The Fashion + Lifestyle Home Report: The KUHN RIKON BAKING TOOLS Edition

Written and compiled by Phillip D. Johnson



BELLA – the industry leader in treatmakers, specialty baking and entertaining appliances – announces today the launch of BELLA DOTS.  The contemporary collection, featuring a coffee maker, toaster and slow cooker, brings a new counter culture to the kitchen by adding fashion-forward color, style and design to the everyday appliance. Providing a way to make home cooked meals in style, the BELLA Dots Collection offers consumers an economical appliance option, without sacrificing quality or aesthetics. Since its inception in 2003, SENSIO INC.has become a primary manufacturer of specialty kitchen appliances. The company is

Bella Dots Coffee Maker (Blue)

recognized for developing dynamic and innovative consumer products for their own brand, BELLA – the industry leader in treatmakers, specialty baking and entertaining appliances – and licensing partners including THE COFFEE BEAN & TEA LEAF. With a strong commitment to design, innovation, quality and function, SENSIO INC. offers a wide range of products from coffee makers and juicers to exciting entertaining appliances such as cake pop and personal pie makers, which are sold through major retailers nationwide.  The company continues to conceptualize new and innovative ways to make everyday life in the kitchen easier.  For more information, please visit

Available in eight vibrant colors (red, pink, blue, purple, grey, orange, green and pearl white); the signature textured metal shell features a recessed dot pattern and metallic finish on its chic exterior, adding another striking design element to the appliances’ overall flair.

Small kitchen appliances have become a sea of sameness,” says SHAE HONG, FOUNDER & CEO OF SENSIO INC., “Our goal was to offer unique and stylish design with eye-popping color and superior quality at an affordable price. We are delighted to finally introduce some fashion into the kitchen, without breaking the bank or compromising the quality of the products.”

Bella Dots Slow Cooker Lime Green)

  BELLA DOTS SLOW COOKER designed with a non-traditional oval shape, is making homemade meals easier than ever.  Featuring a dishwasher safe, 6-quart stoneware cooking pot that doubles as a serving dish, it offers High/Warm/Low/Off temperature settings and comes complete with a tempered glass lid. Suggested retail price $39.99.  

  BELLA DOTS 12-CUP COFFEE MAKER brews up the perfect cup at the touch of a button and features include an environmentally friendly permanent filter, removable dishwasher safe brew basket, non-marking rubber feet, hidden cable storage and power indicator light. The COFFEE MAKER also offers a non-stick heating plate, keeping beverages warm for two hours. Suggested retail price $34.99.  

  BELLA DOTS TWO-SLICE TOASTERkeeps things simple with consistent results. This pop-up toaster features extra wide slots with self-centering guides, a slide out tray, non-marking rubber feet and BAGEL and CANCEL buttons. It offers an auto shut-off and cord storage on the base, and is made of durable metal in a superior metallic paint finish. Suggested retail price: $24.99.

Bella Dots Toaster (Pink)

The BELLA DOTS COLLECTION is available exclusively at Target stores nationwide beginning Sept. 12, 2012. Limited colors are offered in-store (pearl white and red), while all other colors are available online at The Collection will be sold at additional retailers throughout the country in 2013. SOURCE: Sensio Inc. Web Site:



MELITTA, a brand well-recognized for exceptional quality in all aspects of coffee and coffee preparation, expands its selection of single-serve products with the debut of the MELITTA JAVAJIG™, a reusable, SINGLE-SERVE MELITTA FILTER SYSTEM. The completely customizable offering provides coffee lovers an easy, cost-conscious and environmentally sound alternative to prefilled single-serve coffee capsules and further secures Melitta‘s position as the worldwide leader in coffee filters.

MELITTA JAVAJIG: Melitta JavaJig: a single-serve filter solution from the leader in coffee filters. The JavaJig is a reusable filter system that is easy to use, economical and eco-friendly. (PRNewsFoto/Melitta)

Key features and benefits of the Melitta JavaJig include:

  • CUSTOMIZABLE: The MELITTA JAVAJIG provides unlimited variety and brew strength control. Simply choose a favorite coffee or tea, and then adjust fill levels to taste. The MELITTA JAVAJIG FILTER SYSTEM allows for a rich, bold cup of single-serve coffee.
  • ECONOMICAL: A cup of coffee made using the Melitta JavaJig costs approximately 50 percent less per cup, when compared to using prefilled single-serve coffee capsules.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL: The MELITTA FILTER SYSTEM is reusable, and the paper filters are compostable. The cup is also BPA free.

