain through agave to sugar cane and beyond.

All judging at the Spirits of the Americas is by region, area, variety, style, type, vintage and age. Through a series of blind tastings, each entry is evaluated on appearance, aromatics, flavor, mouth feel and finish (on its own merit) by a panel of highly qualified judges, including DAVID PICKERELL, DEAN HURST, ELAYNE DUFF, FRANCESCO LAFRANCONI, GREGG GLASER, JACK ROBERTIELLO, JUNIOR MERINO, MAC GREGORY, OLIE BERLIC, PAT MCCARTHY and ROBERT PLOTKIN.

AMERICAN HARVEST is an American-made, organic vodka to which a proprietary blend of organic ingredients has been added, creating a truly unique vodka specialty. It’s a revolutionary way to look at the vodka category and boasts a distinctive, smooth, clean and crisp taste. Bottled in the 1.75L, 1L, 750ml and 50ml sizes, the suggested retail price for 750ml is $23.99. AMERICAN HARVEST is best consumed as you would your favorite vodka, straight over ice, in a classic martini or in a cocktail.

Spirits of the Americas congratulates American Harvest Organic Spirit. It’s among the lightest and cleanest spirits we have tasted, with a touch of sweetness, so naturally captivating. We’re proud that it hails from the USA and that it is what’s trending with today’s savvy consumer,” says DORI BRYANT, EVENT DIRECTOR OF SPIRIT OF THE AMERICAS.

Judge and BarMedia founder, ROBERT PLOTKIN adds, “You don’t need to be an international spirits judge to be able to appreciate that American Harvest is a world-class spirit.  In my opinion it possesses all of the attributes a medal performer should have.  I’m impressed with its body, texture and delicate flavors.  Even in a deep sleep you can tell it is skillfully crafted, if for no other reason than it generates not a trace of excess heat on the palate.  American Harvest well deserves the gold medal it earned at the Spirits of the Americas.

In the brand’s short time on the market, AMERICAN HARVEST has already been awarded a gold medal from the BEVERAGE TASTING INSTITUTE, a double gold medal from the 2012 SAN FRANCISCO WORLD SPIRITS COMPETITION and the TASTING PANEL SEAL OF EXCELLENCE AWARD for outstanding quality.

AMERICAN HARVEST is currently available in select states and will be available nationwide late March, 2013. American Harvest Organic Spirit 40% Alc. /Vol. Produced and bottled by American Harvest Distilling, Rigby, Idaho USA. PLEASE ENJOY AMERICAN HARVEST RESPONSIBLY.

Founded in 1972, SIDNEY FRANK IMPORTING COMPANY, INC. of New Rochelle, NY, currently owns or imports: JAGERMEISTER HERBAL LIQUEUR – the number one selling imported Liqueur and shot brand in the United States; GEKKEIKAN SAKE – the world’s finest sake with nearly 400 years and 14 generations of sake brewing experience, AMERICAN HARVEST – a proprietary blend of organic vodka and organic ingredients resulting in a distinctly smooth and silky spirit with a crisp, clean taste; MICHAEL COLLINS IRISH WHISKEY – the award-winning double distilled single malt and blended whiskeys named for the Irish legendary hero; BARENJAGER HONEY LIQUEUR – the German imported original honey liqueur made with generous amounts of premium natural honey; BARENJAGER HONEY & BOURBON – a delicious blend of premium honey liqueur and Kentucky bourbon whiskey; JACQUES CARDIN BRANDY – the French brandy of uncommon distinction defined by its rich color and superior flavor; HUDSON’S BAY SCOTCH – a smooth blend of 100% Scotch Whiskies distilled and blended in Scotland and ST. VIVANT ARMAGNAC – the premium French brandy steeped in tradition dating back to 1559. Visit www.sidneyfrank.com www.americanharvestspirit.com for additional information.