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Reaffirming its commitment to creating shopping experiences that go beyond retail, SELFRIDGESTHE BEST DEPARTMENT STORE IN THE WORLD* – welcomes customers on a counter-intuitive retail journey: NO NOISE. From now to the end of February, NO NOISE AT SELFRIDGES urges customers to proactively seek out moments of peace and tranquility in a world that bombards them with information and stimulation.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - JANUARY 10: Five hundred people gather for a mass meditation led by Andy Puddicombe, Co founder of HEADspace and Alannah Weston, Selfridges Creative Director to launch No Noise at Selfridges on January 10, 2013 in London, England. (Photo by Stuart Wilson/Getty Images for Selfridges)

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM – JANUARY 10: Five hundred people gather for a mass meditation led by Andy Puddicombe, Co founder of HEADspace and Alannah Weston, Selfridges Creative Director to launch No Noise at Selfridges on January 10, 2013 in London, England. (Photo by Stuart Wilson/Getty Images for Selfridges)

NO NOISE AT SELFRIDGES’ initiatives, spaces and products promote calm and act as a catalyst for wellbeing throughout its eight-week run with:

THE SILENCE ROOM – the Ultralounge is transformed into a space for quiet contemplation

HEADSPACE – a mass meditation event and in-store initiatives designed to promote the benefits of maintaining a healthy mind

THE QUIET SHOP – de-branded products curated by Selfridges in the concept store

MINDFUL ART INSTALLATIONS from Chinese artists in the window (on Duke Street) and four exclusive windows by artist Katie Paterson (on Orchard Street)

THE IDLER ACADEMY – a series of talks and workshops to induce inner calm

JOHN CAGE, CHRIS WHEELER & THE HERITAGE ORCHESTRA giving representations of 4’33‘’, John Cage’s most famous piece of music for orchestra

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SARTORI has announced it will be launching CHAI BELLAVITANO this coming January at the WINTER FANCY FOOD SHOW held in San Francisco. CHAI BELLAVITANO has already gained international acclaim, having been awarded a silver medal at this YEAR’S WORLD CHEESE AWARDS held in the U.K.

SARTORI has been producing artisan and premium cheese for seven decades for the Specialty, Retail, Ingredient, Restaurant and Food Service markets.  Based in Plymouth, Wisconsin, SARTORI has an impressive array of award winning cheese noted for innovative approaches and consistent top quality across their entire line.

Sartori announces release of Reserve Chai BellaVitano cheese.  (PRNewsFoto/Sartori Cheese)

Sartori announces release of Reserve Chai BellaVitano cheese. (PRNewsFoto/Sartori Cheese)

CHAI BELLAVITANO is the newest SARTORI RESERVE cheese and has been in development for quite some time. As SARTORI’S ARTISAN MASTER CHEESEMAKER, MIKE MATUCHESKI, explains, “It takes a lot of experimenting with different flavors and different combinations to find the perfect blend to marry with our BellaVitano Gold.  We found that the savory notes of the chai tea rub makes for an exotic pairing with the sweet, creamy, and fruity flavors of BellaVitano.” Continue reading


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While “made for men” beauty products are now mainstream, recent research from Mintel reveals online retailing is the ultimate shopping channel for American men when it comes to beauty. Indeed, the ease and convenience features of shopping online appeal to some 60% of men aged 18–34 who buy beauty products and agree that buying online is more convenient than shopping in-store. This compares to 52% of women of the same age and 41% of their older male counterparts (aged 55+).

Moreover, 37% of younger men who buy beauty products also report being more likely to make impulse purchases when shopping online compared to shopping in-store, versus 26% of female consumers of the same age.

It is said that a thing of beauty is a joy forever, and it seems young male consumers don’t want to miss the chance to get their hands on the latest beauty products, with the majority (73%) of beauty product shoppers agreeing that buying online gives them access to hard-to-find products, compared to 69% women of same age. Moreover, 43% say that buying online allows them to be the first to try the latest products, versus 30% of women. Also, in time-constrained lives, saving time is another important feature when buying beauty products online, with 73% of young men thinking that shopping online saves them time.