Like MELITTA BENTZ, the company’s founder who revolutionized the coffee industry in 1908 by inventing the pour-over method of coffee making, the brand today continues to change the world of coffee drinking…one cup at a time. Designed for use in most KEURIG, INC. style single-serve coffee brewers, the MELITTA JAVAJIG is quick and easy to use.

We’re excited to add the Melitta JavaJig to our ever-expanding selection of premium coffee products. With this filter system, we’re offering consumers an easy and environmentally friendly alternative for single-serve brewing – all at a great value,” says CHRIS HILLMAN, VICE PRESIDENT OF MARKETING AT MELITTA.

The MELITTA JAVAJIG will be available nationwide at major grocery and specialty retailers, and THE JAVAJIG STARTER PACK, which includes two filter cups and 30 Melitta single-serve filters, will retail for $8.99. The refill pack of 60 Melitta single-serve filters, designed specifically for use with the JAVAJIG, will retail for $3.99.

For more information on the Melitta JavaJig, please visit: MELITTA USA produces coffee and filters in North America and markets the line in the U.S.  For more information, Follow the flavor at and SOURCE: MELITTA


Homeowners and caregivers can now easily install an entire line of matching safety grab bars throughout a bathroom without comprising their home decor. The new GRABCESSORIES™ SAFETY GRAB BARS from LIFETIME PRODUCTS INC.are designed to be both beautiful and functional – seamlessly integrating as actual bathroom decor while providing the convenience of safety accessories.

LIFETIME PRODUCTS GRABCESSORIES: Grabcessories(TM) by Lifetime Products is the only safety grab bar product on the market offering a complete line of coordinating bathroom safety accessories. Grabcessories(TM) are designed to be both decorative and functional – seamlessly integrating as actual bathroom decor while providing the convenience of safety accessories that support up to 500lbs. The Grabcessories(TM) line includes a 2-in-1 toilet paper holder, dry towel shelf, towel bar, curved grab bar, and tub spout/shower valve. By installing the complete line of Grabcessories(TM), users can safely maneuver to all areas in the bathroom. (PRNewsFoto/Lifetime Products)

GRABCESSORIES™ currently is the only safety grab bar product on the market offering a complete line of coordinating bathroom safety accessories. Although safety grab bars generally are thought of for aging seniors, they are also beneficial to children, as well as those with injuries or decreased strength.  Therefore, all GRABCESSORIES™ products are ADA compliant and can support up to 500lbs when installed according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Strategically installing safety grab bars throughout the entire bathroom helps increase mobility and prevent falls.

The GRABCESSORIES™ line includes a 2-IN-1 TOILET PAPER HOLDER, DRY TOWEL SHELF, TOWEL BAR, CURVED GRAB BAR, and TUB SPOUT/SHOWER VALVE. By installing the complete line of GRABCESSORIES™, users can safely maneuver to all areas in the bathroom.

More and more aging seniors are choosing to remain at home. To do that, making a home safe is the key to ensuring independent living,” explained LIFETIME PRODUCTS HEALTH AND WELLNESS PRODUCT MARKETING MANAGER DARRIN GUNNELL.  “Typically, for seniors, the bathroom is the area posing the most risk for falls.  While most people understand the importance and need for safety grab bars in the bathroom, many don’t install them because they don’t want their home to look like a nursing home or hospital.

GRABCESSORIES™ has solved this problem by creating grab bars that are stylish and look like regular home decor.” GRABCESSORIES™ are made from stainless steel and are available in chrome and brushed nickel finishes. GRABCESSORIES™ products currently are available at a variety of online retailers including and

Established in 1986, LIFETIME PRODUCTS INC. is a privately-held company headquartered in Clearfield, Utah with products sold in more than 70 countries and is the world’s leading manufacturer of polyethylene folding tables, chairs, and residential basketball hoops and also offers outdoor sheds, kayaks, and more. For more information about Lifetime and its products, visit SOURCE: LIFETIME PRODUCTS Web Site:


From birthdays and holidays to graduations and everyday occasions, bake your favorite dessert recipes with innovative and functional baking tools from KUHN RIKON, the #1 brand of Swiss cooks’ tools.

