HSN’s Joy Mangano Collaborates With Corelle(R) To Bring Style, Functionality And Durability To The Table With The New Corelle(R) For Joy Mangano Dinnerware Collection


CORELLE® DINNERWARE, the master glass and dinnerware brand since 1970 and a household staple for over 40 years, have joined forces with entrepreneur JOY MANGANO (and Ingenious Designs, LLC), HSN’s #1-selling personality, to introduce an exciting new collection of dinnerware. The 16-piece set combines the durable technology of CORNING GLASS WORKSCORELLE® dinnerware with the functional style customary of the JOY MANGANO brand. Available in five vibrant colors including CRANBERRY RED, COBALT BLUE, LEMON YELLOW, APPLE GREEN, and TANGERINE ORANGE (as well as a classic BRIGHT WHITE), the set also features a newly designed piece – a multi-use wide rim entree bowl.

HSN’s Joy Mangano Collaborates with Corelle(R) to Bring Style, Functionality and Durability to the Table with the New Corelle(R) for Joy Mangano Dinnerware Collection. (PRNewsFoto/Ingenious Designs, LLC)

Manufactured in the USA, the dinnerware is break-and-chip-resistant and oven, dishwasher, and microwave safe. CORELLE® DINNERWARE‘s signature VITRELLE® glass is non-porous, and designed to withstand even the harshest kitchen conditions. Additionally, each set includes a three year limited warranty guaranteeing that CORELLE® FOR JOY MANGANO DINNERWARE COLLECTION will be a stunning staple in every homemaker’s kitchen.

The partnership marks the first time the housewares company will embark in a co-branded partnership and is exclusively for JOY MANGANO, HSN‘s “Mother of Invention”. Miss MANGANO, made her HSN debut in 2000 and has revolutionized the home improvement industry with a number of groundbreaking new inventions.  Known for creating items that improve functionality and are easy to use, many of her products have quickly become household names, including the MY LITTLE STEAMER, HUGGABLE HANGERS, THE MIRACLE MOP, THE ROLYKIT, THE CLOTHES IT ALL LUGGAGE SYSTEM and the HANDY HOOK MIRROR.  Miss Mangano continues to be an innovator in the home world business creating affordable home solutions with tremendous value.

The CORELLE® FOR JOY MANGANO COLLECTION will be sold exclusively on www.HSN.com, and is priced at $74.95. The collection includes a set of FOUR DINNER PLATES, FOUR LUNCH PLATES, FOUR WIDE RIM ENTREE BOWLS and FOUR 28 OZ. SOUP BOWLS. The collection can be expanded with additional sets of FOUR DINNER PLATES, FOUR ENTREE BOWLS, FOUR MUGS, and a SIX-PIECE OVEN-TO-TABLE BAKE, SERVE, STORE™ SET—all sold separately. Additionally, the launch of the collection marked the world debut of the new WIDE RIM ENTREE BOWL, the latest new dinnerware shape from the CORELLE® brand.

INGENIOUS DESIGNS, LLC (IDL) is a subsidiary of HSN and was founded in 1991 by its president, JOY MANGANO. Ms. Mangano is one of the most recognized and successful electronic retailing personalities in the industry today. With over 400 million sold, her famous HUGGABLE HANGERS are in homes across the country! The company is a leader in designing, inventing, and marketing innovative and unique products including the original MIRACLE MOP, MY LITTLE STEAMER, and THE CLOTHES IT ALL LUGGAGE SYSTEM. In addition, IDL has broadened its scope by managing and also developing product on HSN for icon and celebrated super-model IMAN and chef and restaurateur TODD ENGLISH, in the electronic retailing industry and infomercials.

More than 40 years ago, R&D scientists at CORNING GLASS WORKS developed a special hub lamination process that thermally bonds three layers of glass–a core center surrounded by top and bottom layers of “skin” or “glaze” glass. The glass was decorated using unique enamels that actually became a part of the glass, creating durable, scratch-resistant designs.

During its first decade, CORELLE® GLASS DINNERWARE was virtually sold out–even before it was made. Within 18 months after CORELLE® dinnerware was first placed on sale, more than 40 million pieces had been sold – an unprecedented record. Today it is estimated that nearly half of all households have CORELLE® break- and chip-resistant dinnerware in their kitchens.

Corelle is a registered trademark of WKI Holding Company, Inc., used with permission by World Kitchen, LLC.


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