WELLA PROFESSIONALS, an internationally acclaimed salon professional brand that has been committed to serving the beauty industry with exceptional products and scientific innovations for over 130 years, will, in January 2013, once again break new ground in hair color innovation with the launch of ILLUMINA COLOR, a completely new salon professional permanent hair color that helps keep hair in healthy condition.  In fact, it has been formulated to leave hair closer to virgin hair, which is good news for the 62% of women who don’t color their hair because they’re afraid of damage.[1]  REBECCA ROMIJN, an actress committed to keeping her beachy blonde locks in beautiful condition, put ILLUMINA COLOR to the test and was truly impressed with the stunning results that you need to see and feel to believe.

Wella Professionals Stay Essential Finishing Spray completes the look for Celebrity Ambassador Rebecca Romijn.  (PRNewsFoto/Wella Professionals)

Wella Professionals Stay Essential Finishing Spray completes the look for Celebrity Ambassador Rebecca Romijn. (PRNewsFoto/Wella Professionals)

ILLUMINA COLOR brings Wella’s most advanced color science with new MICROLIGHT™ TECHNOLOGY and marks the brand’s biggest innovation in the last 20 years.  One of the keys to healthy, shiny, younger-looking hair is maintaining the smooth surface condition of the outermost layer of hair known as the cuticle, which allows light to pass through and reflect real tones from within for natural, multi-dimensional color.  ILLUMINA COLOR works through patented ADVANCED MICROLIGHT™ TECHNOLOGY, which contains millions of micro-particles that encapsulate the tiny metals left on hair, reducing cuticle damage and keeping the surface of the hair cuticle healthier and more transparent, color after color.  By protecting the cuticle to leave the surface smooth and clear, light passes through and illuminates natural highs and lows from within. The result?  Superior hair protection that maintains the integrity of the hair and amazing light reflection that makes hair shine in any kind of light!

As the CELEBRITY AMBASSADOR for WELLA PROFESSIONALS, Miss Romijn, was one of the first to experience ILLUMINA COLOR.  “To me, it’s just as important to maintain the health of my hair as every other part of my body, so I was excited to try ILLUMINA Color.  Afterwards, I could immediately see and feel the positive benefits – and it couldn’t have come at a better time since my hair was showing the effects of being out in the sun after a family vacation spending a lot of time outdoors.  My favorite thing about ILLUMINA Color is that my hair not only feels healthy but it looks gorgeous and luminous.”

Wella Professionals Celebrity Ambassador Rebecca Romijn.  (PRNewsFoto/Wella Professionals)

Wella Professionals Celebrity Ambassador Rebecca Romijn. (PRNewsFoto/Wella Professionals)

ILLUMINA COLOR joins WELLA PROFESSIONALS‘ growing portfolio and the brand’s industry-changing innovations will give women the ability to choose products that fit both their hair type and desired end look.  Complementing the current portfolio of color lines, including KOLESTON PERFECT (rich, opaque, permanent color), COLOR TOUCH (ammonia-free, demi-permanent color) and BLONDOR (lightener), ILLUMINA COLOR delivers luminous, multi-dimensional, sheer color with 100% gray coverage.  To maintain salon results at home, Wella’s high-performance care and styling collections are tailored to individual needs that create a recipe for endless possibilities.  The BRILLIANCE shampoo, conditioner, and treatment regimen is available for both fine/normal and thick hair, and designed especially to be used in tandem with color services to maintain color vibrancy, tone, and shine between salon visits.

WELLA PROFESSIONALS ILLUMINA COLOR launches January 2013 and will be available at salons carrying WELLA PROFESSIONALS nationwide.  For more information and the salon location nearest to you, visit


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