The ingenious no-spring design of the KUHN RIKON PUSHPAN®makes it easy to create flawless pumpkin tortes, layered cakes and


creamy cheesecakes. The pan’s 100% leak-proof silicone rings seal in batter, and the PFOA-free nonstick coating makes for easy release. Pan slides down off dish after it is baked. Available in 8-, 9-, and 10-inch sizes. $24.95 – $34.95 at SUR LA TABLE (

Rolling and shaping dough for cookies or tarts is easy with the KUHN RIKON SWISS PASTRY ROLLER. 3½ inches wide, this one-handed tool helps you roll crust on counter, and can even access tight corners of a pan. Removable pastry tool creates fluted edges. $16 at or

Whether it’s a mini cupcake or a multi-layer cake, ICING SPATULAS from KUHN RIKON are easy to handle and fun to use. Offset blade provides the proper leverage for evenly spreading icing over cakes or batter into corners. Bright, fun colors. 7 by ¾-inches. Dishwasher safe. RED, GREEN or PURPLE $2.95 each. RED, PINK, GREEN or YELLOW POLKA DOTS $3.95 each. Available at SUR LA TABLE and WILLIAMS-SONOMA

Cookies and muffins are a great way to celebrate life’s everyday moments. The KUHN RIKON EURO BAKING and ICE CREAM SCOOP is ideal for making uniform cookies or avoiding drips on a muffin tin. Ergonomic handle gets you through shaping dozens of cookies with ease. Available in 1-, 2-, and 3-tbsp. sizes. $20 – $24 at

Kuhn Rikon Icing Spatula with Polka Dots

Create classic spritz cookies in minutes with the KUHN RIKON RED COOKIE PRESS WITH DECORATING BOTTLE, with 10 different stainless-steel discs with shapes from stars to flowers. Its one-handed operation and see-through barrel ensure ease of use. The decorating bottle allows for easy embellishment of the cookies. Recipe and instruction booklet provide added inspiration. $19.95 at SUR LA TABLE ( For the added decorative touch on cakes, pies or cookies, use the STAINLESS PASTRY BAG from KUHN RIKON. Create beautiful details with precision with multiple steel tips for rosettes, frosting stars, and professional basket weave patterns, inject delicious fillings into cupcakes. All parts dishwasher safe. $28 at


Web Site:


Long-Standing Coffee Company Leverages LBP’s Innovations to Expand Brand and Roaster Offering

Coffee roaster MELITTA® USA has selected the UPSHOT™ SOLUTION to enter the booming single-serve market. Developed by LBP MANUFACTURING, INC., the UPSHOT SOLUTION features an eco-friendly, single-serve filter that MELITTA will fill with coffee. The pre-filled coffee filter is compatible with KEURIG® and other single-serve brewers.*

(*KEURIG is a registered trademark of Keurig, Inc., which is not affiliated or associated with LBP Manufacturing.)

The UPSHOT FILTERfeatures a unique proprietary mesh that delivers a heightened sensory appeal to the brewing process. Consumers can see and smell their coffee or tea from the moment they open the Fresh Seal (outer package). The filter is composed of 100% recyclable polypropylene, and the fresh seal can be made with recyclable materials.

UpShot Solution. (PRNewsFoto/LBP Manufacturing, Inc.)

Under the terms of this agreement, MELITTA will install customized equipment at its state-of-the-art facility in Cherry Hill, N.J., to offer a variety of customers roasting, filling and packaging services in the UPSHOT FILTER TECHNOLOGY.

We looked at several options in single-serve and determined LBP’s UpShot Solution was most in line with our business model for both branded and business to business,” said CHRIS HILLMAN, VICE PRESIDENT OF MARKETING AT MELITTA. “The UPSHOT SOLUTION is more environmentally-friendly than current products in the market and offers consumers a better cup of coffee. In addition, we are able to offer our customers a very flexible business model so that they too can enter the single-serve coffee category.”

