SIDNEY FRANK IMPORTING CO., INC., a leader in ultra-premium spirits, is proud to announce that ZIPANG SPARKLING SAKE, part of the HOUSE OF GEKKEIKAN, has been listed as a top flavor in Imbibe Magazine‘s Inaugural 75 issue.

Zipang Sparkling Sake.  (PRNewsFoto/Gekkeikan Sake)

Zipang Sparkling Sake. (PRNewsFoto/Gekkeikan Sake)

Imbibe (, the magazine of liquid culture, released its inaugural Imbibe 75 issue January 2, 2013, spotlighting the 75 most notable people, places and flavors to watch in 2013.  Chosen by Imbibe’s editors, the Imbibe 75 features interviews and recipes from some of the country’s leading drinks professionals.
Listed under “top 25 things to drink in 2013“, ZIPANG is a sparkling Junmai sake that is naturally carbonated. There’s a lot going on inim41_cover310x400 this little bottle, with flavors of Asian pear, raspberry, elderflower and lemongrass on the nose, followed by lime zest on the palate and a sparkling finish.  ZIPANG SPARKLING SAKE is best served extra cold and is the perfect complement to spicy foods and an array of sparkling cocktails.

Founded in 1637 by the Okura family, THE HOUSE OF GEKKEIKAN has been making sake for almost 400 years and has 14 generations of sake brewing experience, making it one of the oldest family-operated businesses in the world and one of the most respected names in sake. GEKKEIKAN means “Crown of Laurel,” a testament to the company’s commitment to excellence, and GEKKEIKAN JAPAN is located in the prestigious Fushimi region within the Kyoto Prefecture. Fushimi, meaning “hidden water,” refers to the pristine waters of the region, renowned for their softness and low mineral content, which produces smooth, well-rounded refined sakes that are lightly fragrant and extremely versatile.

The HOUSE OF GEKKEIKAN‘s portfolio is extensive and comprised of an array of 14 top quality sakes and plum wines that appeal to sake novices and sake aficionados alike. Over the centuries, Gekkeikan has refined the sake brewing techniques to combine culture and tradition with innovation, resulting in a comprehensive line of sakes that are versatile, ideal for food paring and adaptable for various consumption methods. All sakes from the HOUSE OF GEKKEIKAN are sulfite and gluten free. Gekkeikan Sake is imported by Sidney Frank Importing Co., Inc., New Rochelle, NY 10801.

Founded in 1972, SIDNEY FRANK IMPORTING COMPANY, INC. of New Rochelle, NY, currently owns or imports: JAGERMEISTER HERBAL LIQUEUR – the number one selling imported Liqueur and shot brand in the United States; GEKKEIKAN SAKE – the world’s finest sake with nearly 400 years and 14 generations of sake brewing experience; AMERICAN HARVEST – a proprietary blend of organic vodka and organic ingredients resulting in a distinctly smooth and silky spirit with a crisp, clean taste; MICHAEL COLLINS IRISH WHISKEY – the award-winning double distilled single malt and blended whiskeys named for the Irish legendary hero; BARENJAGER HONEY LIQUEUR – the German imported original honey liqueur made with generous amounts of premium natural honey; BARENJAGER HONEY & BOURBON – a delicious blend of premium honey liqueur and KENTUCKY BOURBON WHISKEY; JACQUES CARDIN BRANDY – the French brandy of uncommon distinction defined by its rich color and superior flavor; HUDSON’S BAY SCOTCH – a smooth blend of 100% Scotch Whiskies distilled and blended in Scotland and ST. VIVANT ARMAGNAC – the premium French brandy steeped in tradition dating back to 1559.Visit for additional information.

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