Shannon Romanowski, beauty and personal care analyst at Mintel, said, “The time-saving factor is one of the key drivers for shopping online. The Internet allows consumers to shop 24/7 from the comfort of their own home or even when waiting in line at the grocery store. As men are particularly motivated by time-saving and convenience as reasons for shopping online, beauty retailers may want to consider expanding more marketing efforts to this often untapped consumer in the beauty category. Men are a prime target for online beauty retailing as they are less likely to want to spend a lot of time browsing stores and are looking for quick, simple and convenient ways to get the products they want. Additionally, the internet allows for a level of anonymity when shopping for products that may be a bit embarrassing to shop for in person, like anti-aging or hair thinning products, particularly for men.”

Tapping into the love younger consumers have for technology, enhanced shopping features are of interest to both men and women in the 18–34 age range. Roughly half (52%) of men and around the same number (48%) of women (aged 18–34) who buy beauty products express interest in apps that could help them pick products based on their needs.

Additionally, nearly half (45%) of men (aged 18–34) report that they would be more willing to shop online if websites had interactive customer service features like live chat, versus 32% of women of the same age. Furthermore, nearly one-third of consumers (31% men and 30% women) in the 18–34 group like to use mobile devices to research products once they learn about them.

Today’s consumers are still making the majority of their beauty purchases in-store for everyday essentials with 87% of U.S. consumers purchasing shampoo and conditioner in-store over the past twelve months, 70% of consumers who purchased body lotion in-store and 69% body wash in-store.

However, when it comes to the most popular beauty products purchased online, it seems facial skin care tops the list. Indeed, one in ten (10%) U.S. consumers who buy online say they have bought facial skin care products online in the last year, followed by women’s fragrances (8%), male fragrances (7%), and makeup (8%).

Facial skin care, fragrance and makeup are the most purchased beauty products online, which is a departure from the most purchased beauty products in-store. These products tend to be higher priced, making them more of an investment, and also have longer purchase cycles so consumers may not mind waiting a little longer for shipping. Online shopping also provides consumers with access to more premium and specialty items that were once only available to those who lived near urban areas or high-end shopping outlets,” Romanowski concludes.

It also seems that consumers shop online to find better deals. Among consumers of all ages who buy cosmetics online, 58% agree that if they find something they want in-store, they look on the Internet to try and find a better deal, meanwhile 38% like the idea of receiving coupons immediately on their smartphone while shopping in a store.



Let’s face it, whether its for business or pleasure, traveling can be stressful. The long list of negatives includes long lines at airline baggage check-in, ticket counters, security check points, to food courts and bathrooms; TSA’s “prohibited carry-on item” list; the high probability of over-bookings, delayed and cancelled flights; to the possibility of lost or damaged luggage. Travel can be difficult at best. Ground travel has its own share of stressors, including traffic jams and road rage.

Juicebar® Power Tube Mini Charger (Blue)

Juicebar® Power Tube Mini Charger (Blue)

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With spring just around the corner, what’s the big deal about swim and swimwear? Three words, ladies: BRA-SIZED SWIMSUITS. If you are looking to feel great—and look great—on the beach or by the pool, you want to immediately find the perfect swimsuit with the perfect fit. BARE NECESSITIES also offers shaping swimwear to tuck and smooth everything out so you can look fab sitting poolside.

Bare Necessities' "Swim Central" is the newest (and) Hottest Swimsuit Destination on the Web! Featuring Bra-Sized Swim up to K Cup, Plus-Size Swim, Men's, and everything for your summer at the beach!.  (PRNewsFoto/Bare Necessities)

Bare Necessities’ “Swim Central” is the newest (and) Hottest Swimsuit Destination on the Web! Featuring Bra-Sized Swim up to K Cup, Plus-Size Swim, Men’s, and everything for your summer at the beach!. (PRNewsFoto/Bare Necessities)

BARE NECESSITIES ( is the largest online specialty retailer of women’s and men’s branded and designer intimate apparel and lingerie. BARE NECESSITIES features over 180 national and international brands such as WOLFORD, LA PERLA, BALI, CALVIN KLEIN, DKNY, HUE, UNDER ARMOUR, SPANX, SKINNYGIRL BY BETHENNY FRANKEL, CHANTELLE, WACOAL, HANKY PANKY, and many more! Since 1998, BARE NECESSITIES has featured bras ranging from band size 28 to 56 and cup sizes AA to N, as well as a variety of other products up to a size 6X and 24W, including one of the best selections of shapewear, hosiery, swimwear, and shaping clothing for average, full-busted, and plus-size women.