LBP looks forward to supporting Melitta’s expansion into the single-serve space,” said MATT COOK, PRESIDENT OF LBP. “Because LBP and Melitta share similar company values, such as providing quality products and strong customer service, this is an ideal partnership.”

MELITTA plans to install equipment by year-end and will begin offering single-serve packs using the UPSHOT SOLUTION TECHNOLOGY through national and regional grocery chains by early 2013. For more information about the UpShot Solution, please visit For more information on Melitta and LBP MANUFACTURING, INC., visit

Follow the flavor at, and SOURCE: LBP MANUFACTURING, INC. Web Site:


KITCHENAID, the brand recognized for offering professional performance for the home kitchen, has introduced a new generation of freestanding electric and gas ranges that includes its first-ever induction model.  Ranges in the new collection offer the brand’s advanced EVEN-HEAT™ TECHNOLOGY for uniform heating and control, the largest oven capacities available and an innovative low-heat oven cleaning system.

KitchenAid is known for offering technologies like convection and steam-assist that help home cooks achieve restaurant-quality results in their own kitchens,” notes BETH ROBINSON, SENIOR MANAGER OF BRAND EXPERIENCE FOR KITCHENAID.  “Regardless of which configuration they prefer – whether electric, gas or induction – they can be confident that any model found in our new collection will deliver powerful, precise performance both in the oven and on the cooktop.”



Electric ranges in the new collection are available with either induction or radiant electric cooktop elements.  Powerful induction elements use electro-magnetic fields to instantly transfer heat to the cookware.  This technology results in extraordinary heat responsiveness and precision, and faster heating times with less energy use compared to a conventional gas or electric cooktop. Features on the induction range include a PERFORMANCE BOOST on every element that allows cooks to increase the heat level of an element to the maximum heat setting for up to ten minutes.  A MELT + HOLD and SIMMER SETTING on all elements offers gentle heating for simmering sauces and soups, or melting and holding ingredients like butter or chocolate without scorching.  A PAN DETECTION SENSOR reacts to metals placed on elements, and will not operate if a metal object smaller than the size of a pan is placed on it.  Touch-activated GLASS ELEMENT CONTROLS on the backguard offer easy control for a range of heat settings from a low simmer to a powerful sear. By transferring heat energy directly to the cookware, INDUCTION COOKING helps keep the cooktop cooler, and prevents spills or drips from sticking to the cooking surface for easier clean-up.  Available in stainless steel, the suggested retail price for the 30-INCH ARCHITECT® SERIES II INDUCTION RANGE is $2,049.


Radiant electric range models feature EVEN-HEAT™ ELEMENTS engineered to evenly spread heat across the entire element, providing ideal temperatures for melting and simmering foods, and reducing the need to constantly monitor dishes while they cook. An ULTRA POWER™ ELEMENT offered on the touch-activated model delivers up to 4,500 watts of power to produce fast, high heat that is ideal for boiling water, searing meats or cooking large pots of soups or stews.  Select electric cooktop models feature 10-inch, 3,200-Watt EVEN-HEAT™ ULTRA ELEMENTS with a dedicated simmer setting to quickly go from a boil to a slow simmer.

The EVEN-HEAT™ ELEMENTS in the new electric cooktops were not only designed to provide uniform heating, but also precision control similar to that of a gas burner,” notes Robinson.

Additional features of the electric cooktops include TRIPLE-RING and DUAL-RING ELEMENTS that allow cooks to match power and heating diameter to the cookware size, and a LED touch-activated display that clearly indicates settings for each element.  The ARCHITECT® SERIES II FREESTANDING ELECTRIC RANGES are available in four 30-Inch models with knob or touch-activated controls, in stainless steel, white and black finishes, at a suggested retail price range from $1,049-$1,499.


