Renowned Baby Carrier Manufacturer Lucky Baby Wins Another International Award, Thanks To Their Popular Product Suppori Baby Sling

SUPPORI BABY SLING, a popular product from acclaimed baby carrier manufacturer LUCKY BABY, was recently been awarded the prestigious MOM’S CHOICE AWARD in the category of gear and accessories, totes, diaper bags, and slings.

The SUPPORi baby sling is a light weight carrier designed for simplicity, comfort and safety. SUPPORi is a fitted sling that keeps baby close and secure while alleviating baby wearing injuries like stiff necks. Permeability prevents heat rashes, so it can be worn year round. SUPPORi is small enough to fit into the palm of your hand, but don’t let its size fool you – it is also the winner of 5 international awards. SUPPORi can be worn from the time baby can sit up unsupported, up to 28lb. Because it stretches and grows with baby, it needs not be replaced. (PRNewsFoto/Lucky Baby USA)

Distinguished manufacturer of premium quality baby carriers LUCKY BABY continues to garner rave reviews with its highly appreciated SUPPORI BABY SLING. The top of the line product from the company recently won the MOM’S CHOICE AWARD (NORTH AMERICA) on the basis of reviews from parents, prospective customers, and industry experts from as many as 18 countries from different parts of the world. SUPPORI was launched by the company in the year 2010, and the product has already won five international awards within two years in the market. If worn as directed, SUPPORI alleviates baby wearing injuries like stiff necks/shoulders and sore backs.

LUCKY BABY is one of the oldest baby carrier manufacturers in the world that was formed in 1934, in Japan. The company now operates all over the world and is known as the pioneer in the global baby carrier industry. The company enjoy a whopping 30% market share in all Japanese retailers and departmental stores. Additionally, they now also have a strong market presence in the remaining parts of Asia, the United States, and Europe. Apart from the recent award, SUPPORi has also won awards such as the GOOD DESIGN AWARD (ASIA), PARENT TESTED PARENT APPROVED AWARD (NORTH AMERICA), NAISSANCE AWARD (EUROPE), and CREATIVE CHILD MAGAZINE’S GOLD SEAL.

This small baby sling can easily fit into a handbag or pocket. Getting a baby into the sling takes even less than a minute with SUPPORi, and the user friendly features have made SUPPORi the most preferred choice not only for the busy, on the go parents, but also for not so busy parents and caregivers. Manufactured using triple stitch technology and similar quality of yarn that is used in motor vehicle parts, SUPPORi is ultra-durable, providing maximum stretch and strength.

Reacting to the recent achievement of the company, GIOULA CHELTEN, a senior spokesperson from LUCKY BABY USA said, “We are all extremely proud of the most recent achievement. We wanted to create a baby sling that was not only safe for babies, but comfortable for parents, and easy to use, as well. We have achieved those goals, and it’s great to be recognized for it.” She also added that the company would continue their efforts to bring top notch products to the market in the days to come.



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