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“Order, Chaos, And The Space Between: Contemporary Latin American Art From The Diane And Bruce Halle Collection” On View February 6 – May 5, 2013

The PHOENIX ART MUSEUM presents ORDER, CHAOS, AND THE SPACE BETWEEN: CONTEMPORARY LATIN AMERICAN ART FROM THE DIANE AND BRUCE HALLE COLLECTION (a compelling, impactful collection of photography, sculpture, paintings, and installations), beginning FEBRUARY 6, 2013. This expansive exhibition features many of the most cutting-edge contemporary works produced in Latin America today and is drawn from the HALLE COLLECTION, internationally renowned as one of the most significant collections of art of this region. It includes more than 50 works from Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Mexico, Peru, and Venezuela by artists such as FELIX GONZALEZ-TORRES, HELIO OITICICA, and DORIS SALCEDO, as well as many other innovative artists whose works figure prominently in today’s global art scene.

Carlos Amorales' Black Cloud, 2007, and other contemporary Latin American Art from the Diane & Bruce Halle Collection on view at the Phoenix Art Museum starting February 6, 2013.  (PRNewsFoto/Phoenix Art Museum)

Carlos Amorales’ Black Cloud, 2007 (30,000 individual black paper moths and butterflies installed by the artist), and other contemporary Latin American Art from the Diane & Bruce Halle Collection on view at the Phoenix Art Museum starting February 6, 2013. (PRNewsFoto/Phoenix Art Museum)

The exhibition features a wide range of artworks created after 1945 that push the limits of how the creative process itself can be conceived in expressive, conceptual, abstract, and ultimately, groundbreaking forms. The exhibition, like the HALLE COLLECTION itself, seeks to broaden the community’s understanding and awareness of Latin American art. In this way, the exhibition occupies a kind of ‘space between,’ juxtaposed between what is familiar, our preconceived ideas of Latin American art, and the reality and future of this art.

One of the most striking installations–the 30,000 individual black paper moths and butterflies that comprise CARLOS AMORALES(MEXICO) BLACK CLOUD, will be installed by the artist and will weave its path through the Museum and lead visitors to the exhibition.

We are thrilled to present this visually rich exhibition to our visitors, who will gain great insight into Latin America through the dialogue created by the innovative installation. These artists are among the finest working anywhere in the world today,” says JAMES K. BALLINGER, the Museum’s SYBIL HARRINGTON DIRECTOR. The Museum will also present a variety of educational programming, including lectures by featured artists and a rich film program.

The PHOENIX ART MUSEUM has provided access to visual arts and educational programs in Arizona for more than 50 years and is the largest art museum in the Southwestern United States. Critically acclaimed exhibitions are shown alongside the Museum’s collection of more than 17,000 works of American, Asian, European, Latin American, Western American, modern and contemporary art, and fashion design. To learn more about Phoenix Art Museum, visit

This exhibition is co-curated by BEVERLY ADAMS, PH.D., Curator of the DIANE AND BRUCE HALLE COLLECTION, and VANESSA DAVIDSON, PH.D., the Museum’s SHAWN AND JOE LAMPE ASSOCIATE CURATOR OF LATIN AMERICAN ART. Drs. Adams and Davidson edited a 245-page, full-color catalogue of the exhibition, which includes essays by ROBERT STORR, artist, critic, and curator who currently serves as dean of the YALE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF ART, and DR. EDWARD J. SULLIVAN, HELEN GOULD SHEPPARD PROFESSOR OF THE HISTORY OF ART at NEW YORK UNIVERSITY. It also features a conversation between DIANE HALLE and art advisor and gallery owner, ROLAND AUGUSTINE.