The new 30-INCH ARCHITECT® SERIES II FREESTANDING GAS RANGES were designed with five versatile burners, allowing for multiple dishes to be prepared at once and the ability to match pots and pans to the appropriate-sized burner. All gas ranges feature a 5K BTU SIMMER BURNER, 8K BTU BURNER, 9.5KBTU BURNER, 15K BTU BURNER and either a powerful 17K BTU or 18K BTU BURNER depending on the model.  A divided and recessed cooktop confines spills and makes them easy to clean. The cooktop sits underneath a continuous cast-iron grate, for easy movement of cookware across the surface. A non-stick griddle sits nested into the cast iron grates, spanning two burners on the cooktop, with uniform heating over the entire surface. Gas models feature die-cast stainless steel knobs and either a porcelain-on-steel or stainless steel cooktop.   Available in stainless steel, white and black finishes, suggested retail prices range from $1,149-$1,649.


All ovens in the new range collection offer the largest capacity available* at 6.2 Cu. Ft. on electric models and 5.8 Cu. Ft. on gas models. An EVEN-HEAT™ TRUE CONVECTION SYSTEM combines a unique bow-tie shaped baffle with a convection fan and element to uniformly guide heated air in the oven, resulting in the most even baking across all racks**.  An EVEN-HEAT™ PREHEAT FEATURE initiates the process by heating the oven above the set temperature to saturate walls and racks with heat, eliminating all cold spots before preheating is finished. The ovens are also designed with AQUALIFT® TECHNOLOGY, an advanced oven cleaning system that uses low-heat and leaves no odors behind.  The technology utilizes a special coating that draws water between the oven floor and baked-on spills, like grease, to break up and lift residue.  Following the 40-minute cleaning and cool down cycle, a simple clean-up using a sponge or dry cloth finishes the process.

Traditional oven self-cleaning cycles take hours to complete, and can leave kitchens uncomfortably hot and full of unpleasant odors,” adds Robinson.  “AQUALIFT® TECHNOLOGY helps simplify and shorten oven cleaning, so cooks can spend more time cooking and enjoying their kitchens.”

Additional features on select models include a storage drawer for cookware or multifunctional slow cook and/or warming drawer.  The SLOW COOK FUNCTION cooks foods at a lower temperature over a long period of time, similar to a countertop slow cooker, while the WARMING DRAWER FUNCTION can be used as a place to keep cooked food hot or warm serving dishes. Additional oven features include an EasyConvect™ CONVERSION SYSTEM that automatically adjusts traditional cooking times to convection times, and a SatinGlide™ ROLL-OUT EXTENSION RACK with built-in handle that offers a place for heavy dishes and extends farther than traditional slide-out racks.

*Versus leading brand single cavity 30″ freestanding electric and gas ranges.

** KitchenAid models K*RS306B and higher versus highest MSRP models of leading brand 30″ electric and gas single cavity freestanding ranges, based on browning performance.

*** Based on a 2012 survey, KitchenAid was found to be the home kitchen appliance brand chosen most often by members of the International Association of Culinary Professionals.

To learn why chefs choose KitchenAid for their homes more than any other brand***, or join us at and

SOURCE: KitchenAid

Web Site:


Better drinking water is a short reach into the refrigerator or a turn of the tap away with CULLIGAN‘s economical PIT-1 WATER FILTER PITCHER or US-EZ-1 UNDER SINK DRINKING WATER FILTER SYSTEM. Both products are CONSUMERS DIGEST BEST BUYS and featured in the July/August 2012print and online edition of the magazine. The Best Buy designation in water-filtration systems category is based on the products’ features, warranty and the number and efficiency of contaminants that are removed.

CULLIGAN INTERNATIONAL PIT-1: The portability of the Culligan PIT-1 Water Filter Pitcher makes it a great choice for home, office and dorm rooms. Anywhere an easy and economical solution for better-tasting, filtered water is desired. The PIT-1 combines a two-quart capacity with a filter-replacement indicator which alerts users to change the filter. The Culligan PIT-1 filter helps reduce mercury, copper, zinc, chlorine taste and odor, particulates and sediment. Another benefit of the pitcher is its space-saving oval design, which fits in most refrigerator doors. (PRNewsFoto/Culligan International)


The portability of the CULLIGAN PIT-1 WATER FILTER PITCHERmakes it a great choice for home, office and dorm rooms –


anywhere an easy and economical solution for better-tasting, filtered water is desired. The PIT-1 combines a two-quart capacity with a filter-replacement indicator which alerts users to change the filter. The CULLIGAN PIT-1 FILTER helps reduce mercury, copper, zinc, chlorine taste and odor, particulates and sediment. Another benefit of the pitcher is its space-saving oval design, which fits in most refrigerator doors. The spout cover prevents the transfer of refrigerator odors into the pitcher itself, and the handle is ergonomically designed for easy pouring.

