RULLINGNET CORPORATION, home of VINCI EARLY LEARNING SYSTEMS, will be demonstrating its latest product innovations at the MOMMYTECH SUMMIT during the 2013 INTERNATIONAL CONSUMER ELECTRONICS SHOW (CES).

VINCI Debuts New Product Offerings at CES 2013--VINCI Educators Solution and Tab MV with Phone Capabilities on Display at the Venetian.  (PRNewsFoto/VINCI)

VINCI Debuts New Product Offerings at CES 2013–VINCI Educators Solution and Tab MV with Phone Capabilities on Display at the Venetian. (PRNewsFoto/VINCI)

We at VINCI are thrilled to be demonstrating our latest devices, software, and products at this year’s CES,” said KAMAR SHAH, CMO, who will be on-site for CES. “We continue to evolve our offerings to ensure we are developing engaging and educational tools that help advance children’s development. Our newest tablet and latest solution for classrooms are all aimed at that mission.”
 The latest additions to the VINCI EARLY LEARNING SYSTEMS includes:

VINCI TAB MV: Designed by VINCI for families with young children, VINCI Tab MV provides communication, family entertainment, and pre-qualified children’s educational content, including VINCI CURRICULUM (2013 CES Innovation Award Winner) and VINCI KIDS LIBRARY all in one device. Aside from its WIFI functionality and high speed 3G wireless network, VINCI TAB MV provides dual, unlocked, quad-band SIM slots, making it ideal for use in various parts of the world. Retail Price: $249.

VINCI EDUCATORS SOLUTION: This unique educational ecosystem provides educators with digital and tactical tools that they need to put students in their classrooms on the path to success. Part of VINCI EDUCATORS SOLUTIONS is the first-of-its-kind CLASSROOM INTELLIGENCE, which combines cloud computing, tablet technology and data mining to collect real time data about each child’s learning status. This solution helps every educator identify strengths and weaknesses of each child and provides a series of recommendations to help them prepare for academic success.

VINCI was created as a new category of fun learning tools with the goal to engage, empower and educate children. By using a scaffolding teaching method designed by developmental psychologists and education experts, educators encourage children’s curiosity with a play based learning program at home or in school. VINCI CURRICULUM, the step by step digital learning program designed for preschool and kindergarten children, was recently honored by CES with a 2013 INNOVATION AWARD.

VINCI also recently signed an agreement with the EARLY LEARNING DEPARTMENT OF SHANGHAI EDUCATION BUREAU, CHINA, to develop and implement VINCI CLASSROOM INTELLIGENCE among Shanghai’s 1,400 government operated kindergartens and will also launch pilot runs for schools in California, USA, and the province of Quebec, Canada. This set of tools packages together THE VINCI CURRICULUM and tablets with additional options for classroom integration including weekly lesson plans, assessments and diagnostic testing to create an exciting educational environment.

More details can be found at www.vincigenius.comhttps://twitter.com/#!/search/VINCIGeniushttps://www.facebook.com/vincigenius;http://pinterest.com/vincigenius/

Web Site: http://www.vincigenius.com

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