Holiday 2012 Gift Ideas from Kitchenaid

by Phillip D. Johnson
It’s never too early to start thinking about Christmas and what to give your loved ones. What to get for some of the people—the gourmet cooks and bakers in the family—on your gift list can be easily solved by looking to the room widely acknowledged as the hub of the home for ideas and inspiration: the Kitchen.  KitchenAid has several new offerings this holiday season that are sure to be a welcome addition to any kitchen. Of course, it’s in your best interest to make sure that this is a gift that will be well received and not that will be seen as an insult. (And you do know what I mean.) Also, all of these utensils and Machines, when not in use, are absolutely beautiful works of art for your kitchen. KITCHENAID don’t just make machines that work. They make machines that looks good and add to the esthetic value of your kitchen, machines you would be proud to showcase in your kitchen.

KitchenAid Personal Coffee Maker and Pro Line Toaster. (PRNewsFoto/KitchenAid)

Regardless of whether those on your list are passionate cooks or simply enjoy making the perfect cup of coffee, the kitchen is a space enjoyed by all, so it’s a great source of inspiration for gift ideas,” notes BETH ROBINSON, SENIOR BRAND EXPERIENCE MANAGER FOR KITCHENAID.  “Those on the receiving end of a KitchenAid product will be getting a gift that keeps on giving.”

While toasting may be one of the most basic kitchen tasks, the new PRO LINE® TOASTER is far from ordinary in its design and function.

This is a top-of-the-line toaster that will be appreciated for its ability to perfectly toast as well as a bold design that

KitchenAid® Pro Line® 4-Slice Toaster

makes a statement on the countertop,” says Robinson.

Designed to ensure consistent results, the PRO LINE® TOASTER features seven shade settings ranging from light to dark, and self-centering racks that adjust based on the thickness of breads.  An AUTO SENSOR automatically lowers when bread is placed in the toaster slot, and an LED timer light indicates toasting progress. A soft chime signals when the toast cycle is complete and bread is automatically lifted to the top of the toaster.  For times when the toast may be ready before you are, a convenient KEEP WARM CYCLE automatically lowers the toast if not removed  in 45 seconds to keep it warm for up to three minutes.  When you want your toast just slightly darker, the thoughtful A LITTLE LONGER FUNCTION automatically toasts bread one shade darker preventing it from getting too dark or burnt in a longer cycle.

Additional features on the toaster include a BAGEL FUNCTION and a FROZEN FUNCTION to gently defrost frozen breads before toasting.  Extra-wide and long slots accommodate a variety of breads up to 1-1/8″ thick.  All models have an aluminum die cast body with premium chrome accents and are available in CANDY APPLE RED, MEDALLION SILVER and ONYX BLACK in 2- and 4-slice options at suggested retail prices of $399.99 and $499.99 respectively. Seriously, folks, this toaster does everything but have sex with you! And if it could, I have no doubt it would.

KitchenAid® Personal Coffee Maker

  Engineered to brew great tasting coffee in a compact unit, the personal coffee make is a great gift idea for any coffee lover who likes to have just a cup in hand on the way out the door or has limited counter space.

While compact, these coffee makers were engineered without compromise to deliver great taste,” says Robinson.  “Since they don’t use pods, coffee drinkers have the freedom of using their favorite coffee grinds to get the results and taste they prefer.”

To improve coffee extraction and taste, these models have been designed with a heating element positioned vertically near the brew head to provide hotter, more consistent water temperature.  A removable, top load water tank allows for easy filling of fresh water from any angle, while a uniquely designed carafe lid quickly transforms the carafe into a travel mug.  New personal 18-oz. coffee makers will be offered in CONTOUR SILVER, EMPIRE RED, ONYX BLACK and ESPRESSO at a suggested retail price of $99.99. As I am trying to wean myself off coffee, I would suggest this as a gift for people who loves their coffee first thing in the morning but ultimately end up throwing away at least half of it.

An indispensable kitchen tool that offers great versatility, an upright hand blender, also referred to as an immersion

KitchenAid® Hand Blender KHB300OB

blender, is a smart gift idea for a favorite cook.  The KITCHENAID® HAND BLENDER can reach into deep pots, bowls and containers and take on tasks from chopping frozen foods and blending soups and smoothies to whisking homemade vinaigrette and whipped cream.

KITCHENAID offers 2-, 3- and 5-speed models carrying suggested retail prices of $59.99, $79.99 and $129.99, respectively.  All models are available in ONYX BLACK and CONTOUR SILVER with 2-speed models available in additional colors including CRYSTAL BLUE, GREEN APPLE, TANGERINE, EMPIRE RED, ONYX BLACK and WHITE.

Features found on all models include a sturdy yet lightweight design, a “soft touch” handle, a BPA-free blender jar and lid, and an 8-inch metal shaft.  Variable speeds accommodate a number of cooking, food preparation and other tasks, from crushing ice to chopping nuts.  All parts except the corded handle are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.
The 5-speed model features three removable and interchangeable bell blades with covers, a removable pan guard, and a storage container.  The interchangeable bells can perform a range of tasks from crushing, blending and chopping to whipping and frothing.  The FROTHER BEATER BLADE, which can be used for frothing milk for cappuccino or children’s milk drinks, adds another level of flexibility to this versatile kitchen tool. Again! Another kitchen tool from KITCHENAID that does everything but have sex with you! However, as an amateur home baker, I wouldn’t mind one of these for myself. It would surely come in handy when I am making muffins and brownies.

An extra bowl for the KITCHENAID® STAND MIXEReliminates the need to stop and wash the bowl when making

Kitchenaid Stand Mixer Glass Mixer Bowl

multiple dishes or mixing separate components of a single recipe.  KITCHENAID now offers three stylish glass bowl options – HAMMERED, FROSTED AND CLEAR – each with a five- quart capacity.

Both practical and beautiful, these unique glass bowls are sure to bring a smile to the face of those who already own a tilt-head stand mixer model,” said Robinson.

Designed to fit on virtually all KITCHENAID® TILT-HEAD MIXERS, the glass bowls include a comfort handle, a pour spout and an included lid for easy ingredient storage.  Both the frosted and clear glass bowls have measurement markings for easy, precise measurement.  The suggested retail price on all glass bowl styles is $79.99. Just like ruffles potato chips, you can’t just have one bowl, you need a collection of bowls.

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