For filtered tap water, the CULLIGAN US-EZ-1 UNDER SINK DRINKING WATER FILTER SYSTEM (with faucet) is a high-quality, affordable solution. The quick-connect fittings make for an easy DIY installation, and the replacement filters for the US-EZ-1 are less expensive than competing models. The system produces healthier, better-tasting water for drinking and cooking, and reduces bad taste and odor, particularly chlorine.

We’re delighted these two popular retail products have been named Consumers Digest Best Buys,” said CURT HILLIARD, SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT OF MARKETING, AT CULLIGAN INTERNATIONAL. “Both products are highly effective and convenient for improving the quality of drinking water for individuals and families who may not be able to install a whole-house water filtration system. At Culligan, we’re proud to offer a wide variety of solutions that help bring better water to homes and businesses.”

The CULLIGAN PIT-1 WATER FILTER PITCHER and CULLIGAN US-1-EZ UNDER SINK DRINKING WATER FILTER SYSTEM are both available online, in stores and home centers, and at select Culligan dealers across the country.

Founded in 1936 by EMMETT CULLIGAN, CULLIGAN INTERNATIONAL is a world leader in delivering water solutions that will improve the lives of their customers. The company offers some of the most technologically advanced, state-of-the-art water filtration products. CULLIGAN‘s products include water softeners, drinking water systems, whole-house systems and solutions for business. Culligan’s network of franchise dealers is the largest in the world, with over 800 dealers in 90 countries. For more information visit:


Web Site:


LARSON ELECTRONICSMAGNALIGHT.COM has announced the release of a magnetically mounted LED work light producing over 2,800 lumens from 48 watts.  The WAL-M-LED48-120 LED WORK LIGHT from MAGNALIGHT provides high output in a compact package that can be magnetically attached to walls, overhead, and anywhere a flat metal surface is available.  Operating from 120 VAC and constructed of heavy duty materials, this LED work light is ideal for industrial and commercial applications where portability and high output is critical.

The WAL-M-LED48-120 LED WORK LIGHTis an ideal lighting solution for utility workers, construction sites, mining applications, construction sites, industrial cleaning and maintenance operations, and anywhere a highly versatile yet powerful and durable lighting solution is needed.

LARSON ELECTRONICS WAL-M-LED48-120: The WAL-M-LED48-120 LED work light from Magnalight is capable of illuminating an area 300 feet in length by 240 feet in width with 48 watts of brilliant illumination. This compact 120 volt work light comes attached to an aluminum three leg bracket equipped with three 200 lbs grip magnetic feet that allows operators to easily mount this unit to any ferrous metallic surface. This light can be mounted overhead, on tank walls etc and will stay firmly in place. The unit utilized a step down transformer to operate the low voltage LED light emitter off standard 120V current. (PRNewsFoto/Larson Electronics)

The WAL-M-LED48-120 LED work light from will illuminate an area 300 feet in length by 240 feet in width safely and effectively with over 2800 lumens of high power LED light output.  Compact yet ruggedly constructed, the heavy duty aluminum mounting frame on this portable work light is lightweight yet can withstand the demanding requirements of industrial and commercial work places with ease. The three legged mounting platform is fitted with three 200 lbs. grip magnets, effectively providing 600 lbs. of total magnetic grip to allow safe and secure mounting of this unit to any metallic surface which will accept a magnet. Operators can attach this high power work light to tank walls, overhead on ceilings, to scaffoldings and railings, and just about anywhere high power illumination is needed simply by placing it in the desired position. The LED light head on this work light is a high output unit that produces 2,880 lumens of high output illumination while drawing only .4 amp. The LED assembly is waterproof, resistant to the effects of impacts and vibrations, and constructed of extruded aluminum with a shatterproof LEXAN lens for excellent durability and reliability. The LED lamp on this work light is attached to the mounting platform with a tension hinge which allows operators to adjust the lamp vertically and horizontally, and will hold the lamp in the desired position without the need for tightening or loosening any brackets or adjusting screws.

