L’OREAL PARIS, the leading global beauty brand, introduces an unprecedented way to experience beauty with the official re-launch of www.LOrealParisUSA.com, which includes an exclusive, first-to-market content production and syndication partnership with AOL.

L’Oréal Paris Launches Highly-Personalized Website

L’Oréal Paris Launches Highly-Personalized Website

A full year in the making, www.LOrealParisUSA.com is the first major beauty site to be responsively designed for all devices- meaning users will experience a uniform, easy-to-navigate site whether they log on from their desktop, mobile phone (iPhone or Android) or tablet. The site seamlessly transitions, instantly reformatting to provide users with a premium on-the-go experience, no matter when, where or how they choose to engage. Furthermore, the site will dynamically adapt to any future device, meaning the brand and its customers will never fall behind.

BARRY WACKSMAN, EVP, CHIEF GROWTH OFFICER AT R/GA, the digital agency behind the site’s re-launch, explains, “The new LOrealParisUSA.com was created using responsive design, so that no matter how users access the site, they will experience the same beautiful content.” He continues, “The launch represents an extensive collaboration between L’Oreal Paris and R/GA, and by using the latest technologies to customize and optimize user experiences, we’ve built a best-in-class, device-friendly resource that adapts to fit every woman’s preferences and needs.”

L’Oréal Paris Launches Highly-Personalized Website across all electronic platforms

L’Oréal Paris Launches Highly-Personalized Website across all electronic platform

The site is a comprehensive service designed to deliver an ever-evolving level of personalization for each user and help her find her signature beauty looks. It shares product and content recommendations based on stated characteristics, individual preferences and observed behavior. The site “remembers” this information, ultimately following each registered user’s journey across devices. For example, if a user selects “green eyes” from her desktop computer, the site will suggest complementary cosmetic products and educational content on her phone while she’s in the drugstore aisle.

L’Oreal Paris’ mission, as the leader in beauty product innovation, is to help women become their most confident and beautiful. Today we are applying the same expertise to our digital presence with the debut of the new LOrealParisUSA.com,” says KAREN T. FONDU, PRESIDENT OF L’OREAL PARIS USA.  “We know the way women shop and live is changing rapidly everyday so we created the ultimate digital beauty experience that seamlessly adapts to her needs. This is the first-ever personalized, totally responsive site that will revolutionize the way women experience beauty and help them become their own beauty expert.”

L’Oréal Paris Launches Highly-Personalized Website - Instore Mobile

L’Oréal Paris Launches Highly-Personalized Website – Instore Mobile

FIND YOUR SIGNATURE BEAUTY: In an age when beauty is increasingly about individuality, L’Oreal Paris brings users a fully-customizable online experience. At the heart of www.LOrealParisUSA.com is a service that offers tailored product suggestions (My Beauty Picks), fresh editorial content (Beauty Library) and advice from the world’s leading beauty pros (Genius Tools and Consultations).  It is a go-to source for news, inspiration and expertise.

GENIUS TOOLS & CONSULTATIONS: The online consultation suite features expert advice from L’Oreal Paris’ roster of consulting beauty pros – including makeup artist BILLY B., hair stylist JOHNNY LAVOY, dermatologist DR. GERVAISE GERSTNER, nail expert TOM BACHIK and hair colorist CHRISTOPHE ROBIN. This section of the site also includes diagnostic tools for picking the right skincare regimen or perfect shade of hair color.

MY BEAUTY PICKS: Programmed to recognize and respond to all types of beauty preferences, www.LOrealParisUSA.com helps women identify the right products, regimens and looks for them based on their individual characteristics and current style inclinations. Instead of a complicated survey, the new site offers a highly-visual dashboard that allows users to enter personal information effortlessly. If a user feels glamorous one day but adventurous the next, she can easily change her style preference to receive updated product picks and information. LOrealParisUSA.com even registers the current weather forecast and shares product suggestions and expert tips for fighting frizz on a rainy day or preventing a makeup meltdown in the heat.

L’Oréal Paris Launches Highly-Personalized Website across all electronic platforms

L’Oréal Paris Launches Highly-Personalized Website across all electronic platform

BEAUTY LIBRARY: LOrealParisUSA.com is an unparalleled resource for beauty trends and how-to’s. With an extensive collection of articles and engaging videos that can be filtered by category, the site’s Beauty Library allows women to explore products and research trends that inspire them. It features richly vibrant imagery and up-to-date content to read like a high-end online magazine.

L’OREAL PARIS has also teamed up with AOL to ensure LOrealParisUSA.com is providing up-to-the minute, trend-focused beauty editorial. This exclusive partnership includes content creation and syndication on AOL StyleList’s “BEAUTY BAR” – a dedicated section of the site that will include L’Oreal Paris-driven articles, how-to videos and slideshows.

We’re thrilled to partner with such an iconic brand like L’Oreal Paris and are excited to help re-launch their site by providing high-quality content that will deliver personalized beauty tips, advice and more,” says BRAD ELDERS, SVP, EAST COAST SALES, AOL. “As the brand company, AOL is in the business of creating unique and tailored content for our clients. That, coupled with the power of our network, not only allows us the ability to create, but to also syndicate that content across our network on sites including StyleList.com.

CONNECT WITH L’OREAL PARIS: Experience the new LOrealParisUSA.com now and connect with the brand on Facebook at facebook.com/lorealparis and on Twitter @LOrealParisUSA.

The L’OREAL PARIS division of L’OREAL USA, INC. is a total beauty care company that combines the latest technology with the highest in quality for the ultimate in luxury beauty at mass. The L’Oreal Paris brand encompasses the four major beauty categories – hair color, haircare, skincare and cosmetics – and includes such well-known brands as PREFERENCE, EXCELLENCE, FERIA and HEALTHY LOOK hair color; ADVANCED HAIRCARE, ELNETT SATIN HAIRSPRAY, EVERPURE, EVERSTRONG, EVERSLEEK, EVERCREME, EVERSTYLE, EVERCURL, STUDIO LINE and L’OREAL KIDS hair care; YOUTH CODE, REVITALIFT, AGE PERFECT, IDEAL CLEAN, IDEAL MOISTURE, GO 360 CLEAN, SUBLIME BRONZE, SUBLIME SUN and MEN’S EXPERT SKINCARE; and the COLOUR RICHE, TRUE MATCH, INFALLIBLE, VISIBLE LIFT and STUDIO SECRETS PROFESSIONAL MAGIC COSMETICS collections, along with a portfolio of mascara including VOLUMINOUS, DOUBLE EXTEND and TELESCOPIC among many others. For more information on L’Oreal Paris and its brands, and to receive personalized beauty advice, expert tips and exclusive beauty content 24-7 (wherever you may be), check out the new www.lorealparisusa.com.