MAGNALIGHT has fitted these work lights with a heavy duty transformer which allows operation with standard 120 to 277 VAC wall outlet current for convenience and practicality. Also included is 25 feet of heavy duty chemical and abrasion resistant cord equipped with a standard heavy duty straight blade plug for secure and reliable connection to power outlets.

The WAL-M-LED48-120 magnetic mount work light allows operators to easily mount this unit to any ferrous metallic surface,” said ROB BRESNAHAN WITH LARSON ELECTRONICS’ MAGNALIGHT.COM. “This LED flood light produces a beam that is 300′ in length and 240′ in width making it a perfect solution for back lighting.”

LARSON ELECTRONICSMAGNALIGHT.COM carries an extensive inventory of LED work lights, LED color lights, LED spotlights and 12/24 volt LED lights. Visit to view their entire inventory of LED lighting solutions or contact them for more information by calling 1-800-369-6671 or 1-214-616-6180 for international inquiries.

SOURCE: Larson Electronics

The MAGNALIGHT EXPFL-31 EXPLOSION PROOF HALOGEN FLASHLIGHTis yet another must-have for the home. Although it is approved Class I, Division 1, Group C & D and waterproof/submersible to 100 feet, it’s more than just a worthy industrial tool. It’s a potential lifesaver in the home. This light is powered by 2 standard AA batteries and produces a 15,000 candlepower beam with a single Xenon bulb. An integral circuit breaking mechanism provides added HAZLOC protection.

LARSON ELECTRONICS MAGNALIGHT EXPFL-31: The Magnalight EXPFL-31 explosion proof halogen flashlight is approved Class I, Division 1, Group C & D and waterproof/submersible to 100′. (PRNewsFoto/Larson Electronics)

Weighing only 3 ounces and only 6.5 inches in length, this explosion proof flashlight is easily carried in a pocket or tool pouch and won’t take up a lot of room. A built in key ring provides versatile carrying and hanging options, and an anti-roll tube design helps to keep the light in place when set down on uneven surfaces. A simple push button on the tail end of the unit and a twist lens housing provides simple on and off operation. This explosion proof flashlight is United States UL and Canadian CSA standards approved and an affordable portable lighting solution that doesn’t sacrifice durability.

Visit to view their entire inventory of LED lighting solutions or contact them for more information by calling 1-800-369-6671 or 1-214-616-6180 for international inquiries.



NEWELL RUBBERMAID is introducing new solutions from RUBBERMAID® to make bathroom cleaning easier, quicker and more hygienic, extending the iconic brand’s presence further into the home and widening its cleaning category offerings. RUBBERMAID BATHROOM SCRUBBERS and the RUBBERMAID CLEAN & DRY™ PLUNGERmake some of life’s least favorite chores simpler and more effective.

NEWELL RUBBERMAID INC. PLUNGER: Rubbermaid Clean & Dry Plunger repels water so germs fall back in the bowl. (PRNewsFoto/Newell Rubbermaid Inc.)

Seventy percent of consumers clean their bathroom at least once per week, despite an aversion to the task. Existing tools like sponges and disposable wipes make it difficult to clean hard-to-reach places. Consumers desire tools that can be customized to their specific frustration, cleaning method and bathroom. RUBBERMAID BATHROOM SCRUBBERS provide four tools including the SPRAY SCRUBBER, EXTENDABLE SCRUBBER, FLEXIBLE SCRUB BRUSH and 2-IN-1 SCRUBBER. A variety of switchable pads are available – including SCOUR, SPONGE, BRISTLE and DISPOSABLE PADS – so no matter the mess or surface, cleaning can be tailored to fit the consumers’ preferred method of cleaning. After just one use, traditional plungers are coated with up to 3.2 million harmful bacteria that reside in toilets, and contaminated water ends up dripping onto floors and cabinets. Remedies like placing plungers into a trash can or plastic bag do not stop the spread of germs.

THE RUBBERMAID CLEAN & DRY PLUNGER is exclusively protected with NEVERWET™ NANOTECH COATING which forms a shield that repels water. Like car wax, water instantly beads up and rolls off the CLEAN & DRY PLUNGER reducing the spread of germs and eliminating drips.

Our research tells us again and again that when consumers use Rubbermaid solutions in their homes, they feel free to live their lives and focus on what really matters,” said STEVE PAWL, VICE PRESIDENT OF MARKETING FOR RUBBERMAID. “This insight naturally extends to the bathroom, where consumers are constantly seeking simpler and more effective solutions. Our line of new RUBBERMAID BATHROOM SCRUBBERS and the CLEAN & DRY PLUNGER join the REVEAL MICROFIBER SPRAY MOP to extend the ways Rubbermaid is helping consumers achieve a clean and organized home quickly and effectively.”

NEWELL RUBBERMAID INC. is a global marketer of consumer and commercial products with 2011 sales of approximately $5.9 billion and a strong portfolio of leading brands, including RUBBERMAID®, SHARPIE®, GRACO®, CALPHALON®, IRWIN®, LENOX®, LEVOLOR®, PAPER MATE®, DYMO®, WATERMAN®, PARKER®, GOODY®, RUBBERMAID COMMERCIAL PRODUCTS® and APRICA®. The RUBBERMAID CLEAN & DRY PLUNGER is now available at The Home Depot, Meijer, Menards and select Walmart, Target, Costco and Lowe‘s stores nationwide and on for a suggested retail price of $12.99.

RUBBERMAID BATHROOM SCRUBBERS are now available at The Home Depot, Meijer, Menards and select Walmart and Target stores nationwide and on with suggested retail prices ranging from $3.99 to $14.99. For more information on RUBBERMAID BATHROOM SCRUBBERS, RUBBERMAID CLEAN & DRY PLUNGER and other RUBBERMAID products, visit

See a side-by-side demonstration of a traditional plunger versus the Rubbermaid Clean & Dry Plunger at


Web Site:


Watching a dog chase its tail or a cat soak up the sun reminds us that there’s more good in the world than not, if you just know where to sniff it out.  That’s the philosophy behind a new brand of dog and cat food inspired by the enduring happiness pets share with owners. BE HAPPY™ debuts nationwide with calls to action for owners to join the happiness movement. BE HAPPY is a new pet food brand by NESTLE PURINA PETCARE COMPANY, a global leader in the pet care industry, that celebrates “happiness as a way of seeing the world”. The brand has infused that philosophy into the packaging for its 100 percent complete and balanced dry dog and cat food varieties, and into its social media properties, including its Facebook page and mobile photo app.

Be Happy is a new pet food brand by Nestle Purina PetCare Company that celebrates happiness as a way of seeing the world. The brand has infused that philosophy into the packaging for its 100 percent complete and balanced dry dog and cat food varieties, and into its social media properties, including its Facebook page and mobile photo app. (PRNewsFoto/Nestle Purina PetCare Company)

We looked at the way our pets see the world and were inspired by how they just seem to instinctively know the secrets to being happy,” said AARON WILLIAMS, BE HAPPY BRAND MANAGER. We’re celebrating our pets as our happiness heroes. We’ve incorporated this philosophy into everything we do, and are encouraging pet owners to join our happiness movement online.”

BE HAPPY is a dry pet food available nationwide in cat and dog formulas. It helps support strong bones and teeth, healthy vision, and healthy skin and coat. In addition, the brand offers the Purina Happiness Guarantee: if a consumer is not completely satisfied with his or her experience, Be Happy will provide a refund.

BE HAPPY is available in two varieties for cats:



Be Happy is available in two varieties for dogs:



In just three months, the brand’s Facebook page has grown to more than 100,000 highly-engaged fans. The BE HAPPY FANS create e-cards, customize their own T-shirts and upload photos from the Be Happy mobile photo app available in the iTunes and Google Play stores. The app enables people to customize photos with visual elements like dog ears, hearts, borders, the Be Happy characters and thought bubbles for happy messages. In addition, the brand launched a Pinterest page that includes a board for “Happiness Art,” featuring original craft projects inspired by the Be Happy philosophy.

To experience Be Happy on Pinterest, please visit For more product information about Be Happy, please visit For social engagement, please visit us SOURCE: NESTLE PURINA PETCARE COMPANY

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